Back Bay

By - 3/19/07 - 6:53 pm

Officer on detail arrested suspect soon after.

370 Boylston St.

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By - 3/9/07 - 3:00 pm

Does bright orange make you more likely to want to stab somebody? Alyssa Boehm ponders that as a possible answer to the recent designation of Back Bay station as Stab City.

By - 3/7/07 - 10:55 pm

I was on my way home tonight at Back Bay around 10 pm: one of the entrances was roped off with police tape. Trains were out of service, running bus replacements instead. It looked like there were a lot of TV news cameras set up.

Cabbie said it was another stabbing...

By - 2/20/07 - 9:07 am

Globe: Teen Critical After Orange Line Stabbing.

On CharlieBlog, Mike writes it's time to end the feuding between state and MBTA police over a merger:

It's time the city, the state and the MBTA got their act together and seriously organized a better, bigger, stronger police force for the system. I know the State Police don't want to inherit the Transit Police's problems,

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By - 2/19/07 - 4:00 pm

Attacked on Orange Line platform; taken to BMC in critical condition.

Dartmouth Street

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By - 2/15/07 - 10:01 am

On BadTransit, David R. reports on his two-hour commute from Copley Square to Watertown yesterday that featured: No express bus, a broken Orange Line, a creeping Red Line train that stopped repeatedly in the tunnel between Central and Harvard and, finally, after he gets somebody to pick him up, his discovery of where all the 71 buses were:


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By - 2/11/07 - 4:30 am

Victim stopped at light; two men motioned as if they had gun, got in. Forced him out of the car at Berkeley.

Arlington and St. James streets

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By - 11/11/06 - 8:33 pm

Victim shot repeatedly; at Boston Medical Center and expected to live.

St. James Ave. and Berkeley St.

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By - 11/5/06 - 10:00 pm

Paul R. Donahoe, 22, Jason A. Arias, 20, and Deandre D. Zollarcoffer, 18, of Dorchester charged with using a baseball bat to assault and rob people in four separate incidents.

Commonwealth Ave.

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By - 10/28/06 - 12:51 am

Victim taken to Brigham and Women's in serious condition; expected to live. Trio charged with stabbing, beating and kicking the victim.

911 Boyslston St.

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By - 9/15/06 - 4:27 pm

Ivan Sosa, 37, charged with murder in employee area near Turner Fisheries.

10 Huntington Ave.

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By - 8/26/06 - 3:05 am

Man sees his co-worker getting assaulted; goes to help and attacker stabs him. Taken to Boston Medical Center with stab wound not considered life threatening.

1114 Boylston St.

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By - 8/20/06 - 2:08 am

Boston College student charged with using a broken beer bottle to slash man after a verbal altercation at the Foggy Goggle.

911 Boylston St.

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By - 8/17/06 - 12:10 am

Woman jumped by three men, who knocked her to the ground, then kicked her in the head and pointed a gun at her as they dragged her five feet while trying to get her to shut up and shake her Prada and Fendi bags loose. One suspect nabbed. Victim treated at scene.

47 Huntington Ave.

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By - 8/5/06 - 12:11 am

Man, 42, stabbed in arm, unable to provide any info, taken to local hospital.

93 St. Botolph St.

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By - 6/16/06 - 11:45 am

Guns, shmuns. Obviously, the most important crisis facing Boston today is sandwich boards on Newbury Street! So Lewis Forman looks forward to more Newbury Street action:

... Maybe the city will offer a "Chalk Buy Back Program" for the shop owners. ...

The Girl in Camouflage, however, says that if the sign fascists think Newbury is too cluttered, they should forget about sandwich boards... Read more

By - 4/28/06 - 5:39 pm

Blue Mass. Group has the scoop on a Boston clerk magistrate finding no probable cause to send Galluccio's case to a jury - along with comments from Ed Prisby, a Boston lawyer involved in that four-car accident with the Cambridge city councilor back in December. Prisby testified at the hearing today and is not happy:

...[W]hat I find astounding is that the clerk

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By - 3/24/06 - 1:14 am

Two groups of men started fighting; knives came out. None of the injuries considered life threatening.

Newbury and Fairfield streets

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By - 3/16/06 - 4:00 am

While clerk was in the back, two white men got behind the counter. Clerk returns, one suspect pulls knife, but clerk manages to scare them out of the store.

141 Massachusetts Ave.

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By - 3/15/06 - 1:30 am

Suspect gets out of Jeep, asks for cocaine, pulls out knife, starts stabbing man.

Victim walked to Mass. General with back and arm wounds, but injuries not considered life threatening.

Arlington and Beacon streets

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