The violence that Raheem Ramirez tried to escape caught up with him on a Roxbury street

In 2011, when he was just18, Rahim Ramirez was caught with a gun in Dorchester. Earlier this year, after his release from prison, and on learning his friend, Alex DoSouto, had been shot to death, he signed up for a city program called Operation Exit, aimed at getting criminal "impact players" into jobs and off the streets through a construction apprentice program.

The Herald reports he dropped out of the program.

Not long after he was fatally shot on Greenville Street Thursday night, police arrested two men spotted fleeing the area. The two have been charged for possession of the gun police found, but police continue to investigate the murder and have yet to charge them with it.

Two robbed at gunpoint in Brookline overnight in attack similar to those in Cambridge, Boston

Brookline Police report two men skateboarding in the area of St. Paul and Dummer streets around 2:15 a.m. were robbed at gunpoint - and one pistol whipped - by men matching the description of attackers later in the morning in Cambridge and Boston.

They were skateboarding in the street when a dark colored sedan turned on to Dummer St. and they stopped skateboarding to let the car pass. The car came to a stop and two black males approximately 5'8"-6'0" got out of the car and both pointed guns at them. XXXXX was immediately hit in the face with a gun 2-3 times at which point he fell to the ground. At this point XXXXX was ordered to the ground. XXXXX stated that he did not see what the suspects were wearing but that they were concealing their faces with bandanas, one colored red and the other black. XXXXX stated that the guns used in the attack were silver, he was unsure on the type of gun but thought that they were pistols.

SUV in Dedham armed robbery traced to Dorchester address; suspects caught trying to scurry away, police say

Boston Police report arresting two Dorchester men after officers camped outside a Fuller Street home following an alert from Dedham Police about a 6 a.m. holdup there.

Police say a witness took down the license plate of the SUV in which the Dedham robbery suspects fled; Dedham Police looked it up and found it registered to an occupant of 21 Fuller:

Officers responded to that address and observed the suspect vehicle, a blue Ford Explorer SUV, parked and unoccupied in the driveway. Officers remained in the area, performing low profile surveillance. A short time later, four individuals emerged from the house and got into the vehicle which then began to back out of the driveway. As officers approached, the occupants suddenly jumped out of the SUV and attempted to flee back inside the house but officers were able to stop the individuals before they could gain entry. Dedham Police arrived on scene with the victim of the armed robbery who positively identified Dartanyan Pledger, 23, of Dorchester and Brian Joyce, 21, of Dorchester, as the suspects who had robbed her at gunpoint.

Later, armed with a search warrant, Dedham Police searched the home and found two firearms.

Innocent, etc.

Alleged Arlington handcuff guy arrested on shoplifting charge in Burlington

Burlington Police report arresting a man wanted on charges he handcuffed and blindfolded an Arlington man - at first voluntarily - then took his cash and car.

Steven Michael O'Brien was nabbed shoplifting at a local store today, Burlington Police report. He was handed over to Arlington Police, who will hold him until his arraignment Monday in Cambridge District Court on charges of kidnapping, larceny over $250 from a person over 60 and receiving stolen property, police say.

Innocent, etc.

In Harvard Square, even the graffiti is overeducated

iFnLvBos wonders about the meaning of this scrawl at the Harvard Square T stop.

John Ruch points us to the infamous P versus NP problem:

Informally, it asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified by a computer can also be quickly solved by a computer. It was essentially first mentioned in a 1956 letter written by Kurt Gödel to John von Neumann.

Police hunt trio for overnight armed street holdups in Cambridge; one victim injured

UPDATE: May be linked to attacks in Brookline, Boston.

Cambridge Police report they are looking for suspects for gunpoint holdups on at Putnam Avenue and Franklin Street and Arrow Street early this morning.

Police say two roommates were held up around 2:30 a.m. at Putnam and Franklin:

The victims observed a dark colored sedan traveling in the wrong direction on Franklin Street towards Putnam Avenue in their direction. When the vehicle was in close vicinity to the victims, two male suspects jumped out of the vehicle, pointed a small, dark handgun at them, and grabbed their purses and a cell phone. They then fled in the vehicle, which they described as driven by a third suspect and traveling in an unknown direction.

About a half hour later, a Harvard student reported he'd been robbed at gunpoint on Arrow Street while walking towards Bow Street:

The victim stated a dark colored sedan stopped and two males jumped out of the car and struck him in the face with what he believed to be a handgun and the head with an unknown object. The offenders ordered him to the ground. While on the ground, the offenders removed his headphones, money, and other personal items. The suspects then drove off with another suspect in an unknown direction. The victim suffered minor injuries, but refused medical treatment.

Police say the suspects are all black and in their 20s. They wore dark clothing and hoodies

Pipeline company uses eminent domain to try to force Boston to let it dig up streets for new pipeline in West Roxbury

Algonquin Gas Transmission this week asked a judge to force the city of Boston to let it dig a trench under Washington, Grove and Centre streets in West Roxbury for a high-pressure gas line.

City officials have sided with residents along the route, who worry the pipeline could explode, especially since it will terminate in a "metering and regulating" station across the street from the West Roxbury quarry. In its lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Boston, the pipeline company says the city has effectively refused to grant the easements it needs to build the pipeline, so it's exercising its right under a federal natural-gas law to take the easement under eminent domain. The company says it won that right back in March, when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the 4.1-mile pipeline's route from Westwood into West Roxbury.

Algonquin acknowledges that technically, the city Public Improvement Commission has not actually rejected the easement request. But the commission has dragged its feet too long reviewing the proposal and Algonquin says it wants to get this thing going already.

The company says it was willing to pay the city $600,000 for the required easements even though its real-estate expert concluded they were really only worth $425,000. But now, with the lawsuit underway, the company says it's not going to pay any bonuses; in fact, it wants a judge to award it costs. The company adds it was willing to pay extra to be nice, because the federal pipeline law doesn't even require companies to negotiate with property owners - the law lets companies just condemn property they say they need once the federal government has approved their projects.