The Pledge Drive

Well, it's October and the Red Sox are NOT in the post season.
WGBH is in the midst of its Fall Radio Pledge and they are beating the bushes.

Tonight has been up and down. There was a flurry of activity as the Matching Pledge Challenge wound down. We are half way into our 25 call goal for this program.

Eric Jackson has been spinning some great music-right now he is playing something from nice from Shirley Horn.

We have one volunteer who is one of those bordering on obnoxious missionary Caucasoids who work with "minority" children and talk about "saving them" while flaunting their education. This one works for the BELL-a great organization that does great work. A donor called into pledge and she was chatting him up to donate to the foundation, which while technically not terrible was a bit of bad form by my way of thinking, since she was doing the soft press. I cringed at bits because she sounded so condescending when she spoke about the children.


A reminder for when you vote

Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought.

To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears.

To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool.

To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen.

To be led by a liar is to ask to be lied to.

To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery.

-Octavia Butler


Our President-Live Blogging today's news conference

Right now I am listening to WBUR's broadcast of the president's news conference concerning North Korea and Iraq.
I try to listen objectively to his addresses to the nation but it is hard. I am always left with the image of a comedian who is just not very good but insists on trying to keep the audience's attention. I don't know that this is better than the typical image I have of him, which is as the teenage son who tries really hard to do adult things but ultimately needs his dad, usually in the form of Mike Brady, to bail him out.

Apparently we are working really hard in Iraq and while the news broadcasts are terrible, we have to stay the course. As to North Korea, while we are not pleased with what they have done, [nuclear testing] we will work with them diplomatically to resolve the issue.

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Running a half-marathon

Christine cheers her sister on during yesterday's Boston Half Marathon:

... Afterwards over lunch I asked Sharon how she managed to look so fresh and upbeat at the end of her 13 mile journey. She said that her goal was to stay tuned in physically and mentally during the race; to listen to what her instincts and body were telling her and to move through the course at a pace where she felt energized yet comfortable. ...

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Tigers and Champagne

This evening I found myself sitting in a mexican restaurant in Selden NY enjoying a really great dinner with my sister and her husband. Much sangria was consumed over the course of a couple of hours.

When I looked up and the Yankees were losing 7 to nothing, I thought that was awesome. When they lost the game entirely, complete with shots of Jeter in dugout pouting and biting his lower lip, that was even sweeter.

And when it dawned on me that the Yankees were eliminated, that was the icing on the metaphorical cake.

What I really loved though, above everything else, was watching the entire Tigers lineup come out of their locker room, bottles of champagne in each hand, and running around the stadium high-fiving the fans. When they jumped up into the crowed and showered them with champagne hoses (even showering the cops assinged to protect them from the rabid fans) I had to sit and laugh out loud.


I'm Not Going to Write About Mark Foley

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A lot of people have been pressing me to write an article about some of the implications of the Mark Foley sandal.

I'm not going to.

This public relations guy prefers not to dive into the pool of swarming political tigers and mass media birds of prey vying for a piece of this guy as they carve their way through Washington, people's lives and the upcoming elections. I wish not to wait on line with liberals who are ordered up taking turns firing at the Republican party as they smell blood. Or with the conservatives who dig defensive trenches and draw a line down the aisle among the "other issues."

UMass: Economic Dynamo

What does UMass do with its $524 M in annual state funding? Why, it generates $3.5 billion in additional economic activity, of course:

"The University of Massachusetts is one of the state’s largest economic engines, generating $4 billion in economic activity each year, with every $1 of state support helping the university generate more than $8 in positive economic activity….If UMass were a private or commercial company, it would not only be a globally competitive firm but one of the state’s largest drivers of economic growth. UMass is a $2 billion enterprise, with 15,000 employees – making it one of the top 10 employers in Massachusetts – $377 million in research and development investments and the site of three recently awarded, highly competitive national research centers."

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Can I vote for nobody?

It has become the question to ask this week, from family, friends, and strangers.

“Who are you voting for?”

Do you like this one? Do you trust that one? Is he serious about that promise? I know politics is a blood sport here in Massachusetts. Right up there with revenge, and bitching about sports. I should be able to get up a little bit of interest, maybe not the blood boil level of my past, but something, anything? But I can't not a whiff of anger, not a hint of interest. Not over the can dates, not even to vote for the lesser of four evils.

I have read the web pages, reviewed the platforms, watched the debates. The only emotion any of them brings to mind is boredom. Is this the best Massachusetts can do. In this entire state, home of the first blow for freedom from England. The bluest of the blue states, this is the best we can do!

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Confirmation for Romney's Stinky Judicial Nominee In Doubt

There has been quite an outcry at Blue Mass Group over the stealth nomination of James Lemire to a Superior Court Judgeship. The process stinks. His name was forwarded the day after the primary election when no one was paying attention and then they tried to bulldoze him through.

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Fall Ball, The End of the Red Sox Season

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In New England, the Major League Baseball season ended yesterday with a Red Sox bittersweet, rain-shortened 9-0 victory over Baltimore.

The season started out well for Boston, who dominated the rival New York Yankees early on, only to be swept in a five-game series later in the summer. This caused the Sox to permanently slip out of first place in the American League East Division and quickly lose sight of the postseason.

Injuries came in waves throughout the season. Pitcher Matt Clement was lost for the season in June, and any hope of his return was lost July 30 when he was placed on the 60-day disabled list. Lenny DiNardo went down with a neck strain in May and did not return until late August. Tim Wakefeld was also lost in late-July and would not return until September. The wheels fell off Aug. 1 when captain/catcher Jason Varitek went on the disabled list. News would come later that promising rookie pitcher, John Lester, had cancer.


What deity did Charlestown, Massachusetts upset?

First, on the heels of a hostage/murder-suicide at a high school in Colorado, shots are fired outside of Charlestown High, necessitating a lockdown and hard target search for the gun.

Next, cement dust blankets the schoolbus yard that is located in Charlestown and that serves many of the schools in Boston.



A. 400 Q. How many illegal immigrants would receive in state tuition, Alex?

Kerry Healey, WTF? It is outrageous that our Lt. Governor makes a mere 400 students a campaign issue while refusing to acknowledge the existence of the commonwealth’s 30,000 students currently attending state higher education institutions. That’s 400 students that would pay $40,000 for a degree at the University of Massachusetts Boston - anything but a free ride.

Hey, K. Heal! Talk about people like me! I attend state university. And in state tuition is no gift, take Ryan’s word for it . How does punishing these 400 students help me? 91 classes at UMB were canceled this fall because not enough students were enrolled; clearly, there is plenty of room.

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Mid-week market rag: Xbox360, tissues and beer

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Wednesday = Market Rag

The markets are up lately, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at its second highest rate ever.

Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson, will work with Microsoft to develop the next title in the Halo XBox series. This is separate from Halo 3, which Bungie studios is already developing. Jackson is already signed on to develop the movie adaptation of the popular first person shooter game. He is also working with Microsoft to bundle an HD-DVD version of his movie, King Kong, with Microsoft's HD-DVD peripheral. This is all in an effort to put the Xbox 360 on top of the videogame console world, where Sony currently enjoys a 70 percent market share. Take Two Interactive also announced they would port the latest and next launches of the Grand Theft Auto series to Xbox 360, according to a Microsoft release that was reported by CNN.


Peace, harmony, movies: Blu-Ray and HD-DVD could share.

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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD both offer an impressive video experience. They also offer improved digital audio. Many people have been slow to upgrade because there are currently two heavily competing formats and the players and disks cost a bundle to take home. Blu-Ray players are still hanging around $1,000.

One British company may have found a way for both next-generation formats to exist in harmony.

New Medium Enterprises has developed technology to put multiple layers, containing multiple video formats, on single disks, which can be duplicate cheaply, removing consumer confusion in purchasing next-generation movie formats.


Christy 2006 cartoon ad

So this morning my husband tells me he saw a tv commercial last night for Christy Mihos for Governor. He was somewhat surprised that it was aired on TV. So we went to his website to see it, and it is right there on the front page. is where you go to enjoy politicians getting a great view of their intestines in animated format.

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Is the Daily Show growing up?

This Daily Show is gonna be a keeper. Part of me is stunned that the President of Pakistani is on the Daily Show, part of me is amazed at how serious Jon Stewart is right now. I don't know what Pervez Musharraf was thinking when he agreed to appear on the Daily Show, but both he and Jon are taking this very seriously. Perhaps President Pervez Musharraf thinks this is the best way to reach the people of America. Perhaps he thought this was a serious Show is our word for funny, his word for serious?

I like his response to Jon when Jon asked him why if the Talaban keeps trying to kill him why he takes the same route to work every day. His response “Because I want them to know I am not afraid of them.” I do believe he is about to win over the American people. This interview will be talked about in the morning. The major news outlets, and by this I so do not count Fox, will be showing clips of this interview.

Rosemont Family Reunion @ The Toad this Friday

Just wanted to let everyone know that The Rosemont Family Reunion will be playing at Toad this Friday, September 29 from 12 to 1 as part of the NEMO Music Festival.

We are an Americana outfit based in Washington DC, who just released our debut LP, Forever Ruth, on May 1, 2006. Half Carter Family, half Ramones, we combine folk, rock, blues, and computer manipulation to form a unique reflection of American music. Join the family!


Must see-"Welcome Home, Molly DeCandia"

If you are in Massachusetts and have to see one thing on Friday, September 22 or Saturday, September 23, then stay at home and watch "Close To Home" or "The Charlie's Angels 30th anniversary marathon."

If you are in Massachusetts and have to see one thing on Friday, September 22 or Saturday, September 23 and you don't want to stay at home, then go see "Welcome Home, Molly DeCandia" at the Image Theater in Lowell, Mass.

"Welcome Home, Molly DeCandia" is a part of the Second Annual Mill City Minutes Festival, which features seven exciting ten-minute plays each evening along with dance and original featured songs.

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Massive numbers of link page

Just some thing I am leaving here for later.

I was going through all the places I go today. Each blog gets different information. In order to understand all of me, you would have to read all of them. They become a big self referential when I talk about one blog in another. So today every single blog, gets listed in one place.

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