As storm ramps up, so do numbers of TV reporters in little on-air boxes

12 heads in boxes on WHDH

As Kate shows us, Channel 7 had a nice opening gambit with a screen showing 12 reporters and weather people in little boxes. Will we see a station break Channel 25's record of 17 heads on a screen, set in the January nor'easter? Or will Channel 25 round up some kids at a local sledding hill to maintain their dominance?


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Channel 5

During commercial breaks, channel 5 posts their daytime program lineup (ABC network daytime programming), despite the fact that said programming is being preempted so that every second of snowfall can be covered live.


The blonde talks too fast and

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The blonde talks too fast and I've started to watch NECN as a result, so I can understand
what's being said. Please put Chris Lambert on for the weather instead of her so I can go
back to watching channel 7 and understand what's being said. Jeremy is good, too.
If not, Latoya Edwards is good, along with Matt Noyes and Pete Bouchard on NECN.
Also, there's a lot of background noise on channel 7 and I have to keep muting my tv to
see if something's wrong in the house. Very annoying and I miss stuff on the news.

What news?

What are they saying you want to hear?

It's snowing out. Schools are closed. People are shoveling. It will end tonight and tomorrow's commute will be messy. Same thing as every other snow storm.

I don't understand non-stop snow storm "coverage". Apart from a few basic facts, what constitutes news?



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So far today Eversource has called me once, and sent me three texts and an email, all saying the same thing:
"We're in a heap of trouble here." I almost wonder if they want my help.


It’s a big deal for some

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I’m pretty sure first responders and those responsible for power and other critical needs would say there is some news that happens in these major storms. I agree the media goes overboard on lesser weather issues but there are a lot of people whose hard work, preparedness and contributions to public awareness are matters of life and death.


It means they have an old switcher and only have that many DVEs available.


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Why do the weatherwomen in the studio always wear those certain kind of dresses that all look the same? Has anybody else noticed this? Is there some kind of requirement or something?

Recycled snark

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I'm pretty sure I posted this during a previous UHub thread about multiple talking head boxes on local newscasts but:

I'll take Paul Lynde to block.

And they are all bobbleheads, literally.

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Why do these reporters alway shake their heads while waiting to speak on air? The more of these boxes that appear on screen makes it look like a bobblehead convention.