Times puts the entire weight of the world on our shoulders

The Times takes note of our little Olympics dustup and sternly warns:

[I]f voters rejected Boston’s bid in a referendum and the city pulled out of contention, it would be a disaster, not only for the bid leaders, but for the entire Olympic movement.

Also, the Times reports the decision to keep details of the Boston bid secret was made by the USOC, not our local organizers.

Councilor: Maybe the city should sell official space savers

Councilor Wu asks about snow removal as son Blaise takes a break (via Boston City TV).

City Councilor Tim McCarthy (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan) says it might be time for the city to make its peace with space savers - and make some money by selling official City of Boston space savers.

At a hearing on snow removal today, McCarthy said the idea, proposed by a constituent, has grown on him. In an era when some people would put out "furnaces and toilets" to spite trash workers tasked with removing their space savers, the city could bring in extra revenue for snow and trash removal via official space savers, he said.

You know what this state is really missing? Right: An official seasoning - and an official amphibian

Legislators could have their hands full this year considering eight bills designating new official Things of the Commonwealth. And, yes, Modern Lovers fans, one of those is a measure designating "Roadrunner" the official Rock Song of the Commonwealth -- you can't keep a good Modern Lover down.

Also in the works: Proposals for an official Seasoning of the Commonwealth, an official revolver, an official organic public park, an official amphibian, an official county song, an official sculptor and an official Tai Chi form. Details:

So which Kennedy Institute dignitary is visiting Cambridge today?

A correspondent submits a copy of e-mail about security-related road closures in Cambridge starting this morning: Main Street will be shut from Portland to Vassar, as will Albany Street. Pedestrians are also verboten on Main and Albany. The roads are scheduled to re-open at 3 p.m.

Maybe the First Couple and Joe Biden at Area Four?