RACE-January19-February 3

"RACE," a play based on the Studs Terkel book of the same name for is playing in Charlestown January 19 through February 3.

The Chicago Sun-Times says:
"Based on the national bestseller, RACE uncovers the true thoughts and emotions of ordinary Americans, both black and white, about this
country's most explosive issue. We see bus drivers, college students,civil rights workers, Klansmen, doctors, interracial couples and many
more struggling with their feelings on affirmative action, drugs,prejudice, and dashed hopes, revealing attitudes that few are willing

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Happy Birthday to ME

I know that I will spend part of the day working and the rest of the evening returning to better times by watching Robotech at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge.

The usual maudlin thoughts that are usually reserved for this day were already spent while I was sick, so I don't have anything left for my birthday, which would actually be seen as a positive.

I don't feel older or wiser and I haven't since I was 13. The years rolled on and I just would get bigger and more liable for things like bills...


"People of color are not safe to come here to Boston" - A Brief Reflection

Currently, civil rights are a Massachusetts hot button, with gay marriage and Jimmy Kelly penatrating the headlines and blog fodder.

Today being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day of reflection on civil rights, I present two brief snapshots from Boston's voluminous civil rights history:

First, many people don't know that Dr. King first met Coretta Scott, a New England Conservatory student, during his time pursing a doctorate at BU. While here, he rented a room at 397 Mass Ave, where a small plaque still stands to commemorate his time in the Hub.

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Putting the SOCIAL back in Social Justice II: "the 1/31"

Are you looking for like-minded progressives to hang out with in Boston? Want to cross-promote your events and campaigns? Are you new to the area and looking for groups to get involved in? Are you psyched about building strong cross-issue coalitions?

Join Socializing for Justice at the Foggy Goggle* for the Second Putting the Social Back in Social Justice Event: "The 1/31."

Wednesday, January 31st @ 7:00 PM

No program. No speaker. Just arrive and enjoy yourself.

RSVPs greatly appreciated!

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Adolfo vs. Chicken

If you listen to WBCN, you probably already know Adolfo, aka "Captain Fun." If not, he is quite a funny guy and a real piece of work! He is a regular on the Toucher and Rich show and the star of a new game from Pod Design! The game will launch at the end of this month, but here's a quirky preview to whet your appetite:
Adolfo Vs. Chicken

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Newbie Needs Help - Reward Offered!

A driver of a purple VW yesterday on Rt 2 heading West about 8 am hit my car intentionally watch me spin around out of control and into the jersey barrier twice then get launched into the woods.


I was injured and unable to help myself. But the driver of the VW did not stop.

Anyone who has information leading to the capture of this fugitive will recieve a reward. Contact myself or the Lincoln police department and I will send you money for the reward.

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RUWICKEDFUNNY? New Boston Based TV comedy TV show

The show will be a reality comedy contest where local New England comics will compete to determine who is the funniest comic in New England. How will we determine the winner? Simple. We won’t. You will by voting on our web site ( for who you like the best each week. The show will be videotaped in comedy clubs all over New England and this is your chance to be in a live TV audience! Do you want to be on tv?

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Fire at 1 Broadway Building in Cambridge

The office building at 1 Broadway in Cambridge's Kendall Square is reported to be on fire with about 30 people trapped on the roof (as of a Boston Globe report at 11:30AM). I used to rent space in that building from the Cambridge Innovation Center. Yikes!

More info at

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Ice Skating for Justice @ Frog Pond!

Are you looking to hang out and skate with like-minded progressives in Boston? Want to cross-promote your events and campaigns over the ice? Are you new to the area and looking for groups to get involved in? Are you psyched about building strong cross-issue coalitions while you take a break from holiday preparations?

Join Socializing for Justice at the Frog Pond* on the Common for Ice Skating for Justice!

(Even if you can't skate, come on out! There will surely be others with wobbly ankles.)

No program. No speaker.
Just lace up and enjoy yourself.

At Socializing for Justice (SoJust) events you can hang out with friends, make new ones, find a date, get the scoop on a job, and find out what's going on this weekend - political or social. And the best part is that SoJust members share your vision of building a more just world.

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Moving to Boston

I'm finally moving out! I'm going to be independent and responsible and all those grown up things I'm supposed to be at 24-years old, right? Wrong.

I'm living in NY right now and have lived here my ENTIRE life (including college) so it's time for a change... so that's why I'm moving to Boston!

This decision was not made overnight. I've been thinking about moving out of NY for the past year actually. The thoughts became a reality when I started dating a guy who lived about an hour outside of Boston. I had never even been to Massachusetts before meeting him so it was all very new and exciting.

I feel sorry for the animals

It is that time of year when college kids who got pets, can not take them home, and can not leave them in the dorm rooms. Or kids who got what they thought was a great pet, only to be overwhelmed with the care and feeding of another living creature. An animal, which may not have responded the way the student expected the pet to.

I read so many postings on Craig'slist, long postings, some full of sorrow, about the loss of a pet. From people who had never been given the slightest lesson in how to care for the animal in the first place.

I decided to send letter to two posters tonight, not to talk about adopting their animals, but how to help them keep their pets. One poster had a rat, the rat had bit him. Out of fear I think. I will know further once he responds to my letter. The second poster does not believe he is able to properly care for his pet as it looks unhappy. Again, when he responds to my questions I will better understand what he means by 'happy' and if the young owner, is properly caring for his pet.


Cocktails for Justice!

Are you looking for like-minded progressives to hang out with in Boston? Want to cross-promote your events and campaigns over a couple of cocktails? Are you new to the area and looking for groups to get involved in? Are you psyched about building strong cross-issue coalitions?

Unwind with us at the Enormous Room in Central Square!*
Wednesday, November 29th @ 6PM

No program. No speaker. Just arrive and enjoy yourself.
For more info & to RSVP (greatly appreciated!):

There isn't a DJ on Wednesdays so come prepared to just lounge and sample an array of excellent martinis and tapas. Not into martinis? Red Stripe's always an option... or just come for the atmo and company.

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Pete Bouchtard

What the Hell was WHDH thinking when they booted Todd Gross (a scientist) and replaced him with Pete "At Milk & Cookies Time..." Bouchard? The nitwit couldn't keep up with Romper Room! Did they pluck Bouchard from a special ed class in Newton? And what's with that Phillipino chick's war paint and collagen suction cups? Just wonderin'.

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On the Fireams Debate

Let's remember what the word Regulated means...

Care of Henry E. Schaffer:

"The debate between the collectivist and the individualist
interpretations of the 2nd has often focused on the meaning of "well
regulated" in the opening phrase "well regulated Militia". The
collectivists claim this this refers to a Militia which is tightly
controlled by the government, deducing this from the etymology of
"regulated" which relates to "ruled". However, this ignores the usage
of the word "regulate" in which the "rule" refers to the proper
operations of a device rather than to man-made laws. We still see this

Hi, this family is looking for help with the funeral. Any and all contributions will be appreciated.

I received this from a local list I belong to. Sadly I have received too many similar requests for the same thing due to the same reason.

Domestic violence is a tough thing. I hope that those who can help will help.

And, in case anyone wonders....not a scam. I did not know the person but I know about the original sender and she is pretty savvy. Also, another trustworthy member of the list verified this information.

Hi, this family is looking for help with the funeral. Any and all contributions will be appreciated. Thanks, Nikki

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The Marsden Hartley You Never Knew

It's perfect weather for a movie night! And tonight is the one-time-only screening of "Cleophas and His Own" at the Kendall Square theater in Cambridge.
WBUR's Adrienne LaFrance writes:

"Those looking to expand their horizons on art and narrative should make the time for “Cleophas and His Own: A North Atlantic Tragedy,” a very (nearly three hours) long but equally rewarding debut from director Michael Maglaras, who also stars in the film."

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Bob Barker to retire!

As seen on!After 50 years on television, 35 years worth of Showcase Showdowns, one Adam Sandler throwdown and a plethora of cameos and appearances, Bob Barker is set to unplug his signature pencil-shaped microphone and call it quits from "The Price is Right" this summer.

The 6'1" television legend will turn 83 on Dec. 12 according to a CNN report. Barker's television career began when he served as emcee for the game show "Truth or Consequences" starting in 1956. He hosted tie 1976 Miss Universe pageant and made appearances on numerous television shows. He made his big screen debut in 1996's Happy Gilmore where he played himself and beat the hell out of Adam Sandler's character. Surprisingly, also played his first non-self acting role in 1996 in NBC's short-lived "Something So Right."