By - 4/26/15 - 1:38 pm

Somebody filed a Citizen Connect complaint about one of his tags at 336A Shawmut Ave.

Last week:
Swastika in a Back Bay alley.

By - 4/26/15 - 12:51 pm
Car won't move on Boylston Street

The intersection of Dartmouth and Boylston streets and Copley station on the Green Line were shut shortly before noon as the BPD bomb squad investigated a suspicious vehicle and its apparent driver.

Rory Razon, who took the photo of the car in question, reports:

Some idiot left his car and refused to move it. Police action. They took to guy into custody.

By - 4/26/15 - 12:37 pm

Starts at 7 p.m.

Please bring a candle, a cup, flowers, flags, your thoughts and prayers and join us all as we show solidarity to the ones who are still living in fear and chaos, and remember the ones who are no longer amidst ourselves.

If any of you have any special poems or songs dedicated to the folks back home, please bring those along as well. We would love to hear your stories, your emotions.

This is where we begin the healing process, for us and for our countrymen. This is where we unite as humans first, then as Nepali.

By - 4/25/15 - 10:04 pm

Mass. Ave. is shut due to a fatal collision between a car and a motorcycle at Mass. Ave. and Shirley Street.

By - 4/25/15 - 10:01 pm
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By - 4/25/15 - 8:26 pm
SUV into a wall on Kneeland Street in Chinatown

Arturo Gossage was on Kneeland Street near Hudson Street - just down the street from Tufts Medical Center - in Chinatown around 12:45 p.m. today:

I looked away for just a second. When I looked back up I saw this SUV on the sidewalk with people running towards it. One person taken away in an ambulance and another hurt person appeared OK to walk away. Lots of people ran over to help.

More photos.

By - 4/25/15 - 6:12 pm

Finally filed a Better Business Bureau complaint about how Globe Direct sucks, after finding Yet Another Useless Globe Direct Bag on our steps this morning. You can, too (you can also read some of the complaints).

Way back in October, 2013:

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By - 4/25/15 - 5:36 pm
Fire in Middlesex Fells

A roving UHub photographer was out for a hike with his family in the Middlesex Fells this morning:

Some jerks left a fire pit and a bunch of beer cans which led to the fire. It was about 100yds long and pretty deep in at the time we found it. Melrose fire called.

By - 4/25/15 - 5:27 pm
Cleaning up the Longfellow area in Roslindale

Volunteers with rakes and work gloves popped up across several Boston neighborhoods today to help clean up winter-ravaged public places.

Robert Orthman photographed some of the volunteers sprucing up the little pocket park at Walter and South streets, across from the old Longfellow School, in Roslindale.

Also in Roslindale, Kristie Helms joined in the cleanup - and found what might be the oldest piece of trash: An old eight-track cartridge.

By - 4/25/15 - 6:43 am

Blue Hill Liquors, 108 Blue Hill Ave., goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week seeking permission to sell nips.

The store currently has a license provision prohibiting it from selling the single-serving mini bottles of alcohol.

The board generally imposes nip bans on liquor stores at the request of local residents and police.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.

By - 4/25/15 - 6:38 am
Gracenote Coffee

The Boston Licensing Board considers a proposal for a coffee shop at 108 Lincoln St. at a hearing next week.

Gracenote Coffee, which already roasts beans, plans to open an eponymous coffee bar in the front half of an office there. It'll be staffed by the guy who now pedals the Coffee Trike around Dewey Square.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.

By - 4/25/15 - 6:15 am
Zakim Bridge as seen from Lovejoy Wharf

On Thursday, Greg MacKay took what he thinks might be the first night photograph of the Zakim Bridge from the newly re-opened Lovejoy Wharf.

Copyright Greg MacKay. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 4/25/15 - 6:11 am photographed the commemoration on the Greenway yesterday, attended by several thousand people.

By - 4/24/15 - 11:33 pm

Around 11:15 p.m. on River Street in the area of Groveland. He either drove himself to a local hospital or was driven to it in a car that was found outside with several fresh bullet holes.

By - 4/24/15 - 10:58 pm

A Springfield man sentenced to ten years in prison in 2005 for dealing cocaine out of his apartment was arrested Thursday on charges of dealing cocaine in Boston, Boston Police report.

Police say they'd had their eye on Craig Bogle, 53, since December, when they heard he was in Boston and dealing drugs.

By - 4/24/15 - 6:19 pm

A Boston lawyer says the T and Keolis owe commuter-rail riders a lot more than just a 15% discount on their Mass passes, so, of course, he's filed a lawsuit.

The suit, filed earlier this week in Middlesex Superior Court by Robert Richardson, seeks to make Raquel Rodriguez, identified as "a resident of the Commonwealth," lead plaintiff in an action seeking not just refunds for January, February and March passholders, but damages as well.

By - 4/24/15 - 5:14 pm
Sailboat capsized, righted on the Charles River

Rachel Anne Miller watched as boaters rushed to a capsized sailboat on the Charles this afternoon and helped right it.

By - 4/24/15 - 12:47 pm

WBUR reports Gov. Baker has submitted legislation that would require both background checks and minimum insurance levels for people who drive for services such as Uber and Lyft.

By - 4/24/15 - 11:29 am

Roche Bros. reports its new Downtown Crossing store, opening next Wednesday, will have entrances/exits onto the concourse of the Downtown Crossing T stop.