Somerville's axe to grind: City to get bar where patrons can throw axes

Urban Axes plans to open this summer, Bizbash reports.




Is this part of the Bow Market deal?

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When I clicked, it said Union Square, but it didn't give an address as far as I read.

edit: I saw another article from Eater Boston that said the biz declined to state their address for the meantime.


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fulfills an obvious demand, but what I want to know is, who do I get to throw axes at? The proprietors? Other patrons? Or will it just be special target-guests brought in for the occasion, like washed-up politicians and sports celebrities? Throwing axes at these might sound like fun, but they are notoriously good at dodging things.


Remember when the original Bertucci's

in Davis Square had to close its basement bocce court because an errant ricochet hit a bystander?

Apparently Somerville doesn't, either.

Cute idea, like Frost, the Fanueil Hall ice bar -- which like the old jackets-required Ritz Bar would lend you the smelly-parka equivalent of frayed, size-50 blue blazer if you showed up unprepared -- was a cute idea. Union Square doesn't have hordes of guileless tourists to somehow keep a harebrained, overpriced novelty concept open for three years. Take the under on 12 months in business.

Now, a bar that featured Jarts: *that* I would patronize out of pure nostalgia. "In myyy day, we didn't fret and fuss over a kid's game that could impale your skull with a steel-tipped, plastic-finned missile in the name of good, clean, non-adult-supervised fun out in the fresh air. We would run around the back yard, Jarts sprouting from our frontal lobes like big blue and red dandelions, screaming, "Yay, we're getting exercise instead of sitting indoors melting our brains watching the teevee like a bunch of zombies.' That's the way it was and we LIKED IT!"


Other cities seem to have

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Other cities seem to have figured it out and it's really popular in Montreal. I don't see why Somerville couldn't make it work.

In Boston

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In Boston, they could open a bar where you hurl space savers...