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UPDATE, 12/15: The charge has been dropped for lack of sufficient evidence.

UPDATE: Released on personal recognizance, ordered to stay away from woman, due back in court on Jan. 10.

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Eeka, who wants to be a tour guide when she grows up, is putting together a list of Boston's Giant Heads, from the Creepy Baby Heads outside the MFA to the Sphinxy Arthur Fiedler Head on the Esplanade.

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The state Architectural Access Board has ordered Converse to close its year-old store at 348 Newbury St. because the entrance does not comply with state accessibility regulations.

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She was a 21-year-old Dorchester resident, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports this morning, adding that because the woman's death is not a homicide, her name is not being released.

Several members of the public contacted State Police General Headquarters and members of the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit yesterday after seeing media reports describing the appearance and clothing of the deceased. Based on those tips, State Police detectives assigned to Conley's office made contact with the woman's family. A positive identification was made late yesterday.

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UPDATE: Authorities make ID.


The Suffolk County District Attorney's office has released photos of jewelery removed from the body of a woman found in the Charles River yesterday after she jumped off the Harvard Bridge. Officials say she had no identification with her and are hoping somebody recognizes the ring and pendant. If you do, contact Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit at 617-727-8817. She's described as a young black woman, about 5'4" and 110 lbs, with hair shaved on the sides and a longer tuft of hair at the top front.

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With no identifying documents to go on, authorities have released some information about the woman whose body was pulled out of the Charles River this morning after witnesses watched her jump off the Harvard Bridge, in the hopes somebody recognizes her. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office:

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UPDATE: Authorities make ID.

Officials shut the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge this morning after a woman jumped into the river from the Boston side shortly before 6:45 a.m. Emergency workers in a boat recovered her body about an hour later near the bridge.

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Doward Forbes, 45, was sentenced to 30 years in prison today after admitting he broke into a Back Bay apartment in 1992 and raped its 21-year-old occupant.

The statute of limitations was about to run out in 2007 when the Suffolk County District Attorney's office indicted "John Doe," identified only by DNA recovered from the scene. The indictment stopped the clock ticking.

Forbes was linked to the DNA in 2008 when he was returned to Massachusetts for parole violations - in attempted rape cases in the western part of the state - and had to give a DNA sample.

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Cell phone dude Boston Police report this is a surveillance photo of a man they say broke into a cell-phone kiosk at the Prudential Center mall yesterday.

Police say he made off with 20 new cell phones worth $7,000 - which works out to $350 apiece.

By - 10/16/11 - 12:41 pm reports several state reps are shepherding an "emergency" bill that would, immediately on passage, let Boston and other communities ban overnight commercial trash pickups. Legislators consider the ide at a hearing on Oct. 18 at the State House, Room A-1, starting at 10 a.m.

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State and Boston police are looking for a group of eight men on charges they surrounded a woman jogging on the Esplanade around 9:45 p.m., Saturday.

State Police report the woman, a 31-year-old Cambridge resident, was jogging near Community Boating when "several men, who had been among a group that was sitting in that area, came toward her and surrounded her." State Police say the woman was able to break past the man and ran toward the Museum of Science - where she found a state trooper working a detail. In a statement, they add:

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Cambridge, Mass. — Tickets are on sale now for George V. Higgins’ The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Stickball Productions’ world premiere stage adaptation of the quintessential Boston crime novel. The production runs Dec. 8–Jan. 15 at Oberon in Harvard Square, for tickets, visit

It is the winter of ‘69 in Boston and Eddie Coyle is a bottom of the barrel hood attempting to stay alive and out of jail among his “friends” – cops, bartenders, radical hippies, bank robbers, hit men and informants. Weeks away from a prison sentence for trucking stolen booze, Eddie’s making a few bucks supplying the guns for a rash of brazen bank heists, while looking to tip someone in for a kind word to the judge.

George V. Higgins’ classic novel has been called the “best crime novel ever written” by Elmore Leonard, and literary scholars have compared his unforgiving and realistic depiction of Boston’s underworld with the works of Dickens, Dostoevsky, and Balzac. Through dialogue quintessentially Bostonian, and the most poignant homage to Bobby Orr and the ’69-’70 Boston Bruins in literature, The Friends of Eddie Coyle has set the bar for Boston crime stories for nearly 40 years.

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Elizabeth DiRusso posts a photo of a woman and her ferret at the Back Bay Orange Line station, adds:

It would probably be safer if the ferret stood behind the yellow line.

Meanwhile, and totally unrelated, except it also happened at an Orange Line stop, Andrea reports:

Some guy at Sullivan Station just turned into a corner and starting peeing 2 feet away from me.

An MBTA menagerie: Cats, hawks, parrots, turkeys, pet rats, pigeons, snakes.

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High bike

Leslee watched bicyclists on some sort of protest ride down Newbury Street on Saturday (she wonders who they were).

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Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig is Tweeting that his wife's stolen iPhone keeps showing up on a phone tracker service at Boylston and Berkeley streets in the Back Bay.

Via Chris W.

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Bernie Worrell

Matthew I. took in the Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival yesterday, where he saw Bernie Worrell and SocialLybrian. He writes:

Notice the old school, analog ARP synthesizer (!) And DIG those PANTS!

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Steve Garfield warns, from first-hand experience, that the flat-fee night parking rate at the Prudential Center garage only applies if you come back with a validated ticket; otherwise, you get charged the daytime hourly rate.