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The Boston Courant reports state transportation officials are working on plans to stick both sides of Storrow Drive under a Longfellow Bridge arch, which would let Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary expand one of its buildings and dig a new parking garage under the current Infirmary parking lot in exchange for giving up the parking lot for the new road alignment and new parkland... Read more

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This afternoon on Radio Boston FM 90.9 Karyn Polito, Charlie Baker's far-right Lt. Gov. candidate, made the claim " I am not a Tea Party candidate." Hilarity ensued.

Part 1:

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Baker's much-vaunted outreach to people who traditionally do not vote Republican took a big hit Tuesday night when he was a no-show at MIRA's gubernatorial forum on immigration and civil liberties in Boston.

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Ed. note: I originally had a photo of a man being placed in a cruiser. That guy had dreadlocks, but Hutchinson had a short haircut in court the next morning. I've taken down the photo - there was another arrest around the same time for an unrelated incident near the Common and the photo might have shown that guy.

UPDATE: At his arraignment today, Hutchinson... Read more

By - 10/14/14 - 5:13 pm

Awaiting word on the Common. Photo by Ed Coppinger.

UPDATE: NECN reports the suspect is a 34-year-old homeless man already wanted for assaulting a cop.

At the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. One of the rangers injured so badly the homicide unit has been called in, just in case. Suspect arrested at Beacon and Charles.

WBZ reports the rangers had asked the suspect to put out a cigarette. WCVB reports... Read more

By - 10/7/14 - 2:58 pm
Burned up car on Storrow Drive in Boston

Dia captured the remains of the car that caught fire around 1:45 p.m. on Storrow Drive near Charles Circle - after she watched the car burn. She reports the driver made it out OK.

By - 9/30/14 - 4:50 pm

As reported last week in the Globe, the folks at the Commonwealth Future PAC have spent $3.6 million so far in the race for governor, rooting for Team Baker to beat Team Coakley.


..the top contributor to the Commonwealth Future PAC is the Republican Governors Association. And .. the top donor to the Republican Governors Association..would be the Brothers

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By - 9/26/14 - 9:38 am
Graffiti on Beacon Hill warns the upper class to spend money or somebody will eat the rich.

A concerned citizen wants something done about this Sharpie graffiti on Phillips Street. At least he or she maked "no" for the question of whether it's offensive.

By - 9/21/14 - 9:35 pm
Old car hood on Boston Common

Arturo Gossage took in the Boston Cup display of old cars on the Common today.

Copyright Arturo Gossage. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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Obnoxious ad for Suffolk University

The Suffolk Journal reports that one of new President Norman Smith's first acts was to cancel those ads whose main purpose seemed to be to make everybody want to punch the person responsible for them.

By - 9/18/14 - 9:49 am

That is an argument being made by an attorney who represented the defendant in question, who Josh Wall was prosecuting in the Suffolk DA's office.

David Woodman's parents, Cathleen and Jeffrey Woodman, are also speaking out against Josh Wall's nomination.

“Being attacked by six police officers, lifted three or four feet in the air and slammed to the ground stopped his heart

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By - 9/11/14 - 9:06 am
Remembering 9/11 in Boston in 2014

At 8:46 a.m., taps played outside the State House as the American and Massachusetts flags were raised to half staff. Photo by PlunkettPrime.

By - 9/7/14 - 1:02 pm
Rental truck stuck on Storrow Drive in Boston

Roving UHub photography Anthony Macchi couldn't rove very far around 11:30 this morning thanks to the driver of a U-Haul truck that suddenly realized he or she wasn't going to come out of the Storrow tunnel unscathed.

"Thought we were in the clear after the 1st," he writes.

By - 9/4/14 - 1:47 pm
People in wheelchairs celebrate new Beacon Hill access ramps

Members of the Boston Center for Independent Living and friends gathered at Beacon and Charles streets today to celebrate the new handicap access ramps going in at Beacon Hill intersections.

Joe Pesaturo of the MBTA (which got a shout out for its accessibility work) caught the celebration, which also included a ceremonial hoisting of the commemoration's cake by some of the construction workers busy... Read more

By - 9/3/14 - 11:07 pm

The Boston Center for Independent Living holds a little street celebration on Thursday for the installation of access ramps on Beacon Hill.

After nearly three years of discussion, the city is installing access ramps—also known as curb cuts—at intersections on Beacon Hill in Boston. It’s time to celebrate and support the city’s work!

We’ll be handing out flyers, cutting a celebration cake for attendees,

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By - 9/3/14 - 7:50 pm
Message in window of Beacon Hill Figs announces another shutdown.

Barely a month after Todd English's Figs on Charles Street closed for repairs and then re-opened, it's shut again.

Sara snapped this photo of the window this evening, featuring a prominent apology for being "temporarily" closed. The restaurant is one of the just three outposts left in English's rapidly shrinking Boston empire, the others being the other Figs in Charlestown and Bonfire at Logan... Read more

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Well, actually, he pounded out some e-mail, but whatever: The Globe reports a board member of the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Association threatened unspecified action against the state last year if it didn't immediately rip up the concrete-and-red-plastic handicap ramps it placed around historically important Charles Circle, which is dominated by a modern, glass-sheathed Red Line station.

State officials snorted in reply.... Read more

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Republican Charlie Baker thinks he can fool voters by skipping public forums, running away from his past and changing his policy positions based on the political winds. That is no way to run for the highest office in our Commonwealth and the former health insurance boss ought to start taking responsibility for his positions and stand by his record. Voters have a lot of questions... Read more

By - 9/1/14 - 10:22 am
Frog Pond in the Boston Common

Ed Hatfield watched kids enjoying the spray at the Frog Pond the other day. Today would be a great day to try it out, especially since today's the last day it will be open, at least, as a spray pond.

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