Masshole delays Green Line when he starts to bitch, whine

After trying, but failing, to cut off a trolley at Linden Street and Comm. Ave. around 6:30 p.m., the driver of the Escalade could have backed off, let the trolley, and the other trolley coming from the other direction, through, then been on his way. But, no, of course not. As URNotinvisible shows, the guy got out of his land yacht and began yelling at the T driver.

As of 7 p.m., the T reported no problems due to yelling people standing on tracks, so presumably this particular logjam has been fixed (you didn't, however, ask about the signal problems at Park Street).

Irresponsible dog owners let pets kill great blue heron in Arnold Arboretum

Oh, yeah, there's a reason you're not supposed to let your dog run wild through the Arboretum. Joe Growhoski reports these fliers about off-leash killers are now posted at the Arboretum: They kill the local wildlife, bite kids and bike riders, trample new plantings and shit all over the place. Stop it, the Arboretum implores.

Citizen complaint of the day: Time to wave good-bye to Peters Park sculpture

A concerned citizen gets cranky on seeing the current state of the Land Wave statue-ish thing in Peters Park in the South End:

It's a nightmare. Tiles are chipped off, water pipes are exposed, the grass is overgrown. Let's be real. It should be taken down. The strip lighting on top worked for like a day and it has been a blight ever since it was installed. Who designs a perfectly climbable installation next to a little league field and then expects no one to climb it. Ridiculous waste of money. Let's cut our losses and dispose of this dumb thing. It makes the park look sad and uncared for.

Fight over South Boston restaurant not over

Residents opposed to a restaurant planned for Dorchester and Dresser streets meet tomorrow to figure out their next steps now that the Boston Licensing Board has agreed to grant it the license it needs to open.

The session begins at 6 p.m. at 516 E. 2 St.

Opponents say the 15 parking spaces planned for the 130-seat restaurant are simply not enough, especially at a bad intersection in a rapidly growing part of South Boston, could take their fight to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, which has final say over the licensing-board approval.

David Winnick and David Matteo won licensing-board approval last month after shrinking the originally planned 240 seats to 130.

Several residents attended the hearing to support the proposal, as did representatives of Mayor Walsh and City Councilors Bill Linehan and Michael Flaherty.

The developers said the new restaurant would be primarily a neighborhood place, drawing mainly nearby residents who would walk over for a meal. Opponents, however, said that even at 130 seats, the place will need to become a sports bar, drawing on people from further away, who would, of course drive there.