Back Bay

By - 6/24/09 - 4:17 pm

If you did, you might not want to admit it, at least, not until after the traffic clears up, or the bomb squad blows it up, whichever comes first.

By - 6/23/09 - 11:37 am

Penny Cherubino reports the ailanthus are busting out in alleys across the neighborhood, making the place smell like cat urine again:

As the blossoms scatter they cover cars, sidewalks, fill puddles and make noses itch.

Last year's discussion, in which some people opined the trees smell like something other than cat urine.... Read more

By - 6/22/09 - 8:43 am

Scooterdude, the guy you see sailing around Copley Square with his plastic sail, was out yesterday enjoying a ride (yes, in the rain), when a family got out of a car and walked to the center of the park with a flag and then stood there:

... I approached them and asked about the flag and their purpose.

They explained that it was the

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By - 6/21/09 - 6:00 pm

Philip Markoff faces arraignment again tomorrow on charges he murdered one woman and bound and robbed another in Boston hotels, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

A Suffolk County grand jury indicted Markoff on the charges on Thursday, the DA's office says, adding that while Markoff has been linked to at least one similar case - a robbery in Rhode Island -... Read more

By - 6/19/09 - 2:58 pm

The Boston Real Estate Observer reports how the first-floor restaurant in some fancy-shmancy South End condo project is being replaced with a CVS.

By - 6/18/09 - 12:28 am

Because this being a big city and all, apparently people were eating the leaves off the deadly nightshade oleander the Pru had planted because, well, the plants are pretty, Channel 4 reports.

By - 6/14/09 - 10:32 am
Three Dog Night

Beth Peardon took in the Three Dog Night concert at the Hatch Shell yesterday.

Copyright Beth Peardon.

By - 6/13/09 - 5:05 pm

Andrew from Boston posted a bunch of photos from today's events.

By - 6/10/09 - 11:02 pm

The Herald reports on a Back Bay parking space that went for $300,000 today. No word if that includes a servant to peel grapes for the owner.

By - 6/10/09 - 11:39 am

Bostonblondie reports the Boylston Street bar has gone upscale in the food department:

If you show up at The Rattlesnake and expect to order up some greasy Buffalo tenders and fries, you’re in for a shock. ...

By - 6/8/09 - 7:58 pm

Vacancy rates are soaring and that means landlords are starting to drop their prices to keep apartments occupied, John Ford reports.

By - 6/8/09 - 5:36 pm

Joel Brown gets the details on the five-day Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival this September; he says it's way bigger than last year's.

By - 6/8/09 - 12:17 pm

Boston Police report arresting a local man on a charge of punching out a limo window after an alleged fight early Sunday morning in the back of the limo as it traveled down Comm. Ave. in the Back Bay:

When asked about the window, the suspect stated, "Yah. I did it." When asked to explain how the fight began, the suspect stated it began

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By - 6/5/09 - 7:47 pm

A curious onlooker e-mailed around 4:45 p.m.:

Some VIP was just visiting the Citizen's Bank on Boylston Street at Dartmouth. With a police escort of several cars and motorcycles, and wired Secret Service guys in a couple of Chevy Tahoes. A big crowd was watching for at least 20 minutes, and no one had any idea who it was, although rumors of everyone from Ben

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By - 6/5/09 - 11:24 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today the Boston Police Department had the right to fire a patrolman who teamed up with his brother and a couple of pals to beat up a guy in a 2003 parking-garage dispute.

The court ruled that while, technically, Noel Docanto had not been convicted of the off-duty attack, it was only because he had admitted to sufficient facts and... Read more

By - 6/3/09 - 8:54 am

Encounter in the Public Garden:

By - 6/1/09 - 5:04 pm

Rick describes the guy with the green stool who got on the other night at Kenmore and sat on it:

... Once the train pulled out of the station Jon began to sing, entertaining those around him and enticing them to sing with him. The first song, "ride it" by the Quad City DJs, was a natural choice since we were all on a

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