Man was on ice today

Man standing on ice on the Charles River

Jim Bishop admits he found it surreal to see a man standing on the Charles River today.


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All this cold and pond hockey has gone right down the shitter.
Now, for some warm weather to turn everything to one sloppy mess.

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Yeah... despite the cold I

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Yeah... despite the cold I was enjoying pond ice, the sunny, blue skies, and the nice white snow.

Come next week we'll be looking at gray skies, slushy, dirty roads, and gray jungle. Bleeeech.

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Please. Why the insulting of a complete stranger, you dick dumbass?
(Oops, sorry 'bout that, Chief.)

Not all ice is thin ice.
And even thin ice will hold the weight of one man. As long as you are prepared (perhaps with with picks on a string through your sleeves), walk like Jesus.

Do you drive?
That kills, too,

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if dick goes through the ice..

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then charlie and mike and sally have to come rescue him. what if charlie falls through and leaves little suzy and charlie jr. without a daddy? all because dick wanted to take a cool picture? hmmm?

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Women's Crew

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There was a photo in the Globe in the '90's of a women's crew squad using rowing machines set up in a line on the ice on the Charles. Can anyone find it?

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Not as rare or unusal as it sounds

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I remember as a child Time or Newsweek ran an issue dedicated to the coming ice age with a picture of the frozen over Charles River Basin with people walking on it.

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MIT prank site

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In the winter of 84-85 (yes, the last Ice Age) I walked over the Mass Ave bridge daily to Kendall Square. I recall MIT pranksters put one person's entire dorm room out on the ice, including bed, desk, etc. Not sure if anyone was asleep in the bed at the time.

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