Jake the Turkey leaves the crowded confines of Revere for more spacious Carver

The Revere Journal reports Jake the Turkey, who'd increasingly proven to be a menace to both traffic and himself, has been relocated to woodsier surroundings in cranberry country.

For months, Jake has been in Ward 4 and surrounds. Just about everyday he strutted down Broadway, stopping traffic, posing for cell phone photographs, pecking at car tires and anything he found interesting on the sidewalk.

Masked Trumpies foiled in effort to annoy large numbers of Storrow Drive motorists

A woman walking her dog along Back Street in the Back Bay this afternoon spotted these two men with bandanas on their faces waltzing away from the Dartmouth Street overpass, where they'd just placed a "Deport Them All" banner over Storrow Drive.

She reports their meticulously lettered banner greeted motorists for no more than three minutes:

A guy walking over the bridge flipped it and I had called the police so when I came back around the second time, a state trooper had pulled over on outbound side to come up and get it

Springfield man shows budding interest in Boston

Potsquatch, Springfield's leafiest mascot, paid a call on the Hub today. Craig Caplan snapped his photo in Downtown Crossing.

Later, Matthew spotted him on the Green Line. No word if he was asking passersby for some money to get back to Springfield in time to see his probation officer, though.

Loud and low military copters rattle already frazzled nerves in a city perpetually on edge

Owen, who looked out his window around 4:30 to see what the racket was, was among many people reporting three military Osprey helicopters

In the absence of any alerts about impending invasions (although an hour or so later, what should zip over the Boston area but a Russian jet?), we're going to assume it's either one of those generic training flights the military loves to do over Boston for some reason or maybe three pilots getting ready for a flight over Gillette this weekend.

Zoots alors: Dry-cleaning chain shuts down, tells customers it's trying to figure out how to get their clothes back to them

Josh Gottlieb reports getting e-mail from Zoots that the chain has shut down and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (that's the kind where it just goes away forever, rather than reorganizing). The message continues:

Please be patient as plans are being made to get your garments back to you.

In its Chapter 7 petition, filed yesterday in federal bankruptcy court in Boston, the Brockton-based chain said it has liabilities of between $1 million and $10 million, but assets of less than $50,000. Among its creditors: Comcast, BMW, Eversource, Home Depot and a variety of cities in the Boston area in which it has outstanding taxes.