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Joel Brown gets the details on the five-day Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival this September; he says it's way bigger than last year's.

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Boston Police report arresting a local man on a charge of punching out a limo window after an alleged fight early Sunday morning in the back of the limo as it traveled down Comm. Ave. in the Back Bay:

When asked about the window, the suspect stated, "Yah. I did it." When asked to explain how the fight began, the suspect stated it began because the other kid was wearing a New York Yankees baseball hat.

Pat Flynn, 21, was arrested on charges of being a dumbass willful and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Innocent, etc.

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A curious onlooker e-mailed around 4:45 p.m.:

Some VIP was just visiting the Citizen's Bank on Boylston Street at Dartmouth. With a police escort of several cars and motorcycles, and wired Secret Service guys in a couple of Chevy Tahoes. A big crowd was watching for at least 20 minutes, and no one had any idea who it was, although rumors of everyone from Ben Affleck to General Petraeus were flying. Customers were going in and out of the bank and even they couldn't tell what was going on.

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The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today the Boston Police Department had the right to fire a patrolman who teamed up with his brother and a couple of pals to beat up a guy in a 2003 parking-garage dispute.

The court ruled that while, technically, Noel Docanto had not been convicted of the off-duty attack, it was only because he had admitted to sufficient facts and that that plea did not lessen the nature of his "felonious conduct."

The court described the incident:

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Encounter in the Public Garden:

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Rick describes the guy with the green stool who got on the other night at Kenmore and sat on it:

... Once the train pulled out of the station Jon began to sing, entertaining those around him and enticing them to sing with him. The first song, "ride it" by the Quad City DJs, was a natural choice since we were all on a train.

By Hynes Convention Center, Jon was leading the crowd in "Rapper's Delight" prompting two girls from West Virginia to offer to take him back to WV with them. ...

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Penny Cherubino posts a photo of an ailing elm tree at Mass. Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. that appears to have the classic signs of the killer fungus spread by beetles.

The dying trees of South Boston.

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As the new Arlington station opens on its first weekday, the Green Line is all bollixed up due to some sort of signal problem at Copley AND a broken train at Government Center. The riders are restless; something about spending 20 or 25 minutes sitting in a tunnel will do that to you - especially if it all adds up to a 50-minute ride from Kenmore to Copley - or a 40 minute ride between St. Mary's and Kenmore with "no air conditioning, no seat, no explanation." The lucky ones brought reading material.

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Mike Mennonno tiptoes through the allium, well, OK, near the allium, along the Comm. Ave. side:

... I love the austere palette, which is perfect for the times. And the whole display manages to seem both economical and exotic -- think of the onion domes of Eastern Europe. ...

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Kevin McCrea senses a certain inefficiency in a Boston DPW that lets a major commercial thoroughfare be torn up every single year for different utility work, rather than requiring it all get done at once:

... I went to Johnson Paint on Newbury Street to pick up some paint for a job. They were repaving Newbury Street which seems to happen often.

I went inside and said to the guys "this repaving isn't good for business, how often do they do this?" The guys exclaimed, "this is the FOURTH year in a row they have repaved the street, and it is terrible for business." I asked if they really have repaved it four years in a row and they insisted it had, and explained how 3 years ago they replaced gas lines, then the next year they opened up the street for water lines in the same place, and now they are redoing it again.

Also see today's Globe piece on the mayoral candidates and the efficiency of city agencies (and the city's efficiency in tracking their efficiency).

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The Boston Landmarks Commission tonight considers officially designating the Esplanade a landmark, at a hearing that starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Sarah Kelly, executive director of the Boston Preservation Alliance, explains why it should.

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The Globe reports a car hit and killed a deer on the turnpike near the eastbound entrance to the Prudential Center tunnel this afternoon.

Yes, you read that right.

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MC Slim JB tweets that Aujourd'hui at the Four Seasons is closing at the end of June.

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An off-duty Boston police office suffered a broken orbital bone Friday when she attempted to break up a fight - and both pugilists stopped beating each other and jumped on her - police say.

The unidentified female officer was walking in the area of Clarendon and Comm. Ave. around 11:24 p.m. yesterday when she heard a woman crying for help:

The officer followed the woman's voice to the basement stairwell of the First Baptist Church (110 Commonwealth Ave) and located a male and a female engaged in a fight. The officer identified herself as a Boston Police Officer and ordered the two to stop. At this time, both subjects attacked the officer by punching and biting her before fleeing.

The officer was taken to Brigham and Women's for treatment of a fractured orbital. The woman was arrested not long after. The man was picked up on Newbury Street around 6:45 this morning, police say.

Charged with assault and battery on a police officer: Oscar Moore, 43, of Boston and Molly Jean Maynard, 29, of Brockton.

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Bill C captures a tender moment on the Public Garden Lagoon.

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