Hyde Park: Hair and nail capital of America

More specifically, the Logan Square area down Fairmount. Mike Ball surveys the grooming scene, marvels at all the different salons and barber shops for all kinds of hair in the two-block district:

Perhaps symbolic of the vitality of this genre was that Qadosh (oriented toward black women) just took over TC's Coffee. It had been next to one of those odd little churches. TC's space is airy, has big windows and benefits from the rehab the restaurant owners had performed on what used to be the preeminent hotel on the Neponset River before it decayed. After a month with not even a hand-written sign of the salon name, Qadosh has painted its door and taken the old TC's Coffee sign out of its frame, surely in preparation for its own lighted one.

Coolidge Corner bank held up

Brookline Police report the Eastern Bank branch at 301 Harvard St. was held up around 11:20 a.m. by a guy with a note who claimed he had a gun.

He's described as white, about 6' tall in his mid-20s, wearing a long-sleeve shirt with stripes and a white cap with the Patriots logo. He also had a tattoo on the right side of his neck. Sound familiar? Call Brookline PD at 617-730-2222.