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By - 8/10/09 - 8:51 am

The Herald reports on incident early on Friday at Boylston and Hereford streets.

By - 8/7/09 - 7:49 am

Around 1:30 a.m., taken out with serious leg injuries, Boston Fireman tweets.

That came several hours after a woman was found unconscious on the commuter-rail tracks near South Station.

By - 8/3/09 - 12:01 pm

The first grant by Awesome Foundation (NOT a subsidiary of the Human Fund), will pay for a giant hammock on Boston Common, Mass. High Tech reports.

Hansy Better, an architecture professor at RISD, got the $1,000 grant to design and install the hammock - which will offer free rides to the public - assuming the city Parks Department gives a permit.

By - 8/1/09 - 9:16 pm

Mike Mennonno notes somebody was recently critically injured by a rotted-out tree limb that fell from a tree in Central Parks and that the DCR has been ignoring him for more than two years when he calls to complain about dead trees along the Charles River bike path. He posts photos from a copse of tree corpses:

... As I rode by this morning I realized there were actually three dead or mostly dead trees in the space of a few hundred yards along this well-traveled portion of the path near the new work-out station. I also noticed that each of the dead trees seemed strategically placed where a large overhanging dead limb could best fall on someone: over a park bench, above a water fountain on the main path, at the intersection of the main path and a pedestrian overpass. ...

By - 7/31/09 - 6:28 pm

A Hyde Park man was arraigned today on charges he tried to end an argument involving his friend outside the 33 Restaurant and Lounge on Stanhope Street by pulling out a gun and firing it at least six times.

By - 7/27/09 - 3:38 pm

Boston Police tweet the bomb squad is about to make short work of a suitcase left on the fire escape outside somebody's rear window, at 130 Mass. Ave.

Ed. suspicious note: Seems like a lot of these calls come in from that same basic location. Berklee kids: What are we, your mothers? Start picking up after yourselves.

By - 7/27/09 - 12:43 pm

They'll all be occupied by scooters whose drivers are part of a "scoot-up" to protest the change in their RMV status - which could lead to them being fined if they park on sidewalks.

By - 7/26/09 - 9:58 am

Chris Devers was at the concert last night. Beth Peardon was there, too.

By - 7/24/09 - 3:18 pm

This just in from Matthew Soleyn:

Some idiot in a tractor-trailer truck ignored "CARS ONLY" & "LOW CLEARANCE" signs &hit the Arthur Fielder Footbridge on Storrow Drive West.

By - 7/24/09 - 7:22 am

Boloco CEO John Pepper tweets:

Just in - our landlord wants to raise Newbury St rent 25% to $122/sq ft. Speechless. Who will break the news to him that 2007 is gone?

The vacant storefronts of Newbury Street.

By - 7/21/09 - 2:48 pm

Boston Police report they had little trouble finding a suspect in a stickup on Newbury Street early this morning: They just looked for the bald guy.

Police say Chris Iandolo, 38, of Revere, described as "a bald white male," came up behind another man on Newbury Street around 12:20 a.m., stuck an object they say was likely a knife to his back and demanded his money and credit cards. They say he then forced the man to walk in front of him to the Hynes T stop, where he fled down the stairs:

While officers were responding to the station, a cab driver approached and said, "I noticed a suspicious looking bald man running towards the 'T' station." ... When officers approached the suspect, the suspect stated, "I have the guy's stuff on me." When asked if he had the suspect's wallet, the suspect motioned to a trash barrel inside the station. Upon looking inside the barrel, officers were able to locate and take possession of the victim’s wallet.

Innocent, etc.

By - 7/21/09 - 8:14 am

Mats Tolander goes for a stroll with a camera and an eye for the "for lease" signs.

By - 7/18/09 - 8:22 pm

Megan Johnson was on a Green Line trolley stuck between Hynes and Copley for an hour during this afternoon's MBTAfail. She reports what happened when A T workger got on board and told everybody they'd have to walk through the tunnel to the station:

... [She] loudly yelled to passengers, "Okay, people! We are going to have you get off the train and walk" and then after recognizing that there were two passengers using wheelchairs, proceeded to yell out the door of the train, "Oh man we got a wheelchair!" While the passengers in wheelchairs didn't say anything, the MBTA employee demonstrated a blatant lack of tact in her choice of words. ... They may not be able to walk, but these wheelchair-using passengers have no trouble hearing your blatantly rude comments. ...

By - 7/14/09 - 6:07 pm

State and local police are looking for "a bald African-American male in his 30s with a muscular build" in the latest of a string of unsolved attacks on women, this one shortly after midnight near the Mass. Ave. footbridge.

Alleged rapist
Wanted for three rapes.

The woman called police on a Good Samaritan's phone, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, which adds the woman was not sexually assaulted. Her attacker wore a black tank top and black sweatpants.

Since the summer of 2006, three women have reported being robbed and raped along the Esplanade or in Moakley Park by a bald black man, 5'8" to 5'10" with a medium to large build.

Officials say they are still investigating whether this morning's attack - details of which they are withholding to avoid jeopardizing the investigation - is by the same individual.

By - 7/13/09 - 10:37 pm

Matthew I. captured a lightning bolt hitting the Pru early Sunday (looks even more dramatic on a black background).

Copyright Matthew I. Posted in the Universal Hub Flickr pool.

By - 7/13/09 - 6:46 pm

Photo of flaming brakes of doom on Orange Line train at Back Bay station around 6:20 p.m. Micah Nyatsambo, who took the photo, tweets: This is not good when trying to get home!

Adds Donna Garlough: My orange line train is on fire. Smoke everywhere. Nice.

By - 7/13/09 - 11:08 am

The Copley Square (the smaller, Europeanish place that recently got an $18-million overhaul a couple blocks from the Copley Plaza) is offering an $18 nightly rate - but only for people who reserve tomorrow.

The rate goes into effect at 1:18 p.m. on July 14 and will be available for exactly 118 minutes for five rooms per night between July 14 and Sept. 24, at this link (no phone reservations).

The deal is to celebrate the hotel's 118th anniversary.

By - 7/6/09 - 1:05 pm

Dave Alpert introduces us to the guys selling "art" out of the back of "a newish Audi with Connecticut plates" (so don't confuse them with the dude out by JP Licks or the cheap-prints guy at Dartmouth Street):

... The scene was so AWESOME! Nothing makes street art seem more appealing than when it is sold out of the trunk of a 75 thousand dollar car. ...

By - 7/6/09 - 11:32 am

Sorry. By now your suitcase probably consists of hundreds of tiny little pieces. With a burnt odor.

By - 7/5/09 - 10:41 am

Matthew I. watched the fireworks over the Esplanade.

Copyright Matthew I. Posted in the Universal Hub Flickr group.

Brian Fluharty posts some cool photos. Pamela Rosenthal did as well. Audubon asks: When do you get to lie on the Mass Ave bridge besides July 4? And BMWKenDoll zoomed right in: