Guess which Boston neighborhood this space saver is in

Space saver in Boston neighborhood

Lauren took this photo this morning. Answer after the jump - and, yes, you probably got it right.

This space saver is on Woodman Street in Jamaica Plain.




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Five days after the storm and

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Five days after the storm and space savers are still all over JP. Who could have guessed that a system based on threats and stealing public property wouldn't work?!? Give a lazy criminal an inch and they will take a foot.

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T-ball time?

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Just the right height for swinging a bat!

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I shoveled out my partner's car on Sunday in JP (and didn't leave trash in the street). Passed the spot today and someone had left a chair in it. I didn't take the chair because someone was standing right next to it and I didn't have enough time or desire to get into a fight, but yeah, implied threat of force and entitlement.

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I've told this story before

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Years ago, I was borrowing a car from a family member and it snowed about 8" the day before I was returning it. I dug the car out, returned it, and came home on the T to find somebody had put a cone in the spot I'd dug out. So screw all of you and your savers, I don't believe any of you actually did any of the work.

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It just dawned on me how the

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It just dawned on me how the internet and comment boards like this have given a voice to the weak and timid. The time honored tradition of marking your spot was never questioned, as to not cause any type of confrontation. The big mean bullies of Boston would mark their spot and everyone else would follow in line. But now they can run home to their computers and type away how spot markers are illegal and how everyone is so entitled (the new favorite word on UHub). Time for everyone to step up. Go strap on your Uggs and Canadian Goose $1000 coat and go throw out a spot marker or two. Stand up for what is right!!! Just think of when the Sam Adams and his drinking buddies dressed up like Native Americans and threw the tea into the Fort Point channel.

You can start with my spot, corner of Columbia Road and O Street in Southie. It is marked with a orange NStar cone.

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Wow what a coincidence

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Just a day or two ago in another Space Saver Thread, some other person with an NStar cone for a space saver was daring people to go to "my spot" on O Street in Southie and remove the cone.

Can't be the same person, though. Repeating crap over and over again is a sign of insanity. You're not insane, are you? Nah.

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Garbage Day!

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Hopefully, the garbage trucks picked up a few space savers today.

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Sacrificing a valuable mattress

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with a distinctive double piss stain all for a parking spot. That's dedication.

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