On the Orange Line, it's fire and ice; service stops, to be precise

There was a bit of a third-rail fire on the Orange Line outbound at State Street. The fire's out, but so is the power, at least until after MBTA electricians can arrive and determine everything's OK.

UPDATE: The T has suspended all service between North Station and Back Bay. Have fun on the Green Line.

Uh, guys, there could be another nor'easter on Monday

No, we're not trying to be funny. The National Weather Service reports:

If the Alaska coast shortwave phases as shown on the GFS, we would expect a snowstorm to affect Southern New England starting early Monday morning and continuing through at least Monday night.

GFS is one of the computer models they use to put together forecasts. Now, they add another model shows the storm going further out to sea, but still giving us some snow. But, of course, it's still pretty early, especially for a March storm ...

Hubway to get more bikes, new name in branding deal with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Hubway, the Boston-area bike-share program today announced a deal with Blue Cross Blue Shield that will dramatically increase the number of Hubway bikes and rental stations.

In exchange, Hubway will rename itself Blue Bikes, which sounds like what happens when you can't get satisfaction at a Hubway station, but that won't happen, Hubway and Blue Cross say, because the deal will mean an increase in available bikes from roughly 1,800 to 3,000 by the end of 2019 - and more than 100 new rental kiosks in Hubway communities - Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville.

The three cities and one town will continue to be Hubway's owner, and Motivate, the company that had been operating the system, will continue to do so.

Our brutalist tower that never was

The only reason City Hall is the most hated building in Boston is because most people somehow manage to completely ignore the Government Service Center on Cambridge Street between Staniford and New Chardon.

But the building, which houses various government offices, such as the Lindemann Mental Health Center, would have been harder to ignore under architect Paul Rudolph's original plans, which called for a 23-story tower - all intended to be part of what we now call Government Center, rising from the remains of old Scollay Square.

Ironically, Rudolph incorporated design elements as an answer to the vast, unforgiving sea of brick that was City Hall Plaza - undulating steps and benches that were supposed to draw people in:

Steps at the Lindemann Center

Rudolph began designing the center in the early 1960s. The tower was canceled in the 1970s - after the building meant to surround it was finished.

Steps at the Lindemann Center

Library of Congress collection of photos and drawing of Rudolph's Boston work (from which the above photos were taken).
The dream behind Boston’s forbidding Government Service Center.
More photos.

Indian place in JP shut for hot food kept too cool, cold food kept too warm and an unvented range

Jamaica Plain News reports why people who would normally go to Bukhara on Centre Street are having to trek to Roslindale or West Roxbury - or even further afield - to get their daily dosa Indian food.

Complete list of health issues that need to be corrected before it can open again.

Boston firefighters free bird

Late this afternoon, a hawk got trapped in some netting towards the top of the Cutler Majestic Theatre. Robert Schepis photographed the poor bird shortly after 4:30 p.m.

Amanda Kennedy was on hand a couple hours later when Boston firefighters arrived and freed the bird: