Two teens hit in Roxbury crash

NBC Boston reports the two were crossing at Tremont Street and Malcolm X Boulevard when hit by a car in a crash that involved a car crashing into a traffic-light pole.




Who cares?

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Really, two kids fighting for their lives and this is what you care about?

I dunno. About the same time, there was a haz-mat scare in a chemistry lab at Madison Park (which is right there). Maybe the kids were getting away from that. Maybe they had some other reason to be crossing the street at that time. I don't know; if I find out, I'll post, but that really wouldn't be my top-of-mind question.


Valid question

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Not sure why such a hostile response. Although I have come to learn that you can't question anything on this site without being accused of victim blaming. But to ask why some 15-16 year olds weren't in school at 11 is perfect rational. And if they happened to not be in class due to a hazmat issue (let's assume that's the reason why), well that is a perfectly valid reason and answer.

You know, the only way to learn things is to ask questions.

The question is valid

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but does nothing to add to the conversation except making one look like a moral scold. All we know is that the kids got hit and hurt. And that should be the focus.

Off the top of my head

"Why weren't the four 15-16 year old kids in school at around 11 AM?"

Off the top of my head:

  • Out for coffee during free period?
  • They had first lunch period? (some schools have 11-11:45 and 12-12:45 for example
  • Cutting class?
  • Suspended and not in school this week?

My personal bet is that they

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My personal bet is that they had an early lunch period and they were using it to grab a slice of pizza from the Domino's that's kitty-corner from the school. If they do indeed turn out to have been crossing against the light, it's probably because of the grand total of 4 minutes and 30 seconds that someone would have to wait if they were trying to make that trip and happened to time it exactly wrong. That's a pretty long time to wait if your whole lunch period is only 25 minutes long and you still have to make it back to class once you cross the street.

Will watch for updates

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This is sad --- Will want to watch for updates on the teens' recovery, and any more information about what happened. The reports so far sound like the car lost control and crashed into the teens, who were in the crosswalk.

Controversial Opinion

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It'd be nice if drivers would slow down, pay attention, and stop hitting people with their damned cars


that's fair

But it's also true that people are *constantly* dashing across the road near this (very large) intersection.

Which is just to say that we don't know what happened and all we can do is hope the kids pull through.


I was driving home a few nights ago through Boston in a bigger car. My GF kept noticing all these people WATCHING VIDEOS on their phone while driving. Go stand on a street corner almost anywhere in this city and count the number of people you see obviously not paying attention while driving. It's shocking more people aren't killed.


It would be nice

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We've learned along time ago that some people just suck. Nothing we can do about it.

I hope these kids pull through, regardless of what the details were that led to the accident.

WBZ interviewed kids - one said he never looks crossing streets

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"because drivers always stop for me. Now I may look." This updated video report with student interviews was aired at 5pm news. Hopefully it will be added online too.

His candid admission matches the behavior of many pedestrians who weren't taught how to cross the street. So, please keep that in mind while driving or cycling.

WBZ edited out the interview with the boy from later broadcasts

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Perhaps because minors can't give legal consent and his parent/guardian could have sued the station for making him and the parent look bad (for the deficit in parenting skills). Most stations did not air interviews with minors.

Police Commissioner Evans said the driver may have had a medical incident.

If you're crossing in a crosswalk...

If you are crossing in a crosswalk it is not your responsibility to look for cars

It might be smart to keep an eye out for the asshole who isn't going to stop / driver having a medical emergency / unoccupied truck free-rolling down the street / rampaging rhinoceros, but it is not in any way your legal responsibility to look for cars before entering a crosswalk.


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I value by body and my life. I don't know how many crosswalks you travel through each day, but I can assure you in my daily experience is that a good portion of car drivers and cyclists do not stop for people in crosswalks. Better to look and live than just walk out and die.


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most car drivers to do not hit people with "their damned cars."