Northeastern claims fewer Mission Hill complaints about its students

Officials credit stepped up patrols by Northeastern cops in the neighborhood on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, plus counseling for off-campus students on how not to be jerks, according to the Huntington News, which reports officials made the assertions at a "town hall meeting" on community relations to which community residents were not invited.

Tenth would-be candidate emerges for Roxbury city-council seat

Jose Junior Lopez last week filed papers with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance to run for the District 7 city-council seat being vacated by Tito Jackson, who is running for mayor.

Candidates do not get on the September preliminary ballot unless they return enough signatures on city nominating petitions, which become available in May.

The Haitian mayor facing murder charges who now lives quietly in Malden, with a license to drive a school bus

On Friday, WBUR reported on the curious case of Jean Morose Viliena, who once allegedly used a paramilitary group to beat up and kill opponents when he ran a small town in Haiti but who now lives a quiet live in Malden, well clear of the charges that would face him if he ever returned to his homeland.

Today, WBUR reports that one of the three Haitian men who filed a suit in the US against him "died unexpectedly" Friday night.

If you ever find yourself in Nashville, desperate for some reminders of home ...

Stop by Batter'd & Fried Boston Seafood House, 1008 Woodland St. in East Nashville, where the walls are lined with photos of Sox players and the dishes include New England fish and chips, Boston clam chowder, Atlantic whole belly clams and Boston Cream Pie. Sam Adams is on tap, of course, and when the Sox are playing, their games are on the TVs.

Owner Matt Charrette is originally from Palmer and he writes:

I wanted to do the Fried seafood just like the ones I used to get back home growing up in Palmer Mass. and then decorate the place with my Redsox stuff and New England stuff. Its a nice little piece of home for me. But Palmer Seafood House Doesn't have the Same ring to it.

H/t Welcome to Dot.

The Boston pizza place on the edge of a Bolivian salt flat.