Police say officers staking out a Dorchester store-robbery suspect nab him in a carjacking

Boston Police report officers keeping an eye on Trevor Clarke, wanted for several armed holdups of Dorchester convenience stores, nabbed him last night when he forced somebody out of a car at gunpoint and tried to drive off. Read more.

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Larry the bird remembered in West Roxbury

Somebody created a small memorial at VFW Parkway and Baker Street for Larry the Turkey, killed yesterday when he refused to yield to a car.

Across the parkway, one of Larry's feathers remained to note his former presence at the intersection. Also present: The gazillions of acorns that probably attracted him there in the first place - and the desiccated French bread and rolls that well meaning passersby left for him, but which he didn't seem to cotton to.

Larry the turkey feather

Time to bang the drumstick slowly: RIP, Larry

Johanna Griffiths reports Larry the Turkey died tonight as he lived: Challenging a vehicle at the intersection of VFW Parkway and Baker Street.

According to my husband, a cop was there around 7:15 removing his body.

Confirmation comes from Derek Rubinoff, who at 6:50 p.m. may have been one of the last to see Larry still alive before his date with destiny - and the grill of whatever vehicle cut him down in his prime. Upon hearing of Larry's leaving, Rubinoff returned to the intersection and saw his now inert body on the median.

Tarek Mroue got lost trying to deliver a washer and dryer and now he's dead

Tyrone Worrell, 39, of Dorchester, was ordered held without bail at his arraignment today on charges he fatally shot Tarek Mroue (right) in a road-rage incident on Winthrop Street in Roxbury Wednesday evening, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Worrell was arrested not long after the shooting and had originally been scheduled for arraignment on Thursday, but that was put off for a day after he told police he'd managed to swallow "a quantity of heroin" and he was rushed to a hospital for possible treatment, the DA's office reports.

According to the DA's office:

Evidence developed during the past two days suggests that Worrell was involved in a dispute with another motorist on Wednesday evening. That dispute continued on Winthrop Street, where Worrell allegedly slashed the tires of the second vehicle. Worrell then allegedly left the scene and returned a short time later. He allegedly produced a firearm and fired multiple shots into the vehicle, striking and killing Mroue.

A witness at the scene gave police a description of the assailant and his vehicle. Minutes later, Boston Police spotted that vehicle about a half-mile away and took him into custody.

According to a friend of the family, Mroue, a father of three young children, was looking for a particular address to which he planned to deliver the washer and dryer in the bed of his pickup:

They tried asking people for directions and were ignored. The suspect was behind them and started beeping. Words were exchanged and the suspect got out of his car and stabbed one of their tires and took off. So, the people in the truck called AAA and waited. The suspect came back, knowing the truck wasn't going anywhere, with a gun and began shooting. He was hit three times, once in jugular. This is a horror show for this family and their three young children.

Innocent, etc.