By - 10/13/11 - 6:28 am

The Daily Free Press reports on a collision around 6 p.m. Wednesday at Commonwealth Avenue and Buick Street. Both driver and victim are BU students.

By - 10/2/11 - 10:35 pm

High bike

Leslee watched bicyclists on some sort of protest ride down Newbury Street on Saturday (she wonders who they were).

By - 9/27/11 - 1:33 pm

Channel 25 reports on an incident this afternoon on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. Note the location of one of the bicycles - right by a "sharrow" meant to tell drivers and bicyclists to watch out for each other in the shared lane. Injuries were minor, 25 says.

By - 9/25/11 - 10:11 pm

Maria Varmazis videoed the start of the annual Hub on Wheels race at City Hall Plaza today. Mystery Pill photographed the race underway:

By - 9/14/11 - 9:43 am

Also don't realize that some bicyclists now wear helmetcams for just such occasions, as Eoin O'Carroll demonstrates in this video from Mass. Ave. (the Boston one) yesterday:

By - 9/14/11 - 7:36 am

Update: Both drivers were arrested.

BU Today reports on a battle royale on Comm. Ave. near the BU Bridge yesterday afternoon that left two SUVs with smashed windows and a bicycle beneath the wheels of one of the vehicles - its rider having managed to leap to safety just before he wound up there as well.

By - 8/30/11 - 10:37 am

Bicycle lock

Douglas McGregor watched a two-wheeled BPD officer secure his ride outside the Kenmore Square Dunkin' Donuts, notes:

The bike cops are smart to not carry the weight of a superfluous bike lock! It was the fastest bike lockin' I have ever seen... at perp-arresting speed.

By - 8/22/11 - 12:41 pm

State Police report that Joseph A. Santo, 19, of Somerville, was transported to Mass. General with serious injuries following the collision around 12:30 a.m. at Rte. 16 and Broadway.

A 2006 Hyundai Elantra struck the bicycle in the right lane of Route 16 eastbound.

The State Police investigation determined that the driver of the Elantra, a 46-year-old Medford man, did not contribute to causing the crash. The Elantra's driver, who is not being identified, was not injured. The Elantra was towed from the scene.

By - 8/22/11 - 10:35 am

Boston Biker reports on the planned facilities at Braintree, Ashmont, Davis Square, Oak Grove and Malden Center - and that they will use a different and better rack design than the existing cages, based on input from actual bicyclists.

By - 8/14/11 - 10:44 am

Dan recounts a couple of sightings of tourists on rental bikes:

Here they came up Congress Street, arriving at the five way intersection of Congress, State and Devonshire just as the light turned green. Zig-zagging slightly, the male, who was in the lead, stopped in the middle of the road, clearly unsure where to go. Straight? Slight right? Sharp right? He turned to consult the female, and then something caught his eye. "I think that's it!" he yelled behind him, gesturing in the direction of the Old State House. ...

By - 8/11/11 - 11:29 am

Chris reports this video shows a guy in a delivery-type uniform checking out bikes at 99 High St. downtown last Thursday, then making off with one - unfortunately, his.

By - 8/8/11 - 5:35 pm

Andy Riga, who writes about transportation for the Montreal Gazette, writes today that what I (and other folks) took as umbrage at Boston was, in fact, umbrage as his own city's civic leaders.

By - 8/4/11 - 9:47 am

Hubway vandalism

An alert citizen reports this morning that somebody took offense to the Hubway bike-rental station outside the Brigham Circle Diner on Huntington Avenue.

By - 8/2/11 - 8:25 pm

Jonathan, who reported his bike was among those hit by a gray Civic at Harvard and Comm. Ave. during a Critical Mass ride on Friday, reports today he got the name of the driver:

By - 8/2/11 - 10:32 am

Map showing Hubway stations and the percentages of bikes that are available.

Via Sarah Grafman.

By - 7/30/11 - 11:31 am

Jonathan was among the bicyclists the driver of a gray Civic took aim at during last night's Critical Mass cork-up in Allston. He reports on the incident, notes he has the guy's license-plate number.

By - 7/29/11 - 8:53 pm

BostonTweet captured a little corking or something this evening at Harvard and Brighton in Allston.

Via Allston Rat City, who wonders:

By - 7/29/11 - 12:02 pm

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports the city will paint bike lanes from the Monument down Centre Street all the way to the beginning of the VFW Parkway - except through the large rotary where the Arborway comes in - because rotaries are just too risky for bicylists, who are advised to use the sidewalks around them.