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Mike the Mad Biologist captured some flowers after the snow yesterday.

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The top of the tower will be a different color every night this month to honor local non-profit groups. Here's the list.

Via Adam Castiglioni.

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The Herald reports on an upcoming vote by the church congregation on whether to sell one of its two copies of the Bay Psalm Book - which could fetch up to $20 million - and a silver collection that includes a Paul Revere chalice. Supporters say the money would help pay for church repairs and work among the homeless.

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Sunset over the Charles

Michael Skrzypek watched the sun set over the Charles this evening.

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Liz recounts a sorry lunch at Osushi in Copley Place:

This place is only surviving on Groupon deals and unaware conference attendees. Don’t go to Osushi (it's difficult to find in the mall, so maybe if you tried to go, you gave up and went somewhere else, anyway). There are plenty of less expensive sushi places in Boston that have fresh fish and good service.

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The Proper Bostonians reports on the scene in the Public Garden, where owl watchers and photographers converged this evening to watch an owl in a beech tree (right near the fountain/statue that shows a mountain lion catching an owl):

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Arturo Gossage spotted this colorful bird on a mostly empty Boylston Street on Thanksgiving.

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Around 8:45 a.m, Susan Anderson tweeted:

The Orange Line is seriously standing by "due to a coffee spill that needs to be cleaned up." ... At least it made for a nice-smelling train first thing in the morning...

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Back Bay sunrise

Somebody at Laced got up early this morning, and got to capture dawn breaking over the Back Bay.

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Boston Police report arresting a one-man crime spree who, they charge, broke into two businesses in the South End and the Back Bay early this morning and then tried to sell some of his ill-gotten goods at a Back Bay convenience store.

Police say Juan Maddox, 44, started his night around 2:45 a.m. at the Buttery, 312 Shawmut Ave., where he made off with a computer, a coffee maker and a label maker, despite having apparently injured himself in the process of breaking into a door.

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Copley Square this morning. Photo by Allison Francis.Copley Square this morning. Photo by Allison Francis.

The Public Garden, maybe, or the Old Granary Burying Ground, perhaps. But obviously not Copley Square or Christopher Columbus Park, which were filled this morning with squishy little ads for a tomato company. Granted, a company that is donating 3,000 cans of their product to a local food drive, but still. As Amy Deveau tweeted:

What a waste! This is a total waste - perfectly good tomatoes sitting on the GROUND. Awful. And people in NY/NJ are homeless! It's just so thoughtless, wasteful, stupid and insensitive. This whole muirglenorganic tomato-gate is making me super stabby this AM. I've never heard of you, but you just lost me as a customer.

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The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday whether the Pour House on Boylston Street deserves any punishment for a minor argument inside on Aug. 3 that blossomed into an all-out melee on the sidewalk outside featuring a burly guy yelling he'd killed people in Afghanistan and challenging people to fights and a couple of spikey-haired guys wielding skateboards as weapons.

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Spotted today at Back Bay Station: a Salvation Army bell ringer.

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John Ford writes the developer is sending out mixed signals about the skyline-changing project.

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The Globe reports on plans for the old John Hancock hotel and conference center.

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26 Turner St., Brighton. Photo by BFD.26 Turner St., Brighton. Photo by BFD.

A year after Irene sent thousands of trees plunging to the ground, Sandy uprooted thousands more.

Michael Ratty photographed a tree down in Copley Square:

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Leslee watched a Halloween pet parade in the Back Bay yesterday. One of the participants was this boxer.

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Boston at dawn

Vasant Marur watched the sun come up over the Back Bay and the Charles River yesterday.

Copyright Vasant Marur. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

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A concerned citizen is vexed on Boylston Street:

A very frustrated tourist asked me "where is map?" over and over: the just-installed "City Map" device at Boyslton and Dalton Streets does not have a map in any of the three panes—just advertisements.

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It's that time of year, when the Metro teams up with Boston Costume and dresses up its hawkers. Nikki caught up with Luigi this morning at Hynes on the Green Line, reports he played a giant banana last year and that he much prefers being a video-game character: