Court tells man he will die in prison for gunning down four musicians in a Dorchester basement

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld Calvin Carnes's four consecutive life terms for murdering four aspiring musicians in a basement recording studio on Bourneside Street in 2005:

We discern no reason to order a new trial or reduce the convictions of murder in the first degree to a lesser degree of guilt.

When did the Red Line add a smoking car?

Librarian on the Run reports on the cigar-smoking fellow on the Red Line this morning:

This guy was different than the kids I've seen sneaking cigarettes on the platform, as they always look like they'll pee their pants if they get caught. This guy was actually enjoying a lit cigar on his morning commute and looked so comfortable and sane, that I think he'd have been apologetic if someone pointed out to him that it was prohibited to smoke on the T.

DA: Illegal liposuction ring busted in Revere

Victor Hernandez, 38, of Somerville, and Maria Nascimento, 55, are scheduled for arraignment today on charges they performed liposuctions and other medical procedures without a license at the same Revere location used by a psychiatrist now under indictment for allegedly selling prescriptions, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Tom Reilly still bitter four years later

When he lost the primary to Deval Patrick in 2006, Reilly didn't show up at a post-election Democratic unity rally. And he's still sticking it to Patrick, this time over the issue of how the state helped Harvard Pilgrim get back on its financial feet. The Outraged Liberal explains how Patrick should have compared what the state did to a Wall Street bailout, rather than talking about state aid:

Does this Herald story make it sound like this woman was somehow to blame for boyfriend smashing her face in?

The Herald reports:

Ex-Ch. 7 staffer in scandal is hired

Ex-Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson has nabbed a full-time TV gig nearly two years after she departed the Hub in the wake of an embarrassing booze and alleged sex scandal.

Gasp! That hussy! Only in the sixth paragraph does reporter Jessica Heslam get around to reminding those of us with short attention spans what actually happened: