Happy Ukrainian Independence Day

Members of the 80,000-strong Ukrainian community in the Boston area gathered at the lower level of City Hall today to celebrate Ukraine's independence from a much larger country that pretty much surrounds it, a country whose successor state was mentioned a couple of times in speeches, but not by name and not in happy tones.

LocaL Ukrainians - and City Councilor Michael Flaherty - waved the country's blue-and-yellow flags and listened to Ukrainian singers:

Ukrainian singer

First Night to be limited to Copley Square; fireworks will be shot off hotel roof

The Boston Courant reports (note: Link will take you to a photo of the Courant story, since the Courant is one of the few papers left in the US that does not have a Web site - on purpose, no less).

UPDATE: Conventures, which is running First Night, says there will be the traditional fireworks over Boston Harbor.

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DA: Iowa Pokemon guys made specific threats to kill specific people

A Boston Municipal Court judge this morning ordered James Stumbo, 27, and Kevin Norton, 18, held without bail pending a Sept. 1 "dangerousness" hearing to determine whether they should be held without bail even longer on charges of illegal weapons and ammunition possession.

The ruling came at a hearing at which an assistant Suffolk County District Attorney said there was far more evidence of their danger to participants in a world Pokemon championship at the Hynes than the weapons-on-trunk Facebook page that had spread through social media yesterday.

In postings on Facebook, the two made references to Columbine, vowed "another Boston Massacre" and threatened "My AR 15 says you lose," Assistant DA Joseph Janezic said. When Norton was kicked out of particular Pokemon forum and the moderator refused to let him back in, he allegedly replied, "OK, that's fine, I will just shoot you on Friday."

The two showed up at the Pokemon competition at the Hynes on Thursday - to which they had been invited - but were barred by Hynes security and Boston Police, who had been alerted to the postings. Police seized their car, then arrested them Friday after they obtained a search warrant for it and found a 12-gauge Remington shotgun, a DPM5 Model AR-15 rifle with a high-capacity feeding device attached, 244 shotgun rounds and 40 AR-15 rounds.

Stumbo's attorney said police had no probable cause to arrest his client. He said the car was Norton's and that neither the car nor the weapons and ammunition were in his control. He said Stumbo should not be held without bail in part because he has no record, in part because he could have fled after police let him go on Thursday, but didn't.

Norton's lawyer, appointed by the court during the hearing, said his client had no record.

Neither man spoke during the hearing. Both still wore the clothes they were arrested in - Stumbo, a grayish T shirt and black basketball shorts with red striping, Norton in a sort of camo T shirt and black shorts.

Innocent, etc.

Man charged with Cambridge murder

Rooslin Altidor, 26, of Medford, will be arraigned today for the Aug. 12 shooting death of Rasaun Nichols, Cambridge Police report.

Nichols was shot as he was riding in a car leaving the Newtowne Court development around 8:40 p.m. The driver made it down Main Street to Kendall Square, where first responders found Nichols.

Police say their investigation into Nichols's death continues.

Innocent, etc.

City Hall security guards threaten to arrest signature collectors

Did you know you can't canvas for Bernie Sanders at #BOSpoli #CityHall?

Posted by Bostonians for Bernie on Sunday, August 23, 2015

You might think City Hall Plaza is a public space where the public has the right to enjoy the First Amendment, but you might think wrong, at least according to Boston Municipal Protective Services, which says it doesn't apply when a group, in this case Boston GreenFest, rents out the plaza for an event.

Police: Boxborough man stabs male roommate, rapes female roommate, then drives both to Ohio

Boxborough Police report deputies in Pike County, Ohio this morning managed to subdue a man who they say attacked a male relative with whom he was living and a female roommate in Boxborough before loading both into a car and driving them west.

The male victim is in serious but stable condition, Boxborough Police said tonight, adding they do not yet know the condition of the female victim.

Police say that on Thursday:

A male resident of Swanson Road was stabbed multiple times, allegedly by a male relative with whom he lived. The suspect then allegedly raped and assaulted a woman in the home before forcing both victims into a car and driving them from Boxborough to Ohio.

Early this morning, Pike County Sheriff's Deputies reportedly had a standoff with the suspect, who at some point managed to steal a Deputy's vehicle and lead law enforcement on a short pursuit before he was ultimately captured. The suspect is being held at the Pike County Jail on theft and escape charges.

Police did not release his name due to the Massachusetts domestic-violence law. His name will be announced once he is arraigned here, however. WCMH in Columbus, OH, identifies him as Keven Blakemore.

Police: Two Pokemon champions from Iowa stopped before they could shoot or scare Pokemon competitors at the Hynes

Yeah, what? Boston Police report two Pokemon masters from Iowa seemed to be threatening to shoot up the Pokemon World Championships at the Hynes Convention Center but were foiled in part because Hynes security officers spotted the threat online. Read more.

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