Police: Drug dealer in pajama pants sticks up man at Dorchester ATM

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 01:25

Boston Police report arresting a Hyde Park man with a gun after he allegedly stuck up somebody who'd just made a withdrawal at a Citizens Bank ATM at 572 Columbia Rd. around 1:25 a.m. on Friday.


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The lions of Boston

Boston loves its lions. From stately lions in our main library to lions that spout water around a flagpole, from stylized lions with wings to lions that proclaim the majesty of the British empire, lions are our pride. Read more

And they're everywhere, even if sometimes you have to look way, way up to see them sometimes. Here's a sampling, starting, of course, with one of the two lions in BPL main library in Copley Square, who quietly commemorate the battles of the Civil War.

Those lions are not the only ones in the library. As you enter, or exit, the old building, look up at the ceiling, where you'll see the names of prominent Bostonians of yore, including Franklin:

Franklin lions

Franklin, of course, fought against the British Empire, whose symbolic lion and unicorn still adorn what became the Old State House:

Old State House lion

The lions around the Angell memorial fountain in Post Office Square all look like they can't believe they're reduced to spitting up water:

Angell lion

The lions on the World War I memorial wall on the Common by the steps up to the State House, also originally water spouts, don't seem so aghast:

Common lions

The lion at Old North Church in the North End, however ...

Old North Church lion

The old Filenes building in Downtown Crossing has tons of lions, all looking like this:

Filenes lion

There's also a fierce lion atop the main entrance to 1298 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston:

Allston lion

The lions outside the Copley Plaza Hotel, however, couldn't be bothered to eat arriving guests:

Copley Plaza lion

The lions at the Chinatown gate don't seem in a man-eating mood, either:

Chinatown lion

Boston has some flying lions, including these two on the old BPD headquarters (now Loew's Boston hotel):

BPD lions

You have to look pretty high up to see the flying lions atop the Park Square building that now houses apartments where the Renaissance charter school used to be:

Park Square lion

The lion atop the entrance to the Colonial Theatre on Boylston Street probably just saw a good show:

Theater lion

Are there other lions in Boston?

No jail time for cop who slipped information to gang-member pal

A former Boston cop got a year's probation and a $2,000 fine after admitting he lied to FBI agents investigating whether he had given information about an ongoing investigation of the the Academy Homes Street gang in Roxbury to a member of the gang.

Mel Steele, 36, was a member of the BPD's Youth Violence Task Force - its gang unit - who was also a longtime friend of a member of the gang. The US Attorney's office in Boston says:

During the course of joint FBI-BPD investigation of the AHSG from 2009 to 2011, Steele provided assistance to the AHSG associate. On one occasion, Steele allegedly used his BPD computer to run a license plate check on a vehicle which was later determined to be an unmarked BPD vehicle operated by a detective who was conducting surveillance on the AHSG. On another occasion Steele contacted a Massachusetts State Trooper to glean information about a gang member’s pending charges on another criminal case. In May 2011, Steele made false statements about these matters when confronted by FBI agents.

Steele pleaded guilty in November.