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By - 2/12/10 - 4:28 pm

John Keith pulls up the records from the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance on Liberty Mutual-related donations to Tom Menino between July 1 and Sept. 1, 2009.

It was during this period that the company was busy buying up two Back Bay parcels on which it said yesterday it will build a 25-30 story office building, for which the city will kick in $16 million in tax abatements over the next 20 years.

By - 2/11/10 - 12:23 pm

The Globe reports the company's planning a $300-million expansion of its Back Bay headquarters, which it says will mean 1,100 new jobs.

By - 2/10/10 - 8:20 pm
By - 2/9/10 - 9:58 am

The Globe reports "a very low speed rear-end collision" between two trolleys at Boylston this morning. Nobody hurt, but the driver of the bumper car was reported to be shook up.

By - 2/3/10 - 2:39 pm

I assume that's what the error message on the pay toilet outside the BPL main branch in Copley Square means. But then, I'm a Web geek, so I would think that. Fortunately, both toilets and WiFi await inside the building.

By - 2/3/10 - 1:50 pm

254 Newbury St.: Center building254 Newbury St.: Center building, between Fairfield and Gloucester.

Surinder Singh, owner of Mantra on Temple Place, is looking to re-open a bankrupt inn at 254 Newbury St.

By - 2/2/10 - 7:50 pm

A Proper Bostonian finds plenty to like in the Brookline neighborhood, but, in the end, decides she still likes her Back Bay more.

By - 1/29/10 - 7:16 pm

It's so windy that Carol Merletti, a justice of the peace, just reported a wedding at which she was to officiate at the Top of the Hub was postponed until tomorrow because it's "too windy in a tall building!"

By - 1/29/10 - 11:16 am

Dryer fire in the basement around 11 a.m. Extinguished quickly; guests didn't have to be evacuated.

By - 1/29/10 - 10:35 am

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday voted to let the owners of a new restaurant at 61 Massachusetts Ave. serve liquor.

By - 1/28/10 - 9:16 am

Boston Police tweet a worker at 7 Commonwealth Ave. fell two stories into the building's basement shortly before 8 a.m. today.

By - 1/27/10 - 4:28 pm

Just a ruse?: The giant trailer outside just for show, too?Just a ruse?: The giant trailer outside just for show, too?

The Boston Licensing Board meets tomorrow to consider a request by the owner of a popular Dorchester bar to open a new restaurant on Mass. Ave. in the Back Bay.

By - 1/23/10 - 7:56 pm

Dunkin' Donuts yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against Panagiotis Vorvis, who owned three Dunkin' franchises in the Back Bay, alleging his wife's Brighton cafe competes with the chain's outlets there.

In the suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Dunkin' Donuts seeks to have the Dunkin' Donuts name stripped from Vorvis's three shops (53 and 283 Huntington Ave. and 153 Mass. Ave.), which it says he continues to operate even though it terminated his franchise agreements because of Cafe 57 and Grille in Brighton, owned by his wife Eleftheria.

By - 1/23/10 - 12:58 pm

Sure, not all of us get to see the Virgin Mary in a potato chip, but that's OK, there's always Elvis in the snow in the Back Bay.

By - 1/20/10 - 8:41 pm

Hackneyed Sojourn, who drives a Boston cab, reports on his shift last night:

... At 9:34 a black Chevy Tahoe Hybrid with Senator John Kerry in the passenger seat paused by my cab. His long face looked longer than usual, with two fingers to his temple and a countenance of disbelief.

By - 1/20/10 - 7:42 pm

Boston Police tweet the Betsey Johnson shop, 201 Newbury St., was held up tonight. Nobody was injured; police did not say if the robber or robbers got away with anything besides cash.

By - 1/16/10 - 1:00 am

A man was stabbed in the back near Back Bay station, then wandered over toward Northeastern, where campus police found him and summoned medical help, the Huntington News reports.

By - 1/11/10 - 9:37 am

Rich Beaubien reports he's been taking nighttime photos around the Hancock tower of late:

... I know they see me on the security cameras because while setting up and shooting under the main entrance awning they actually turned on the lights for me. So it's not all bad out there.

By - 1/9/10 - 8:54 pm

Megan Johnson captured a shoplifter grabbed by a couple of Saks security guys at the Prudential Center this evening - along with a female companion who started yelling at her for taking the picture.

By - 1/6/10 - 6:09 pm

Kath B. captured the moment of impact during an impromptu snowball fight in front of Trinity Church yesterday afternoon.