I know why the bank CEO smiles

Those of you who closely read everything I write know of my obsession fascination with photos of Peoples Federal Savings Bank CEO Thomas J. Leetch, Jr. Back in the day, when Peoples was still a mutual bank (basically as close to a credit union as you can get and still be a bank), kidlet and I were always assured by his unsmiling visage on signs in the lobby and in the quarterly bank newsletter: This, we concluded, was a man who would fight to his last to preserve our deposits: Stern, tough, single mindedly ordering up more guards to protect our money in the vault.

Murder victim identified, was working to become a sheet-metal worker, author

Friends online have identified the man shot to death on Claybourne Street Sunday night as Shongi Fernandes, 24.

Last summer, Fernandes graduated an ABCD program aimed at training Bostonians to become construction workers. Fernandes had a license as an apprentice sheet-metal worker.

Student neighborhoods not only ones with moving issues

Take, for example, Bowen Street in South Boston, where a concerned citizen complained about the state of the sidewalk at 1:21 p.m. At 2:28 p.m., a DPW supervisor marked the complaint "closed" (and attached photographic proof) because "rash and furniture removed from sidewalk and put back in driveway till trash day." It's unclear whether the DPW moved the stuff or the tenant.

Also see W. 4 Street.