Dorchester man charged as hitman for multi-state prostitution ring

Jaquan Casanova, 24, of Dorchester, was indicted on federal charges last week that he pulled the trigger on a leader of a prostitution ring suspected of talking to the feds.

Another alleged ringleader. Raymond Jeffreys, 27, also of Dorchester, was already facing charges, and was also charged last week with the attempted murder of Darian Thomson as Thomson sat in a car at Draper and Westville streets in Dorchester around 10:10 p.m. on April 30, 2013.

Citizen complaint of the day: The highlight of Warren Avenue

An annoyed citizen complains about one of the streetlights along Warren Avenue between Clarendon and Dartmouth in the South End:

Third light pole from the right was replaced with a pole that is 1-2 ft taller than the others. It looks ridiculous. Please replace it with the correct size. I know it sounds petty, but this shouldn't have happened. Whoever installed it clearly wasn't paying attention.