People's Pike supporters call for a bolder Mass Pike project


A diverse group of residents, commuters, transportation advocates, business owners, and elected officials packed a standing-room only Jackson Mann Community Center last night for the first MassDOT public meeting of the Mass Pike Interchange Improvement Project.


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Smoked meats? Tasty Burger wants to open up in fume-filled Back Bay station

Tasty Burger thinks there's a market for a burger bar that also serves up beer and wine in the diesel-filled confines of Back Bay station.

The local chain goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week for permission to buy the beer and wine license of the defunct Parlor Pizza in West Roxbury for a proposed restaurant that would also feature 30 patio seats on Dartmouth Street - as well as entrances on both Dartmouth and Clarendon.

In addition to permission to buy the beer and wine license, Tasty Burger is also seeking permission to stay open until 2 a.m.

Court: In emergencies, animals have rights, too

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that police don't need a warrant to try to save animals in danger of immediate death.

The decision comes in the case of a Lynn woman charged with three counts of animal cruelty when police, responding to a call from her neighbor, found three dogs on her lawn - two dead, one nearly so - and went into her yard to recover the animals without first obtaining a warrant.

Oh, the humanity!

A pair of turkeys caused a rubbernecking ruckus along Mass. Ave. near Columbus this morning. The two birds proved to disbelieving bystanders that they can, in fact, fly, swooping over cars and the heads of pedestrians in a crazed flight from the roof of one building to the porch of another.