MIT creates jewelery for people who love the sensation of things crawling on them

Some researchers at the MIT Media Lab are working on a project called Kino that involves robotic jewelry that can move around your body of its own volition:

It is our vision that in the future, these robots will be miniaturized to the extent that they can be seamlessly integrated into existing practices of body ornamentation. With the addition of kinetic capabilities, traditionally static jewelry and accessories will start displaying life-like qualities, learning, shifting, and reconfiguring to the needs and preferences of the wearer, also assisting in fluid presentation of self.

Via Quartz.

Developers propose 363 new apartments as part of rebuild of senior building on Roxbury/JP line

Developers have filed a proposal to add 363 apartments - roughly 40% of them deemed affordable - in three new buildings as they work to renovate the BHA's current Amory Street Apartments for senior citizens at 125 Amory St.

In a "letter of intent" filed with the BPDA dated June 12, but only received yesterday, Amory Street Partners, the Community Builders, the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corp. and Urban Edge say they will file more detailed plans within the next two months for their proposal, which calls for three buildings up to six stories high with 353 new apartments - 125 to be marketed as affordable - and 10 new affordable units limited to senior citizens to be built in what is now BHA office space on the site.

The proposal also includes a complete rehab of the current building, which houses 199 seniors.

The developers are proposing 262 parking spaces, three new private roads and "a linear park adjacent to the MBTA Orange Line."

Amory Street letter of intent (642k PDF).

Long shuttered Fenway restaurant could finally be getting close to re-opening under new name

Boston Magazine, whose writers can see the place from their office windows, reports that restaurant operator Douglas Bacon is getting closer to re-opening the long closed Symphony 8 on Westland Avenue under a new name: The Westland.

Bacon bought Symphony 8 in 2013, then closed it for repairs that, it turns out, proved to be more complicated and expensive than he thought. In a hearing before the Boston Licensing Board - which officially frowns on restaurant owners sitting on liquor licenses they aren't using - this past January, Bacon said he was only a few months away from re-opening. Still, he's missed the July 15 date he originally suggested might be when the new restaurant would be open.

State chops down plan for 320 seven-story-tall WiFi towers along commuter-rail tracks

MassDOT reports it heard residents and elected officials who didn't like the idea of behemoth WiFi towers along commuter-rail tracks and has ordered the contractor building infrastructure for a new train-based WiFi network, BAI Communications, to come back with plans that use either existing utility poles or poles a lot shorter than 70 feet.

Starbucks a tipping point for Charlestown?

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge surveys the populace about the impending arrival of the neighborhood's first Seattle-based coffeehouse. While some can't wait, others worry about the chainification of the neighborhood. Peer pressure is being applied:

Some of my friends made fun of me for liking Starbucks. The Town is changing though. We have a T-Mobile store here now and a Whole Foods. Things are changing and I say go with the flow.

Two men found shot to death in car on fire in Dorchester

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 22:30

Officers responding to reports of shots fired in the area of Elder and Eastman streets around 10:30 p.m. found two people in a running car engulfed in flames. Officers were unable to get them out of the car and had to wait for firefighters to arrive to put out the fire. Read more.


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German tour bus or chicken coop on wheels?

Brian Lee spotted this contraption rolling down Boylston Street today:

Party in the front, sub-standard housing in the back?

Per Michael Yanikoski, it's a weird German tour bus that features semi-private lodging in the back. So what's it doing in Boston? Per Mitchell, its German owner sent it over here for Germans who want to see the Northeast and a bit of Canada.