Sweet: Old North Church gets grant to study life of North End chocolate maker

Walter Baker in Dorchester is normally the only chocolate guy people think of in Boston, but it turns out the North End had a chocolate maker of its own. The Old North Church reports it's won a $13,000 Forrest E. Mars, Jr. Chocolate History Research Grant from, yes, the maker of Mars Bars, to study the life of Capt. Newark Jackson, a parishioner who owned a chocolate mill and store in the North End back in Colonial days.

The church will also use the money to research colonial cacao trade routes.

Via J.L. Bell.

Person shoots relative in Roslindale, then kills self

Sat, 11/18/2017 - 00:10

WHDH reports police are investigating what happened between a pair of relatives around 12:10 a.m. at Washington Street and Metropolitan Avenue to cause one to shoot the other in the stomach, then use the gun to commit suicide an hour later.


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The New Yorker needs a Boston intervention

A few days ago, the New Yorker reviewed SMILF, a new comedy about a single Southie mom, and referred to the neighborhood as:

A tough, lower-middle-class Irish-American neighborhood that borders the yuppified South End, to the north, and the working-class and predominately African-American Dorchester, to the south.

Today, David Bernstein noticed a New Yorker piece about Cousin Stizz, a rapper from Dorchester, which the New Yorker called a Boston suburb.

Have they cut their fact-checking budget recently?

Brockton couple charged with pistol whipping man in wheelchair during North End home invasion in April

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 23:38

Boston Police report arresting Neil Tom, 28, and Julie Podier, 25, both of Brockton on charges they attacked two residents of 185 Fulton St. in the North End during an armed home invasion on April 18. Read more.


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