Roslindale market held up at gunpoint; suspect arrested inside store

Sat, 07/22/2017 - 18:50

Boston Police report officers responding to an armed-robbery call at the R&R Convenience Store, 4355 Washington St. in Roslindale around 6:50 p.m. yesterday pulled up while the suspect was still inside: Read more.


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Roche Bros. begins transforming West Roxbury store from suburban feel to South Endish

You can't beat their meat. Rendering from Roche Bros.

Roche Bros. has begun a redo of its Centre Street store to make it more like its trendier Downtown Crossing store - with more prepared-food and seafood options and a floral area right off the main entrance, rather than a few rows in.

Already, the bottle and can return has been temporarily moved outside and the bakery, flowers and customer service moved to temporary areas to make way for the renovations:

Shut Roche Bros. bakery

Also, the paper bags you can get when checking out no longer say "Roche Bros.," but instead "Brothers Marketplace."

A chain spokeswoman says the store should be "substantially done" in time for the pre-Thanksgiving shopping rush, and that the store is not getting rid of any of the basics it now carries. She adds the bottle and can return will be moved back inside.

The new Roche Bros.
The new Roche Bros.
The new Roche Bros.
The new Roche Bros.

Wood-frame apartment complex under construction burns to the ground in Waltham

NBC Boston reports five buildings under construction at Cooper and Elm streets went up in flames around 4 a.m. [Photos].

This is the third major fire to erupt in large wood-frame buildings under construction in the Boston area over the past couple of months.

On June 28, a building nearing completion in Dorchester erupted in flames. On June 4, Quincy firefighters were able to limit a fire in a new Marina Bay building under construction to just two alarms.

Nearby buildings and homes were evacuated. Fire departments from across the area sent crews and trucks - Boston sent four trucks. Service on the Fitchburg Line was halted; buses are ferrying passengers around.

The complex, being built by Lincoln Property Company and Daiwa House Industry Co. of Japan, was to house 264 luxury apartments, with rents starting around $2,000.

Shifting plates over construction work cause concern at Comm Ave. bridge

Boston firefighters are at the Comm Ave. bridge inbound over the turnpike and the Worcester Line train tracks, where some large steel plates over a construction zone have settled too much, leading to concern they might give way. MassDOT engineers have been requested to the scene.

Kids, remember to consult your navigational charts before heading out into Boston Harbor

A regular yacht became a land yacht today when it wound up on a sand bar that was probably marked on a chart or something and which became painfully obvious at low tide, as Paul Nutting Jr. shows us. He reports the location as:

An area called the Narrows between Lovells and the Brewsters, close to Boston Light.