So how many renowned journalists work at Harvard?

And is the number who are so full of themselves they actually call themselves "renowned" even smaller than that? The question arises because of this Craigslist ad:

A renowned Harvard-based journalist, author and entrepreneur is seeking an entry-level Research and Administrative Assistant to support him and his growing team. The position is based in Harvard Square, and offers the right candidate a competitive salary as well as the opportunity to be a vital team member in multiple projects -- including an upcoming podcast on politics and public affairs, a brand new technology startup, and ultimately our quest to save the world!

Among the requirements:

  • Can cultivate an environment of efficiency in the midst of a transformational vs "steady state" working environment.
  • No special technical skills needed, but must be technologically proficient; able to organize and ensure effective conference calls, Skype sessions, etc.

Any guesses on who the shy, self-effacing scribe is?

H/t Hillary

Blade-hoarding Mansfield man charged with threatening president's life

A Mansfield man with a large weapons collection faces a federal charge of making an online threat against the president, the US Attorney's office reports.

Andrew J. O’Keefe, 28, allegedly "posted a threat on an FBI website stating that he planned on killing President Barack Obama" on May 13, the US Attorney's office says:

On May 15, 2015, law enforcement officers attempted to interview O'Keefe regarding the posting; however, O'Keefe refused to speak with officers outside his residence. A search warrant executed on O'Keefe's residence and vehicle recovered over 100 weapons including swords, double-edged knives, hatchets, spears, an air gun, and two laptop computers.

O'Keefe, scheduled for arraignment this morning in US District Court in Boston, now faces up to five years in federal prison.

According to a report in the Sun Chronicle, O'Keefe allegedly left "a tip" on an FBI Web site that he had "a really good plan" to kill Obama. He allegedly included his Social Security number in the message.

The Sun Chronicle adds that police had to use a taser and a beanbag gun to subdue O'Keefe last fall when he "swung a 4-foot medieval sword" at them.

Innocent, etc.

BRA to look at rezoning to increase housing along two key corridors in South Boston and Roxbury and JP

The BRA this month begins a formal look at ways to spur "transit-oriented" residential development along Dorchester Avenue in South Boston and Washington Street from Forest Hills to Columbus Avenue in Egleston Square.

The BRA will work with community members and elected officials, as well as planning, design, and economic development professionals over the course of the next year to create detailed plans that include recommendations for updating zoning in each area so that it is consistent with current redevelopment goals. Given their proximity to major public transit nodes, the Washington Street and Dorchester Avenue corridors are seen as prime locations to support new middle-income housing, which is a priority for Mayor Walsh’s administration.

The BRA says the Orange Line and the Red Line will play key roles in figuring out just how much more housing can be built along the two corridors, although the city has nothing to do with increasing capacity along the two lines. The BRA says it will also study traffic patterns along the two streets to see if there are ways to reduce congestion.
In South Boston, the BRA says, it will look for ways to turn "underutilized light industrial buildings" along Dorchester Avenue into housing, stores and offices.

Group opposed to West Roxbury pipeline starts recruiting people willing to stand in front of backhoes and excavators

If the federal government won't stop a high-pressure natural-gas pipeline from Westwood to West Roxbury, some residents say, they will.

Resist the Pipeline is a group willing to take more direct action than writing letters to congressmen:

We are in the process of developing a nonviolent direct action scenario and code of conduct. Our goal will be to respectfully block the construction of the pipeline by sitting in front of construction equipment. We will be completely transparent with local police and city officials, giving them advance notice of our intentions and planned scenario.

Those who wish to participate in nonviolent direct action must take a “direct action and legal rights training that we offer (at no cost), and agree to a code of conduct that will include:

  • An attitude of respect to police and local agencies (they are our allies –our conflict is with Spectra and FERC)
  • No destruction or damage of public or private property
  • An attitude and tone of nonviolence
  • Cooperation with arrest, if warned.

On June 18, Dedham Selectman Mike Butler was arrested when he walked onto the site where workers were getting ready to dig the trenches through his town for the pipeline. Digging has not started in West Roxbury; Algonquin Gas Transmission last week went to court to try to force Boston to give it the easements it needs to dig a trench under Washington and Grove streets for the transfer station it plans to build across from West Roxbury Crushed Stone to inject the gas into a National Grid pipeline.

The group is also looking for people willing to stand in silent vigil at construction sites and direct actions short of getting arrested.