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Matt Karolian posted this video of a couple throwing money out their Boylston Street window today.

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Coconut heads

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Boston Police report arresting a Weymouth man on charges he tried and failed to get away with a woman's iPhone Thursday afternoon.

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Old Charlesgate

Nowadays, Charlesgate mostly brings to mind the crumbling ramp system connecting Storrow Drive and the roads of the Fenway - its underside a transient homeless camp next to a mucky "pond."

But once it was a bucolic connection between the Muddy and the Charles rivers, part of Olmsted's creative plan for both creating a key part of the Emerald Necklace and flushing out the Muddy.

Compare the above photo, from the Library of Congress's collection, and taken sometime between 1890 and 1901, to this Google Street View. The only thing the two have in common is the still standing residential building.

Some people want to tear down the Bowker overpass, built in 1967, and restore Charlesgate to its Olmstedian ideal.

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Boston Police report a Dorchester teen who allegedly stole a woman's iPhone in Copley Square yesterday afternoon proved no match for several bystanders who chased him down.

Police charge Jonathan Pabon, 18, grabbed the woman's iPhone as she emerged from the Copley Green Line station and began running. But she started running after him, yelling "He took my phone!" Several bystanders joined the chase, which attracted the attention of a couple of officers on patrol, who then also began chasing him.

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Which is much better for the trees than getting David Spaded and cheaper than getting Kate Spaded. BostonZest reports on efforts to improve the landscaping and tree health in the linear park.

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Original vs. imposter? The Learning Co. (l) vs. Zynga.Original vs. imposter? The Learning Co. (l.) vs. Zynga.

The Learning Co., publisher of the game that has introduced generations of schoolkids to the concept of mortality, is suing Zynga, operator of the game that lets their parents grow virtual vegetables, to prevent it from launching a Facebook game focusing on an overland journey to Oregon in the 1800s.

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Cab in the Muddy RiverPhoto by BFD.

A Brookline cab driver who lost control exiting Storrow Drive at Park Drive wound up in the Muddy River this morning, the Boston Fire Department reports.

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South Boston youth-sports activist Bob Ferrara announced today he's running for the District 2 seat (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Bay Village and a smidge of Dorchester) held by incumbent Bill Linehan. Suzanne Lee, former principal of the Quincy School in Chinatown, had previously announced she was running as well.

Ferrara accused Linehan of being a Menino mouthpiece:

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Talking on the Esplanade

Historygradguy takes us back to those halcyon days of yore, like last week.

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An appearance by Tyler the Creator got everybody all riled up, scuffles broke out, one cop got hurt. Or so we hear from our safe aerie here in remotest Roslindale. Photo. Another photo. And another.

Ashley Glover reports from the scene:

Screaming, "fuck the police" at cops who are angrily herding you, and 100s of other teens, seems like an overly bold move for Newbury St.

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New windows. Photo by Douglas McGregor.New windows being installed on Newbury Street Monday. Photo by Douglas McGregor.

An anarchist group is taking credit for smashing windows at three Upper Crust restaurants on Sunday. According to a posting on Boston Indymedia:

Early on the morning of May Day, Boston anarchists smashed the windows on three Upper Crust Pizzerias. This chain was targeted because the owners of the chain have been making millions of dollars while exploiting their immigrant employees. ... This action was done on the morning of May Day to both stand in solidarity with Upper Crust workers as well as celebrate the international day of worker and immigrant rights and struggles, which are still going on today.

This struggle is a result of the inherent oppression within the capitalist system and will not end until this system is dismantled and replaced.

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BosGuy welcomes Romeo and Juliet back to the Public Garden.

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Police and fire have chased down and taken into custody one person who was described as "trying to jump" and "trying to get hit by a car." At one point in this incident all traffic was stopped on Storrow Drive.

Companies had been released when they were called back because there might be a separate incident. They are now looking for a second person in the area of Arlington and Back Street.

Update: 8:39 pm - all fire companies have been released.

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Laying roses

Survivors of 9/11 victims and city and state officials gathered at the 9/11 memorial in the Public Garden today to lay 206 white roses on the stone wall that lists the names of victims with Massachusetts ties.

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Evilada took in a Rambling Dan performance in the Public Garden yesterday.

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Boston Police report a man minding his own business at Newbury and Fairfield was approached by a guy offering to sell him "a bag of tools." The man thought that a bit suspicious and so notified a nearby detail cop.

Good work, citizen! The detail cop radioed in a description of the Tim Allen wannabe and officers quickly found him:

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FIled on Citizens Connect today:

Drunk sleeping it off in Public Garden. No cops anywhere.


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Historygradguy watched a pair of rowers on the Charles yesterday.

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