So now Newton has two groups trying to paint Newton public schools as pro-Palestinian

Village 14 reports on how a new group, which claims it has nothing to do with old Newton-school hater Charles Jacobs, is trying to enlist Newton North students for an "essay contest" on Israeli/Palestinian relations in which they have to cite their sources, in a supposed attempt to see just what materials the school is using to teach about the Middle East.

It's a long way to Tipperary - and Newport, OR

MassDOT reports that tomorrow state officials will post a new Rte. 20 marker in Kenmore Square - marking the 3,365 miles to Newport, OR, which make the highway the longest continuous road in the US.

Officials in Newport, OR will, in turn, place a similar sign noting the distance to Boston.

The official ceremony begins at 9 a.m. - and marks almost a year since somebody filed a formal complaint over the lack of any signage noting the end of the transcontinental federal route.

Abandoned West Roxbury gas station to be replaced by condos

The Zoning Board of Appeals yesterday approved tearing down the long abandoned gas station on Belgrade Avenue off West Roxbury Parkway to make way for an 18-unit condo building with 33 parking spaces.

To cram in the extra parking requested by nearby residents, the building will use car "stackers" in a basement garage.

Attorney John Pulgini added that lot owner John Douros - who worked at the gas station as a teen - is working with the city to do something about the intersection of Belgrade and Beech Street, where Pulgini acknowledged that drivers routinely ignore the stop sign and pedestrians get to consider themselves lucky if they can get across the street in one piece. Options include extending the sidewalks a bit to try to force drivers to stop and painting actual crosswalks.