Home for Little Wanderers to sell off JP campus, move kids to Walpole

Rehabbing the Knight Children's Center on South Huntington Avenue, opened in 1914, would just have cost too much, the Home announced yesterday.

The campus currently houses a year-round residential and day school treatment program for boys and girls aged 5 to 13 with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, educational and psychiatric needs. The Home will relocate the program to its 166-acre Longview Farm property in Walpole, Massachusetts where it has provided services to youth since 1940. The time to move the children to better conditioned settings has never been more urgent.

So if you need some space on South Huntington, now's the time to get a bid in.

Police now hot on the trail of a serial shoplifter at the downtown Woolworth's

File this under: Wheels of justice grinding slowly. A Roxbury man was arraigned on drunk-driving charges today following his arrest by a Metropolitan Police officer - more than 22 years ago.

Richard Matthews, now 67, didn't show up for his arraignment after his arrest in what was then the Dewey Square tunnel at the end of the Central Artery early in the morning of Jan. 12, 1989 for OUI, operating without a license, insurance or registration and attaching a 1975 Corolla's plates to his 1977 Buick station wagon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The DA's office says the Metro Police officer stopped him in the tunnel after noticing him slowly drifting across three lanes of the highway. Two years later, Metro Police disappeared, its officers merged into the State Police.

Matthews got tripped up not by modern forensic techniques but by a document in a folder that had been gathering dust for all these years, coupled with a more recent arrest, the DA's office reports.

The case and his default status went unnoticed until Friday, when he appeared in Roxbury District Court in connection with a pending case charging him with trespassing and soliciting sex for a fee. Upon learning of the open OUI case, the judge there ordered him to appear in Charlestown to answer on the 1989 matter.

Innocent, etc.

Motorcycle, car crash in Allston

Remains of a bad crash. Photo by Jeff Foster.Remains of a bad crash. Photo by Jeff Foster.

A motorcycle and a car collided around 6:00 p.m. at the trolley tracks at Commonwealth Avenue and Allston Street. Mingo, reports:

Just saw a guy on s motorcycle get hit hard by an SUV on the corner of comm and Allston st. He's conscious.

They've got him in the ambulance on a backboard, but took his helmet off. He was conscious but in a lot of pain.

The view from the other side of the street. Photo by Robinite.The view from the other side of the street. Photo by Robinite.

Kevin Fowler reports he visited the motorcyclist in the hospital and that he is fine aside from a few broken bones. He adds:

If you have any info about the SUV that hit him, let us know. He got knocked out in the accident, doesn't remember.

Citizen complaint of the day: The bag-ripping can lady of the South End

A fed-up South End citizen grouses:

Every trash day a small Asian woman comes out and rips open trash bags to find cans!! She makes a mess and the trash guys can't clean it all up, it's disgusting.

Ed note: Here in this far-away provincial outpost of Meninostan, we have alternating pickers: A small Asian woman and a skinny black man, both of whom are very courteous and don't make a mess, but then again, we have room for actual trash barrels and recycling "bins" with lids that are easy to lift, rather than thin plastic bags.

Staties vs. Barstool Sports, blogger vs. old-media blowhard

A couple of Staties visited David Portnoy of Barstool Sports and suggested it might be best for all concerned if he took down the nekkid photos of the Brady kid, if you know what they mean, and they think you do, so he did. At least, for today.

Meanwhile, Glenn Ordway, apparently tired of driving more people to Portnoy's site through his anti-Barstool radiothon, turned his sputtering mike and frothing listeners on Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch for daring to suggest Ordway just shut up already about the whole thing. Allen returns fire today:

Had WEEI just condemned and moved on, would this story have gotten as much attention as it did? While plenty of other media outlets did pick up on the story, there is no doubt that WEEI's incessant banging of the drum increased the visibility of the story.

I heard you state that the extended discussion of the topic had nothing to do with ratings. That is a boldface lie. Everything done at WEEI is for ratings. Are you claiming that this was some sort of selfless public service you were performing here?

Club manager: Life would be a lot simpler without foreign students

Rumor, on Warrenton Street, had to explain to the Boston Licensing Board why it was cited by police for having a customer smoking inside during an inspection on July 3 and why a 19-year-old was allowed to get a drink before slipping on a step and cracking his head open on July 20.

Club manager Tom Montgomery blamed the difficulties of catering to foreign students.

"There's a certain clientele, it seems like their whole purpose is to smoke," he said, estimating 90% of his security staff's time is spent dealing not with drunks but with smokers. "It's a difficult task. We've barred people, kicked them out ... Whatever we do, it is just an impossible situation." He estimated Rumor has 20 signs both inside and outdoors warning that smoking is banned.

BPD Sgt. Robert Mulvey, however, said Rumor stands out among Boston clubs as a place where he finds people smoking inside.

Montgomery was at a loss to explain how a doorman, whom he called an excellent long-term employee, let in a 19-year-old with an expired and altered Venezuelan passport on July 20. The kid might have gotten away with it, except he slipped, hit the back of his head and wound up "lying on his back in a pool of blood," which resulted in police and EMTs being called, according to a police account.

Board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer said the ease with which he got in with a bum passport concerned her; the club said it has changed its policies and will no longer accept expired documents of any sort.

DA: Armed career criminal out on bail robs and shoots Mattapan resident while carrying cocaine in his pocket

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 21:00

A Dorchester man with a criminal record stretching across eight pages was arraigned yesterday on charges he held up a man inside a Blue Hill Avenue apartment, then shot the victim before fleeing - right into the arms of police, who had arrived to investigate a motorist's report of gunfire, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.


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Another New Hampshire man charged with smashing glass in Boston

Boston Police report a fight outside the 7-Eleven on East India Row shortly before 6 p.m. yesterday ended when one of the pugilists crashed through the store's front door.

Not long after, police say, officers apprehended Cora Jackson, 45, of New Hampshire and charged him with willful and malicious destruction of property after store employees IDed him as one of the two fighters.

On Sunday, another New Hampshire man was charged with smashing $10,000 worth of china, cups and glassware at a Back Bay hotel.

Innocent, etc.