Beacon Hill

By - 3/30/08 - 1:58 pm

Boston Police report arresting a guest at the former Charles Street Jail (now known as the Liberty Hotel) who was allegedly spoiling for a fight in the lobby last night. When they arrived and he offered to duke it out with them, they escorted him to another building with bars on the windows.

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By - 3/21/08 - 4:55 pm

The Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods wonders what happens when City Hall moves to South Boston - where will all the large events the city wants to move to the plaza from the Common go? And given how many of those events have been political in nature, what does Councilor Michael Ross, who represents Beacon Hil and the Back Bay have against democracy?

... For

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By - 12/3/07 - 9:35 am

Beacon Hill street in the snow.

This looks straight out of the 19th century (well, if the 19th century had modern automobiles and plastic trash bins).

Cool snow patterns atop a Red Line train.

Also see: First snowman of the season (spotted at Northeastern).... Read more

By - 8/26/07 - 10:06 pm

Both expected to survive; one bullet entered the State House.

Mt. Vernon Street

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By - 10/3/06 - 2:10 am

Man tried to keep one guy from assaulting two others, guy pulled knife and sliced him. Got himself to MGH for treatment.

Boston Common

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By - 4/25/06 - 10:00 pm

Man walking down street when two men attacked him, stabbing him in arm. Refused medical attention. Time not given in police report.

296 Cambridge St.

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By - 1/29/06 - 12:00 pm

A Pinckney St. resident was robbed at gunpoint as she entered her apartment. About three hours later, police noticed a man in Downtown Crossing matching the alleged robber's appearance. Office patting him down found an unloaded pellet gun.

Pinckney St.

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By - 1/8/06 - 9:29 pm

Paul Bowders, 19, and Michael Lanagan, 23, both of Boston arrested on charges of attacking two people on the Common with knives.

Boston Common

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