Water main blows its top in Cambridge

Biotechnical watched Cambridge's new water attraction at Cambridge and 5th streets this morning.

Jessica Feldish took some video of the geyser:

Locals don't always realize the variety of good food you can get at Faneuil Hall - like fresh squab

Mike Ball reports on an interlude on the cobblestones outside the Quincy Market building today:

Not-at-all-shy hawk went for lunch at Boston's Quincy Market. It started right on the pigeon, thrilling and disgusting the tourists and locals. This young female brought the pigeon down with a thump (apparently dead before hitting the paving stones) and looked at 50 or so of us like, "You'd better not try to take my meal!"

Oh, you want a look? But of course:

Hawk about to eat a pigeon

Widett Circle owner proposes new fish-processing plant at other end of South Boston

New Boston Food Market, a co-op that owns food-processing facilities in the no-longer unknown Widett Circle, has signaled its intent to build a two-story fish-processing plant, to be shared by several fish processors, at 3 Dolphin Way, at the end of Fid Kennedy Avenue in the Raymond Flynn Marine Industrial Park.

The filing is one of the co-op's first formal moves to get members out of the 20-acre Widett Circle, which it put up for sale this week.

In a letter of intent sent to the BPDA, New Boston Food Market and developer John Hynes say they would tear down an existing, long vacant building at the Dolphin Way site and put up a 79,000-square foot building that could employ 225 people.

New Boston Food Market needs to complete a lease from the BPDA, which runs the marine industrial park, in addition to getting its approval for the specific building.

Few had heard of Widett Circle until 2015, when the group trying to get the Olympics to Boston announced they would use it for the games' main stadium - without first bothering to talk to New Boston.

3 Dolphin Way letter of intent (864k PDF).