Presidential politics cited for two post-election, closing-time beatdowns; but police buy only one of the accounts

A man escorted out of West End Johnnie's on Portland Street shortly before closing on Nov. 11 says he suffered a broken nose and a fractured eye socket in an attack down the street by Trump haters who'd overheard him expressing his happiness at the election results two nights earlier. On Nov. 12, another man claimed he was jumped by more than a dozen Trump supporters and bouncers at Limelight on Tremont Street, whom he claims broke his nose.

Boston Police assigned a civil-rights detective to investigate the West End Johnnie's case, but say there is no evidence the Limelight victim was jumped by anybody, let alone 15 Trump supporters.

The civil-right detective told the Boston Licensing Board this morning that a suburban man expressing his happiness over the November election results in West End Johnnie's was followed outside by a guy who exclaimed: "You're mother's a whore and you're a racist!"

The victim told detectives he tried to ignore the insults and walked down Valenti Way with a friend, but that the man followed them and punched him in the back of the head, then got ahead of him and punched him in the eye, knocking him out. He said when he came to, he was surrounded by six men, one of whom kicked or punched him in the ribs, while some of the others were busy attacking his friend.

The detective said he was assigned to the case because the man may have been attacked for "exercising his First Amendment rights in voicing his support of the person who had won the election." However, he said the investigation is no longer active because the victim - who sought treatment at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington - no longer wants to pursue charges. The victim also declined to identify his friend to police.

An attorney for West End Johnnie's said the attack was unfortunate - "It's really sad that young people are getting into fights over these sorts of things," unlike in days of old, when they'd slug each other over baseball or girls. But he asked the board to find the bar blameless, because the attack happened well down the street from the bar, not inside. Neither he nor bar owner John Caron said why bouncers had escorted the man out of the bar.

In the second case, police say they do not know how a man they found with his face coveered in blood at Tremont and Lagrange streets around 1:20 a.m. on Nov. 12 came to be that way. However, BPD Sgt. William Gallagher said there was no evidence to support his claim that "15 Trump supporters" and bouncers roughed him up. "That was probably fiction," Gallagher, who found the man after responding to 911 calls about a guy covered in blood, said. He noted that in addition to being bloody, the man showed signs of severe intoxication. Gallagher speculated he might have given himself a bloody nose as he struggled with bouncers trying to get him out of Limelight - on the front-door handle Gallagher said was broken off.

Bar employees said the guy showed up around 12:45 a.m., just as they were getting ready to close, and that they refused to serve him because he appeared already drunk. They said he left, then came back and began trying to force his way in.

The bar was cited for not calling 911 about the incident. A bar manager said he did - with the guy's own phone. He said that on seeing the man's face covered in blood, told him they'd better call 911. He testified he didn't have his own phone on him and that the man pulled out his own phone - but was so drunk he was unable to punch in the digits, so the manager took his phone and used it to call 911.

The board decides what action, if any, to take about the two incidents.

Underage Boston College students get two bars in trouble - only one of them in Cleveland Circle

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday whether any punishment is warranted for the underage BC students found with beers inside Agoros Bar and Grill on Chestnut Hill Avenue in Cleveland Circle and Umbria on Franklin St. downtown.

Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey told the board this morning that around 9:25 p.m. on Jan. 14, he and his partner found two underage BC students sitting at the bar at Agoros with Bud Lights. The bartender - himself a 21-year-old BC sophomore - admitted he'd never asked them for IDs, Mulvey said.

Co-owner Dimitrios Liakos acknowledged the lapse and said he's informed his staff that from now on, anybody caught serving a young-looking person without checking ID would be automatically terminated.

Agoros had previously been cited for an underage incident in October. Liakos acknowledged he has to be especially careful given his location just down the street from BC.

In a court hearing, the two were ordered to perform 30 hours of community service, after which the charges would be dismissed, he said.

In a separate hearing, Mulvey said that shortly before 1 a.m. on Nov. 4, he and his partner found a total of five underage BC students with beers inside Umbria.

All had gained admittance using fake out-of-state licenses - from New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, South Carolina and Quebec - he said.

Four of the students were given fines and told the charges would be dismissed if they stay out of trouble, he said. The fifth has yet to appear before a clerk-magistrate.

Police in Cambridge hunt man who forced woman to withdraw money from ATM at gunpoint

Cambridge Police report a 66-year-old woman was robbed by a man on Friday who then broke into a store and took money from its cash registers early the next day:

The victim was walking on School Street where she stated a suspect approached her, asked if she spoke English and then noted that he needed money. He motioned as if he had a gun, looked through the victim’s bag and did not locate any cash, but a debit card. He then walked the victim to a nearby bank on Massachusetts Avenue where she withdrew $100 for the suspect. He then allegedly walked her down to the inbound side of the Central Square T Station, which she rode to a nearby T Station and ultimately contacted police. The suspect was described as a black male, in his late 20s, about 155 pounds with a beard, wearing a dark jacket with a hood and dark pants.

Approximately eight hours later, a department store loss prevention manager contacted the Cambridge Police to notify CPD that their store’s glass panel doors were forced in and cash registers were pried open. The suspect then fled the store with cash. The suspect is described as a large black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, gray sweat pants, and black sneakers. He is believed to have a beard.

Storm leaves beautiful sunset in its wake

Rob Littlefield enjoyed the sunset over Boston tonight.

Woman injured when tree limb crashes down on her head in Arlington

Photo by Arlington PD.

Arlington Police report a woman out for a walk with her young son was hit in the head by a falling tree limb at Bellevue and Morton roads shortly after 3 p.m.

The woman, 29, was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive, police say, adding her son, 3, was not injured. The tree also took down a transformer and power lines.

The incident was one of several across the area as tree limbs snapped like matchsticks in the bombogenesis-spawned winds.

Police: Man drops pants, gyrates in front of T workers, riders outside Ashmont during storm

Transit Police report arresting a Cambridge man they say put on an angry show just outside the Ashmont T station during yesterday's storm.

Police say John Gearty, 29, was in the process of being ejected from the station around 4:30 p.m. for being loud and obnoxious "for no legitimate reason," when he decided to crank things up a notch:

As the officer approached, Gearty, began to use loud foul language creating a disturbance. Gearty also made homophobic slurs directed towards the MBTA employee. As Gearty was being escorted out he stopped and dropped his pants and underwear fully exposing his genitals and began to gyrate his body. This was done in plain view of other MBTA patrons.

That was good for a trip down to Transit PD headquarters for booking on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, police say.

Innocent, etc.