Citizen complaint of the day: The scourge of bucket drumming in our residential neighborhood across 93 from the Garden

A fed-up citizen who lives on Beverly Street and Lovejoy Place complains:

Excessive noise from people beating plastic buckets outside Celtics game at 957 pm. Just woke up my sick toddler. Ridiculous - this is now a residential neighborhood and this kind of racket should not be allowed at this hour.

Another 311 user, who likes to browse complaints, files a complaint about the complaint:

1. You chose to live in a city 2. The spot you picked is a new condominium across from a sporting venue that was there long before you were 3. It's not residential, there is one condo complex(about to be two) and there are 7 bars on that street alone never mind the 17 others in the next 4 streets.

Annual onslaught of icky winter moths now in full force

Kevin Wiles Jr. shows us what happens when you leave a porch light on.

Reports are coming in from all over about the annual explosion in the winter-moth population.

As long as you're standing there, trying to figure out how to get in your house without bringing a ton of the bugs with you, why not count them and then fill out the annual survey by the Massachusetts Introduced Pests Outreach Project (since, yes, these things are not native, and only started showing up in the 1990s)?

Rain doesn't stop Santa's arrival in Roslindale

Kids watch Santa working the crowd in Adams Park.

Santa and the Mayor arrived right on time in Roslindale Square to turn on the lights on the Adams Park Christmas tree this afternoon.

Mayor Walsh and a local kid switch on the tree as Santa and At-large Councilor Michelle Wu watch:

Walsh and kid and switch

There were dogs in full Christmas regalia:

Roslindale dog

Some accommodations did have to be made for the weather:

Brass band in Roslindale

And while Santa did greet kids after his arrival in a Boston firetruck, after the tree lighting, he moved over to the Community Center to hold court.

Santa in Roslindale

MBTA to close subway headhouse at North Station in January

Passengers of the Green and Orange Line's "super station" at North Station have an underground walkway that exits immediately adjacent to the TD North Garden and the North Station commuter rail concourse. People are only exposed to the elements for about 50 feet or so when making this transition.

However the MBTA has quietly announced that this portal which runs under Causeway Street is closing on January 2 to accommodate construction of the new development next to TD North which is now a parking lot, and the former footprint of the original Boston Garden. Read more.


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What to do with that Fitbit that's just sitting in your drawer mocking you

Lisa Gualtieri, a public-health professor at Tufts Medical School, has organized an effort to collect "wearable activity trackers" to donate to a YMCA in Fitchburg for folks who can't afford one but who could really use one.

Read more in this MobiHealthNews report.

Via Paul Levy.

Swept into the maelstrom at South Shore Plaza

David Parsons watched the horde sweep into H&M at South Shore Plaza early on Black Friday.

Ed. note: We went in the afternoon, when things were a bit calmer. But much of the second floor smelled overwhelmingly of stale popcorn butter - like a popcorn butter truck had exploded and they hadn't finished cleaning it up. Also, Lord & Taylor had a DJ at their first-floor entrance playing "Uptown Funk" cranked to 11 - who knew the store's demographic had changed so much.

Photo copyright David Parsons. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

Police: Possible attack by Sixers' center may have been over women's phone numbers, not how his team sucks

Boston Police report they are investigating an incident outside Storyville on Exeter Street early Thursday that apparently ended with Philadelphia 76ers' center Jahlil Okafor showing his boxing chops are better than his basketball skills.

Police say the incident happened, as these things often seem to do, as the club closed around 2 a.m. It possibly did not help that Okafor's team had lost a few hours earlier to the Celtics, giving them a perfect 0-16 record for the season.

Victim states that two black males, one believed to be Okafor, approached his group of friends and quickly began talking to a few of his female friends in an effort obtain their phone numbers. According to the victim, when his female companions refused their advances, a verbal altercation ensued between him and the suspect. During the argument, the male victim states that Okafor attempted to charge him but was momentarily restrained by another individual. Eventually, however, the victim states that Okafor broke free and began pushing and punching him. Victim further states that the suspect struck him with a closed fist and knocked him to the ground. Victim stated he sustained a cut above his eye which later required stitches.

District D-4 detectives are on the case and invite anybody who may have seen the incident to call them at 617-343-5619. No charges have yet been filed and police did not say if they are also investigating whether Okafor, just 19, had anything to drink beforehand.

Good player until proven bad, etc.