Restaurant planned for Forest Hills space

Jamaica Plain News reports a restaurant called Bar Orange hopes to open where Tonic and Grass Fed failed across from the Forest Hills T station.



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good luck to them

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I hope they're planning to market to patrons that can walk, bike or train to them --- parking in that area is a cluster$%^ now!


If they can survive 1 year...

If they can stay open for a year that should see the new development at Ukraine inhabited and presumably the parking lot development will be well underway. It's certainly not a bad bet...

So what's next for the Forrest Hills project in terms of streets/lights, etc... Is everything where it's suppose to be now in terms of bus stops, etc,,,? I know the traffic pattern is now complete per the intent.

They're about to be

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They're about to be surrounded by hundreds of new residents at their doorstep. I'd say their timing is good.

That area is a diaster there

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That area is a diaster there now... used to feel like a neighborhood, now it's just a soulless concrete void. Such a bummer.

the overpass?

It felt like... a neighborhood?

Maybe we should wait until the project is, you know, finished before we render judgment on its outcome.

Construction crews have take

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Construction crews have take over the entire front block of restaurants and stores at that corner. Can't park anywhere. Sad. Not fair to the businesses. The sidewalk and road is all dug up with blockades around it. It's been like that for over a month now. Is it going to be that way until the behemoth is completely built??

From its name,

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I thought it was going to be one of those new places that serve smoothies and the like.

Cars picking up passengers from Forest Hills

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Whats with the cars standing to pick up passengers at Forest Hills station on Washington street from the location that used to be previous 'Passenger Pick Up' area. That area has now moved folks and where people are idling to pick up passengers is now an active roadway

People Fail

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The current kiss and ride location has been moved again, (temporarily until the Hyde Park Ave side re-opens after construction finishes), to an area at Washington and Arborway at the traffic light. It is on Washington just beyond the bike cage area (northbound/inbound). There is room there for about 6 cars. The area is posted for that, and signs were posted in the old location to direct people to the new location.

That said, some people are selfish and others are clueless, and of course the ride share people don't give a flying farg and pull up any place they can. They drop people off that way as well.

Sadly, those people who do not make a pick up or drop off there on a regular basis don't know it was moved and are just pulling up any old place. One passing through I had might be to actually read the signs that designate the new area, but then I digress....

This all said... quite often the kiss and ride area is loaded with construction vehicles and worker's trucks making it possible to pull in anyplace, which just compounds the problem.

My solution... If it is that farg'd up, I call my party and tell them to walk to the bank parking lot and I get them there.

If you are really up for a challenge, try departing the station and walking up to the bus area and try to cross through there to get to the taxi stand. Make your your bodily insurance is paid up because the bus drivers are getting rather impatient with the people that just walk through there and meander or stand anywhere.

We all hear it will get better when the construction stops.


One thing

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There were/are no signs at the drop off/pick up location before the current one directing people to the current location.

Also, the old location kind of works. Yes, it blocks a lane of traffic, but that lane is not as vital as the area by the 3 sets of lights. And as you note, there is space for 6 cars, and typically there are more than 10 cars waiting for people during PM rush. That said, on Monday I saw a car confronted with the lack of parking at the cab stand and lack of parking at the old area just up and back up as far as possible to the van waiting at the old area. That meant they were blocking the entrance to the busway. Facepalm!