What's up with Oak Lawn Golf Range in Hyde Park?

Been noticing a lot of work in the so called Oak Lawn Golf Range (Google Maps) in Hyde Park. The tall metal poles, netting and lighting that used to be visible from Cummings and American Legion Highways are all gone. Riding by the Stop and Shop on American legion, I saw a lot of earth moving machinery - front loaders and trucks - on the hill behind the Stop and Shop complex.

Is the Oak Lawn Cemetery expanding or is there so other development going on? Have not been able find anything in the local media about it.

Police: Cops patrolling Hyde Square area after shooting find teen with loaded gun

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 20:19

Boston Police report officers patrolling Centre Street a couple hours after yesterday's shooting noticed that six guys in Mozart Park began to flee when they approached - one clutching his waist as if he had something in his waistband:


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Catch of the day: SWM seeks breeder with whom to escape Ebolapocalypse in the mountains of Vermont

Somebody who claims to already have a hideaway deep in the Green Mountains is seeking a compatible woman to have at least three of his babies after society is laid waste by Ebola. And he's serious - Craigslist wouldn't let him post an ad if he weren't, right?

Fairmount Line to get hourly weekend service

State officials announced today the start of hourly service on Saturday and Sunday on the Fairmount Line will start Nov. 29 - and that they've made the current fares - the same as a subway line from Fairmount station north - permanent.

MassDOT also said it will solicit bids in December for 30 Diesel Multiple Units - single-car diesel trains that will let the T run Fairmount service on something closer to a subway schedule.

Orange Line stops, Mass. Ave. shut when woman gets very sick on platform

Around 11:20 a.m., police shut the Mass. Ave. Orange Line stop, stopped train service and blocked traffic on Mass. Ave. after somebody started vomiting on the platform.

The station and street were re-opened about 15 minutes later - and the person transported to a local hospital - after first responders determined she did not have Ebola.

Boston EMS Incidents reports EMTs rushed to the station on a report of "an external hemorrhage."