South End teen arrested for double shooting at Hyde Park park

Ado DaSilva, 19, of E. Brookline St., was charged today with shooting two teens at a crowded Kelly Field on the evening of July 18, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

The motive for the shooting - right around the corner from the homes of Mayor Tom Menino and Police Commissioner Ed Davis - remains under investigation, according to the DA's office. His victims, both 17, were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Making a big splash in the Charles

Houdini about to jump into the Charles

On April 30, 1908, Harry Houdini walked from a nearby hotel to the Harvard Bridge, where he had himself chained up before he jumped into the still frigid Charles River. From The Amazing Harry Houdini:

"But aren't you even afraid, Mr. Houdini?" one of the reporters shouted to him. "Afraid?" Houdini asked with a loud laugh. "What do I have to fear? I am the King of Handcuffs. Nothing can hold me!"

And, of course, he eventually surfaced - after the assembled throng of some 10,000 began to fear he had drowned. That night, he appeared as scheduled at Keith's Theatre on Washington Street.

The photo is the first in a series of four in the Library of Congress's American Memory collection. The last shows Houdini bobbing at the surface after he unshackled himself.

A sea of genteel, amiable bicyclists cruising along the Charles

Sean Roche reports from last night's monthly Critical Mass bike ride from Copley Square to Cambridge and back to Boston. Aside from one Masshole doing stupid, annoying stuff on his bike, he says he was greatly impressed by "lots of smart young people, men and women, for the most part asserting their legal right to the road, not looking for trouble."

The inscrutable Worcester Line

Ian Lamont, who lives in Newton, tweets from aboard an outbound Worcester Line train tonight:

Outbound train on Worcester line stopped, put in reverse to Yawkey, wait til end of Sox game. I was already halfway home.

Passengers restless. Threatening not to pay for being sent back to Boston. Conductor: We're just following orders.

So train backs into Yawkey, picks up 20 ppl, immediately leaves, even though throngs still running from Fenway Park to catch it.