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By - 1/4/09 - 11:25 am

Amy Kane reports on a day of shopping at the Prudential Center Mall, which included lunch, of course:

Lunch at Legal Sea Foods, where we were entertained by brown-eyed Chloe, age 3, sitting at the table next to us, who ate all her chowder and then stood up on her seat and danced.

That's the proper way to celebrate a good chowder.

By - 1/2/09 - 10:12 pm

Preston, is that you?Boston Police say they are looking for Preston Jackson, 42, of Mattapan, as the guy captured on video holding up a Brookline Avenue Starbucks on Dec. 29. Police say Jackson is also responsible for several other holdups along Newbury Street earlier in December. In all five cases, police say,... Read more

By - 12/31/08 - 9:29 pm
Grand Procession

Katken photographed the Grand Procession down Boylston Street tonight.

16WadeSt photographed an ice sculpture in progress:


Paul Keleher also took in the sculptures:

By - 12/31/08 - 8:26 am

The Herald reports on the Starbucks bandit, says he is wanted for "a string of downtown robberies" on streets such as Newbury, Longwood and Brookline.

By - 12/30/08 - 4:00 pm

UPDATE: Preston Jackson arrested after similar holdup on Mass. Ave.

Holdup man in action at Starbucks on Brookline Avenue in the Fenway last night, via Boston Police:

Boston Police report they are looking for a man they say has held up several stores, most recently, the Starbucks... Read more

By - 12/29/08 - 11:40 am

Scooterdude, the guy you see floating around Copley Square on a scooter powered by wind filling his plastic-bag sail, reports on conditions during a ride yesterday evening:

... The physical pressure of the strong winds combined with the visual of red lights flashing and the audio of the horns [from passing firetrucks] made for the perfect effect that everything had been choreographed and timed.

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By - 12/29/08 - 8:50 am

Bostonhelopilot gives us the tour:

By - 12/21/08 - 5:24 pm

Jeffrey Marsh tweets:

Boylston Apple Store still closed. Apparently there was a underground fire/manhole cover explosion, knocked the power out on most the block

By - 12/20/08 - 6:57 pm

Boston Police report that two alleged out-of-town dolts got into a cab at Mass. Ave. and Marlborough Street around 2:40 this morning, punched the cabbie in the face, stole a bag with his personal papers, then sauntered over to Despina's Pizza on Mass. Ave. for a bite to eat - as the cabbie watched.

And that's where, police say, they found Ryan L.... Read more

By - 12/16/08 - 10:16 am

Last week, Mass. High Tech told us about a Woburn company getting ready to test a flying car. Now they tell us about AeroCopter, headquartered on Newbury Street (!), which is busy designing:

[A] mono-tilt-rotor aircraft using a combination of magnetic levitation technology and a traditional propulsion system with the aim of providing a commuter-sized aircraft that can be employed for both

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By - 12/15/08 - 5:02 pm

Legally Brunette took advantage of the weather and went for a walk this afternoon:

... I passed by worker bees on their lunch breaks, school kids ice skating, tourists, students, and moms pushing strollers. Ice skating visitors were bundled in coats, scarves and hats, and a college-age girl was riding her bike in shorts and a t-shirt. Everyone else had stripped off layers to

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By - 12/15/08 - 4:15 pm

Although the afternoon performance is still canceled, the evening performance at the Church with the Giant Crack will go on, but with a piano, not the organ, FirstNight tweets.

By - 12/13/08 - 5:31 pm

When the sun hits the Hancock just right at sunset, it changes color rather dramatically, making a trip up to Peters Hill in the Arboretum well worth the effort.

By - 12/13/08 - 3:35 pm
Santas in Speedos

Third Decade took lots of photos (including the one above) at today's Santas in Speedos run.

Marciela posted photos, too. Nicholas Cifuentes posted more.

Even more photos.

By - 12/12/08 - 6:45 pm

Since the organ can't be used thanks to the crack caused by an MBTA elevator contractor (yes, that crack). Via FirstNight tweet.

By - 12/11/08 - 1:09 pm

Yes, it's the moment you've been waiting for: Penthouse units at the Mandarin Oriental have dropped from $12.5 million to $9.95 million, the Boston Condo Guy reports.

By - 12/11/08 - 12:13 pm

The annual Santas in Speedos run is this Saturday, along Newbury and Boylston streets.

By - 12/11/08 - 8:57 am

Because they don't think the in-debt-to-its-eyeballs T can come up with its 40% share of the $1.5-billion bus tunnel, the Globe reports.

The Outraged Liberal can't wait, says this might finally be the kick in the teeth the state needs to come up with an actual, serious plan for dealing with all of the region's transportation issues:

... But then again, this is

... Read more