Court to police: Beware of strange women in seedy motels

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today prosecutors could not use a gun found in a Revere motel room against the man charged with its possession because the woman who let cops in wasn't renting the room.

At issue was a gun seized from what was normally the manager's quarters at the now closed Ocean Lodge motel on Revere Beach Boulevard, which was the kind of place where police routinely met with the manager to check the night's guest list for wanted criminals.

Convicted Saudi princeling says effort to make him give up a DNA sample would violate his constitutional rights

As the Herald reports, the state's highest court tomorrow considers whether to quash the arrest warrant Suffolk County has out for Bader al Saud, of that House of Saud, because he left the country rather than reporting to a probation officer after his release from jail for mowed down a Cambridge father on Charles Street while drunk early one morning in 2002.

Jamaica Plain couple's Kafkaesque struggle over a utility pole

The Jamaica Plain Gazette recounts a Bourne Street couple's efforts to get the city and NStar to fix a sidewalk between their retaining wall and one of those stupid double poles Nstar is forever leaving around the city. The nadir:

This summer, the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) issued a citation against Salinger and Valenzuela for failure to repair their wall since its collapse in March.

Life under siege in Boston

The Massachusetts Historical Society has put together an online exhibit on Boston under martial law in the eleven months before the original Evacuation Day, when the city was surrounded by Minute Men and the town's residents tried to deal with food shortages and the military occupations. It includes first-hand reports from a dozen people on both sides of the conflict (both hi-res photos of the original documents and transcription) and maps - such as a letter from the wife of a British captain to her niece:

Hundreds of thousands of a kind of bug you've probably never heard of, in Needham

Jef Taylor and a friend were walking through Ridge Hill Reservation in Needham when Taylor looked down and saw a few insect-like springtails:

I stopped because I noticed some, then I noticed more, then I noticed that the leaf litter surrounding the boardwalk was covered with hundreds of thousands of them. ... There were so many of them that when we stopped hiking to take these pictures, we could hear them jumping on the leaves, like the fall of raindrops.