editor suspended for a week over T-shirt

Not just any T-shirt, of course, but that one making fun of the professor with the issue with his Chinese-food bill. Or so we hear from a little bird flitting about Morrissey Boulevard after a staff meeting this afternoon to explain why Deputy Editor Hilary Sargeant was not around.

BostInno, meanwhile, reports Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory is now pushing for marketing money to inform the world that the Globe has nothing to do anymore with and to please stop blaming Boston's paper of record for John Henry's other media outlet.

Fan shorts out, starts two-alarm fire in Allston apartment building

Two firefighters but no residents were injured in a fire at 90 Brainerd Rd. reported around 7:10 a.m., according to the Boston Fire Department.

Firefighters from both Boston and Brookline responded to the fire, in a second-floor apartment. BFD estimates damage at $300,000.

Fri, 12/12/2014 - 07:10

It's bad enough when some yahoo writer from New York can't tell Southie and Dot apart, but when some local writer can't?

Memo to every writer everywhere who would write more than one sentence about recovering thug Mark Wahlberg: HE'S NOT FROM SOUTH BOSTON and he did his maiming and rock throwing in Savin Hill, which is in Dorchester, which is an entirely different neighborhood.

Last week, we had some Columbia Journalism School graduate at the Daily Beast proclaiming Wahlberg grew up in "the rough Dorchester section of Massachusetts, otherwise known as 'Southie.' "