It's like writing checks for the first couple of weeks in January

The following memo from MEMA went out to state officials today:

DATE: January 26, 2015
TIME: 1:15 pm
SUBJECT: State of Emergency and Motor Vehicle Travel Ban

Governor Patrick has Declared a State of Emergency, effective immediately. Additionally, Governor Patrick has ordered a Statewide Motor Vehicle Travel Ban, with exceptions, effective at midnight tonight (12 AM Tuesday).

Copies of the Governor’s Orders are attached.

State of Emergency in effect right this second

Gov. Baker made his first Bunker appearance shortly after noon, wearing, a, um, a suit? Yes, a suit.

The T will operate normally through the end of the day, then shut for Tuesday. A driving ban will go into effect at midnight. Baker said stay off the roads unless you're "essential personnel" (and that includes people who work at supermarkets and gas stations and, of course, the news media). Then he said stay off the roads. Oh, and by the way, stay off the roads.

High court updates jury instruction that has been in use since infamous Harvard murder case in 1850

The Supreme Judicial Court today updated the definition of "reasonable doubt" that Massachusetts judges have been reading to jurors since 1850, when it was first used in the case of a Harvard professor charged with murdering and dismembering a prominent Beacon Hill doctor.