Pain of losing Harvard Square Au Bon Pain to be lessened with seven new eateries

The Crimson reports Harvard is leasing space to seven different food spots for its revamped Smith Center at Mass. Ave. and Dunster Street - although one, Oggi Gourmet was already open in another part of what used to be the Holyoke Center.





I just got over of those pop

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I just got over of those pop up ads on my phone while opening this story that takes over your screen and forces you to close chrome entirely too get rid of it. Please make those go away.

17 year old me is now

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17 year old me is now wondering where I can get free cups of ice water and a roomy bathroom to change in. RIP ABP.


That Plaza, long neglected

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That Plaza, long neglected but much loved was constantly making the top place in Boston lists for people watching. Nothing like spending a spring morning sipping a coffee watching Harvard Square walk by. Now it feels like every square inch if programmed.


Anything's better than Au Bad

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Anything's better than Au Bad Pain. Their artificial soup comes in huge plastic bags from their warehouse. Every read the ingredients on the labels of the food?


Sorry to tell you this but every chain restaurant get their soup in bags.