Motel off Comm. Ave. in Brighton could be replaced by condos, apartments

40 Mount Hood proposal

Architect's rendering.

Developers have proposed tearing down the motel on Mount Hood Road off Commonwealth Avenue to make way for a $6.5-million development with 178 residential units - and 142 parking spaces.

Developers John Matteson and Yue Li say their project would look like two buildings - one seven stories, one five - but would technically be just one building with two wings sitting on an underground "podium" on the 1.7-acre site that would serve as the parking garage. Of the units, 64 would be apartments and 114 condominiums.

In a filing last week with the BPDA, they say they need fewer than one parking space per unit because of the site's proximity to "excellent transit routes," in particular the B and C branches of the Green Line, with the D branch and the 65 bus not far away.

Th site is in the middle of the Aberden Architectural Conservation District, noted for both its "suburban" houses and early 20th-century low-slung apartment buildings, which the developers say their project was designed to blend into:

The Aberdeen Neighborhood is distinguished by its curvilinear roadways wind their way through the hilly rocky terrain. The Aberdeen Architectural Conservation District represents confluence of the original romantic suburban neighborhood with the later urban apartment district creating a totally new type of residential area. It is defined by spacious avenues with large apartment buildings as the central spine of an integrated neighborhood of varied housing types, united by the architectural quality and landscape.

The Project follows the existing terrain and curved streetscapes. The two portions of the building step down the slope of the terrain following the natural topography and maintaining the scale of the surrounding neighborhood context. The highest portion of the new building is located at the northerly edge of the site, to match the large apartment buildings along Commonwealth Avenue. The southerly portion of the Project, along Egremont Road, is lower and more intimate. ...

Masonry, wood, and miscellaneous metal of the building’s features sympathize with the character both of the early suburban and later apartment development of the Aberdeen neighborhood. The intent is to use materials that are abundant in the surrounding context to continue the original materials and elements that give the neighborhood its character. Brick facades are the primary exterior cladding, while the top level of the Egremont Road façade is setback and clad with contrasting panels to reduce the perception of building height. This same strategy is used on the northerly, higher portion of the Project, to emphasize the horizontality of the mass and to minimize perceived height.

Mount Hood proposal
Mount Hood proposal

They are aiming to begin construction in the spring of 2019, with the project scheduled for completion in 2021.

40 Mount Hood Road project-notification form (39M PDF).



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Proximity to the B, yes.

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Proximity to the B, yes.
Proximity to the 65, yes.
Proximity to the C? Really? Please!

I lived two blocks from there for two years and never heard of "Aberdeen".

The proposal looks interesting enough. I suppose it makes business sense for the property owner. If I was still in that neighborhood I'd like having a motel somewhere nearby for visitors, though.


there is a new hotel in

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there is a new hotel in Cleveland Circle.

as for the proximity to the C, yeah, its like 3/4 of a mile. but it'd rather walk to the C than be stuck on the B line during commuter hours.


It's 0.4 miles to two different C Line stations, I'd consider that proximity.

It's 0.5 miles to Beaconsfield Station on the D, also quite proximate.

(All data from Google Maps.)


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1/5 mile to Washington Square C line stop and Englewood Ave. So that's 4 C line stops within a 10minute walk!

Rob, sounds like you needed to get out and explore your neighborhood a little bit more.



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Oblig too many parking spaces. It's 1-2 blocks from the T.


Slip a decimal?

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No way that's a 6.5 M development. $36,500 unit? not happening...

Good question

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From their filing:

The Proponent anticipates that, following lease up, the Project will generate approximately $420,000 in net additional tax revenues for the City of Boston, based on the Project’s estimated hard construction cost of approximately $6.5 million and current property tax rates for residential buildings.