Roslindale ice-cream place, Lower Mills restaurant sold

Roslindale Village Main Street reports Donna Cabral recently sold Jimmies Ice Cream on Corinth Street to Stephanie Ortiz, who plans to re-open the ice-cream and sandwich emporium in March, with a new menu - including breakfast - and a renovated interior.

Cabral opened Jimmies nine years ago. Ortiz lives in Roslindale.

The Dorchester Reporter reports that Eleanor Arpino has sold ester to "a group of new investor/owners led by Julian Bolger, who has an interest in another Dorchester bar and eatery, Lucy's American Tavern."




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I hope the reopened Jimmies

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I hope the reopened Jimmies still sells Richardson’s ice cream.

Sorry to hear it had to be sold, but it didn’t seem like things were going well for the place for a while.

Jimmies had suffered several

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Jimmies had suffered several bouts of vandalism and break-ins. The owners likely were tired of the nonsense. Operating an ice cream shoppe has very low profit margin.....


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Operating an ice cream shoppe has very low profit margin

I'm no expert, but Ron, of Ron's Ice Cream and Bowling alley in Hyde Park once told me that the bowling alley barely breaks even; it's the ice cream that makes all the money.

Not always Richardsons

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FWIW, Richardsons mostly. When short, from Puritan just down the street.

Astro Diner chef?

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If I remember correctly, isn’t Stephanie Ortiz the chef that was behind the operation at Astro Diner when it was sharing the space at Seven Star?