Harvard sailing center has that sinking feeling

Sinking sailing center

That sinking feeling. Photo by Caitlin.

The Crimson reports the U's sailing center has lost buoyancy and is settling with the fishes down by the Longfellow Bridge.

And please, now would not be the time to bring up the old joke about why the Harvard Bridge is named that.



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I was working in One Memorial

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I was working in One Memorial Drive when that happened. I was fortunate not to see the accident itself (though I know others who watched it crash), though I did see the aftermath. I was interviewing someone when all the sirens went off, but we didn't look out the huge windows in the conference room facing the Charles.

More of an amusing anecdote

The bridge was said to be named for "THE preeminent" scholarly institution in the area. MIT is said to have responded that the bridge's many engineering defects made the naming for Harvard especially appropriate.


That's it

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Harvard is no longer my safety school