Boston 2024 tries leafletting drive to boost those all important poll numbers

Steve reports finding a two-page leaflet on his front steps in South Boston yesterday from Boston 2024, extolling its new "fact-based plan for hosting the games" that will, of course, fix the T, create thousands of new jobs and housing units, lead to better bike lanes and mean more taxes for the city.

Signed Boston 2024 leaflet

Jonathan Kamens reports he got a copy of the leaflet at his Brighton home, as well - the Brighton home, he notes, with the "No Soliciting" sign that specifically refers to no political leaflets.

Residents on both sides of Boston/Dedham line rally to oppose natural-gas pipeline

West Roxbury and Dedham residents - joined by supporters from as far away as Bedford - briefly stopped traffic at the town line on Washington Street today to protest a high-pressure gas pipeline that would run from Westwood to Centre and Grove streets in West Roxbury.

Roughly 200 people marched from Gonzalez Field in Dedham Center to the town line by the car wash and the former Hess station to tell Algonquin Gas Transmission to find another route for the pipeline, which would run down Washington and Grove streets to a new transfer station across from the West Roxbury quarry - or to just cancel the project completely.

Dedham residents were concerned about the potential impact on Gonzalez Field and the town water supply:

Dedham protesters

As they massed on the sidewalk along Washington Street on either side of the line, protesters chanted "We need wind and solar fast, we don't want your fracking gas" and "Let's stop the Spectra pipe, people of Massachusetts unite."

Pipeline protesters

Protesters praised local officials who have worked to try to block the pipeline, which won federal approval in March. Although Dedham recently lost a court battle to at least temporarily halt the project, Boston continues to battle it in court.


One woman, in a hurry to get to the protest, went online to find a New Hampshire protest sign, which she quickly adapted for West Roxbury:

Pipeline protester

Drummers supplied a beat:

Protest drummers

With the help of a Boston Police officer, who parked his cruiser across the outbound side of Washington, protesters briefly occupied that side of the street, then hopped onto the median for photos.

Pipeline protesters on Washington Street

They then marched back to Gonzalez Field in Dedham.

Pipeline protesters on Washington Street

Dorchester traffic stop ends with teen arrested for possession of a loaded gun, police say

Boston Police report arrested a 15-year-old on charges of possession of a loaded gun after officers pulled over the car he was in was pulled over because it had a broken turn signal. Read more.

Fri, 07/24/2015 - 14:47