Police: When teen threatened to shoot bus driver, driver asked him what he was waiting for

An MBTA Transit Police report on Monday's Dudley Street crash offers witnesses corroborating the driver's version of events - that he stopped the bus and ordered a bunch of teens off the bus for smoking but that two, including one who at first demanded he "shut the fuck up and drive the bus" caught up to him at the front door and began beating him

Arrested bus guys insist driver used vehicle as a weapon against them

The Globe reports on the arraignment today of two Roxbury teens for that bus crash on Dudley Street.

Michael Anthony Baptista, who said he was on his way to a job fair, was released on personal recognizance. Felix Garcia was ordered held for violating bail conditions on unrelated larceny and assult charges.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office paints a different picture, saying in a statement:

Menino: Leave that frickin' hole there - that'll teach those New Yorkers!

The Herald seems to have captured Menino saying the Hole can stay a hole until those goddamn New Yorkers learn Boston means business. Or something:

People say to me: 'Oh, you've got a hole there - so what! The hole is going to be there until those folks from New York understand we in Boston know how to do development. And just because they can't get development done, that's not my fault.