For one T inspector, women falling on tracks like lightning - they strike more than once

Channel 4 reports Orange Line inspector Jackie Osorio helped slow a train coming into State Street just as a woman was jumping onto the tracks - just like in 2009, when another woman fell on the tracks at North Station.

This time, the train was unable to come to a halt before reaching the woman, but fortunately for her, she was able to get up and wedge herself in one of those wall cut outs as the train rumbled by her. Osorio helped get the woman out of the space.

Entire board at local science-fiction convention to resign over handling of sexual harassment at recent event

Update: Harasser has now been banned from Readercon for life.

A woman's account of being harassed by a guy at last month's Readercon at the Burlington Marriott has erupted into a furor that continued this morning with this official Readercon tweet:

The entire Readercon board has now either resigned or announced intention to resign at the next meeting.

Shortly after the convention, Genevieve Valentine posted a detailed account that started with the way she was basically dismissed as a woman at a male-dominated convention (at one point, the moderator on a panel she was on called her "missy," - a panel on Frankenstein, a book written, of course, by a woman) and ended with a recap of how this one guy kept harassing her throughout the convention (from telling her she had to stop saying things that made him say "bad things" to putting his arm around her and talking about what a "good time" they were going to have to hovering around her wherever she went).

The convention's board of directors met and decided not to ban him for life - as allowed by its own "zero tolerance" rules on sexual harassment - but to suspend him for two years, after he expressed his remorse.

One problem: the guy had done it before.

When word got out of the suspension, somebody started a petition to have the entire board resign. People explained why they would never attend Readercon again. This morning came the tweet of resignation.

Human cartoon character sought for Somerville bank robbery

Bank robbery suspectSomerville Police report they are looking for a man who held up the Eastern Bank branch in Davis Square today.

The man, who did not show or say he had a weapon, is described as white, in his 40s, about 5'8" and weighing about 190 lbs.

He had a green/red-orange tattoo on his right bicep (possibly a "fighting Irish leprechaun") and was wearing cargo shorts, a sleeveless Red Sox shirt and a grayish ball cap with "Harvard" written on the front.

Know him? Drop a dime to Det. Paul Duffy at 617-625-1600, ext. 7219.

Two-bedroom on the waterfront with stunning ocean views up for sale

The Boston Business Journal reports on the government's efforts to unload Graves Light, which has five stories, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a study on a ten-acre island nine miles offshore from downtown. The government will try to find a non-profit organization that wants a remote island, but if nobody bites, will put it up for auction - on the condition the buyer maintain the lighthouse.