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By - 3/31/11 - 12:21 pm

Filed on Citizens Connect today from Dartmouth Street in front of the T stop:

Panhandler loudly announcing his woes to the public, disturbing the peace! Goes on about how shelter gave him $10 to begin his journey, must see his son, just left work, needs more $ to take him to wherever. Where is a cop to tell him to stop?! White male, approx 5'6", 140 pounds, clean cut, dark hair.

An all too common occurrence, it's Boston!

By - 3/23/11 - 3:14 pm

You know the guy: Sometimes he needs money to get to the parole office in Worcester before it closes. Or Springfield. Or someplace vital that requires more money for the trip than he has. An alert UHubber reports he was on an inbound Orange Line train at Back Bay late yesterday afternoon working the crowd with a simpler story: He'd lost the bed lottery at the Pine Street Inn and needed money for a place to stay.

By - 3/20/11 - 8:36 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Watertown man Friday afternoon on charges he tried to break into a car at Boylston and Dartmouth streets - while the driver was sitting in it:

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The Massachusetts Appeals Court today ruled Ivan Sosa gets to stay in prison for stabbing a co-worker to death in frustration over a woman they worked with.

Sosa, a cook at the Turner Fisheries restaurant, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the 2006 stabbing death of Carlos Borrero in the restaurant kitchen. The jury did not buy Sosa's argument he was forced to stab Borrero, a bartender, repeatedly in self-defense and instead agreed with prosecutors that Sosa just went berserk and kept plunging one of his work knives into Borrero.

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Boston Police tweet a male body was found this morning in an alley at 333 Massachusetts Ave. Channel 25 reports part of St.

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Sico and MarinoSico and MarinoTwo Medford teens beat and kicked homeless men so viciously police seized their blood-drenched shoes as evidence, according to a police report.

James Marino and Marc Sico, both 19, were arrested after they and a third man - still at large - allegedly kicked and beat three homeless men near Back Bay station. They were charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - a shod foot - and unarmed assault.

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Block-long line of people along Boylston Street who need to own an iPad 2 right this second.

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SuspectSuspect with gun. FBI contact info.

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Karin really likes driving on Storrow, at least, after rush hour.

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Dead train at Boylston means delays on all trains outbound from Park. At 7:47 a.m., Vilma Torres reported:

I've been stuck btween park st & boylston for over 30 mins.

A cranky Red Line didn't want to be left out. Joe Pitha tweeted around 7:40 a.m.:

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Libyan protest in Copley Square

BostonTweet (above) and Neal Gaffey took photos of the protest against the Libyan government today.

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Pro-choice at the PruPro-choice at the Pru

John Anthony (above) and Kevin Gilnack photographed today's Walk for Choice through Allston, Roxbury, the Back Bay and downtown.

Marchers on the CommonMarchers on the Common

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Skaters on the memorial in 2007Skaters on the memorial in 2007. Photo by Greg Peverill-Conti. Used under this CC license

Mike Mennonno's never been one to side with the Man. But he writes that he sympathizes with a city proposal to erect an ugly chain-link fence around the 9/11 memorial to protect it from the punks captured by the Boston Courant skateboarding on top of it:

I suppose you have to look at it as a fix for an original design flaw. That no one anticipated that a tiny, dickish crew of skateboarders out to impress their hoes would appropriate a memorial to 205 innocent people who lost their lives in a still inconceivable conflagration merely a decade ago -- I guess we should have thought of that, eh? I mean: so obvious. By now we should expect utter disregard of human feeling from each other, right?

By - 2/25/11 - 2:20 pm

Press Pass Tv is a nonprofit organization that engages youth in advocacy journalism to tell the stories of communities working for change. Jean Grae performed at the 3rd Eye open 11th Hip Hop Festival. Press PassTv was able to catch Jean before her performance. She discussed her record sales and her old school flavor. Jean described how she maintained her own identity and how we all have a responsibilty to ourselves to follow our bliss.

By - 2/22/11 - 11:46 pm

Grub Street Boston reports the owners of Grill 23 are standing behind a hostess who got called a little monkey on air by the Andelman boys because she wouldn't seat them before the dining room was scheduled to open:

Himmel Hospitality is shocked and saddened at the personal attack that has been made on an employee and in such a public manner.

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FireSmoke over Newbury. Photo by Hallie Mathia.

By - 2/21/11 - 1:33 pm

Boston Police report that Bottega Fiorentina, 264 Newbury St., was broken into and robbed after it closed at 11 p.m. yesterday.

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This week's thaw could mean an end to the igloo that Penny Cherubino reports the wacky guys at MIT's Chi Phi fraternity built outside their pad on Hereford Street in the Back Bay. The impromptu snow cave fooled some people (raises hand) into thinking a homeless guy had found a free way to live in the tony neighborhood, at least until it melted.


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Borders Books, which filed for bankruptcy protection this morning, will close its Back Bay and Wayside Commons (Burlington) stores, according to this list on the Wall Street Journal website.

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Well, 26 women and 4 girls. Guy bought 30 roses yesterday and handed them out in the Public Garden:

Via NoMad Blogger.