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Boston Police report a man minding his own business at Newbury and Fairfield was approached by a guy offering to sell him "a bag of tools." The man thought that a bit suspicious and so notified a nearby detail cop.

Good work, citizen! The detail cop radioed in a description of the Tim Allen wannabe and officers quickly found him:

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FIled on Citizens Connect today:

Drunk sleeping it off in Public Garden. No cops anywhere.


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Historygradguy watched a pair of rowers on the Charles yesterday.

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HarleyUPDATE: Harley was found, safe and sound.

Marlo Fogelman reports that she and her boyfriend put his two dogs in a South End kennel as they got ready to visit his dying father. But one of the dogs escaped:

She ran home to the Back Bay from the South End and came to our bldg and into the stairwell but someone let her out. She's been spotted on the Esplanade and, most recently (yesterday), in Southie. She is moving so even if you think you're too far away--maybe you're not. We have no idea where she's going to go next!

Harley is a 3.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog. She is about 50 lbs, black w/ brown markings under her neck and on her legs. She is not wearing a collar (escaped from it) but is chipped. She is up to date on all of her vaccinations. She is not coming when called....if you see her, try to lure her with food or literally, please, just pounce on her -- she will not bite (just nips a bit).

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Mark Bulger reports that when planning first began on creation of the Back Bay, most of the mudflats that would become the tony neighborhood were actually part of the then independent town of Roxbury and the city and state simply took the land by fiat:

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Guys in fountain

Nathanael Hevelone captured a moment at the Christian Science Center.

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FisherMBTA Transit Police report arresting a man they say continued to steal a busker's tips yesterday afternoon even as a T customer-service agent yelled at him to stop.

LeDonte Fisher, 35, was arrested at Boylston station after making a getaway on an inbound trolley, according to a report by Transit Police.

Police say that around 4:10 p.m., Fisher first "piggybacked" into Arlington station by closely following somebody with a CharlieCard, then grabbed the 67-year-old busker's tip cup - all under the eye of an MBTA worker:

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Even though he does have prominent teeth and large ears. Leslee took this photo yesterday on Comm. Ave. in the Back Bay:

Bun of steelHarvey, is that you?

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Serenity on the Charles River

Vikas Anand captured some stillness on an Esplanade dock.

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Christian Science Center

Historygradguy captured the Christian Science Center on a recent foggy night.

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Boston Police report arresting a pair of 50-somethings who allegedly used "a bag with a big rock inside it" to smash locks and make off with a pair of bicyles at Mass. Ave. and Boylston Street around 2:15 this morning.

Unfortunately for the alleged yeggs, Mass. Ave. and Boylston Street is one of the few intersections in the City that Always Sleeps that has a fair amount of foot traffic even at 2:15 a.m. and so Carl Effee, 54, and Carl Lemon, 52, were both apprehended in short order and charged with larceny of a bicycle, police say.

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Amanda Wild shows quiet happens even on a Green Line train entering Copley.

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Michael Schlow (yes, that Michael Schlow) is none too happy with how long the streets along Boylston are blocked off. In two tweets tonight, he writes:

Boston Marathon Monday, you'd think we'd showcase the beauty here instead of all the barricades ... looks like martial law has been imposed.

So utterly stupid. ... no valet allowed, barricades everywhere, streets are empty ... the marathon isn't for 2 days!!!

As Adam Castiglioni notes:

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Mike Ball reports on last night's hearing on proposed bike lanes along Mass. Ave. from the river to Symphony Hall. Among other topics:

The local D-4 police captain, Paul Ivens (also a cyclist) ... was jolly but firm. Along with their regular duties, his officers have issued several hundreds of tickets to bike-lane car parkers since July. He noted that they would likely be handing out non-ticket tickets to cyclists soon as warning educational devices.

By - 4/11/11 - 4:40 pm

The city holds a hearing on Thursday to see what people think of the proposed addition of bike lanes to one of Boston's busiest streets.

City officials say bicycles now account for up to 14% of vehicle traffic on the avenue during rush hours - and that Mass. Ave. has one of the highest rates of bicycle accidents in the city. Under the city proposal, five-foot bike lanes would be striped on both sides of the road.

The hearing begins at 7 p.m. at the BPL main branch in Copley Square.

By - 4/10/11 - 3:24 pm

A woman sitting on a bench by Mass. Ave. was attacked around 11:30 p.m. yesterday by a man who first engaged her in a lengthy discussion, according to a statement from Boston and State Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

The man was described as black, 25 to 30, 6'1" or 6'2", about 230 lbs., with short hair and a missing front tooth. He was wearing black sweatpants and a green top, authorities say, adding the woman was able to flee.

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Like, say, this one, from Copley Square to Kendall Square, as described by Colleen Cunningham.

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Interesting photo from 1971, part of a large new batch of photos by Nick DeWolf, who took thousands of Boston and Cambridge photos from the '50s on.

Also see these photos of James Coburn making a movie on Beacon Hill in 1971 (see, they were making movies here before tax breaks).

H/t Rob Bellinger.

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Back Bay in bloom

Leslee provides the close up of a magnolia bud on Marlborough Street.