Wellesley Dancing Trumps were canceled because teachers were scared of the parent who complained

Wicked Local Wellesley posts excerpts from the grammatically and spelling challenged e-mails from a parent that got the school superintendent and principal to cancel a performance by three boys wearing giant Trump heads. Turns out it's not that they agreed with her, but that teachers at the school were afraid of somebody who seemed a bit of an unhinged Trump fanatic:

In the e-mails, which included a caricature of President Obama and another with a Muslim man holding a severed head, the parent objected to the content of the skits and promised to send their children to school dressed as the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

BPD investigates how officer's gun went off at busy JP intersection

Boston Police are investigating how an officer's gun fired yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Centre Street and Seaverns Avenue, but say initial evidence points to a simple accident.

Police declined to specify the nature of that accident, but said the officer remains on the job and is not facing disciplinary action.

Councilors to hold second hearing on police body cameras

City Councilor Andrea Campbell opened a hearing on an upcoming Boston Police pilot program involving body cameras by announcing she will hold a second hearing sometime this month to let BPD officials comment on the plans.

Commissioner William Evans and other BPD officials had been scheduled to appear before Campbell's Committee on Public Safety today, but Campbell said they needed the time to attend visiting hours for Officer Michael Baker of Dorchester, who died last week.

Segun Idowu, of the Boston Police Camera Action Team, expressed his condolences for Baker's family, but said continuing today's hearing without anybody from BPD was essentially a waste of time.

Man disappointed with refrigerator delivery gets out rifle and orders delivery guys to leave, police say

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 10:30

Boston Police report arresting a Mission Hill man on charges he used a loaded rifle to get two refrigerator-delivery guys to leave his apartment, police say. Read more.


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Polish pride at City Hall

Showng the flag. The two women on the right led the crowd in singing the US and Polish national anthems.

A year ago today, Annissa Essaibi-George recalls, she was at the Polish-American Club in Dorchester's Polish Triangle and made a promise: If she won election as an at-large city councilor, she'd make sure the Polish flag flew over City Hall the next May 3 - Polish Constitution Day.

Essaibi-George, whose grandparents were Polish and whose mother was born in a displaced-persons camp after World War II, won that seat and made good on her promise today: Members of the local Polish and Polish-American communities sang the Polish national anthem as the red-and-white flag was raised on a flagpole outside City Hall (granted, on the same flagpole that just yesterday Mayor Walsh said would fly a transgender flag until the legislature passed and the governor signed a transgender rights measure).

Afterwards, it was upstairs to the fifth floor of City Hall for a reception with Polish food.