Woman hit by car while crossing Memorial Drive has died

State Police report Molly Doub, 31, of Cambridge, died of injuries from a crash on Sunday near the Micro Center.

Doub, a math teacher at the International School of Boston in Cambridge, was crossing the highway when hit around 5:15 p.m. by a car heading west, driven by a Boston man. State Police say investigators are still looking at whether any charges are warranted.

In a Facebook post, Doub's brother, Mike, writes:

molly lived in pursuit of knowledge. she was in school for most of her life and was excited to start taking classes again this summer at harvard (her first was going to be on james joyce, which was classic, over-ambitious molly). molly took on her other passions with the same verve. she was a fitness enthusiast (yoga of all varieties, half- and full- marathons), an avid reader and a great cook. she traveled all over the country and all over the world. in every way, molly was always pushing to learn more and be better.

Restoring old Hyde Park theater could cost $10.2 million

What's left of the theater. Photo by Mike Ball.

The Bulletin reports a team of Boston College students studying the long shuttered Everett Square Theatre on Fairmount Avenue estimate restoring its faded glory would cost $10.2 million - but that the place could be eligible for $4 million in tax credits if its owner can obtain historic designation.

Hyde Park phone store robbed at taserpoint; suspect nabbed on his getaway scooter

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 18:19

Updated with correct location.

A man robbed the Metro PCS store at 1266 River St in Cleary Square around 6:20 p.m. by pointing a taser at a clerk, then jumped on a scooter and rode away - only to be captured not long after by police officers at Cummins Highway and Rosewood Street in Mattapan after a slow-speed chase.


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Spawn of a Dalek and a vibrator now patrols the Pru

Neil the roving UHub photographer couldn't rove much past Mr. Roboto here yesterday. He dug up the background on Tobor:

Allied Universal, a leading facility services company and the largest security force in North America, has partnered with Boston Properties, to pilot a robot patrol program at the Prudential Center from May to August 2017. Technically called an Autonomous Data Machine, the Knightscope K5 model security robot will support the Prudential Center’s existing security team with a patrol route over the next three months. Prudential Center will be one of the first in Boston to introduce this sophisticated technology to enhance its current security program. The security robot is scheduled to start patrols within the Prudential Center retail area only on Tuesday, May 16.