People who drive to work just don't realize how charming the T is


Somebody at the T must be slipping: As I rode the Orange Line to Back Bay today, only one side of the train was filled with all these BO ads (including a BO meter that ranged from "aromatic" to "putrid"). The other side just had boring ads for veteran outreach programs and solicitations for people who want to be human guinea pigs.

French Toast Alert, Earl edition

* French Toast Alert Level: Elevated. Explanation.

Run away!OK, the yellow toast flag has just gone up. Obviously, the French Toast Alert System was designed for winter storms, rather than tropical summer events, but then again, forecasters keep telling us part of their uncertainty with Earl is their models are all based on tropical conditions, not weather in the cool (hah!) North Atlantic, so we're even.

In any case, although our local TV forecasters are staying calm and measured (Matt Noyes at NECN even acknowledges he'd love to bust out, but as a Responsible Weatherman, just can't), but some amateur forecasters are kind of going nuts and we've got FEMA warning us to brush up on our evacuation routes now.

Somerville drug suspect to get new trial because police searched his apartment without a warrant

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today threw out a Somerville man's coke-distribution conviction because part of the evidence consisted of cocaine seized from his apartment without a warrant.

Police rushed to Joshua Bookman's apartment after his 2006 arrest when they feared his one phone call was to somebody who would remove the evidence.