Revenge is a dish best served cold - and covered in tomato sauce and cheese

The Boston Business Journal reports the winner of bidding for four of the ten closed Upper Crust pizza places is a group working with Jordan Tobins, the co-founder of the chain who was kicked out by the other owners as the whole thing was falling apart. Pizzeria Regina got first dibs on the chain's former Fenway location.

City says police have recovered 500 illegal guns so far this year

The weapons found in East Boston last week are just the latest seized this year, Mayor Tom Menino and Police Commissioner Ed Davis say in a plea for tougher federal action on guns.

"Let's make it tougher for felons, domestic abusers and other dangerous criminals to get guns," Davis said in a statement. "We need federal legislation that would require gun buyers to pass criminal background checks and prohibit any private citizen from owning military style high capacity firearms. It is clear these types of weapons have one purpose, to kill large numbers of people quickly, and it is essential we get these guns off our streets."

Menino and Davis said 60% of the illegal guns seized in Boston arrived from out of state. They also pointed to an October raid in Roslindale that netted "seven high powered weapons and more than a thousand rounds of ammunition."

Charlie conducts, carolers croon

Charlie conducts carolers, including new MBTA GM Beverly Scott and State Rep. Byron Rushing.Charlie, Beverly Scott, State Rep. Byron Rushing at Forest Hills.

New MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott bounded up from the Orange Line with hugs for carolers - as well as candy canes. She wore a Santa hat. That unpleasantness the other night was quickly forgotten and the carolers got down to business: As new waves of commuters came up from the train platform, the carolers serenaded them with Christmas classics, from "Silent Night" to "Deck the Halls."

Thieves target Mission Hill apartments; police urge residents to lock their windows

Boston Police report five break-ins on Mission Hill between Thursday and Monday - several with no evidence of forced entry.

Apartments on Wensley, Cherokee and Calumet streets and on the 800 block of Huntington Avenue were entered, with electronics, flat-screen TVs and laptops taken, police say. On Monday afternoon, somebody pried open the door to a storage room at the Tobin Community Center, 1481 Tremont St., making off with 15 new baseball gloves and a 42-inch flat-screen TV.

Among police tips:

Lock your windows especially those that are easily accessible to unwanted intruders. Windows on the first floor or basement levels should always be locked.

In East Boston, police came for the stolen MacBook, stayed for the illegal weapons

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 12:00

Seized weapons. Photo by BPD.Seized weapons. Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report officers who followed the plaintive pings of a stolen MacBook to a repair shop on Meridian Street last week found a cache of weaponry in the pickup truck of the guy who'd allegedly brought the laptop in.

Peter Hilliard, 48, of Halifax, now faces a magazine's worth of charges related to the guns, which include a Bushmaster rifle and a Sig Sauer pistol, police say. A judge in East Boston District Court set bail at $50,000.

Police say Hilliard stole the laptop in a housebreak somewhere outside of Boston, then brought it to a wireless store at 247 Meridian St. Police say thanks to the tracking software on the laptop, officers were waiting when Hilliard returned to pick the computer up. They then got a search warrant for his pickup.

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City councilor, city lawyer get into such heated argument somebody summons security guards

The Dorchester Reporter provides the blow-by-blow of a blowup over diversity in city government between Councilor Charles Yancey (Dorchester) and city attorney William Sinnott:

The back-and-forth between Yancey and Sinnott and shouts from audience members caused a City Council administrative staffer to call the municipal police force, which sent several officers up to the fifth floor to check in on the hearing.