Citizen complaint of the day: The skunk man of East Boston

A concerned citizen files a report about this guy on Orleans Street:

This guy feeds skunks/cats EVERY NIGHT just after dusk in the SAME SPOT. This needs to be addressed as there are skunks all over the neighborhood and he leaves food out that draws the animals near housing and people and dogs have gotten sprayed in the area. I know multiple people have complained to the city about this.

Police ID victim, suspect in Dorchester fatal stabbing

Boston Police report arresting Rodney Bloomfield, 44, of Dorchester, on charges he fatally stabbed Tony Massey, 40, at 50 Bradshaw St. on Thursday.

Bloomfield himself wound up stabbed in the incident around 8 a.m., but is expected to survive.

The Herald reports the two had gotten into an argument over trash.

Innocent, etc.

BPD detective and frequent flyer admits he lied to TSA to bring gun onboard and get friend around Logan security

Bruce Smith, 53, currently a Boston Police sergeant and detective in Jamaica Plain's District E-13, pleaded guilty today to repeatedly making false statements that let him carry his gun on personal plane trips and get a friend around security screenings at Logan Airport, the US Attorney's office reports.

As part of his plea deal, Smith, a Randolph resident, agreed to resign from the police and pay a $7,500 fine. He now faces a sentence of up to a year of probation, which, if the judge is feeling particularly ill disposed toward him, could include home confinement.

Smith was arrested in June on formal charges of making false statements to the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security and unlawfully entering a secure airport area with intent to evade security requirements for 28 flights out of Logan on which he claimed to be on official business, which let him bring a gun onboard. He was not on official business for the flights. For two of the flights, Smith also used his alleged official status to get a friend around security:

Smith falsely claimed that his friend was a “dignitary” under Smith’s official police escort. When questioned by TSA security personnel as to what type of dignitary his friend was, Smith falsely replied, “I am not at liberty to divulge that information.” In fact, Smith’s friend, who has a criminal record, is not a dignitary, but a mobile HIV clinic operator.

Two-alarm fire sends smoke into Post Office Square hotel

Langham scene. Photo by Erik Hajen.

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire in a basement electrical room at the Langham Hotel around 1 p.m. generated a large amount of smoke and went to two alarms before it was knocked down.

Guest on upper floors were told to stay in their rooms, the department says, adding there were no injuries. The hotel is currently running on a generator until an electrician can diagnose and fix whatever led to the fire.

Fri, 09/22/2017 - 13:00

Guy was walking around Downtown Crossing with a loaded gun and a cornucopia of drugs, police say

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 15:05

Boston Police report arresting Joshua Eloi at Washington and Summer streets Wednesday afternoon before he could use what they say was his loaded, stolen gun or deal any of the variety of narcotics and other drugs he was carrying. Read more.


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Man admits to being mediocre serial bank robber

Thomas Nee, 46, yesterday pleaded guilty to robbing five Boston banks - three of which he fled from with $380 or less, the US Attorney's office reports.

Nee faces sentencing on Jan. 9 for the heists earlier this year, during which he'd give a teller a demand note.

Here are the banks he robbed and the amounts he got at each, according to the federal charges against him:

4/21. Santander Bank, Commonwealth Ave., $335.
5/5. Citizens Bank, Tremont St., $304.
5/8. Century Bank, State St., $380.
5/22. Randolph Savings Bank, School St., $5,010.
6/8. Eastern Bank, West Broadway, $2,180.

Nee was arrested in mid-June for the School Street robbery after a Brookline police officer recognized him as a past shoplifting suspect on a wanted poster distributed by the FBI.

Cambridge city councilor can't decide which is worse: Turkeys or cute, fluffy little bunnies

Wicked Local Cambridge reports Cambridge city councilors are talking tough on turkeys, demanding the city do something about the beaked menace. One counselor, though, says bunnies are just as bad. Another counselor accused one turkey of specifically waiting for him outside a meeting to do God knows what to him.

Boy who drowned at Carson Beach was denied life jacket because staff only had pink ones for girls, family charges

The family of Kyzr Willis, who drowned while at a city-run summer program at Carson Beach last year, is suing Mayor Walsh, the city and individual workers at the program.

The family filed suit in Suffolk Superior Court, but the city quickly moved to have the suit heard in federal court because of the constitutional issues involved - the city is charged with violating the boy's 14th Amendment rights.

The suit also charges the city violated a state law known as Christian's Law, after a boy who drowned at a Sturbridge beach, that requires kids in waterfront programs be given wristbands if they can't swim and that all be offered life jackets.

According to the suit, Kyzr, 7, could not swim, and on July 26, 2016, asked one of the workers at the BCYF program for a life jacket.

On that day, Kyrr, who was wearing his fluorescent swim trunks ... expressed to camp counselor Jane Doe that he wanted a life jacket, but was told by Jane Doe that there were only pink ones for girls available, so he was never given a life jacket.

During that entire day, not a single lifeguard, not a single camp counselor, not a single camp supervisor or director made Kyzr wear a lifejacket as he played close to and in the ocean.

The family is asking for unspecified damages for the suffering Kyzr experienced during his death and for the suffering the family continues to suffer as a result of it.

Earlier this year, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office ruled that there was no foul play involved in his death.

Complete Willis complaint (2.2M PDF).