Downpour on the move

It looked like a killer death storm was about to swallow up Boston late this afternoon. That John Gage was able to post this photo strongly suggests it didn't.

It did, however, get pretty intense in places such as Chelsea and Melrose:

Gun supporters protest new weapons restrictions; vow to fight jackbooted liberal tyrant officials

Is Healey a fascist or a communist? Probably both, protesters say.

Hundreds of people converged on the State House today to protest Attorney General Maura Healey's decision to ban the sale of more types of semi-automatic rifles in Massachusetts and demand she rip her order up.

At a rally organized by the Gun Owners Action League, speakers warned Healey is setting gun owners up for arrest when she backtracks on her promise not to prosecute anybody for weapons purchased before her new ban went into effect; they don't trust her promise not to go after people who bought the guns before she issued her new diktat.

Speakers warned that if Healey wins, liberals will march across the country to seize America's guns no matter what the Second Amendment says.

And if Healey really wants to enforce her new regulation, GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace said, let her do it herself - don't make "our brothers and sisters in blue" demean themselves, he said.

Although none of the speakers, who included several pro-gun legislators, did so, people in the crowd called for Healey's arrest, breaking out into a short series of "Lock her up!" chants. "Put her in jail with Hillary!" one man added.

Maura Healey for prison

A mention of Donald Trump being endorsed by the NRA brought a loud cheer. A mention of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh brought jeers, especially after Wallace mused about all "the felons he's been hanging around with." Wallace also said the assembled gun owners on Beacon Street meant "this is probably the safest time in Boston history!"

Black rifles matter
Trumping dead people
Come and take our guns
Refugees suck
Healey for Harbor

Nomar not required: Woman swimming in harbor off East Boston gets self out of water

Shortly before 10 p.m., police were alerted to a woman swimming in Boston Harbor off Maverick Square. Arriving officers determined she was OK, but she refused their entreaties to swim towards them and get out of the water. Before the BPD harbor patrol could arrive, however, she decided to listen to them and swam to shore. EMS was requested for an evaluation.