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By - 9/18/13 - 7:46 am

No mask, no fake beard, no nylons over the face, no nothing. The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force reports this guy walked into the People's United Bank branch at 86 Massachusetts Ave. around 8:10 a.m. on Monday and simply demanded money.

After getting an unspecified amount of money, he left on foot. He's described as about 5'5", slim, with some dark hair with... Read more

By - 9/13/13 - 6:22 am

The BRA has approved a 58-story hotel and condo project on the edge of the Christian Science Center at Belvidere and Dalton, the Globe reports.

By - 9/12/13 - 10:49 pm

Four of the five candidates running to take Mike Ross's place on the City Council said tonight it's way past time for the city to give District 8 more elementary schools.

The fifth candidate, Angelica Addivinola might have agreed as well, but she didn't attend a forum sponsored by the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay at the Copley Square library. The field will... Read more

By - 9/12/13 - 8:49 am

Worcester sign in the Back Bay

An alert citizen is offended by this sign on Commonwealth Ave. near Fairfield this morning.

Is Boston.

... Read more
By - 9/11/13 - 11:18 am


Stephen Beyer captured a moment at the Christian Science Center the other evening.

Copyright Stephen Beyer. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more

By - 9/7/13 - 8:11 pm

John Keith is so liking the idea of a rail connection between Back Bay and the South Boston waterfront that he went out and took lots of photos - including of the parking lot where cars now park right on the tracks.

By - 9/7/13 - 7:32 pm
Peeled back truck

Brian D'Amico captured the aftermath of a 3:30 p.m. incident in which the driver of a box truck hauling furniture realized that hey, maybe those "CARS ONLY" signs really meant cars only.

Copyright Brian D'Amico. Posted with permission.

By - 9/6/13 - 7:21 am

The Globe gets the scoop on a plan to use small self-propelled diesel cars to shuttle people between the Seaport and Back Bay station via a short and dormant track the state acquired in last year's CSX deal.

For you oldtimers, think Budd cars, only more modern. And, yes, the state is planning on buying some of the units for use on the... Read more

By - 9/5/13 - 12:04 pm

A smoldering cable near Haymarket shut down the Orange Line this morning because the T shut off power to let workers safely repair the cable. A T spokesman says power was restored around noon.

Fortunately, God graced us with the Green Line, so people not in the mood for a leisurely jaunt on a nice September morning were able to get from here to... Read more

By - 9/2/13 - 8:49 pm

Sarah Galvez asks:

Looking for a reasonably priced tailor for a dress alteration in Fenway/Back Bay. Any suggestions?

By - 8/31/13 - 9:38 am

You see the signs all over the Back Bay and downtown warning you not to park on the hollow sidewalks. Um, what? The Back Bay Sun explains the phenomenon.

By - 8/23/13 - 7:44 am

Video by Kevin Wiles, Jr.

Kevin Wiles, Jr. reports the shooting happened around 11:10 p.m., Thursday, outside 552 Boylston St. - between Clarendon and Berkeley. The victim was taken away in critical condition. Officers reported hearing two or three shots.

Boston Police report this morning the victim died.... Read more

By - 8/23/13 - 12:02 am

Yeah, nothing like a bag full of liquid nutrients infusing into one of your veins to get you going again. Boston Magazine gives us a dose of the news about what people with more money than they know what to do with do with their money.

By - 8/20/13 - 8:02 pm

The other day, Mike the Mad Biologist looked up and noticed a new security camera at the corner of Comm. Ave. and Exeter Street. And that got him to thinking about how security concerns are racheting up so high that groups are now being deprived of their First Amendment right to assemble because they can't afford to hire 27 state troopers, including highly paid... Read more

By - 8/16/13 - 10:00 am


Teddy Kokoros photographed some of the Cool Globes along the Esplanade.

Appropriately, the Globe has more photos of the globes, which can also be found downtown and on the Common.... Read more

By - 8/14/13 - 9:44 am

Downed Rte. 9 sign

We can't be the only people who used to think Rte. 9 ended (or began) somewhere in the area of the Riverway overpass just past Brookline Village. Now, thanks to the industrious beavers at MassDOT, we know it continues down Huntington Avenue to at... Read more

By - 8/12/13 - 4:09 pm

Mike the Mad Biologist shows us what happens when a large willow by the Public Garden Lagoon loses a large branch - fortunately, with nobody under it at the time.

By - 8/12/13 - 11:16 am

Both the BrooklineBank branch at 131 Clarendon St. and the Hingham Institution for Savings branch at 530 Tremont St., were robbed this morning, both by a white man in his 30s wearing a loose white T shirt.... Read more

By - 8/10/13 - 4:02 pm
Almost stuck truck

It's bad enough when stores put Halloween candy out in July. Do we really need to start worrying about Allston Christmas in August? Too damn early, as Nikki illustrates with this photo of a rental truck whose driver was forced to back up around 12:45 p.m. on Storrow Drive today, when he realized he was never going to fit into that teeny little... Read more