Citizen complaint of the day: Rotting East Boston pier now washing out to sea

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about a collapsing pier in East Boston across from the Navy Yard:

Wooden pier has deteriorated significantly over last 3 weeks and is emitting debris into the harbor at high tide. It needs removal to avoid further water contamination.

Pugnacious bird fights losing battle against own reflection

For the past week, dd808 has watched a bird he's calling Bugsy Seagull attack his or her own reflection in a Government Center window. The Animal Rescue League papered over the window, but Bugsy outsmarted them - he just moved to another window.

Waterfront residences, hotel proposed, but this time in Dorchester

City Point Capital today formally proposed replacing the current MarineMax Russo complex in Port Nortfolk with 150 residential units, a 25-room hotel and a boathouse.

The South Boston developer's letter of intent, filed with the BPDA, calls for 195 parking spaces for the proposed Neponset Wharf project, which would sit at the mouth of the Neponset, next to the Venezia Restaurant and the Boston Winery off Ericcson Street.

The current MarineMax Russo boat sales, storage and service buildings would be torn down. The existing marina and slips, however, would be retained and upgraded.

The next step is for the company to file a project notification form that would have more details on the proposal, as part of a public-hearing process before the BPDA board votes.

Letter of intent (283k PDF).

Boston keeps growing

Boston's population continues to grow, according to new estimates released yesterday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

According to them, Boston was home to 673,184 people in 2016.

Our city's population has grown ~8.46 percent since 2010, when there were 620,701 residents, according to the Census.

Boston is now the 22nd-largest US city, moving ahead of Detroit, MI, which is one of only two large cities to lose population during the past 6 years (the other being Baltimore, MD).

There is some evidence that the appeal of large cities may be cresting; according to the Washington Post, suburb growth outpaced city growth last year for the first time since 2010.