Boston bees healthier than their country cousins

The BU News Service surveys the state of urban beekeeping in the Boston area, notes the increased vitality of our local bees:

Hives in Cambridge and Boston have a higher honey productivity rate than rural bees, producing about 30% more honey. City bees are also more likely to survive the winter. Scientists are still speculating why urban bees show increased resilience and productivity - perhaps their success is due to less pesticide use, more varied diets and an urban heat-island effect that keeps bees warmer during cold winter months.

Red Line a real mess; riders under extra duress

Waiting for a bus at Broadway. Photo by Meaghan Carroll.

Broadway station on the Red Line descended into chaos this evening as a train line still out of commission due to the earlier Andrewgeddon forced riders into the street to try to get a bus, an Uber or a ride from a friend or spouse - if they didn't just decide to walk the mile down Dot Ave. to Andrew. Other stations were little better.

Around 5:20 pm., the T issued a statement:

Train service has resumed between Broadway, Andrew and JFK/UMass Stations. The MBTA apologizes for today’s disruption and thanks its customers for their patience.

JP burger place going to that great pasture in the sky

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Grass Fed on Centre Street will be shutting down, with its owner hoping to transfer its current alcohol license to the owner of the burgeoning Chilacates chain. No word on what sort of food the new place will serve; Chilacates already has an outlet on Centre Street, across from JP Licks.

Second man arrested for murder in Burger King parking lot in Dorchester

A second man is scheduled for arraignment today for the murder of Shaquille Browder in the parking lot of the Burger King at Columbia Road and Washington Street last month, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Ralph Brown, 43, was arrested this morning in Holbrook, the DA's office says. Boston Police report Brown tried hiding from officers in a closet in an apartment there.

Last week, Kyle Williams, 31, was arraigned for his alleged role in Browder's death on Jan. 11.

Authorities say Browder did not realize he was being followed by people in two vehicles when he drove to the Burger King that afternoon - until they opened fire on him.

Innocent, etc.