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Mayor Walsh said today the city will pick a neighborhood to test out a new street sweeping plan in which fines are more than doubled - but car owners no longer have to worry about getting towed.

Walsh wants to increase street-sweeping fines from the... Read more

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So now Boston 2024 will push a statewide referendum, which might remind some of the effort a couple decades back to repeal rent control in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline via a statewide referendum.

Boston 2024 actually talks to the property owners in Widett Circle,... Read more

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I've reactivated the thumbs on comments, but have made voting stop four weeks after the post they're comments on has been published. Will be watching the server today to make sure they don't crash things again (if they do, will have to turn them off... Read more

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The Globe reports on the plans for rebuilding Comm. Ave. between the BU Bridge and Packards Corner with "cycle tracks" that would use barriers to keep motorists out of the bike lanes.

The Herald froths about the goddamn tree-hugging dirty hippie socialists in Spandex destroying America thanks Obama.

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Ryan Miller caught one of the two giant $1.5 million wind-turbine blades that turned up in Grove Hall on its way to Charlestown's Wind Turbine Testing Center, only the lead blade got stuck.

By - 3/24/15 - 11:23 pm

WBUR reports on a BPS report that found school officials followed their own protocols for disciplining Shaun Harrison before he allegedly shot a student selling pot for him, but that that may not have been enough.

WBUR posted a copy of the... Read more

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A tutorial.

Growing up in Boston, the MBTA Green Line was a lifeline to many activities in the city. My favorite green line station is KENMORE or Kenmore Square - home of Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox.

H/t Leah Harnack.

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Brookline Police report finding a camera installed in a restroom at Zaftig's on Harvard Street, after getting a tip yesterday from WFXT. Police add:

Upon arrival at the restaurant, police were informed by the restaurant management; they were not to talk to us and

... Read more
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Fenway turkey

Jeremy spotted this turkey in the parking lot of the Fenway Tasty Burger today.

By - 3/24/15 - 3:33 pm

Adam Castiglioni reports the Melting Pot, which had been serving up fondue at the Park Plaza in 2008, has shut down for good.

Boston Restaurant Talk has more.

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Proposed Cunard Building in East Boston

Another architect's rendering featuring a blimp (also see).

The Zoning Board of Appeals today approved Philip Frattaroli's proposal to turn the shuttered Oscar's Woodworking building, 47 Webster St. into a restaurant with rooftop seating, a yoga studio and four residential units.

Frattaroli, who owns Ducali in the North End - and whose family started out in the restaurant business in East Boston - plans to call his gastropub Cunard Tavern, after both the shipping line and the tavern of the same name that used to be in East Boston.

By - 3/24/15 - 3:13 pm

The Zoning Board of Appeals today approved a 124-unit residential project along Hyde Park Avenue across Ukraine Way from the T stop.

The BRA gave its OK in December to the proposal, which will include 48 townhouse condos and 76 apartments on what is... Read more

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I've turned off the voting on comments while I try to figure out why the site keeps slowing and crashing. There's a database table that's supposed to be used for triggering routine site maintenance, but it's been filling up with hundreds of thousands of items related to the voting system and I want to figure out why before turning it back on.

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The Zoning Board of Appeals this morning unanimously approved a proposed 27-unit apartment building next to the Fairmount commuter-rail station.

The Southwest Boston Community Development Corp and the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp. plan to spend $7 million to build 24 units for people... Read more

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Everyone's favorite Yeti has gone into business.

According to this article, the Yeti has set up a web site at Etsy selling merchandise to support the MSPCA. Good for the Yeti!

By - 3/24/15 - 7:30 am

Cambridge Day reports on comments by the guy who came up with the name of the now removed drink.

By - 3/24/15 - 7:24 am

How far we've fallen: Not only do a bunch of Bruins fans in a bar go into foodgasms over a McDonald's hamburger, they don't realize who's feeding it to them. Also, McDonald's is too cheap to get the rights to show the Bruins logo.

By - 3/23/15 - 10:41 pm

The Herald reports online clothing retailer Karmaloop, which Greg Selkoe started in his parents' JP basement in 2000, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. No layoffs planned, but look for the company to sell itself to the highest bidder - who might even be serial interrupter Kanye West.