Police say they broke up early morning kidnapping in Chinatown

Boston Police report police on routine patrol around 2:30 this morning spotted a man and a woman apparently arguing, shortly before the man began "pulling the female victim by the arm" at Kneeland and Tyler streets.

When they approached, the man got into a waiting car and was driven away.

Bao Tran, 19, of Everett, and Marzon Bugayong, 20, of Quincy, were stopped not long after and charged with attempted kidnapping and failing to stop for police.

Innocent, etc.

Thu, 09/30/2010 - 02:27



Globe to go behind online paywall

Announces two tiers of online access: Stuff produced by Globe reporters at bostonglobe.com, which you'll have to pay to see, and something at the current boston.com that sounds like G online with a bit of breaking daily news that happened too late to get into the paper. Plus more exciting pop-up ads:

BostonGlobe.com, with the goal of creating a "lean-back experience" for readers, will have a simpler, newspaper-like design with less intrusive ads, he said.

Happy Text-Free Day

Yes, the ban on driver texting dawned today. But be alert (you know the country needs more): The law also prohibits you from using a mobile phone or laptop to read anything - even while you're at a stop light. Also, kids? You are so hosed if you get caught even talking on a cell phone - the law is tougher on junior operators.

More details.