Professor defeats centerfold

WarrenYou can call her Senator Warren now.

As more votes come in, WHDH is calling Elizabeth Warren the winner over incumbent Scott Brown. Among other things, Warren becomes the state's first woman senator.

While statewide the race was close, in Boston, city results show Warren winning 65-35.

Mark Leccese: "Tough night for the Boston Herald. And their pollster."

Next up: Secretary of State John Kerry?

H/t Andrea Garvey for the headline.

Man forces way into woman's apartment and turns on the faucet in her tub

Boston Police report a fake BWSC worker got pretty pushy on Boston Street in South Boston around 10:30 a.m. yesterday.

Police say the guy knocked on the victim's door and when she opened the door a crack said he was with "the water department" and needed access to her apartment to fix a leak in the apartment next door. When she demanded ID, he pushed her aside, came in and then:

Turned on the water of a tub, and went to a bedroom, where he rummaged through her belongings.

Police say the woman went to turn the water off and the man disappeared - along with a cordless phone. Police say the woman asked for ID because this sort of thing had happened to her twice before.

Scott Brown has a mesothelioma-touched native american standout in West Roxbury

Outside the polls at the Patrick Lyndon School in West Roxbury is a man wearing a placard on his chest about mesothelioma lawsuit and victims. He is also wearing a single-feather headdress.

I asked him about his sign. He said his father died of mesothelioma and he blamed Warren for screwing the victims.

I asked why his was mocking Warren wearing an Indian headdress and he said he was Indian. I asked why he was mocking himself and he didn't have an answer.

I hope a journalist or blogger will followup with an interview and take a few pictures.

More lawsuits filed against Framingham pharmacy

A man who says he contracted meningitis from a painkiller prepared by the New England Compounding Center and a man who says he's suffered mental anguish because he also got one of those painkiller shots have sued the pharmacy and its owners.

The suits, originally filed in state court, were moved to US District Court in Boston this week. Last week, a Pennsylvania woman who says she has suffered possibly permanent damage from one of the infected shots, also filed suit.

In his suit, John Does says he was diagnosed with fungal meningitis after receiving a series of steroid shots to help relieve pain from severe back and joint problems. In October, he says, the pain center he used notified him that not only had some of the shots been infected, but that he had tested positive for the fungus that can cause meningitis that has been linked to the pharamcy where the drugs were prepared. He says he now suffers flu-like symptoms, fatigue and mental anguish.

In another suit, Lance Martin and his wife Toby say they are under severe duress now because while Lance Martin has yet to be diagnosed with a fungal infection, he must undergo a series of tests to keep ruling that out, causing both him and his wife anguish. The Martins are seeking to become lead plaintiffs in a class action suit against the New England Compounding Center and its officials.

Gun-toting guy in hoodie wanted for Cambridge drugstore holdups

Man in hoodie

Cambridge Police report a man in a dark hoodie robbed the Ciampa Apothecary, 425 Cambridge St., at gunpoint on Friday, making off with a large plastic bag full of drugs.

The man is described as white, about 6'3" with a black mask over his face and under his green hoodie. Police say he's probably the same guy who robbed the Inman Square Pharmacy on April 26, making off with a large plastic bag full of drugs.