City: Not much we can do if your neighbors are jerky slobs who don't look after their pets

A couple days ago, we pointed to an East Boston citizen's complaint about his or her disgustingly gross street.

The city has replied:

Sorry sir but the sidewalk is the home owners resonsibility. we at pwd work very hard at a lot of things we are not here to take care of your neighbors dogs and cats if you would like to talk to me about this you can call our office at 617-635- 7525.

Hub man wears Google glasses

Joe Kinsella posts a diary of his first day wearing Google Glass:

Before heading into Boston I stopped at a gas station. While pumping gas, one of my contact lenses bothered me, and I instinctively winked several times. Since wink detection was enabled, a few seconds later, I was the proud owner of several photographs of the gas station and the pump. ;)

I am not sure if wearing Google Glass is legal in Massachusetts. I can say the distraction was nominal though, since the directions were voiced into my earpiece, and the map only appeared on the heads up display shortly before the next turn.

Vehicle winds up in water at Constitution Beach; nobody found in water with it

Firefighters, the Massport harbor unit and a Coast Guard boat are at Constitution Beach in East Boston, looking to see if there's a person associated with the car now in the water there. Nobody was in the vehicle itself.

UPDATE, 10:55 p.m.: Nobody found in search of area around vehicle; tow truck to pull it out of the water.

Bad boy: Bureau bird-dogs Braintree bank-busting Brim Beanie Bandit

The FBI reports it's looking for a guy who has robbed or tried to rob five banks in the Boston area this month, including a Bank of America branch on Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester and a Braintree Cooperative Bank branch in Braintree.

The G-Men have dubbed him the Brim Beanie Bandit because of the style of hats he seems to prefer and because he's a bandit. The bureau adds:

While a weapon not been seen during the commission of any of the robberies, the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.


The alleged robber is a white male, believed to be in his late 40s or early 50s, and approximately 5’7” tall and 150 pounds. During the robberies, he has worn a dark sweatshirt or jacket, black pants, black gloves, and dark brown or black boots/shoes with a black and/or gray brim beanie cap. The Brim Beanie Bandit enters the bank, approaches the teller, and either shows or leaves a note asking for money.