The storm forms

Forming storm

The view from space at 5:15 p.m. Via CIRA.



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Hey everybody - what are the food plans?

Besides French Toast, I mean ...

I'm baking oatmeal cookies now, and the Mister has some bread starter running. I'm tempted to add bacon to them and maple glaze, suggested by the recipe site I found.

Tomorrow I plan to make my own special Chili, as The Kid is home and it is a good dish for all-day cooking (and transfer to the stovetop, which runs when the electricity doesn't).


Are you sure about who’s

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Are you sure about who’s pocket-book will be hit? I ate dinner at the Atlantic Fish Company around 10:00 and the place was busy right up till 11:30. That’s a pretty good crowd for a Monday in early March.

Plus, the staff said they were expecting a full dining room tomorrow, both lunch and dinner, and despite the weather.

Yes, there are people in town

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Yes, there are people in town from all of the world from the industry. Most people have flights for today. With those cancellations and hotel prices it will hurt.

Not always how it works

I've been stuck places due to inclement weather - usually trying to get back to Boston. Companies tend to handle it different ways, but it rarely costs the traveller out of pocket unless they are running their own show.

And if you are running your own show, you get a captive audience since others will be stuck, too. People sometimes use the "stuck" time to visit business contacts, follow up with leads over lunch, and do other things that will make the extra night stay worth it. Hotels sometimes give good rates to their honors/reward customers, particularly when they get a wave of cancellations because people can't make it in.

Inconvenient? Yes. Expensive? Maybe. Worthwhile opportunity? Sometimes.

Cheapest rate to lifetime

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Cheapest rate to lifetime plat marriott customer in Boston was ~600 bucks.

I am not asking, I am telling you this was an expensive storm, no not for the individuals, but the firms. Of course things that cost the company that you work for wind up costing you too eventually.

Also costs business, especially to those who planned on attending on Tuesday in lieu of the other days.