Beacon Hill

By - 3/8/12 - 10:36 am

MassBike reports MassDOT has picked a design for the renovation of the Longfellow that features just one vehicle lane outbound and wider lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians in both directions.

By - 3/6/12 - 9:55 am
Irish ducks


Rob Stanhope captured an early St. Patrick's Day celebration in the Public Garden.

By - 2/21/12 - 3:20 pm

State Police report arresting Ryan Parrott, 24, this morning, following a chase across O'Brien Highway that involved a helicopter and a police dog.

Museum security guards called the nearby State Police barracks shortly before 11 a.m. to report they were chasing a suspect, according to a State Police statement:

At 10:59 a.m. troopers observed the man leaving the parking garage and running across Monsignor O'Brien

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By - 2/10/12 - 7:56 am

The Globe and the Herald report on a plan for the Esplandade that calls for better access across Storrow Drive, a cafe next to the Hatch Shell, doing more with the Charles River dam and the Muddy River and just generally sprucing up the existing facilities after decades of neglect. Another idea would be a 100-foot-tall Ferris wheel by the Museum of Science.... Read more

By - 2/8/12 - 1:41 pm

Channel 25 reports one of its Lowell watchers spotted the wee pet, dognapped from outside the Beacon Hill Whole Foods the other night:

He called to "Pebbles" and the dog came to him while the two women ran away, reports the Lowell Police.

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By - 2/8/12 - 7:26 am

UPDATE: Dog found safe in Lowell.

PebblesPebbles, a 4-year-old yorkie/chihuahua mix was stolen by two women around 6:30 p.m. at the Cambridge Street Whole Foods as her owner dashed inside to buy some dinner.

Her owner is offering a $1,000 reward for her return, no questions asked. If you spot... Read more

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Photographynatalia took this photo of the shadows at the Red Line stop the other day.

Copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 2/2/12 - 3:52 pm

Staffers at the Suffolk Journal this week learned one of the most important rules of print journalism: If you put in a joke headline, you're going to forget to take it out and it will run and boy are you going to regret it.

In today's issue of The Journal, we published an inappropriate sub-headline in the article "SLI Involvement Fair a success." We

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By - 1/21/12 - 9:26 pm

Mike the Mad Biologist riffs on Bostonography's population density maps and ponders how much of Beacon Hill, the Back Bay and the North End approach Manhattan levels of density without anything approaching Manhattan-style building heights:

Boston has two things going for it that most other cities don't have: narrow streets and sidewalks. Not a lot of space is wasted in residential areas. Sidewalks

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By - 1/7/12 - 9:18 pm

Ross Levanto explains the growing outrage on Beacon Hill over Capital One's plans to turn the Charles Street Market into Yet Another Bank:

One neighbor noted how the market is the only place on the street she can visit late at night when she feels threatened. Another talked about the over saturation of banks on Charles Street.

Capital One goes before the Zoning Board... Read more

By - 12/12/11 - 9:48 pm

On Saturday, the city will give away 3,600 tickets to skate on the field on Jan. 1 and Jan. 16.

By - 11/30/11 - 8:57 pm

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports the Boston city councilor is considering moving back to Newton, where he grew up, to run for Barney Frank's seat.

By - 11/15/11 - 5:13 pm

Open-night skating festivities scheduled for Nov. 18 have been indefinitely postponed due to warm weather.

By - 10/25/11 - 5:12 pm

Virgil Aiello said today DeLuca's on Charles Street could be back in the wine business within a month after receiving Inspectional Services approval - which his lawyer said could be any day now.

Aiello and attorney Terry Dangel told the Boston Licensing Board that renovations to the market - destroyed in a four-alarm fire in July, 2010 - are proceeding apace, even as Aiello... Read more

By - 10/23/11 - 5:08 pm

A concerned citizen reports rats are undermining the very brick sidewalks that help give Beacon Hill its charm, with a photo of their dirty work on Hancock Street:

Large hole in sidewalk. Made by rats. Very dangerous.

Ed. Question: Say, you don't think there's a warren of them living under the Big Dig, do you?... Read more

By - 10/15/11 - 7:25 am

Cambridge, Mass. — Tickets are on sale now for George V. Higgins’ The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Stickball Productions’ world premiere stage adaptation of the quintessential Boston crime novel. The production runs Dec. 8–Jan. 15 at Oberon in Harvard Square, for tickets, visit

It is the winter of ‘69 in Boston and Eddie Coyle is a bottom of the barrel hood attempting... Read more

By - 9/27/11 - 11:13 am

Boston Police report a woman sitting on a bench in the Common yesterday afternoon was punched and kicked when she refused to give up her purse to three women who spotted her handing some money to a friend.

Unsuccessful in their robbery attempt, police say, the three fled - two of them pursued by passersby who hailed a state trooper standing at Bowdoin... Read more

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Sign on Chestnut Street on Beacon Hill this week.