Group wants WGBH's radio license pulled for ditching music

Bill Marx pledges his support for an FCC effort by the Committee for Community Access to get 'GBH's radio license pulled over the way it dumped jazz and other musical programming when it decided to try to bust WBUR's near monopoly on the giant local market for NPR news and information:

Has the duplication of reporting muscle brought about a cornucopia of investigative reporting from WGBH or WBUR? Granted, WGBH gabbers Jim Braude and Margery Eagan get to feel important chatting with our governor and the editor of the Boston Globe every week, but does that cud-chewing, along with other ultra-admiring sessions with other corporate types, select mainstream ‘celebrities,’ and interviews with authors doing the rounds serve the public interest? Can’t all these ‘newsmakers’ be heard elsewhere down the dial hawking their wares, which can also easily be found on the internet? For those who believe the decimation of WGBH’s music programming was a cultural crime, that more of the same is the same old guff, let your discontent be heard in the halls of the FCC.

Ed. note: Actually, yes, competition has meant more original radio - and online - reporting from both WGBH and WBUR. Marx might try listening to shows other than Jim and Margery's Mid-Day Gabfest or look at WBUR and WGBH News online.

BPL starts offering streaming media

The BPL says a deal with a streaming-media company will let people with library cards stream up to ten movies, TV series, albums or audio books a month.

To use the Hoopla service, you'll need to first download a client (for more modern browsers on iOS, PCs or Android devices), then have your library card and PIN ready to sign up for a free account.

Cry havoc and unleash the war of dogs

Oh, for the good old days when it was just North End parents battling it out with dog owners letting their hounds run free over the asphalt of the Gassy park. Now, reports, it's dog owners vs. dog owners in a battle to the death, or something, over their right to unleash their pets in a park clearly marked "No dogs allowed" - complete with photo by one owner of another guy's dogs looking like they're going right for his jugular.

A different part of Roslindale loses power tonight

This time, instead of Rozzie Square or Fallon Field, the area along West Roxbury Parkway near Washington Street bzzt-ed out, around 6:00 p.m. Parts of Beech Street also went out.

Blame some damage to high-voltage wires, NStar says. The company forecast restoration by 9 p.m., although some people saw their lights come back around 8:10.