Deer roams Jamaica Plain until it winds up in a backyard, where it is captured

UPDATE: Deer found healthy enough to be released, which it was, in a location that was not the Arboretum or Franklin Park, at the direction of state Environmental Police.

A young deer's explorations of Jamaica Plain came to an end this evening in a backyard on Jess Street, a dead end behind the Brewery complex where two Boston Animal Control workers captured it, a couple hours after firefighters had spotted it, possibly injured, on Boylston Street at Amory.

Animal Control Director Amanda Kennedy said the deer, a young male, will observed for a while. If it's well enough, it will be released in a location better suited for deer. But if the injury is too serious, it might have to be euthanized, she said.

Around 5:30 p.m., the deer, which had been spotted around JP for the past few days, ran through a Brewery parking lot before jumping through and a fence and down onto Jess, where it ran across the street and jumped across two low fences to get into the yard.

Residents said this was the first deer they'd ever seen on the street; one did say a wild turkey once chased her daughter down the street.

Deer in yard

In the yard, it mostly rested, supervised by an E-13 bicycle cop, a plucky reporter and his intrepid daughter, some residents and a couple of cats, one of which found the sight most curious:

Deer in yard, watched by cat

Around 7:20 p.m., Kennedy and an animal-control worker arrived. They used a lasso-like device and ties to gradually bring the deer to the ground. It struggled all the while and bleated in protest.

Deer in yard resists

Once on the ground, Kennedy held the deer down while her worker retrieved a stretcher from his truck.

Deer in yard

Once they got it in a cage in the back of the animal-control truck, they removed the restraints and struggled to lock the cage. Kennedy took a moment to get her wind, then explained to the neighbors what would happen to the deer.

Deer in yard

The fence between the Brewery and Jess Street the deer came through:

Deer in yard

'Suspicious activity' at Wellington turns out to be Muslim couple praying

The Orange Line was shut at Wellington this morning as T police with long rifles investigated a report of "suspicious activity" that turned out to be a Muslim couple praying, the Herald reports.

And then, this afternoon on the Red Line:

Man arrested on charges he raped two young boys in Hyde Park - 23 years ago

The FBI has updated its "Most Wanted" page for Hartin.

Authorities today announced the arrest of John Hartin, 46, for the five counts of child rape for which he was indicted in 1997.

Hartin, who grew up in Dorchester, was arrested in North Carolina, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and Boston Police report.

A 1997 indictment charged him with raping two boys, 6 and 9 at the time, in 1993. Hartin, then a security guard, had allegedly befriended the two boys.

The FBI had offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to his capture, and noted:

It’s quite likely that he has a distinct Boston accent that would stand out to someone if he was in another part of the country.

Innocent, etc.

Man tries, fails to hold up West Roxbury bank

Fri, 06/03/2016 - 14:00

The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force reports it's looking for this guy for an attempted holdup of the Citizens Bank branch at 673 VFW Parkway on June 3.

If he looks familiar, contact the task force at 617-742-5533. There could be a reward for you in it.


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