Guy climbs up construction crane on West Broadway, starts coming down, falls to his death

Man on crane. Photo by Nate Morrow.

Updated, 5:15 p.m.

Around 4:30 p.m. a shirtless man went into the construction site at 6 West Broadway, near the T stop, and climbed to the top of a 15-story crane, where he spent about 40 minutes clambering around the cables at the very top before starting to head down.

Around 5:10 p.m., he grabbed onto a rope, under the crane's cab, and was swinging from it. Then the rope snapped and he plunged to the ground.

Police had shut surrounding roads, including the West 4 Street and Broadway bridges. The T had the Red Line bypass Broadway.

Photo by David Reker:

Crane climber

Roslindale Square getting a Cajun seafood restaurant

Roslindale Village Main Street reports Shaking Seafood, "a New Orleans Cajun-style seafood restaurant," will replace the large ceramic tiger and elephant statues of Jerusalem Trading on Poplar Street.

Shaking Seafood will offer a casual seafood dining experience at affordable prices. Jenny and John's other restaurants are known for their fresh seafood and unique menu: the seafood and sides are tossed with a spice-blend in a bag -- and then simply served in that bag.

The owners hope to open in December or January, with 89 seats and the possibility of live music.

Fire destroys yet another multi-unit building nearing completion

The Patriot Ledger reports a four-story condo building about a month away from completion went up in flames overnight - its sprinkler system still not functioning.

In June, a six-story building nearing completion in Dorchester erupted in flames, three weeks after a Quincy building under construction caught fire. In July, a multi-story building in Waltham nearing completion also caught fire - officials now blame arson.

Man who repeatedly threatened and harassed ex-girlfriend gets to keep his guns

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today agreed with a Lynn-area woman that her former boyfriend has to be ordered to leave her alone, but overturned a lower-court decision ordering him to surrender his guns, after hearing about a 15-month harassment campaign that included showing up at her workplace, her yoga studio and a Starbucks to threaten her.

The difference, the court ruled, is that the harassment started only after the two had broken up. Because of that, the woman had to file for a keep-away order under the state's "civil harassment" law, which does not allow a judge to order somebody to give up his guns. Were they still going out, she could have sought a keep-away order under the state's domestic-violence law, which specifically gives judges the right to make a person hand in firearms to police.

The court said the legislature very deliberately excluded guns from the civil-harassment law - a section that would have allowed that was deleted from the bill that eventually became the law, the court said.

We do not consider the language of [the civil harassment law], to be so broad as to encompass a remedy that the Legislature expressly rejected.

The court added the woman could seek other civil or criminal remedies - and said there's nothing from stopping authorities in the community that issued the man his gun permits to revoke them for cause.

In its ruling, which uses only acronyms to refer to the woman and her ex, the court did agree the man kept menacing the woman and that the lower-court judge was right to order him to stay away, especially after 15 months of requests from both the woman and her local police department had failed to deter him.

In a second text message sent in July, 2013, the defendant texted the plaintiff, "You don't get it. You have much more to lose in this than I do. If you're so stupid to tell anyone in AA about us, you'll be fucked." He then texted, "If you tell [your boy friend] about us, I'll send him naked pictures of you that'll prove you're a slut. I'm keeping the pictures for blackmail purposes." The defendant then sent numerous text messages to the plaintiff's boy friend. A third text message the defendant sent to the plaintiff during the month of July, 2013, stated, "And, if you tell [your boy friend] about the affair, I'll tell him how crazy and fucked up you are. I will ruin you. Don't cross me. This will end badly for you. You will pay the consequences."

The court gave other examples:

In addition to following the plaintiff to the yoga studio, the defendant also appeared at a Starbucks in December of 2013, where the plaintiff was seated with a friend. "He was very red in the face and made extremely intimidating facial expressions towards [her]." The plaintiff immediately left the Starbucks. The defendant continued to text the plaintiff after this incident, telling her that she should apologize for going to the police.