Notice to T drivers: We all have cell phones with cameras these days - and we're all watching you

Channel 4 reports a driver on the 78 bus between Arlington and Harvard Square got a quick 10-day suspension after an alert motorist snapped a photo of him reading the paper while driving the bus this morning - and then e-mailed the portrait to the T (and Channel 4, natch).

Kurosawa would have appreciated Boston Licensing Board hearings

The Boston Licensing Board today heard such differing accounts of what happened one January night at the Rumor nightclub that board Chairman Daniel Pokaski wondered at one point if both parties were talking about the same incident.

Incidents at two other Boston establishments will also force the board to consider what the hell actually happened.

There's probably a moral in the story of how a Southie man got caught for allegedly pilfering charity boxes at a Needham temple

Wicked Local Needham reports a South Boston man was arrested after he allegedly took the train to Needham specifically to rob places - such as Temple Beth Israel.

Police found Michael Bagley at a Dumpster; he allegedly told police he was there because the bag he used to collect coins from "tzedakah" (charity) boxes in the Temple Beth Israel Hebrew school had ripped.

Question: How many MBTA workers

does it take to diagnose a problem with the faregates at North Station?

Answer: No fewer than seven.

As I came into North Station subway this morning about 8:35, the faregates were really screwed up. There were very long lines waiting to get through, even though all but two of the gates were open. Even though none of the gates I could see read "Smart Cards Only" (which is an absurd concept in and of itself, given the number op people coming from the commuter rail), the gates were still randomly rejecting tickets and passes.