MIT scientist makes waves with work to detect gravitational waves

The New York Times reports a team of scientists, including Rainer Weiss of MIT have confirmed the presence of gravitational waves, something Einstein predicted in 1915, but which have never before been detected.

Two detectors, each 2.5 miles long and 1,900 miles apart, detected waves from the collision of two black holes about 1.2 billion years ago, almost as soon as they were turned on for testing, the Times reports.

A Worcester Line train faces delay; sleeping homeless man's feet in the way

UPDATE: Not an actual sleeping homeless person; just some blankets that appeared to be a sleeping homeless person.

There's a homeless guy asleep under the Yawkey Way commuter-line stop, with his feet hanging over the tracks. Dave reports train 506 has been halted just before the station so that police can remove him.

Entire nation of Thailand now hates Harvard

The Crimson and the Bangkok Post report the issue is a Thai dentist who got a government loan for postgraduate work at Harvard Dental School on condition she return to Thailand to teach afterwards and then just stayed in the Boston area.

[T]housands of Facebook users in Thailand have repeatedly given Harvard one-star ratings and authored scathing criticisms of the University’s administration for allowing Jumlongras to remain at Harvard. Since Poonwithayakij’s Facebook post, Harvard’s Facebook rating has dropped to 2.3 stars. Several months ago, it was more than 4 stars, according to retrieved screenshots of the page.

South Boston doggie daycare suddenly shuts down

Fenway Bark on W. 1 Street shut down tonight.

In an e-mail to customers, owner Jane Fulton said she'd been planning to close by month's end, in any case, as she tries to find a new location, but:

The current building has failed. The roof is letting in significant amounts of water and can not be heated adequately where leaks and roof holes are prevalent.

Fulton, who originally tried to open on E. 1 Street, writes she's despairing of finding a new location, due to the South Boston condo craze:

We tried what locations remain after so many industrial zoned areas have become sprawling condominium and apartment developments. What remains of industrial property, which is the only zoning allowing for dog care, has become outrageously expensive, three times what I pay at this location and the prior location. In the end, the math simply doesn't work because no matter how much someone earns, paying $100 a day for dog care simply isn't palatable for anyone. ...

The Department of Business Development for Boston has tried to help us find property but they ran into the same issues we did with our independent efforts and with those of realtors in the area.

We would love to carry on but simply don't see a path to allow that to happen short of buying a building and the asking price in the market well exceeds $500 psf now. The asking prices are untenable for a small business like us. We have a potential property in our sights in a less expensive part of Boston and if that comes to bear, we will be announcing it to you first. However, the commute would be 20 minutes away.

Dorchester market robbed at gunpoint; suspects arrested after standoff at nearby apartment

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 18:00

The Pleasant View Market at Savin Hill Avenue and Pleasant Street was robbed at gunpoint around 6 p.m. by three masked men with a gun, who made off with some cash and several cartons of Newport cigarettes.

Not long after, police shut down Roach Street off Dorchester Avenue when they tracked the suspects to an apartment at 22 Roach St. Read more.


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South Boston power plant for sale, could be torn down for redevelopment

The Globe reports the owner of the Summer Street power plant, which almost never generates power anymore, has put the property up for sale - with an eye towards maybe turning the space into residential and commercial space, as one does.

Although the mostly pink plant no longer pushes out the current, it is still in use as a power substation.

Ed. note: Could somebody please find a giant inflatable pig and float it up near the smokestacks before they come down?