It was stop and go on the parkways of JP this evening, but more stop than go

Something went wrong this evening and all the parkways in Jamaica Plain ground to a complete halt, as Fred discovered.

Growing concern for unchoking the Charles River Throat

Tuesday’s meeting hosted by WalkBoston and the Charles River Conservancy about how MassDOT’s reconstruction of the Mass Pike in Allston can Unchoke the Charles River Throat brought out 150 people and a renewed emphasis on the need for the project to prioritize removing barriers, creating connections and healthy transportation. Read more.


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Not a good day to be a Citizens Bank customer

Citizens Bank customers are flooding Twitter with complaints about the inability to access their money. Shortly after 4 p.m., the bank acknowledged a problem:

We're currently experiencing a technical issue that is impacting our ability to process certain transactions and access some online systems. Thanks for your patience as we restore service. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will post updates as they become available.

East Boston High School students face increased searches after one student arrested for gun found nearby

Boston Police report the arrest of a student on charges he ditched a gun a couple blocks away from East Boston High School this morning. Read more.


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He who hesitates is lost, court tells Dorchester man who was a day late in appealing 18-year prison sentence

On Oct. 6, 2016, Samuel Dixon filed an appeal of his 18-year federal sentence for gun possession. Unfortunately for Dixon, that was exactly one day after the deadline he had for filing his appeal. And that, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston ruled today, is reason enough to decline his request to have his sentence shortened.

Even if it were to consider his arguments, the court said, it might very well have have upheld his sentence, because Dixon had more than the three required convictions in his record to warrant the extra long prison term as an "armed career criminal" - including a federal conviction for armed bank robbery, two federal convictions for unarmed bank robbery, two Massachusetts convictions for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two Massachusetts convictions for unarmed robbery, and a Massachusetts conviction for possession of a controlled substance.

But the court said it didn't have to consider any of Dixon's arguments because he failed at the start to provide a good - or any - reason for being a day late in filing his appeal:

We have said that every time Congress draws a line, some people are bound to fall on the wrong side of it. ... If the deadline that Congress has chosen seems harsh when applied in a given case, such a risk of perceived harshness "is endemic to lines." ... So it is here: the petitioner filed his motion to vacate or correct his sentence one day after the deadline established by Congress had expired. Consequently, his motion was late - and the petitioner has not alleged any facts that would suggest a justification for excusing the untimely filing. Therefore, we summarily affirm the district court's order of dismissal.

Orange is the new orange

Lisa Angelo spotted those two new Orange Line cars out for a spin on the third set of tracks near Wellington station this morning as they undergo several months of testing.

Meanwhile, the T reports the CRRC plant in Springfield has accepted four new Orange Line "shells" for assembly into actual Orange Line cars:

No reason to fear low and loud copter, it's just checking radiation levels

We're coming up on the Marathon, and that means it's time for the National Nuclear Security Administration's annual check of background radiation levels along the Marathon route, you know, just in case something happens and they have need to compare odd readings to those background levels.

Boston Police report the silver-and-blue chopper will be flying low (like 150 feet in the air) and, so, loud, between today and Sunday.