Why does Newton hate pedestrians?

Sean Roche reports that the proposed mall for the old Omni Foods site on Rte. 9 will actually make pedestrian access along Rte. 9 worse and that that's just fine with the city lawyer, who got into a "heated exchange" with an alderman on the topic, basically arguing that nobody walks along Rte. 9 and never will - which Roche refutes with photos of some actual pedestrians walking along that stretch of Rte. 9.

Green Line riders trapped in tunnel for an hour and counting

Signal problems between Park Street and Kenmore mean the Green Line is dead, Jim. It's particularly bad news for Katie Del Angel and other people on an E trolley trapped between Park and Boylston. At 10:46 p.m., she tweeted:

911 - legit - someone please save us from the tunnel between park n boylston? We've been here about an hour!!

Fenway church broken into for third time in two weeks

Channel 5 reports that the Saint Clement Shrine on Boylston Street was burgled, again, sometime late last night or early this morning. Unlike at St. Leonard's in the North End, the thief got away with little or nothing because the church was already emptying donation boxes at the end of each day.

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Complete list of Boston schools slated for closing, merging, moving

WBUR posts the list after a reporter there notices BPS had posted the information by mistake in advance of tonight's meeting (the list is now gone from the BPS Web site).

Dorchester's Clap School, formerly slated for closing, would stay open, but the city will apply for state funds to turn it into an "innovation school," which would be sort of, but not quite, a charter school, still operated by BPS.

Dorchester man charged with murder at Roxbury liquor store

A Dorchester man who lost a fight inside a Roxbury liquor store waited outside until the winner emerged and then stabbed him to death, Boston Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charge.

Boston Police report arresting Tajuan Holloman, 39, for the murder of Thomas Whitley outside the Dearborn Liquor Store on Dearborn Street on Nov. 6.

Harvard students sue over TSA patdowns at Logan

The Herald reports Jeffrey Redfern and Anant Pradhan claim the procedures violate their Fourth Amendment rights and that the TSA has other, less intrusive ways to try to sniff out explosives and weapons.

The two say they filed their suit, in US District Court in Boston, after undergoing the new "enhanced" patdowns at Logan last month.

Complete complaint.