Court: State may be able to kick many immigrants off subsidized health insurance

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that the state constitution does not automatically give legal aliens the right to state-subsidized health insurance.

Immigrants had originally been covered by Commonwealth Care, but the state moved to strike them from coverage to save money. The state's highest court said that while the state constitution protects people against discrimination based on "national origin," it does not necessarily protect "aliens" against discrimination. The court drew the distinction between the two:

On like Donkey Kong: Mass. woman sues Sony over PlayStation hacking

An Essex County resident yesterday filed a class-action lawsuit against Sony over the theft of some 100 million PlayStation Network user records - and the loss of access to the gaming network.

In her lawsuit, filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Dawn Thompson says she is seeking in excess of $5 million - plus lawyers' fees - for herself and fellow gamers. Thompson charges the company negligently disregarded basic security measures, lied to subscribers and is depriving customers of access to the network that they paid for.

A springtime stroll in Jamaica Plain

Matt reports on a stroll down Centre and South streets tonight for the monthly 1st Thursday art/music/food celebration:

My wife and I grabbed some eats at James's Gate and made our way through all of it. Most places had wine or other refreshments. A few drinks in, along with a few bucks in drink donation jars, it was an enjoyable evening for sure. Rarely do I walk around my neighborhood thinking "I wish more people were here." Today was one of those days.