GE files first formal inklings of new Fort Point headquarters

General Electric on Thursday filed a letter of intent with the BRA to renovate two existing buildings on Necco Street and build a new 12-story building.

In its filing with the BRA - which will be followed within a couple months by more detailed plans and renderings - the company also said it will create roughly 1.3 acres of open space and make improvements to the Harborwalk along Fort Point Channel as part of it move to Boston - as well as creating a museum, a "maker space," a bistro-cafe and a coffee bar.

The letter says the company will link the existing 5 and 6 Necco streets with a new shared lobby and elevators "set within an atrium and winter garden." Nearby, it's planning a new 12-story, 293,000-square foot building, connected to the older buildings by a pedestrian bridge over what it's calling GE Plaza - a new walkway from Necco Street to the water.

GE letter of intent (880k PDF).

Bicyclist dies after being hit by truck in Cambridge

Amanda Phillips, 27, of Cambridge, died today after being struck by a landscaping truck at Hampshire and Cambridge streets in Inman Square, the Middlesex County District Attorney's office and Cambridge Police report.

Phillips was hit around 12:17 p.m. and was taken to Massachusetts General, where she was pronounced dead. Authorities said their investigation into the crash is "open and active."

Charlie now rides forever 'neath the streets of Cambridge thanks to the Red Line

At 4:49 p.m., Brian Jacobel issued a plaintive cry for help from Red Line car 01729:

The doors never opened at Harvard, we just rolled out to Porter and tons of people couldn’t get off.

Followed one minute later by a pair of tweets from Porter Square:

doing it at Porter now too.

people are freaking out.

Two minutes later the T responded it was sending officials out to take a look. We haven't heard back from Brian, so don't know if we should head down to Scollay Square station Government Center with a sandwich tomorrow at quarter past two.

Developer proposes eight houses on Hyde Park/Milton line; residents go: Yeah, right, pal

Mike Ball reports on a meeting last night between a local developer who wants to put eight houses on a 2.1-acre vacant lot on Fairmount Hill - with a third of one house jutting into Milton - and neighbors of the lot. Residents fretted about the water table and where the coyotes would go when their habitat is turned into house lots. Also:

When one said it was their neighborhood, he reminded her it was his as well. She went on several levels deep, trying to trump him. She alleged to feel strongly because she’d grown up there. He came back with his nearly three decades in the immediate area, a long-term wife and three kids, arriving here to make his way when he was only 21, and so forth.

She played her final trump card. She had not only lived her 50 years, but had been born here, while he had not.

Meeting between mayor, BLS teachers ends badly

Peter Kadzis basically livetweeted an angry meeting of Mayor Walsh, Superintendent Tommy Chang and BLS teachers. Teachers demanded Walsh and Chang refuse resignations from Headmaster Lynne Mooney Teta and Assistant Headmaster Malcolm Flynn, Walsh got mad, Chang told teachers not to pull that sort of thing in front of the media but they did anyway.

Castle Island Halloween proposal playing out as yet another yuppie-vs-native battle

The Globe reports on the war of words over a promoter's plan to convert the Castle Island fort into a horror show for Halloween:

Fright Island’s critics worry the family-friendly South Boston they cherish is under siege as younger professionals flock to the neighborhood, and handing Castle Island over to blood-covered zombies and beer-buzzed millennials would just accelerate that trend.