Yet another car flipped in Roslindale

Roslindale crash

Sha'neka Love had a front-row seat for a crash at Brookfield Street at Robert Street shortly before 3 p.m. today, in which one car crashed into another, flipping it.



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Road Design

Thankfully no one was crushed by the car that landed on the sidewalk. Bulb outs, etc. should be added to this street to prevent cars from reaching the speeds that lead to this type of crash.

If you knew this neighborhood

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You'd know that the average motorist would not be reaching speeds of more than 25 miles per hour (regardless of the speed limit) on these particular streets. They are very short, and the parked cars on the sides should damper a driver's "need for speed."

BIG EDIT- I read the map wrong. I for some reason thought Roberts Street, a street I drive on frequently, was a side street between Roberts and the railroad tracks. Perhaps your ideas are well met.

Roberts St. is fast

I live right near there. Brookfield St. is very short, and narrow with cars parked on both sides. Even if you could build up speed, you’d have to get on the brakes almost right after hitting the gas.

Roberts, on the other hand, is fast. People swing around Alexander the Great Park and shoot up Roberts, or turn right off of South St (the green arrow only changes to red when someone requests the walk signal).

I am always surprising cars

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I am always surprising cars when I use the cross walk near check mate cafe (across from Fallon field), despite having the walk sign. This is a blind corner and cars aren't always prepared to stop. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a cross walk here. Probably safer to cross somewhere else, where you can be seen AND see oncoming cars. Anyway, all that to say I agree that cars tend to speed on Robert St.

Roberts has garbage

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Roberts has garbage visibility - something about the angle, and all the parked cars, makes it hard if you're turning from a side street. Had a few close calls turning of S Walter after picking up chinese food before.