State-senate candidate Carvalho drops out of race to run for DA instead


State Rep. Evandro Carvalho, who had announced plans to run for the 1st Suffolk state-senate seat vacated by Linda Dorcena Forry, announced today that he's decided to run instead for the Suffolk County District Attorney's post that Dan Conley recently announced he'll be leaving.

This was a difficult decision, but one I know in my core is right for the people of Boston and Suffolk County. As a former Assistant District Attorney and Current State Representative, I have the experience and passion to serve the people of Suffolk County as the next District Attorney.

I am running for District Attorney because too many families in our community live in fear in the shadows of gun violence, because too many young people—Black and Latino men in particular—are robbed of their future because of mass incarceration, and because too many people with addiction and mental health illness are in prison without adequate treatment. I am committed to making the office more equitable, transparent, and accountable to the people, and to serving as a progressive leader who will be a voice for victims seeking justice and communities trying to heal.

There is no elected office that has a greater impact on the lives of families of color and the general welfare of our communities than the District Attorney’s. We need a District Attorney who understands the difference between a young man who needs a second chance and a violent criminal who needs to go to prison. We need a District Attorney who is from this community with a record of service to the community. I will be that District Attorney.



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That was quick

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Just yesterday, on Sunday afternoon, a Carvalho for Senate campaign worker knocked on my door in Fields Corner and gave me a flyer. I guess he didn't even tell his own people. Time for a new flyer.

BTW, has anyone heard from Dougie B?



What is it about the DA that has so many running for that office?


Really good on a political

Really good on a political resume. Being a DA sets one up real well for higher office.

And, with the focus on criminal justice reform these days, if you can be a "reformer" DA, well...shoot, you're set.


Only 2

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Only 2 have announced, so really not that many.



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"We need a District Attorney who understands the difference between a young man who needs a second chance and a violent criminal who needs to go to prison"

Pretty sure that should be the decision made by a jury.


Considering it's only about

Considering it's only about 10% of criminal trials which go in front of a jury, I'd kind of like a DA that can set policy and work practices amongst their ADAs to make those decisions as well.


Heres to hoping we get a DA

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Heres to hoping we get a DA that will fight hard for long sentences for those that harm others. Like those 2 guys that got into a gunfight on an orange line platform, shooting two innocents, and only got 7 years.


long sentences do not equal safety

It does not matter what a convicted or plead out "criminal" deserves. The community deserves safety. In the big picture, prison sentences don't necessarily provide that.

The jury doesn't decide the sentence, btw.


Juries don't decide who's

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Juries don't decide who's indicted, or what they're charged with: depending on the DA's policies and biases, the same (alleged) acts might lead to a felony chare (and possibly years in prison), a misdemeanor (less jail time), or nothing at all.