Only one of Boston Magazine's 50 'Best Public Schools in Boston' is actually in Boston

And you can probably figure out which one made the list. Would it really have killed them to call it the 50 "Best Public Schools in Greater Boston" (or even "Eastern Massachusetts," given that they include schools in Bolton, Newburyport and North Attleboro)?

Anatomy of a national embarassment: How the first state with universal health insurance completely failed adapting to Obamacare

Ed Lyons analyzes, in great detail, the failure of the health-connector system in Massachusetts, the state that pioneered the very idea:

Yet somehow, no one was held accountable for the largest, most spectacular failure of state government in many years. On February 13, at a public Health Connector Board meeting, Executive Director Jean Yang broke down and cried about what had happened. Yet she, along with everyone else in the exchange project, never accepted responsibility, and she remains in charge to this day.

Braintree man charged with sexually assaulting woman in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report a man from Braintree tried to take advantage of a woman fixing her bicycle on Cambridge Street last Wednesday night.

According to police, the woman was fixing her bicycle on the side of Cambridge Street between First and Second streets in East Cambridge around 11:20 p.m. when Andrew Ma, 39, pulled up in a black SUV stopped and asked if she needed any help. Police say she replied no and began walking away with her bike:

Return of chariot races to former Brighton track ruled out

The Boston Business Journal reports the state Department of Conservation will hand the old Charles River Speedway property along Soldiers Field Road to a development group that will turn the old horse-track administration building/MDC/State Police barracks into an arts center with space for restaurants and which will build an apartment building atop the less historically important parts of the parcel.