It takes a big crane to hoist a big camera

UPDATE: See the comments - the net has nothing to do with catching falling people.

JB watched the Equalizer 2 crew filming something today in the South End. He notes they also had a net strung over the courtyard at the building roofline, so wonders if some cast member, oh, Denzel Washington, maybe, will be doing heroic jumps or just possibly a battle to the death right on the roof, like, with, oh, Matt Damon to see who gets first dibs on cracking the heads of the evil ganglords taking over the city, but then they both realize they'd be better as a team and the one with the upper hand grins, gives the other a hand up and they go down to Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe to figure out their plans over some hash.

Crane and building

Man charged with fatal shootings on the Expressway and at his Dorchester home

Lance Holloman, 30, was charged with two murders Sunday that left an East Taunton man dying on the side of I-93 and a New Hampshire woman fatally shot in Holloman's Dorchester home, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and State Police report.

Holloman was already behind bars, at the Suffolk County jail, after having his bail revoked for a May gun incident in Dorchester.

Holloman will now be arraigned - at a date that has yet to be set - on murder charges for the death of Scott Stevens, Jr., who, along with his father was riding home on motorcycles Sunday evening and for the death of Michaela Gingras, 24, at 11 Santuit St., which is owned by his mother.

Stevens and his father, who was also shot, were riding south on I-93 around 5 p.m. on Sunday when they were shot near Neponset Circle.

Several hours later, authorities say, Holloman fatally shot Gingras, who lived in Manchester, NH, but who grew up in Goffstown, NH.

Gingras leaves her parents, two brothers and two sisters:

She was small of stature but was fierce when protecting self and those she loved. She had an amazing heart and soul. She at one time volunteered at the Kids Cafe in Manchester, NH and was upset and saddened to see young children walking home alone in unsafe parts of Manchester so she decided she would walk each of them home to make sure they were safe. She loved all things "Betty Boop", Harley rides, shopping, and traveling, especially to Miami, and loved the Miami beaches.

She struggled with many things in life, and drug addiction like so many was one of them. She had just started to turn her life around when she was brutally taken from us. She had a big heart and loved to help people.

Holloman was arrested early Monday in Franklin, as he stood on the side of Rte. 140, screaming.

Chef hopes to return West Roxbury eatery to its breakfast and lunch 'glory days'

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved a food-serving license for Joseph Adamo's 320 Cafe at 320 Spring St. in West Roxbury.

The location was previously home to the Spring Street Cafe, which closed in February.

"I want to bring it back to its glory days of serving great breakfasts and lunch," Adamo told the board at a hearing on Wednesday. Although he said he would focus on the first two meals of the day, the board granted him permission to stay open until 10 p.m.

Adamo was formerly executive chef at the Battery Wharf Hotel.

Man caught in Boston-area gang sweep gets 30 months for selling gun to informant in East Boston

James Warner, 30, received the sentence yesterday after pleading guilty to engaging in the business of dealing in firearms without a license and being a felon in possession of a firearm, the US Attorney's office reports.

Warner, who is prohibited from buying, selling and using firearms due to a prior criminal conviction, conspired with other individuals to sell a Hungary, .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol and a Davis Industries, Model D-32 caliber derringer in the Orient Heights Housing Development in East Boston.

Warner was one of several dozen people indicted last year as part of a federal and local push against the 18th Street Gang - an MS-13 rival - the East Side Money Gang and the Boylston Street Gang.

Warner's sentence, by US District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton, was six months more than federal attorneys had asked for. He has already served roughly 16 months in federal custody.

In a sentencing memorandum, his lawyer also asked for a lower sentence, saying that while Warner acknowledges being caught on video selling the gun, he was never a gang member and simply got swept up with the actual gang members. Warner, a father of two whose brother has a job waiting for him at his plumbing business, made "a singular error in judgment" in selling a gun to somebody he thought simply wanted to protect himself - something Warner was familiar with, having grown up on the mean streets of Roxbury.

Defendant is NOT and has never been a “gang member.” He is a hard working man with limited education, trying to support a family.