Big delay for the homebound when a Red Line train dies underground

The MBTA reports "minor" delays due to a deceased Red Line train outbound near Davis. Among those not going anywhere fast on the train is Matthew Miller, who got stuck on a dead Green Line trolley earlier this week. He reports:

Red Line stuck in the tunnel between Porter and Davis — "assistance is on the way".

How many cans of tomatoes does Dan Shaughnessy have in his pantry?

It just wouldn't be a Shaughnessy column without them.

Shaughnessy sure does love him some tomato cans. He mentions them every chance he can, like in his no doubt intensively researched, carefully crafted column today:

Little Tomato Cans sitting in a row. They all fall down.

Thanks to Dan Shaughnessy Watch for noticing this since they read Shaughnessy so we don't have to.

Now, back in January, I discovered that Shaughnessy was using the inane tomato-can metaphor at a rapidly escalating pace, almost as if he knew the thing was rapidly approaching its sell-by date and he needed to use it all up.

How's he done since? Including today's column, he's used the phrase 9 times since that review, including one in May in which he posited "Celtics are the new tomato can in town" (how's that workin' out for ya, Dan?) and declared "Je suis Tomato Can."

Tomato-can photo by Paul Sableman. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

Roslindale house erupts in flames

UPDATE: Smoker to blame, BFD says.

The Boston Fire Department reports no injuries from a fire that erupted at 6 Newburg St., at Belgrade, shortly before 10:30 a.m.

The fire spread from a first-floor porch to the second floor and attic before it was knocked down, the department reports. Damage was estimated at $350,000, the department says, adding the cause is under investigation.

Sat, 11/11/2017 - 10:25

Water main blows its top in Cambridge

Biotechnical watched Cambridge's new water attraction at Cambridge and 5th streets this morning.

Jessica Feldish took some video of the geyser:

Locals don't always realize the variety of good food you can get at Faneuil Hall - like fresh squab

Mike Ball reports on an interlude on the cobblestones outside the Quincy Market building today:

Not-at-all-shy hawk went for lunch at Boston's Quincy Market. It started right on the pigeon, thrilling and disgusting the tourists and locals. This young female brought the pigeon down with a thump (apparently dead before hitting the paving stones) and looked at 50 or so of us like, "You'd better not try to take my meal!"

Oh, you want a look? But of course:

Hawk about to eat a pigeon