South Boston could get a JP Licks

Eileen Murphy reports JP Licks is looking to mooove into the space at 397 W. Broadway once occupied by the Cutting Club hair salon.

There's a meeting, put on by the city and the landlord, for neighbors at the space on Feb. 13 at 6 p.m.



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Attention people in S.B...

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Go on a diet before JP Licks arrives! Not only is the ice cream the best, management picks employees who know how to be nice.

and as an added bonus

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Their coffee is very good too, and kills the ice cream headache!

Location variety

It's a funny chain. The one in Chestnut Hill is tiny and the one at Legacy is enormous and presumably costs a billion dollars in rent.


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This will be a great addition to our neighborhood.

JP Licks

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is way overpriced, it’ll fit right in