Citizen complaint of the day: The post-Easter Christmas tree of Brighton

A concerned citizen complains about a Christmas tree that is apparently just rolling around Union Street whenever the wind blows hard enough:

The Christmas tree has been up against the White House across the street for a few months now. Over the week it had moved to the sidewalk and is now blocking the handicap parking spot in front of my house. They should have been responsible for the proper disposal back in January. Now it is a hazard to the whole street.

Why crawl from bar to bar when you can take the T?

Boston Magazine reports on a Red Line bar crawl tomorrow sponsored by Future Boston to promote late-night T service. Well, to be exact, they'll start in a bar on Savin Hill, present CharlieCards for a ride to a bar downtown and then finish up with sushi in Harvard Square.

Ed. note: What would an Orange Line equivalent be? Start at Forest Hills, where the young'uns would start at the Dogwood or Eugene O'Neill's, the hardened barflies at JJ Foley's Fireside Tavern or the Drinking Fountain, but then where from there?

Walsh now sort of says he won't fight tooth and nail against pot dispensaries

A couple weeks ago, the Globe quoted Hizzona as saying he was "dead set" against medical-marijuana dispensaries and that "I have made it very clear to the state that I don’t want these dispensaries in our city."

But that's not what he wrote in an online discussion on Reddit today:

To be clear: I support the law and the will of the voters. My concern is the applications - there was incorrect information on some of the applications and I simply want to make sure that everything is in order. I know that this is the law and that medical marijuana will eventually come to Boston.

However, he didn't answer any followup questions about the quotes in the Globe article or whether this means he's now actually supporting dispensaries opening in Boston.

Repeated fires at Chelsea Market Basket are just too mulch

The Chelsea Fire Department reports it's ordered the local Market Basket to get rid of that damned mulch that keeps catching on fire.

Fire detail ordered again at Market Basket for multiple outside fires today. We ordered them to remove the mulch. Some has been removed, they are working on the rest.

Firefighters had to repeatedly respond to the same store last week for repeated mulch fires.

Plummeting limbs block Charles Street

Sarah Connors surveyed the scene on Charles Street this afternoon, after the wind detached some tree limbs and gravity brought them crashing to the ground - except where cars where in the way.

Ari Ofsevit photographed a woman who might very well be a member of the Beacon Hill Historical Commission pondering whether the tree might have been on the ground long enough to qualify for historic protection (or maybe not):

Tree down on Charles Street