Why you should look a supermarket gift card in the mouth

Boston Police report arresting a cashier at the Stop & Shop on Everett Street in Brighton on charges she took $100 from a customer for a gift card, then gave him a blank one and kept the activated one for herself. The customer found this out when he tried to use the card, police said.

So in case you were wondering where in the world Carmen Santiago was yesterday around 11 a.m., she was being booked on a charge of larceny by scheme at D-14.

Innocent, etc.

Guy caught observing house of congressional candidate's daughter doesn't understand why people might object

The Suffolk Journal posts excerpts from a statement by KyQuan Phong, who staked out 10th District hopeful William Keating's old house, in the hopes of finding evidence the Democrat doesn't actually live in the district:

"My friends and I were out to find the truth and now we are being ridiculed and labeled as stalkers, undercover party operatives, etc.," he said in a statement.

High-school students, Green Line riders learn emergency brake works

More than 100 Brighton High School students were ordered off two Green Line trolleys this afternoon after somebody pulled emergency brakes on the trains by BU West.

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said MBTA Transit Police made the decision to clear the trains of high-school students after nobody would own up for the two lunchtime incidents. He adds, "tomorrow, Transit Police Lt. Michael Shea will go to Brighton High School to speak with school administrators about the incidents."