Councilor: Time for city to regulate ride-share companies

City Council President Bill Linehan says it's time to bring companies such as Uber and Lyft under the same sort of regulations already that taxi and pedicab operators already have to follow.

On Wednesday, the city council considers a request from Linehan for a hearing on how to give city regulators say in the operation of the new services:

MBTA police chief getting ready to retire

Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan has told the MBTA he intends to retire. Although he has yet to set a specific date, the T is already advertising his position.

MacMillan is the first Transit Police chief to rise through the ranks of the force, which he joined as an officer in 1983.

In 1990, he became a sergeant; in 2004 a lieutenant and in 2005, a deputy chief. In 2008, the MBTA board of directors named him chief.