Mem Drive transformer goes kablooie, strands Harvard students in elevators

The Crimson reports on a blackout late last night and early this morning in the greater Harvard Square area.

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Man sought for gunpoint holdup of Dorchester credit union

Tue, 09/27/2016 - 15:00

Police are looking for a guy who pointed what looked like a gun at two tellers at the Members Plus Credit Union on Gallivan Boulevard on Tuesday as he demanded money. Read more.


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Bicyclists attacked in Cambridge, Arlington

Cambridge Police have released a photo of a pedestrian they say used his shoulder to push a bicyclist off her bike in Inman Square on Sept. 22.

If he looks familiar, contact police at 617-349-9384. reports on a separate incident the same day in which a war of words between a motorist and a bicyclist that started when the motorist wanted to turn right at an intersection but the bicyclist stopped ahead of him refused to get out of his way ended several blocks later with the motorist using his car to hit the bicyclist. According to police, the motorist claimed he only wanted to scare the bicyclist for daring to call him a "fag," not hit him.

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Arboretum seeks help cracking down on morons who let their dogs loose

The Arnold Arboretum reports the guy who let his dog loose to attack two weed-eating goats the other day at least got a fine, but now is asking other people fed up with random wildlife being ripped up by dogs to help catch irresponsible pet owners who disregard the signs about keeping them leashed:

The Arboretum plans to continue the [goat] program despite this disturbing incident.

This unfortunate and violent incident illustrates the potential dangers caused by dog owners who allow their animals to roam off-leash at the Arboretum, a violation of the law as well as park regulations.* In addition to incurring injuries to staff, pedestrians, and bicyclists, off-leash dogs also pose threats to leashed dogs and wildlife species in the landscape.

The staff of the Arboretum requests the public’s help in ensuring the safety of all by keeping dogs leashed at all times in the Arboretum landscape. Please report any off-leash pets to Boston Animal Control (617.635.5348) or Boston Police (617.343.5630).

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Turkey Liberation Front foiled in bid to liberate some cash

JD Dascoli watched as a brave security guard foiled a beakpoint robbery around 12:30 p.m. at the Century Bank on the Fellsway in Somerville.

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Lawmakers swing for fences in bid to designate David Ortiz Bridge

The Boston Business Journal reports an otherwise routine budget bill got a last-minute addition that would name the Brookline Avenue bridge near Fenway Park the David Ortiz Bridge.

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Truck driver gets lucky on Storrow Drive; trooper stops him before his luck runs out

Kevin reports a truck driver who barely cleared the BU footbridge outbound this morning was gunning for the next bridge, but was pulled over by a state trooper who stopped him from testing his luck a second time and forced him to slowly back up under the footbridge and into one of those emergency cutouts to await the swift administration of justice. Kevin photographed the truck as it backed up.

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Affordable apartments for seniors proposed for Four Corners

Architect's rendering.

A group that specializes in creating housing for the elderly is proposing a 54-unit apartment building at 16 Ronald St. in Dorchester aimed at seniors who cannot afford Boston rents.

Hearth, Inc. last week filed plans with the BPDA (formerly the BRA) for a $17.6-million building, to be called the Hearth at Four Corners, that would have 52 one-bedroom apartments and two studios for people 62 or older who make no more than 60% of the Boston area median income. The building would be staffed with workers to assist residents who need some help with their daily living.

Hearth proposes 14 parking spaces for workers and visitors.

Last year, the city, which owned the site of the former Ronald Gibson School, agreed to give the property to Hearth for the project. The city also agreed to kick in $1 million towards construction costs.

16 Ronald St. small-project review application (18M PDF).

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Zoning board defers action on hurricane-resistant subdivision on West Roxbury/Jamaica Plain line

The Bulletin updates us on the latest action involving a proposed 20-unit townhouse project off Allandale Street.

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