Shiny new Orange Line cars spotted in the wilds of Wellington

New Orange Line cars at Wellington

Roving Uhub photographer Ben Themo spotted a pair of the brand-spanking-new Orange Line cars just chilling on some tracks next to the Orange Line shops at Wellington today. They'll eventually be put through their paces in months and months of testing on the revamped third set of tracks north of Boston before being placed into actual service for long suffering Orange Line riders.

An even shinier, closer view:




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Why throw down a challenge?

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To every vandal who wants to be the first to leave his or her mark on the new orange line trains. The whole red line between North Quincy and Andrew station has been scarred by the artistic outlaws.

Great comparison photo

Surprising how similar they look next to the old cars, except cleaner. Somewhat surprising that after 30 years the basic design is just about the same.

I like

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how the sun is shinging (ping!) off the roof of the new cars, while the rust is noticeably visible on the roof of the old cars.

Aluminum (old) vs. stainless

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Aluminum (old) vs. stainless steel (new) frames.

The new ones are all stainless-steel construction, just like the newer Blue Line fleet and just like the mid-1990's Red Line 01800 fleet. Stainless steel resists corrosion many times better than aluminum. They'll get dirty and pick up grime, but a trip through the carwash will leave them gleaming bright even 20 years from now.

It's a credit to the paint shop staff at Wellington Carhouse that the old cars are still pretty presentable-looking. Aluminum after 38 years in the elements with no major body abatement work ever performed should look like total rustbuckets by now, but they've done excellent work over the years stamping out the smaller rust spots before they grow too big to control.

...brand-spanking-new Orange

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...brand-spanking-new Orange Line cars ...

Adam, that should be "Bran' Spankin' new".

Please check your Duddie Ford & Diamond Chevrolet style guide - just like the ads that used to run in the Telegram & Gazette.