A tale of two Cambridge squares after the snow

Kendall and Central squares in the snow

A roving UHub photographer sent in these two photos from Cambridge squares this week - on the left, Kendall Square, on the right, Central Square - and wonders why one gets the ultimate plow and shovel job and the other doesn't. The Central Square photo is from Monday, but the photographer reports there are still mounds and mounds of snow there today.




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down the street

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But can you really call this Central Sq (same with original post's photo)? That's the intersection of Inman and West Sts. However, it is right across the street from the Cambridge Person's with Disabilities office, so this specific snow mound is very troublesome.

Central Sq itself is much better.

nice wall

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That should stop the White Pedestrians from marching south.

because some property owners

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because some property owners pay to have snow removed and others don't. It's not always the city's fault.


Photo on the left

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Show us where the property owner removed the street snow.



One thought on these photos

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We can't see the street in the right photo, but the clear sidewalk in the left photo is completely because the management of the property had the snow removed.


If you read my comment

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You'd note that I said I cannot see the street in the Central Square photograph, so theoretically I'm going to assume that the bike lane and street are bone dry clear and that the City of Cambridge cleared it.

I see no bike lane

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And I assume that this is by a street based on the houses in the background.

I see a pile of snow without any context. Blame the photographer.

Also, the photograph on the right was shot in a residential area, while the photograph on the left was shot in a commercial area.

Tech companies pay for really

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Tech companies pay for really good snow removal. That's probably why. Still doesn't make it ok for Central to look like that.


The difference is money spent and work put in.

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Not "corporate makeup". What this is is private money doing work that the City now does not have to, thereby freeing up time and money for other places. Which of course causes everyone to fret about how life is unfair.

The lesson here is:

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If you want something done, don't count on the government to do it.

Do it your damn self.


On Monday night Cambridge was busy removing snow everywhere. It was being trucked away on Putnam St, Mass Ave in Harvard Sq, and Mass Ave in East Cambridge near Rt. 16. That's a whole lot of overtime and expenses.

I have no idea why they haven't remove snow from Central but they seemed to be driving it away in just about every other major roadway.

I only wish Boston would do the same. Or at least tow people who park in the road because the spot is filled with snow.



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Did do some snow removal in the Hyde Sq area. Not the best job of it, but they were out pretty late Monday night.

Boston does actively remove

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Boston does actively remove snow from main arteries and neighborhood centers. They've been doing it since the storm and trucking it away. The city is doing a good job there. They are failing at clearing out certain public spaces, though, like pedestrian islands or handicapped ramps.

Because if you compare net

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Because if you compare net worth of the commercial and residential companies/people in Kendall Square to the same in Central Square, then you'll have your answer.

Come look in the medical area

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The medical area service company and Harvard and the hospitals pay to have just about every scrap of snow hauled away within a couple of days after a storm. There are no snow piles on Longwood or on the surrounding sidewalks. I bet that it's a similar deal in Kendall Sq.