Our very own Stephen Miller: Race-baiting anti-Semite who was invited to State of the Union grew up in Milton

The Globe reports that that white supremacist a clueless Republican congressman took to the State of the Union address was born in Dorchester and went to Milton Academy, where all his classmates hated him because he was an obnoxious troll even then - just like shadowy White House wraith Stephen Miller.




It’s a stunning scene given

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It’s a stunning scene given that, during any normal era in American politics, Johnson, a 29-year-old Massachusetts native, would be radioactive — the kind of person who could end a political career by just appearing in a photo with an aspiring lawmaker


I look at guys like this and Stephen Miller and wonder,

did being unfuckably homely make them Nazi hate-nerds, or were they Nazi hate-nerds first and thus doubly unfuckable? Also: where's God with a lightning bolt when you need Him/Her?

How low Trump has brought this country that dribbling shit-stains like this guy and Miller have a place in public life.


Your cosmopolitan bias is showing again

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But I'll leave it at that.

God forbid we get into an actual discussion about the merits of tarring every Republican with the worst of people who don't vote for Democrats or tarring Democrats with the worst of the people who don't vote for Republicans. That would involve actual conversation instead of a pissing contest to see how many scatalogical invectives you can pack in per ASCII character.

But heck, since we all like our grad school math, let's go with the latter. Somewhere in the flame war we might come up with a couple of theorems unifying the seemingly disparate fields of information theory and political science.

I'll begin:

I know you are but what am I. Turd Emoji.


It must be tough for Nazi assholes like Miller these days,

what with the Internet making it impossible to get away with coded anti-Semitic slang like "cosmopolitan".

With the GOP running blatant Nazis like Arthur Jones for Congress these days, I wonder why they even bother trying to dog-whistle it. Just own your white supremacist beliefs, and stop pretending we can't see you for what you are.

Adolescent troll conflates Cosmo magazine with

"cosmopolitan" in its WWII-vintage sense as an unsubtle anti-Semitic slur? Child, please: stop trying to get the adults here riled up with your simple-minded trolling and get back to your social-studies homework.

Miller would hardly be the first person of Jewish ancestry to be so self-loathing as to become an advocate for white supremacy, never mind how the neo-Nazis he's cossetting would gleefully consign him to a concentration camp given the chance. Mark Levin is another one that springs to mind.

The people you defend tells us everything about you that we need to know. The only question is whether you actually believe that hateful nonsense, or if you're just one of those fuckwads that thinks it's funny to stir the pot with backhanded hate speech.

My money is on you being a friendless junior-high kid like Charles Johnson, so desperate for attention that you'll defend pathetic worms like him for the lulz. If you are indeed 13, as you seem, it's not too late to find a better path. If you're an adult, do civil society a favor: kill yourself.



You are not anti-Semitic until you have dinner with Farrakhan, or at least pose for a picture with him.



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use the State Department to set up a slush fund to meddle in an Israeli election.

But then again, those are, as our Dear Leader used to say, Just A Distraction(TM).


Point of Order

The Israeli government and Judaism are not the same thing. Many Jews in Israel are also trying to "topple the government". You might check into how a unicameral parliamentary system works - it is different from our republic, and very different from a temple. Parliaments topple themselves all the time.

Oh I don't

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think he did it out of anti-Semitism. I think he campaigned in another county's election (an ally's, no less) out of arrogance and pettiness.

The very same character traits that compelled him to put his thumb on the scales before the Brexit vote and the like.

Israeli Jews are not trying to topple their government at all.

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What they are trying to do is to get their government to change their policies of their military occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jeruasalem, along with their settlements policy, which are not good for Israel's security and efforts towards peace, at all.

Once Again

Its never an ism unless a white Christianity affiliated man decides to agree that it is an ism. Or what constitutes an ism.


(note - talking to Capecodpiece, not Roman in this specific instance)

Miller is Jewish and so can't be a bigot?

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Kapo comes to mind. A Jewish friend of mine used that term to describe Miller. Perhaps Miller is a sweet and innocent boy who is just a mixed up kid and doesn't realize that his actions are not so nice. Yet I know that is possible to people to combine a vicious mind in the most extraordinary of contradictory ways. I remember a tabloid printed in the 70s for Gay Nazis. How is that for painfully convoluted mind twisting soul distortion?

One's religious or cultural background does not automatically disqualify a person from possibly being a bigot in other forms. Heck, Roy Cohn proved that one can be Jewish and homosexual and hate Jews and homosexuals at the same time. Multi-tasking bigotry. Wow!

Pseudo-Christians are the best example though of how one can claim to follow in the foot steps of a man who supposedly called for peach and love, while they advocate violence and hate toward people they dislike.

I disagree on one point. I think both fellows could actually be rather physically attractive. Especially if you go for redheads. The Johnson fellow is downright hot as far as being a specimen of human physicality is concerned. Although this is in spite of both of them looking like fellows whose bodies carry around the weight of dead souls.

But the flowers of their youth (yup, even these guys had youth at some point) wilts while the stench of their putrid hate will remain.

Trump at best is a severe narcissist. At worst he is a bona fide psychopath. He attracts other psychopaths or people easily fooled by the dark charisma of psychopaths. John Kelly is probably one of those fools. My sense is that, in spite of his overt statements of bigotry, that he probably still manages to put nation before his personal prejudices. But by exposing himself to the amoral and immoral miasma of the Trump administration he is loosing his soul to the black hole that has been growing in the national character for a many years and now shows itself in the halls of Congress and the administration.

Miller is Jewish

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So it's a stretch at best to say he's an anti-Semite.

Playing that card first makes me stop listening.

Playing the "self-loathing Jew" card in place of the Nazi card also makes me stop listening.

Judaism and far-left politics are not synonymous. That's not an aspiration, it's an empirical observation. If you dismiss any evidence for that as insanity or closeted bigotry, then I can see how you'd be confused. But that's not my problem.

For card playing I prefer pinochle

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I actually didn't indicate one way or another whether I believe that Miller is anti-Jewish. The example of Cohn is how one can be what one hates. Cohn was Gay as well. Doesn't imply that Miller is.

Anti-Semite is a problematic term however. Semites include more than only Jews from Semitic region of the world. So one can certainly be Jewish and anti-Semitic.

Choosing to no longer listen is as useful as hiding one's head in the sand. It shuts out the roar of the sudden flood as the water drowns the poor soul who chose to close their ears to the noise.

That Jews can be far right and as hopelessly lusting for wealth and power is easily demonstrated by referencing homeboy Sheldon. Relying upon trick rhetoric of limiting the statement to Jews and far-left is a transparent diversion from addressing the issue of bigotry no matter what one's religion.

The constant need of very conservative, down right belligerent sounding folks (who seem to be the Trump style) by repeating the phrase far-left does suggest a problem with how a person wants to see the world. Needing to classify as far-left folks whose politics are not in goose stepping alignment with one's own way of seeing the world suggests an unwillingness to listen to anything other than echos.

The constant lie implicit in referencing an unidentified, unspecific far-left is the same technique fo lying used by autocrats, dictators and modern fascists. Tell a lie over and over. Tell the same lie. Be consistent and constantly messaging the same lie. People might start believing the lie to be true.

Far-left. A term used in the 21st Century to substitute for earlier conspiracy group names used by demagogues and their brethren in the past to stoke fear and strife. Look up the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the international Jewish-Communist conspiracy, the Tri-Lateral Commission, and all the other conspiracies that LaRoachies and Trump supporters love to harp on.

You're funny too

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Swap around a few buzzwords and you've got a perfect description of the conspiracy theories you and MC Slim and Adam Gaffin keep posting on here.
But I know, God is on your side, so you're allowed.