MS-13 member gets 13 years for stabbing rival gang member 21 times and trying to kill one of his own


A federal judge today sentenced Daniel "Roca" Menjivar, 22, to 13 years in prison for repeatedly stabbing a rival gang member and plotting to kill a fellow MS-13 member he thought was cooperating with the feds, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

After he gets out of prison, Menjivar, a Salvadoran national who was a member of the Chelsea based Enfermos Criminales Salvatrucha MS-13 group, will be subject to deportation.

Menjivar pleaded guilty in September to involvement in RICO-related activities, including a May 29, 2014 attack on a rival gang member in Chelsea in which he stabbed the victim and another MS-13 member shot him. The man was rushed to a local hospital and survived. According to the US Attorney's office:

A cooperating witness recorded Menjivar admitting to the attempted murder on video, proudly telling his fellow gang members how he stabbed the victim 21 times.


In April 2015, federal agents used a cooperating witness to make other recordings in which Menjivar and two other MS-13 members plotted to murder another MS-13 member who they incorrectly believed was cooperating with law enforcement.

Menjivar was one of 61 people rounded up in local and federal raids aimed at MS-13 in 2016.



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I'm not usually one to complain about light sentences, but this is a really bad man. Even assuming he serves the whole 13 years, he'll be 35 when he comes out. A 35-year-old hardened criminal, who's spent the last dozen years lifting weights and studying the criminal trades -- sounds like someone I don't want loose in society. Maybe keep him locked up until he's too old to be an effective menace?

The "good" new is

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When he gets out, he'll be deported, meaning he'll be another country's problem then.

Conversely, maybe he'll change in prison. Probably not, but I gotta be positive.

When he gets out, he'll be

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When he gets out, he'll be deported, meaning he'll be another country's problem then.

Bwahahaha! Stop, you're killing me!