Hyde Park murder victim IDed as Cape native

Family and friends are identifying the man found shot to death outside a Hyde Park apartment building as Jeff Randall, a Hyannis native and graduate of Barnstable High School.

Randall was found shot to death at 4:05 a.m. yesterday outside 493 Huntington Ave., off River Street.

Hyannis News reports he was 30. The Globe reports police believe Randall was targeted.

Massachusetts back in the cone of probability

Overnight data shows Hurricane Joaquin possibly shifting away from landfall in the Carolinas or the mid-Atlantic, with one model showing a possible direct hit on Long Island and southern New England instead, the National Hurricane Center says in its latest advisory. But the center cautions it's still too early to say that for sure and notes a traditionally reliable computer model still shows the storm blowing out to sea. It adds the current heavy rains means the potential for flooding even if the storm's center remains over water.

Man jumps onto tracks at Jackson Square, but not for the usual reason

Around 5:40 p.m., a man accidentally dropped a vodka nip on the Orange Line tracks, so he jumped down into "the pit" to retrieve it. On getting back up, he was met by T employees, who held him until the arrival of police - who told him to not do that again. Service was not delayed.

Construction company proposes renovating hulking old Navy building in South Boston

Inside Building 16.

J.C. Cannistraro of Watertown today proposed leasing and renovating a large and long vacant building in the Boston Marine Industrial Park - as an assembly plant for construction components.

25 Fid Kennedy Ave. originally went up in the early 1940s as part of the South Boston Naval Annex, which the federal government shut in 1974. In an application filed with the BRA, Cannistraro says:

The proposed Project will substantially rehabilitate the existing, vacant, industrial building for use as a plumbing, HVAC, fire-protection, and related construction industries product assembly plant incorporating fabrication, staging, storage, shipping/receiving and associated office functions. The Proponent will salvage and restore materials when feasible, and where not feasible, will replace materials with materials of similar appearance so as to preserve the historic character of the building.

Cannistraro proposes a 50-year lease with the BRA, which owns the property.

25 Fid Kennedy Ave. project notification form (20M PDF).

More photos.

Joaquin's path still uncertain, but we could get heavy rain, waves out of it

The National Hurricane Center's latest cone of probability shows the storm maybe hitting the Carolinas or the mid-Atlantic states rather than New England, but given all the rain we're getting, we might be in for some flooding should it get within a few hundred miles of us. A 5 p.m. update by the hurricane center says:

Even if Joaquin stays well out to sea, strong onshore winds will create minor to moderate coastal flooding along the coasts of the mid-Atlantic and northeastern states through the weekend. ...

Many areas of the eastern U.S. are currently experiencing heavy rains and gusty winds associated with a frontal system. This inclement weather is expected to continue over the next few days, which could complicate preparations for Joaquin should it head toward the coast, and greatly exacerbate the impacts from the hurricane. Heavy rains are likely to continue over these areas even if the center of Joaquin stays out to sea.

The center adds the forecast is still far from certain because while most computer models show the storm hitting the East Coast, one model, which is usually reliable, shows it veering off towards Bermuda instead.

The next NHC update comes at 11 p.m.

Red Line another hot mess, when it gets fixed is anyone's guess

5:50 p.m.: Residual delays meant throngs long after service resumed. Park Street photo by William Engels.

UPDATE, 5:10 p.m Trains began rolling again.

It's rarely a good sign when the fire department shows up at a T stop, and this afternoon will not be the exception that proves that rule. A track fire about 20 feet inbound from Broadway station shortly after 4 p.m. brought firefighters to the platform and a shutdown of electrical service so they could take care of business.

The result was "severe" delays on the Red Line, again.

DA: Dorchester teen charged with gun possession has bail reduced, gets out, promptly gets arrested on new gun charge

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 12:30

A Dorchester teen who walked out of court Monday morning after a judge reduced his bail on gun charges for a January incident was back in custody Monday afternoon after police found him with a loaded gun, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.


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