One Big Papi you don't want to get too close to

Greg Skomal, our resident state shark guy, has named a 15-foot male shark Big Papi.

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Two-wheelers take over Storrow Drive

Storrow Drive was turned over to bicyclists this morning for the annual Hub on Wheels. "The way life should be," Steven D. Schmitt, who watched the procession, enthused.

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Trouble in the City that Usually Sleeps: Overnight event at MFA proves too popular

The MFA is hosting the first of four all-night raves "mfaNOW" contemporary-art events that includes dancing and "food trucks and lawn games, live music and DJs, lectures, artist demonstrations, performance art."

Only problem is more people showed up than the museum expected/can handle and now some people are abandoning the line to get in - some after having spent three hours in line.

"Seems pretty unorganized," Bobby Main writes.

The MFA apologizes and tries to put a positive spin on it:

Apologies for the wait - we are working on getting everyone in. The good news is that we're open til 9 am.

Around 12:10 a.m., the MFA estimated the time to get in from the back of the line was 1 1/2 hours.

Steve Safran, whom we're guessing is nowhere near the Avenue of the Arts, opines:

New York: Explosion, people unfazed.
Boston: "We have to WAIT to sleep over in an art museum?!"

Not everybody was put off by the long lines. Gisele Ellis, who enthused:

Delighted to see @mfaboston brush off the stodgy stereotype and have an hours long wait for #MFAnow. Young people loving art!

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Bribery is such an ugly word

The Globe takes a look at developers in this overheated town making payments to neighborhood associations and institutions that support their projects before city boards.

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Irish tales and music in Roslindale - and every other kind of music you could think of

Alan O'Hare told tales of his trips to the auld sod (tip: Don't bring a map, just ask for directions, and you'll be well taken care of) on Primrose Street this afternoon as part of Roslindale Porch Fest.

In between his stories, Colin Kadis and friends played Irish instrumental tunes as 20 or so people listened:

Irish music in Porch Fest

It was just one of many performances across the neighborhood in the second annual Roslindale event.

Later, Geoff Pango and Mr. Curt played acoustic rock in the parklet on Cohasset Street in Roslindale Square:

Acoustic rock music in Porch Fest

Gary Chase took in a group called 2 1/2 Drummers at Washington Street and Atherton Avenue:

Rock music in Porch Fest
Rock music audience in Porch Fest

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Dorchester man stabbed, bitten in Central Square after two guys insult his wife

Cambridge Police report a Dorchester man was stabbed and chomped at Bishop Allen Drive and Douglas Street after he took umbrage to a remark one of two guys out in the street made about his wife around 2 a.m. today.

During the fight that broke out after the man issued a verbal rebuttal to the remark, one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the arm, police say. One of the two men also bit him in the leg before scurrying off.

Police say the man and his wife made their way to a Boston hospital for treatment.

The suspects are both described as being about 5'8" and in their mid-20s, police say. They declined to say what they said.

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Get a load of that pile

Bring it, Mother Nature! The Boston Public Works Department shows off its new pile of salt in its yard off the Expressway, built out of the 10,000 tons of salt it got this week.

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Citizen complaint of the day: The secret British letterer in the city sign shop

A slightly annoyed citizen files a complaint about a Roslindale street sign:

The name of the street is "Hillock", not "Hillcock". The later sounds too British. Impact is probably none.

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Musicians fanning out across Roslindale

The annual Roslindale Porchfest is this afternoon.

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One dead in Dorchester triple shooting

Sat, 09/17/2016 - 02:20

UPDATE: Victim identified as Phillip Woods, 23.

617 Images reports the three were shot at Nightingale and Wales streets around 2:20 a.m. The dead victim was pronounced at the scene. Boston Police report all three were men in their early 20s.

A bullet went through a wall and into a nearby resident's apartment.


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