Search underway for BC senior who didn't show up for graduation today

UPDATE, 5:30 p.m. WBZ reports she's been found safe in the woods.

State Police report searching the woods behind the Chestnut Hill Mall and Hammond Pond today for Dana Morrissey, a BC senior who failed to attend her graduation today.

Further investigation suggests she was dropped off by an Uber driver at Bloomingdale’s on Route 9, near Hammond Pond, earlier today. Patrols from the various law enforcement agencies, as well as the State Police Air Wing, and K9 units from the State Police and NEMLEC are conducting a search of the wooded area near the pond. The Newton Fire Department has also launched a boat on the pond.

At this point there is no evidence that the young woman has been harmed; the search is because she is unaccounted for at this time.

Taco Bell to Roslindale: It's nacho decision whether we open on American Legion Highway

Old Frosty Freeze, where the Taco Bell would go.

A Taco Bell franchisee has started advertising for managers and workers at its proposed site next to the Wendy's on American Legion Highway even though it does not yet have approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals or the Boston Licensing Board and has yet to even pull permits from ISD to replace the small ice-cream stand that's now there.

Last month, members of the Mount Hope Mount Canterbury Neighborhood Associationvoted 59-0 to oppose the Taco Bell, saying the strip already has more than enough fast food.

The franchisee's ad on Craigslist notes that among the benefits workers get: Half off on Taco Bell food.

We're looking to make our Taco Bell the Best Place to eat, work, and own and would love to have passionate, exciting people join our family as we grow as fast as lightening.

Via Keep Roslindale Quirky.

Yutz who used a rooftop planter for an ashtray sparked a fire that damaged three buildings in South Boston

Firefighters making sure the fire is out. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports "careless disposal of smoking material" sparked a fire around 11:45 a.m. on the roof of 57 W. 7 St. that jumped to the siding at 55 and 59 W. 7 St. - "specifically using a rooftop planter as an ashtray."

The department reports no injures; six residents of 57 W. 7, however, were displaced.

Mon, 05/23/2016 - 11:47

ISD doesn't like bedbugs, poorly maintained apartments and Madonna

Apparently, city inspectors were watching the Billboard Music Awards last night and agreed with comedian Chris Paul that Madonna should never have been allowed anywhere near a Prince tribute and so retweeted his crack.

Well, either that, or whoever has the keys to ISD's Twitter account forgot to switch to his or her own personal account before hitting the retweet button.

H/t John Keith.