Red Line has an exploding motor, Orange Line says 'Hold my beer'

Fallen ceiling beam at Back Bay on the Orange Line

The pipe in question. Photo by Joe Growhoski.

UPDATED with MBTA statement about what the thing was. Also, Back Bay station was re-opened shortly after 2 p.m.

A ceiling drain pipe fell on the roof of an inbound Orange Line train at Back Bay around 12:25 p.m. No injuries, but passengers were briefly ordered held in the train. Needless to say, inbound service from Forest Hills is now at a standstill. The T is starting up a bus shuttle between Jackson Square and Back Bay.

Red Line train, track fail in a blast of sparks, glass shards.



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Oh great

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This would a great place for Charlie Baker's Elite Looking Like We Care About the T Inspection Squad to pose for their first round of frowny pictures


Job Security

They had a hard enough time looking for someone to run the MBTA ... who, exactly, would run DOT and the MBTA if this happened?

So easy to blame people in office now - instead of 20 years of bullshit kicked into high bullshit gear by Baker himself.



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And if he did that, it just proves that the MBTA GM position is nothing more than a scapegoat when things go wrong. It doesn't matter who you are, you will be blamed.

They had a qualified person, but she got almost got the ax when Baker joined and took the heat for the Winter of 2015, then got frustrated and left. And regardless of how you feel about her, she was well qualified, far more than Ramirez is. At least she had public transit experience.. Ramirez doesn't.



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RIP Beverly. Baker has made so much worse at the T in a blind scramble to “improve” without properly funding which quadruples workload.


I want to know more

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About the $100,000 bathroom. I'm not disputing the facts. I just want to read more. Could you be a dear and throw a citation my way.

The good news

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The Governor's inspection team has made the command decision to rearrange the deck chairs on the commuter boats.


And the GM had a big meeting with his staff

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to discuss how to improve customer information (i.e. tweets and alerts) the next time something like this happens. How about improving alternate service AND figuring out ways to restore normal service sooner - that would be improving customer SERVICE.


Serious question

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The pipe hit the train at 12:28 PM on a Saturday. How quickly would you expect alternative service (other than directing people to the Green Line) to be set up?

Modest Proposal

Baker and other state VIPs who have a state car will have to use a car of the same vintage as the Orange Line trains.

If it breaks down all the time? Well, look harder.


Great Idea

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So a circa 1980-1981 ?

How about a nice Chevy Citation?

Or better yet, a Chevette with 100k miles on it. No Frills travel. Just like the Orange Line.