Federal cases may have been Dookhanated, too

The Globe reports as many as 200 cases in federal court may have been tainted by everybody's favorite drug chemist.

Meanwhile, Boston has come up with a crisis reentry plan to work with - and monitor - defendants freed to Boston streets because of tainted drug evidence from the now closed state lab in Jamaica Plain. And the Suffolk County District Attorney's office has named two top prosecutors to a state task force that will attempt to figure out which cases might still stand up - and which cases might require prosecutors to ask judges to dismiss charges.

Another T bus driver attacked: Slappy spitter sought

Man wanted MBTA Transit Police report they are looking for a man who allegedly slapped and spit at a bus driver for passing him by.

Police report the route-428 driver was attacked around 6:30 p.m. yesterday at Main and Forest streets in Malden. They provide this account:

The 34-year old operator stated that a white male approximately 50 years of age with grey hair, ear length, 6' 0" tall weighing app. 200lbs. wearing a tan coat and pulling a suit case.

The suspect became verbally abusive because the operator had not stopped at "his stop".

The operator went on to explain that some words were exchanged and it ended with the unidentified white male spiting at him and then striking him on his right shoulder.

The assailant then fled the bus at Main St and Vine St. with his suit case in tow, the operator remained on board.

False alarm: State Police send out old press release about body in the Charles

The State Police sent out an alert this morning that a body - which would have been the third this week - was found in the Charles near Boston University. They quickly followed up with this correction:

At this time the Massachusetts State Police has experienced an internal issue with its email system. An older email, possibly stored in the system for delivery, was sent out as a new advisory. There was no new body found in the Charles River. We apologize as this appeared as a new advisory.

Officers didn't buy man's story he'd wandered into the Arborway bus yard just to take a dump

MBTA Transit Police report that when they asked Dennis Banks what he was doing inside a stairway in a building at the Arborway bus depot yesterday evening,

Banks replied he was "taking a s***" or better stated Banks claimed he was going to the bathroom on the stairs.

Then officers noticed "a freshly cut four foot section of half inch copper resting on a back pack." A quick survey revealed the pipe would have fit exactly in a four-foot gap in a section of pipe on the wall:

Officers asked Banks if the back pack was his property to which he said it was. Next to the back pack officers found a pair of hand tool pliers, inside the backpack were additional tools which would be helpful in removing copper.

Banks is scheduled for arraignment today in West Roxbury District Court on charges of trespassing, larceny and malicious destruction of property.

Innocent, etc.

Man sues Red Sox over collapsing chair

A New Hampshire man who says he was permanently injured when a folding chair in the Fenway bleachers collapsed, sending him plummeting to the concrete, yesterday filed suit against the Red Sox in federal court.

Richard McLaughlin is seeking unspecified damages - but more than $75,000 - for injuries he says he incurred during a game on May 4, 2010 (against the Angels), while sitting in the right-field bleachers, behind the Sox bullpen:

Plaintiff was seated in a metal folding chair provided by Defendants.

During the game, the folding chair that Plaintiff was seated in suddenly collapsed and flattened, causing Plaintiff to fall backwards onto the cement, hitting his head, neck, back and right shoulder. Plaintiff suffered serious and permanent injuries.

Good Samaritan on a skateboard

In among the usual reports of students found lying in their own vomit and being surprised that their laptops were gone from the classrooms they'd left them in several days earlier, the Huntington News reports that when a Northeastern student had her phone swiped at the Ruggles T stop, another student swung into action: He got on his skateboard, chased the punk down and got her phone back:

A security officer reported observing a student riding a skateboard down the Egan Access Road chasing another party and yelling "Stop."