Two councilors won't take their raises without a fight

City Councilors Michelle Wu (at large) and Josh Zakim (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Mission Hill) want to create an independent commission to consider future raises for city councilors.

The two plan to ask for consideration of their plan this afternoon, at the same meeting at which councilors will consider raising their salaries 24%, an amount Council President Bill Linehan proposed and said was fair, and that's that.

The owners of the Garden and the bank weren't the first to ditch the Shawmut name

Back in the day, the land south of Charlestown used to be known as Shawmut. Then the Puritans got sick of the mosquitoes and lack of water in Charlestown and moved south and decided on Sept. 17, 1630 to call their new home Boston, in honor of the town in Lincolnshire where they'd come from.

Brookline selectmen vow to fight five-story apartment building on West Roxbury line, even after losing in court

Wicked Local Brookline brings us up to date on the war between Brookline and the owners of Hancock Village, who want to add 184 apartments to the Brookline side of the complex, including some in a five-story building that selectmen say is completely out of character in a part of town where single-family homes and two-story townhouses are the norm.