A real hatchet job: Second city could get bar for axe enthusiasts

Eater Boston reports that in addition to Somerville, Everett could soon get a place where you can drink some booze, then throw axes. How soon before Boston assembles a task force to try to entice an axe place to locate here?



Corn Hole

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The new gateway drug.


I think

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I think we've reached peak hipster now...


Somewhere a hipster

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Somewhere a hipster entrepreneur is saying, "Hold my artisanal beer."

not bad

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Did that in Chicago last year. I thought it was a very great lakesy bar activity

In my early 20s I was the

In my early 20s I was the shooting sports director at a summer camp and under my umbrella we had rifles, shotguns, archery, muzzle loaders and a Mountain Man program that included knife throwing and ax hurling. Quite frankly of all of those things the one that concerned me the most were the axes. All the shooting equipment was designed to not move, but the axes require a fluid motion and a clear radius (including behind) in case of slippage which clearly is not being enforced in the Eater Photo.

The affects of alcohol combined with possible training of the staff would concern me in an urban environment where most of the residents have never handled a butcher knife, forget about a hatchet.

That being said it is a creative use of warehouse style space and fits the parameters of replacing retail with experience based programming.


The bottom picture ones seem

The bottom picture ones seem more reasonable and I can see that the head of the ax is really secured on there (which would be a concern, the ax head itself slipping off if not fully secure , after time goes by.) The ones on the top picture look like they are more for show.


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Duckpin axe-throwing might appeal to me.

Or if the have extra large dart boards to land the thrown axes upon.

Do they have a VIP Room?