Area Olympian sues company that had signed her up to promote its wares

Dara Torres, a swimmer who won 12 Olympic medals, the last in 2008 when she was 41, is suing one of her sponsors for trying to break its contract over a contract with another one of her sponsors.

Torres, who lives in Norfolk County, wants Tommie Copper, which makes compression apparel, to pay her the $900,000 it had agreed to between now and 2018.

In a lawsuit filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Torres charges the company told her two weeks ago it was breaking the contract because she had another promotional contract with Vestiage, a company that makes anti-aging skin creams and supplements.

Torres said Tommie Copper told her this violated a clause in her contract banning her from promoting "performance enhancing" drugs. Torres says anti-aging creams and supplements are not performance enhancers - and that Tommie Copper knew about her contract with Vestiage when it first signed her up in 2013.

In addition to the contract payments, Torres is also seeking damages and legal costs.

A blooming shame: Tests confirm Jamaica Pond water not safe for man nor beast

The Boston Public Health Commission reports that water samples taken Monday from Jamaica Pond show blue-green algae counts are higher than the amount allowed for water activities by people and pets.

The results of this sampling indicate that algae levels exceed the state-established 70,000 cells/milliliter. Specifically, testing by a MassDEP biologist on July 20th has confirmed the presence of up to 81,576 cells/mL at this location, above the recommended limit of 70,000 cells/mL established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. A separate analysis from DPH confirmed cell counts above the threshold.

The commission, which ordered the pond shut to boating and fishing on Monday, adds:

The Boston Public Health Commission will continue to review state sampling results for the presence of a visible algae bloom in Jamaica Pond over the coming weeks. Water sampling will occur at least weekly while ​the algae bloom persists, and for several weeks after it is no longer visible. DPH recommends that the recreational water advisory not be lifted until two consecutive weekly samples show algal cell counts below the safe limit of 70,000 cells/milliliter of water.​​​​​​​

Bomb threat shuts Blue Line at Maverick Square

T workers turn into Waldo at State Street: Where are they? Photo by Mister AO.

The T says it's busing passengers between Bowdoin and Airport - except Bowdoin riders are supposed to catch the bus at Government Center - due to a bomb threat that shut Maverick station around 5:30 p.m.

Update: Around 6:48 p.m., Transit Police completed their sweep of the station and re-opened it for service.