5,000 years of artifacts on display in West Roxbury

Remains of a Brook Farm jugRemains of a Brook Farm jug.

The City of Boston Archaeology Laboratory has put together a display of artifacts found during excavations in the 1990s at the historic Brook Farm site:

Currently on display at the lab are over 100 artifacts from Brook Farm highlighting the diverse uses of the property, including a 5,000 year old Native American spear point, colonial artifacts, painstakingly reconstructed ceramic serving dishes used by the Brook Farmers, the only physical remains of the massive Phalanstery building, as well as architectural elements and personal items from the Utopian community. The later use of the property is represented by Civil War-era items from Camp Andrew, and toys from an orphanage run out of the Hive building - the heart of Utopian-period community. "These artifacts represent some of the only physical remains of the Brook Farm community and reveal new information about what happened on the propriety before and after the Utopian period" said Joe Bagley, City Archaeologist.

The exhibit, at the lab's office, near Brook Farm at 201 Rivermoor St., is free, but you'll have to schedule an appointment, Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact Bagley at 617-635-3850 or [email protected].

North End state rep signs onto Roadrunner campaign, but he almost doesn't have a choice

State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz will support efforts to make "Roadrunner" the official Rock Song of the Commonwealth. Mark Krone posts a copy of a note Michlewitz sent him:

I am a full supporter of making Roadrunner the official Rock song of the Commonwealth.

To give you a little history, my aunt Ellie was a member of The Modern Lovers from 1977-1983 and Jonathan actually sang at my first birthday, so I am certainly happy to see him getting this type of recognition after all these years.

OK, put those cones and chairs down

At least as of 6:30 p.m., no Snow Emergency or Parking Ban has been declared in Boston.

The news is unlikely to please either the East Boston resident who filed a formal complaint asking for action against somebody who "moved our space saver and stole our shoveled spot" or the person in Dorchester who filed a formal complaint asking for action against neighbors "still using space savers leaving residents who stopped using them when we were supposed to with very limited parking."