By - 8/27/14 - 10:38 pm

City Councilor Tito Jackson had some bad news today for Roxbury residents who want to preserve the historic Dearborn school building and move its science-based classes to another location in the neighborhood: State officials told him they would rescind the $36 million grant it awarded... Read more

By - 8/27/14 - 4:32 pm

The MSPCA's Boston Adoption Center reports it needs newspapers:

All of our small animals have their enclosures lined with a layer of absorbent newspaper under their bedding, and we clean and replace this daily. As you can imagine, we go through a whole bunch of newspaper, and right now we're nearly out!

You can drop off newspapers at the adoption center at 350 S. Huntington Ave. in Jamaica Plain.

H/t Morgan.

By - 8/27/14 - 4:22 pm

Around 4 p.m., police found a man shot at 40 W. 7 St. Not long after, a man was arrested for a separate incident half a block away at W. 7 and C streets in which he allegedly pointed a shotgun at some people.

By - 8/27/14 - 1:33 pm

The T just sent out the following alert for South Station commuter-rail riders:

Expect significant delays in the PM commute after incident impeding tracks.

Might be due to a train that kind of derailed after a collision in the yard south of the station.

By - 8/27/14 - 11:21 am
Old newsstand

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this old newsstand.

By - 8/27/14 - 11:14 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today ordered court officials to destroy the records of a man who found himself facing trial for leaving the scene of an accident because a clerk somehow mixed up his records with those of the actual suspect, who has the same... Read more

By - 8/27/14 - 10:54 am

UPDATE: Noor ordered held without bail pending a Sept. 17 hearing on violating conditions in his conviction on the attack last year, the DA's office reports.

Transit Police report arresting a Malden man they say began beating another man who wouldn't give him money... Read more

By - 8/27/14 - 10:08 am

Lin Dolin and Lauren report seeing signs on Rte. 2 and on ramps heading to 93 and Storrow warning drivers of rental trucks to stay off Storrow Drive.

By - 8/27/14 - 10:03 am

Boston is appealing a federal flood-plain decision that could mean dramatically higher insurance rates for thousands of Boston landowners.

In an appeal to FEMA yesterday, the city says 507 of the 1,585 acres the feds now say would flood in a "100-year storm" would not... Read more

By - 8/27/14 - 9:02 am

Some sort of wire ish means busing for Riverside riders between Riverside and Newton Highland - and problems for riders further down the line, as Phil R. reported at 7:50 a.m.:

You KNOW the D line is F'D up when you wait 25 mins at Newton Ctr for packed like sardines train & they don't collect fares.

By - 8/26/14 - 11:45 pm

Stanley Stacos reports a man was shot several times in the chest and shoulder around 8 p.m. at 241 Woodrow Ave. in Dorchester.

By - 8/26/14 - 11:29 pm

FirmieFirms asks:

Anyone know a good black hair studio in Mattapan / Dorchester / Hyde Park? I need a perm!

By - 8/26/14 - 10:16 pm
South Street fire in Jamaica Plain

South Street scene. Photo by Nick Ellis.

Nick Ellis reports Boston firefighters made quick work of a small fire at 206 South St. around 9:20 p.m. Matt Carter reports the fire was in a third-floor wal.

By - 8/26/14 - 6:31 pm

For the second time in a week, Transit Police report stopping John Bubier at Andrew station for trying to ride the Red Line for free - and then placing him in custody because he has an outstanding warrant, this time for assault and battery,... Read more

By - 8/26/14 - 5:55 pm
Rowing shells in the Charles River locks

Tom Richardson spotted some human-powered boats in the locks at the Charles River Dam today.

By - 8/26/14 - 5:52 pm

Around 5:40 p.m. One car was hit, no people. Police are looking for a silver Taurus with Connecticut plates.

By - 8/26/14 - 5:34 pm

A skunk found dead on Stimson Street has tested positive for rabies, according to the Boston Public Health Commission, which is asking anybody who may have come in contact with the skunk to contact them at 617-534-5611.

The commission plans to post flyers in the area on Wednesday to alert residents.

BPHC fact sheet on rabies.

By - 8/26/14 - 3:13 pm

Wayne Dutch asks:

Any recommendations for wedding photographer/videographer?