More Turkish food coming to downtown

Sultan's Kitchen and the Boston Kebab House will soon be joined by a third Turkish takeout place, in the alley next to Old City Hall.

Osman Kiramoglu, who started the Boston Kebab House, told the Boston Licensing Board this morning he wants to branch out at 8 City Hall Ave. - with Cafe Hemshin. Kiramoglu is seeking hours of 6 a.m to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The board votes tomorrow on his request for a food-serving license.

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Shuttered Hyde Park restaurant could soon reopen with new owner, name

The long closed restaurant at 81 Fairmount Ave. could soon re-open as the Fairmount Grill.

Christopher Rassias went before the Boston Licensing Board this morning for permission to open an American bistro with "upscale dining at affordable prices" at the site of the former Townsends. With board approval, Rassias would buy a full liquor license being given up by Clarke's, a shuttered South Station pub that is being turned into a CVS.

"Hopefully, this is the last chapter in a long-running drama over this site," attorney Dennis Quilty, representing Rassias and building owner John Button, said. Button shut Townsend's when it stopped paying its rent, but was unable to open a replacement restaurant because the restaurant's owners refused to give up or sell their liquor license and state law prohibits two liquor licenses at the same address. The board finally voted last November to rescind the license.

Rassias is seeking a 1 a.m. closing time and said he would run a 25-seat patio in the back during warm weather.

"People are excited" about Rassias's plans, City Councilor Rob Consalvo (Hyde Park) said.

The board votes tomorrow on the proposal.

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Fort Point to get fancy French food

Seth Greenberg, who gave us Mistral, is planning a similar restaurant on Melcher Street in Fort Point.

Greenberg told the Boston Licensing Board today he hopes to open an "upscale modern French bistro" called Bastile Kitchen/Chalet this September in a building now under construction at 49 Melcher St.

The $2-million venture will feature a 230-seat main dining room and a 70-seat area for private functions. Greenberg is proposing to buy the liquor license now held by Four Green Fields on Washington Street downtown.

Because this is Boston, a key issue for the licensing board is the proposed restaurant's closing time. Greenberg is seeking 2 a.m. closing time, which he said would let him serve private parties from the nearby convention center. City Councilor Bill Linehan, however, opposes closing times in that part of his district past 1 a.m.

Both Linehan's office and the mayor's office asked the board to hold off action on the liquor-license request until after Greenberg meets wtih nearby residents, sometime in the next three weeks. The board decides tomorrow what action to take on that request.

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Little good ever happens at the intersection of Brighton and Harvard after 2 a.m.

The Daily Free Press reports a man was arrested on charges he stomped another man into unconsciousness around 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 8, starting at 161 Brighton Ave. and continuing across the street:

The victim was unconscious and bleeding from the head when an officer first approached him. The victim later began bleeding more profusely and vomiting as the ambulance arrived to take him to Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Fri, 02/08/2013 - 02:30



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Coming up: A show for people who find 'Southie Rules' too highbrow

VH-1 debuts a show about drunken Ah droppahs on, naturally, St. Patrick's Day. The following is the lead paragraph of a press release the network sent out today:

Work hahd, play hahd: that's the motto that six adultsters featured in VH1's new Boston-set reality series "Wicked Single," premiering Sunday, March 17th, 2013 at 11:00 PM ET/ PT, live – and party – by. But although they never miss an opportunity to hit the club, these young Bostonians sometimes wonder if the trappings of adulthood may be passing them by as they revel in "Monday Fundays" and "Tuesday Boozedays." Ultimately, this group of friends is looking for the answer to one question – how can they grow up – without growing old?

Let's meet one of the "adultsters:"

Chrissy, 27, the pretty "Southie girl" with a tough streak is often the peacekeeper of the group. She pays the bills by holding down 3 different jobs – working at a prison, hairdressing, and being a promo girl. Chrissy loves to date around but isn't super concerned with finding anything too serious.

Prison? Wonder if she knows Chaffin.

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Logan employees arrested in cab bribery scheme

Five Massport workers were arrested today on charges they took bribes from cab drivers seeking to evade the airport's normal queue for passengers, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, State Police and Massport announced.

Officials say the five "cab starters" let cabbies who slipped them $20 to $40 jump ahead of other drivers - although they add some of the five accepted scratch tickets, cigarettes and other items instead of money:

The procedure for taxi cabs operating at the airport is regulated such that drivers are supposed to report to the Taxi Pool, obtain a pool ticket, place that ticket on their dashboard, and line up in rows until dispatched to a terminal cab stand, which is staffed by a Ground Transportation Unit agent. The wait time until dispatch is on average an hour to an hour and a half, but can be longer if fewer passengers need cabs on a given day.

Drivers who fail to report to the Taxi Pool and instead report directly to a cab stand are known as "jumpers." The Ground Transportation Unit agents, or "starters," who man the cab stands are supposed to issue violations to drivers who undertake this practice. The defendants, in contrast, allegedly took bribes from drivers in exchange for allowing them to skip the wait in the Taxi Pool.

Cabbies told investigators the bribes let them pump up their daily airport earnings from $350 to $600 by not having to wait in line. Also:

The "starters" would allegedly steer higher-priced fares, such as those heading beyond Route 128, to "jumpers" who bribed them more.

Charged: Kenneth Clement of Attleboro, Michael Garvey of Melrose, Vadim Mkrtychev of West Roxbury, James Mulrey of Canton and Donald Potts of Medford. More workers could be arrested, officials say, adding they were aided by cab drivers who agreed to wear recording devices during the investigation.

Innocent, etc.

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