By - 10/27/15 - 7:28 pm

A Dominican woman pleaded guilty today to a drug-smuggling charge in federal court - admitting she used the batteries of her motorized wheelchair to try to smuggle nearly five kilograms of cocaine through Logan Airport. Read more.

By - 10/27/15 - 12:44 pm
Costumes found in Government Center MBTA station

The MBTA reports workers busy upgrading the Blue Line platform at Government Center recently: Read more.

By - 10/27/15 - 10:49 am
24-hour gas station in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene.

By - 10/27/15 - 10:38 am

UPDATE, Wednesday: City Council unanimously approved the ordinance.

Police Commissioner William Evans strongly backs a proposed ordinance that would let police seize toy and replica guns that look too much like the real thing.

Evans said the guns increasingly being used in crimes. At a City Council committee hearing this morning, he pointed to last night's robbery outside the Savin Hill T stop, allegedly by two teens with a realistic-looking BB gun as just the latest example of people using replica guns in crimes...

Read more
By - 10/27/15 - 9:58 am

The Herald reports on yesterday's arraignment of Wayne Barber, charged with slashing a woman's throat in a mugging in a Fenway alley early Sunday. He has a lengthy criminal record.

Innocent, etc.

By - 10/27/15 - 8:43 am

A citizen who recently resumed smoking after 17 years complains that workers at a Cleveland Circle condo complex keep removing the hand-made ash trays he keeps putting out by a bench near Cassidy Playground so he can "have my coffee and cigarettes and watch the geese" and comply with the complex's rule against smoking inside.

H/t Hingle McDingleberry.

By - 10/27/15 - 8:34 am

Wicked Local Cambridge reports on John Sanzone's decision, related to posts he made on a white-supremacist Web site during "a difficult period of time" when he was closeted and his father was under arrest.

By - 10/27/15 - 7:49 am

The Daily Free Press interviews students who knew Melvin Ramos, a homeless man who became known as "the ambassador of Kenmore Square."

By - 10/26/15 - 10:29 pm

Suspect under arrest on Pleasant Street. Photo by Carter Hasegawa.

A man on his way to work was robbed around 10 p.m. by two men in white plastic masks, one about 5'9" and the other about 6'1". Police stopped and arrested two suspects, one with what turned out to be a non-functional starter's pistol, around 10:25 p.m. at Savin Hill Avenue and Pleasant Street. Read more.

By - 10/26/15 - 7:55 pm

Gabrielle Schaffner picked up a handful of painted snails on Carson Beach today and wonders what's going on.

By - 10/26/15 - 6:56 pm

Boston Police report arresting five Cape men Sunday on a variety of charges, including operating motor vehicles without a license, after they allegedly ripped up the streets of Mattapan on dirt bikes - and as they were loading the bikes into a rental truck. Read more.

By - 10/26/15 - 2:21 pm

Clive Francis went up to his troubled niece's room with a vacuum cleaner Saturday afternoon to help clean up some of the glass from the mirror she'd shattered. He didn't come down again because she shot him in the head, a Suffolk County prosecutor said today. Read more.

By - 10/26/15 - 11:43 am

UPDATE: BRA agrees they sucked but says they've learned and don't suck anymore.

The state Inspector General's office says the BRA rushed through a deal to give the Red Sox control of Yawkey Way that included "illogical and questionable" methods of figuring out the street's value - based on the somewhat ludicrous premise that Yawkey Way was "blighted."


Read more
By - 10/26/15 - 8:29 am

Boston Police report officers rescued a man who'd fallen off Constellation Wharf while urinating into the harbor early Saturday. Read more.

By - 10/26/15 - 8:02 am
Giant spider webs on Waltham Street in Boston's South End

An aggrieved citizen complains about these Halloween decorations blocking access to the street on Waltham Street in the South End.

Via Gustavo, who notes that Waltham Street and Union Park Square always host a killer Halloween stroll.

By - 10/26/15 - 6:39 am

The MSPCA and the Animal Rescue League say they will speak for the deer facing death in the hills south of Boston, at a State House rally that starts at noon on Thursday. Read more.