Police: Man stabbed in luxury condo in the Theater District that doubled as a pot warehouse

Sun, 02/19/2017 - 03:30

Boston Police report an investigation into how a man turned up at Tufts Medical Center with stab wounds early this morning led them to a condo at the Residences at W Boston, 110 Stuart St., where they found fresh blood and what turned out to be 30 pounds of marijuana and various tools associated with its sale. Read more.


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Science fights back: Scientists crowd Copley Square in message to Trump and his cabinet

Ask a high-school math student.

A couple thousand scientists took time out today from a national conference at the Hynes - or just their weekends at home or in the lab - to protest attacks on science in general and climate science in particular, in a rally in Copley Square.

Science protester in Copley Square

The rally was something of a warmup for even larger science-based protests planned for April 22 in Boston and April 29 in Washington. Speakers also blasted Trump's immigration and visitor restrictions from seven countries, including Iran, for limiting the open door and dialogues that had long helped make the US the global science superpower.

Science protesters in Copley Square

"When science is under attack, what do we do?" an organizer asked. "Stand up and fight back!" the crowd replied.

Speakers pledged to organize and fight new EPA head Scott Pruitt, who left a career in Oklahoma of suing the EPA, new Secretary of State and, of course, Donald Trump, who once called climate change a Chinese hoax.

Science protester in Copley Square

Among the speakers: Chiamaka Obilo, a senior at Boston Latin Academy and a fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education, who said she became interested in climate issues when she left the hospital following ten hours of surgery for scoliosis, took a deep breath - and promptly breathed in exhaust fumes.

Obilo in Copley Square

Obilo said that growing up, half her classmates had asthma. "We can't ignore the fact that climate change is as much a social-justice issue as a science one," she said.

Naomi Oreskies, a professor of the history of science at Harvard, spoke of the difficulties many people had just showing up at the rally.

"We don't want to be here," she said. "We want to be doing science. We want to be in our labs. We want to be out in the field."

And some scientists just don't want to get sucked into a political battle, she continued.

But she compared what the Trump administration is doing and plans to do to a bunch of men who burst into a house and threaten to burn it down.

"Our science, our work, is under attack," she said. "We can no longer sit on the sidelines assuming someone else will protect us. ... It's not political to defend the integrity of facts. ... We did not politicize our science. We did not start this fight."

She quoted Benjamin Franklin: "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

Science protester in Copley Square
Science protester in Copley Square
Science protester in Copley Square
Science protester in Copley Square
Science protester and dog in Copley Square

Car bursts into flames on I-93 southbound near Leverett Connector

Chris captured firefighters dealing with the blazing car on I-93 around 1:30 p.m.

Shawna Wright drove by the flaming vehicle before the firefighters even got there:

View from a MassDOT camera.

Argument in Newmarket Square ends with woman dragged by car for a third of a mile

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 04:00

WCVB reports a woman suffered life-threayening injuries after a woman with whom shed been fighting outside Victoria's Diner dragged her down Mass. Ave. around 4 a.m.


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UMass professors study building a 20-foot-high seawall to protect Boston from rising seas

The idea of a seawall with giant gates to let in ships - that would close in advance of a major storm - first came up in a list of possibilities in a city report on preparing Boston for rising seas. The Globe reports several professors are spending a year studying the practicalities and costs of what would be one of the world's largest seawalls.

Part of our state is missing

Where'd western Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley go? Apparently, they've been replaced by something called West Mass. But, wait, why'd they stop there? Was WeMa already taken?

West Mass is the land of Modern Mavericks. We share a fierce independence and an insatiable desire to take the road less traveled. And we will attract others that share that desire to be, do, live and work in ways that help them stand out rather than fit in. From the casual visitor to the head of a major corporation, the person who wants to come here is the person who wants to make their own way.

West Mass exists and always has for those with pioneering, irreverent, inventive, courageous and relentless spirits that will not rest until they have found their own first.

Also, note that West Mass people are the most fertile, modest people around.

Note: www.visitwestmass, as of 1:45 p.m. on Saturday, redirects to an older Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley Wow site.

H/t Drew Starr.

Hyde Park garage and restaurant next door both shut by city inspectors

WFXT reports both C&V Automotive - where a customer had his pelvis crushed - and the neighboring Little Haiti restaurant were shut by city inspectors for a variety of "serious" violations.

According to a health inspector's report, Little Haiti, in the same building as the garage, was shut for:

Rodent dropings observed on multiple floor areas of basement. Remove rodent droppings and provide extermination report with details for dealing with rodent infestation.

Basement has excessive non restaurant related materials stored throughout the basement. Remove all of these items ASAP.

Raw sewage observed on basement floor. Basement also has unidentified foul odors present. Remove raw sewage and foul odors.

The restaurant was also shut in 2015 for a series of violations, including live roaches on plates.

Boston aggressively tickets property owners for not shoveling, goes 'eh' when told its own sidewalks go unshoveled

NBC Boston reports Mayor Walsh claims the city writes itself tickets when confronted with unshoveled sidewalks along parks and other city parcels, but that still isn't getting the snow shoveled.