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Boston Police report arresting a Suffolk University student from Saudi Arabia who they say was hanging out in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental in a bathrobe and nothing else, threatening to pummel officers like he did to a hotel worker who had tried to escort him out.

Officers responding to the Boylston Street hotel around 2:45 a.m. on Thursday found Saud Alsharif, 22, on a lobby couch, police say:

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Edited to reflect fact incident was on commuter rail, not Orange Line.

Jessica Keener reports on an incident shortly before 10 a.m. on the outbound side at Back Bay station:

My husband + 3 others just pulled a blind man who fell down into the train tracks + saved this man's life in Boston today!!!!

Not long after, she tweeted at acting MBTA General Manager Jonathan Davis:

My husband & 3 other men saved a man from Back Bay train tracks. No MBTA people were there. Why not???

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BPL dictionary

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A pair of Philadelphians got some free lodging in the South End last night courtesy of the city of Boston.

Boston Police charge that Marjorie Lynn Pearson, 49, and Thomas L. Austin, 44, both of Philadelphia, stopped in at one of the restaurants at the Hynes last night just long enough to steal a woman's purse - from which they removed a credit card that they then used at the Boylston Street Apple store to buy a MacBook Pro.

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Apparently naked women have lost their appeal, so PETA instead plans to station people with whistles along Newbury Street at noon tomorrow:

Blowing high-decibel whistles, wearing T-shirts emblazoned with anti-fur slogans, and shouting "Shame!" every time they spot someone dressed in fur, PETA members will congregate at busy intersections in Boston's upscale shopping district on Wednesday.

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Will Onuoha, the mayor's liaison for the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill and Fenway for the past six years, is moving over to a similar job at Northeastern's Office of City and Community Affairs - where his boss will be John Tobin, who left the city council for his current job as a Northeastern vice president a year and a half ago. In an e-mail message today, Onuha wrote:

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Icy 2012

From Boston (above) to Needham, ice sculptors welcomed the New Year.

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Last sunrise over the Charles

Edmond Hatfield was up early and by the Charles this morning.

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Just posted on its Facebook page that food won out over furniture:

the building we rent kicked us out before they had made the deal to replace, and then failed to make the deal. This makes me wanna watch the Goonies!

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UPDATE: Oherside says it's not going anywhere, landlord's furniture deal fell through.

Mike Mennonno reports the Otherside Cafe on the, well, other side of Mass. Ave., isn't closing until the next of next month:

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Boston sunrise

Steven Ganeles watched the sun come up around 6:30 this morning from 10 Buick St. Click on the photo for a larger version.

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Kenmore Square, 1928.Kenmore Square, 1928.

Complaints about traffic in Boston are nothing new. Even in the 1920s, news photographer Leslie Jones was capturing local traffic jams - and the accidents that often caused them. Here are some from the Boston Public Library's Leslie Jones collection (click on photos to see larger versions).

In 1924, the SS Leviathan moored at a South Boston pier. People flocked to see it; Jones reported "an angry crowd" of jammed motorists:

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The Suffolk County District Attorney's office says it has dropped a charge of indecent assault and battery against wide receiver Julian Edelman for an incident at Storyville last month:

In a "nolle prosequi" form filed today in Boston Municipal Court, prosecutors wrote:

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BosGuy, who took the video, reports the police showed up late for the annual charity run (Ed. question: Recovering from pulling tents down at Dewey Square earlier in the morning?):

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A fire that broke out this evening in the basement of 197 Marlborough St. in the Back Bay reached the second floor before being knocked down shortly before 8 p.m.

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Takedown at Back Bay

Roy Simonds photographed the scene at Back Bay station shortly before 6 p.m., wonders if it was real or just part of the security show: