The Herald loves to needle its readers

Herald coversTake a jab at finding the similarities here.

A roving UHub correspondent thought there was something familiar about today's Herald front page, which featured a gloved hand holding a syringe to illustrate an end-of-the-world headline about state oversight of that fungus-infested Framingham pharmacy. Sure enough, he rummaged around and discovered the Herald had used the same exact stock photo a year or so ago to illustrated a front-page, end-of-the-world headline about people selling themselves as human guinea pigs for drug tests. Only today's version didn't feature the white-coated guy holding a fistful of dollar in the other hand.

Hmm, what could the Herald use Needleman for next?

Do not taunt happy fun dog

WBZ interviews the owner of the two pit bulls that went berserk in East Boston and says the kid who got bit was taunting the dogs beforehand.

Meanwhile, Mayor Menino and City Councilor Rob Consalvo say they're going to try to figure out how to get around a state law that would overrule a city ordinance that requires pit-bull owners to muzzle their pets and post signs outside their houses.

Man charged with Charlestown stabbing

Boston Police report arresting a Charlestown man on charges he stabbed another man Sunday night at 73 O'Reilly Way.

Officers responding to a stabbing report around 9:15 p.m. found a bleeding 24-year-old man. As he was being taken to Mass. General, officers found and arrested Israel Gerena, 58, for a assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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Trolleys bump, derail in Brigham Circle; three hurt

Collision scene. Photo by Michelle Murray.Collision scene. Photo by Michelle Murray.

A trolley collision in Brigham Circle around 4 p.m. sent three people - one of them a T worker - to nearby hospitals with neck and back injuries, Rob Grover reports. One train came off the tracks due to what the T called human error related to a switch. Traffic on Huntington Avenue was at a standstill; the road was set to be shut outbound well into the night as the T works to right the trolleys and fix track damage.

The view from the air.