Back Bay

By - 7/29/10 - 8:29 am

The Globe reports on the 25-cents-an-hour spaces.

By - 7/27/10 - 1:01 pm

The US Attorney's office today announced the arrest of a woman who helped set up a fake business to suck money out of local brides-to-be and bridal businesses for an alleged show at the Hynes that never took place.

By - 7/25/10 - 1:36 pm

Scooterdude updates us on the impending arrival of his new multi-colored, professional-grade sail.

By - 7/23/10 - 4:48 pm

AlertNewEngland reports a guy with a knife made off with somebody's iPad at Boylston and Dartmouth streets around 3 p.m. today - and then ran down Dartmouth toward the South End.

He's described as black, about 5'10" with a muscular build. He was wearing a dark shirt with blue letters on it.

By - 7/22/10 - 5:21 pm


You find the most-interesting things in a barber shop.

Here are a couple photos of pages from the April 1925 issue of Real Estate News newspaper, "Dedicated to the Development and Welfare of Boston and New England and to those who Own, Occupy, Sell or Manage Real Estate".

On the cover is a story on plans to completely rehab an existing building on Newbury Street. The renovation did take place, as Bostonians know, as the property was the location of Kakas Furs fur for many years. In the left-hand corner of the page is a photo of the building as it existed circa 1925.

Inside the newspaper is a short article entitled "WHY BOXES REMAIN ON THE STREET" regarding trash receptacles in the Back Bay.

By - 7/22/10 - 10:57 am

TKOG reports that when she saw a bunch of smirky teens videoing what appeared to be a struggle between a mother and her mentally ill daughter at the BPL main library in Copley Square, she took action:

By - 7/12/10 - 4:42 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports a two-alarm fire that broke out around 10 a.m. at 665 Boylston St. did roughly $150,000 in damage and sent one firefighter to the hospital with a back injury.

By - 7/9/10 - 11:25 am

The Herald reports today that Geoffrey's, which started out in the Back Bay and South End and then moved to Roslindale, is planning a second outlet, back in the Back Bay. Or as the Herald proclaims:

Geoffrey's Cafe preps for return to Hub

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Matthew I. watched the Esplanade fireworks.

Copyright Matthew I. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 7/1/10 - 6:42 pm

Ladybug's Leaf looked down from a bridge over the Muddy River in the Back Bay Fens yesterday and spotted a pair of fish.

By - 6/28/10 - 5:55 pm

Tower of power

Because the thought that Boston Police have a mobile security tower like the one parked outside Copley Place is kind of depressing. Peter the Gr8 took the photo and looked around for Snake Plissken.

By - 6/27/10 - 12:18 pm

Ghana backers

16WadeSt spotted a pair of Ghana supporters in Harvard Square yesterday. Nathanael Hevelone photographed some happy Ghana fans at Lir on Boylston Street after yesterday's USA/Ghana match.

Happy Ghana fans

Top photo copyright 16Wade St. Bottom photo posted under this Creative Commons license. Both posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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Bench man

Ed Hatfield photographed this man in Copley Square.

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By - 6/25/10 - 10:48 am

Boston Police tweet an air-conditioning pipe exploded this morning at 33 Exeter St., but that nobody was injured.

By - 6/24/10 - 9:13 pm

TKOG recounts her time spent waiting on Boylston Street this morning for a new iPhone. Apple workers handed out cupcakes to the thronging minions.

Lifecycle of an Apple product.

By - 6/14/10 - 1:50 pm

Boston police have cordoned off the area in front of the BPL facing Copley Square and closed that block of Dartmouth St. because of a suspicious package, which looked to me like a black canvas briefcase leaning against a trash can.