Citizen complaint of the day: Why doesn't the Greenway do anything about trash-strewn park?

Mary Soo Hoo Mess.

Right, not Dewey Square but Mary Soo Hoo Park in Chinatown, where a fed-up citizen complains:

Trash is not being collected by Public Works nor Greenway in the new Mary Soo [Hoo] Park. Has not been collected since the park opened. Trash is spreading all over sidewalk and plantings. Might be a misunderstanding about the maintenance agreement btw different agencies. Either way, the neighborhood needs help here.

Police make their move on Occupy Boston

Arrest at Occupy Boston this morning. Photo by Mystery Pill.Arrest at Occupy Boston this morning. Photo by Mystery Pill.

Boston Police busted up the Dewey Square encampment early this morning, arresting more than 40 protesters. Chris Faraone at the Phoenix livetweeted it all; the Globe has more. Faraone has more. Scott Eisen posted photos.

Ed Davis watches as police remove tents. Photo by Mystery PillEd Davis watches as police remove tents. Photo by Mystery Pill.

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Three shot and killed in Cambridge home

UPDATE, 9:45 p.m. State Police have pulled a body out of the Charles River in Brighton, near the Soldiers Field Road State Police barracks, that might be that of the suspected shooter, a retired Bedford police officer. His car was found in a parking lot by the river.

Wicked Local Cambridge reports the slaughter at 161 Grove St. in a "domestic altercation."

Mentos - The Arrestmaker

A man pushing a shopping cart full of candy and cold cuts through Roxbury streets in the wee hours found himself under arrest after he was unable to prove he had paid for the stuff - and after a local supermarket reported a purloined cart of candy.

Police say Carlos Reyes, 39, was stopped around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday outside 21 Greenville St. pushing a cart filled with "several cases of Twizzlers licorice, Mentos candy mints, Trident chewing gum and cold meat products."

Police say Reyes told officers a friend had given him the loaded cart in exchange for a $200 debt. But a manager at the Stop & Shop at South Bay told officers that "an employee of the store was in the process of restocking the candy shelves when the cart disappeared."

Reyes was charged with larceny.

Innocent, etc.

Mr. Davey, tear down this bridge!

Sarah Freeman (l.) and Beth Worell were among the protesters on New Washington Street under the Casey Overpass today urging the state Department of Transportation to replace the crumbling hulk with at-grade intersections and parks.

Forest Hills has been split between people who want the state to build a new overpass and those who say that for $21 million less, you'd get at-grade intersections that a state study said could handle the same amount of traffic but would also mean enough land to build a Copley Square-sized park that reconnects severed parts of the Emerald Necklace and provides a better environment for local businesses.

State officials had planned a final hearing on the project next week, but postponed that until an as yet unspecified date in January.

What does commuter rail have against fantasy football?

A rail-ridin' fantasy-football fan reports via e-mail that the WiFi on his commuter-rail line this morning blocked him from accessing any information about his pastime:

You can now no longer log on to any sports news site that deals with fantasy football information. ESPN? Sporting News? Sports Illustrated? ESPN? No problem going to their home pages. You just can't access any of their articles dealing with fantasy sports. Instead, you get the following message:

Web Protection
The Web site has been blocked by your organization's content filtering policies.

Web pages that offer online games and related information such as cheats, codes, demos, emulators, online contests or role-playing games, gaming clans, game manufacturer sites, fantasy or virtual sports leagues,and other gaming sites with out chances of profit. Gaming consoles, such as Microsoft Xbox® and Sony PlayStation®, are included in this category.

He fumes:

Now I can understand that the MBTA may want to shut off access to certain sites (like gaming sites using emulators) that are bandwith hogs, but why oh why are they blocking articles based on subject matter?

Citizen complaint of the day: EMTs shouldn't have to run half a block because parked cars block their ambulance

Narrow Kilmarnock

A disgusted citizen reports on an incident on Queensbury Street in the Fenway yesterday:

Today an ambulance was stuck because a 55 bus was turned off, and the parked cars on the other side prevented the ambulance from passing. The EMTs started running the remaining half-block to their call while the bus driver pulled his bus away from the stop to give the ambulance room to maneuver. Do three measly parking spots earn #Boston so much money that these kinds of risks are necessary?

Roxbury man charged with strangling woman to death in Mattapan apartment

Eldrick Broom, 27, was arrested yesterday on charges he sexually assaulted and then murdered Rosanna Camilo, a Dominican resident who had moved to Boston to obtain medical care for her young son.

Broom is scheduled for arraignment today in Dorchester District Court on charges he strangled Camilo in her 50 Fairlawn Ave. apartment on Nov. 21, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The DA's office says Broom gained access to her apartment building through an associate who had formerly lived there.

Four days after the murder, Broom was arrested in Brookline on charges of open and gross lewdness after a woman reported him urinating against a wall near the Devotion School.

Camilo, daughter of a prominent Dominican broadcaster, left three children. Her youngest son, in the apartment at the time of the murder, was found physically unharmed.

Innocent, etc.