Police say Roslindale shooting result of money dispute; Dorchester man arrested

Boston Police say a Dorchester man shot somebody on Brook Street in Roslindale on Monday over a money dispute.

Conrad Blake, 35, of Dorchester was arrested on two counts of assault with intent to murder. According to police:

Witnesses told officers they heard a dispute over money owed. Officers were also told the suspect had come to the residence several times looking for the victim when he was not home.

After the shooting, witnesses said the suspect fled on foot. The suspect later turned himself into police.

Innocent, etc.

Two-alarm fire displaces eight in Allston

Easton Street fire. Photo by Courtney J. Burns.Easton Street fire. Photo by Courtney J. Burns.

A fire reported at 2:44 p.m. in the rear of 16 Easton St. in Allston went to two alarms, the Boston Fire Department says.

One firefighter was injured. The Red Cross was requested to help the residents find new places to stay tonight.

The cause is under investigation.

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 14:44

Update on condition of injured MBTA officer - from the officer himself

Richard and Kim Donohue. Photo via Transit Police.Richard and Kim Donohue in the hospital. Photo via Transit Police.

Transit Police have posted an update from Officer Richard Donohue, injured in the Watertown firefight, that updates us on his condition, expresses his sadness over the loss of his friend and MIT officer Sean Collier and thanks all the cops, firefighters, doctors and nurses who helped save his life.

I am able to walk briefly through the use of a walker. My pain varies day to day and I still have a long road of rehab and recovery ahead, but I am optimistic I'll recover back to 100%. The bullet will remain in my leg as it is not obstructing anything or causing any pain. However my wife has informed me that the bullet will ultimately cause her the most pain, as I will be using it to get out of things such as mowing the lawn, doing laundry, and painting the deck.

Three pals of alleged Marathon bomber arrested

They're charged with taking stuff out of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's dorm room or lying to federal investigators, not anything directly related to the bombing itself, the Globe reports.

Two were those Kazakh nationals already being held on immigration charges.

Boston Police report: "Tthere is no threat to public safety."

Popehat has copies of the criminal complaints along with some quick analysis.

Newbury Street landlord sees light at end of his moneypit of a tunnel; begs more time to keep his liquor license

The owner of the shuttered Ciao Bello on Newbury Street at Fairfield yesterday asked the Boston Licensing Board to let him hold onto the liquor license he holds but isn't using, saying he is close to getting an SBA loan that will, he promises, finally let him finish what turned into a multi-year renovation project.

Joseph Cimino's attorney, Stephen Miller, told the board that "multiple national chefs" have expressed interest in leasing the marquee space, but only after Cimino finishes the work. Cimino himself added that he might still want to run the restaurant on his own rather than leasing it out - he says he'll decide that after the place is actually ready for still more work to turn it into a high-class restaurant.

Cimino last year sold the liquor license for another shuttered restaurant in the same building for $400,000 to try to finish the work, which has involved a city requirement to install an elevator, adding extensive ductwork and doing major electrical work and exterior renovations, all while maintaining the building's character as part of the historic Back Bay.

But it turns out the work will take another $1.2 million, Miller said, adding that, in the meantime, Cimino's bank has stopped doling out any more money for the work. "This has been one step forward and two steps back, and the more you get in, the more work has been required," Miller said.

Miller said he is optimistic Cimino will soon get a $5-million loan, guaranteed by the SBA, to finish the work and then turn the place into a functioning restaurant.

The board votes Thursday on whether to grant Cimino yet another extension on his license. Theoretically, holders of liquor licenses are required to use them or lose them, but the board has traditionally given license holders who show up to explain themselves additional time to either start using the license or sell it.

At-large candidate comes out swinging against opponents

Shaun Ivers of Jamaica Plain plans to formally launch his campaign today in Geneva/Bowdoin, but first he took a few potshots against rivals Michael Flaherty, Steve Murphy, Ayanna Pressley and Michelle Wu.

There is no place in an at-large race for candidates like Michael Flaherty who are only interested in issues that pertain to their own neighborhood. That’s what district races are for. ... This city does not need more hack politicians like Michael Flaherty and Stephen Murphy, nor does it need self-interested opportunists like Michelle Wu and Ayanna Pressley. When elected I promise serve the people – not exploit them.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Plain Gazette reports that two employers whom Ivers claimed to be working for as a freelance writer say he never worked for them.

Ivers's complete release:

Boston, MA, May 1, 2013 – As at-large city council candidate Shaun Ivers pulls nomination papers Wednesday he will call upon his opponents to properly represent every neighborhood of Boston.

"Far too often supposedly ‘city-wide' representatives are content to select pet neighborhoods and pet issues while ignoring the greater spectrum of issues that impact voters every day," said Ivers. "There is no place in an at-large race for candidates like Michael Flaherty who are only interested in issues that pertain to their own neighborhood. That's what district races are for."

Ivers also called upon candidates to elaborate past superficial assessments of their chosen issues, and upon voters and reporters to demand substantive answers from the candidates.

"I don't want to hear that someone plans to ‘reduce crime.' Talk about reducing access to guns in Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and now Roslindale. Talk about reducing the number of desperate addicts on the streets of the South End and Dorchester willing to do anything for a fix. Talk about residents locking their vehicles in suburban neighborhoods such as West Roxbury and Brighton."

Ivers plans to further elaborate his call Wednesday afternoon at his signature gathering kick-off, which will be held at the Geneva Cliffs Park, which is located at the intersection of Geneva Street and Bowdoin Avenue. Ivers is expected to arrive at 5 pm, but supporters are encouraged to arrive early.

"I would like to bring attention to a part of the city that, as the Boston Globe chronicled this winter, is a microcosm of the sharp divide in this city between the haves and the have-nots," said Ivers.

Ivers also plans to confront his opponents and draw a stark contrast between him and the other candidates.

"This city does not need more hack politicians like Michael Flaherty and Stephen Murphy, nor does it need self-interested opportunists like Michelle Wu and Ayanna Pressley. When elected I promise serve the people – not exploit them," said Ivers.

Stoneham screenwriter sues Warner Bros. over upcoming movie he says mirrors his own

Mike O'Dea yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against Warner Bros. over its plans for a movie called "The Ghostman," about a thief who evades the FBI, saying it infringes his trademark on a comic book and movie he is working on called "Ghostman" about a thief who evades the FBI.

In his suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, O'Dea says he has been working on his project since 2010, has a Web site to promote it and that Warner Bros. needs to knock it off, pronto.