Always argue with Fast Lane

Earlier this year I went through a Fast Lane toll gate to fast for the Fast Lane to pick up my id, but not so fast that they did not take a picture of my car and license plate.

When I received the letter telling me I had been charged 20 dollars for not being picked up on fast lane, my first reaction was to call fast lane, and get all 'Masshole' on them. The person I was talking to suggested it would be easier for me to send in a fax, than to discuss it with him.

What a genius! True genius. Because I sent in a fax, explaining how I did NOT know my car had not been read, and that I would like to pay for the missed toll.

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September 11th

This is another trinket received from MySpace. It is one thing to hear about it. It is another thing to see the names and to realize that these were people with lives, hopes and dreams and that they will never come back. It is equally disturbing to know how many of the victims were local to Massachusetts.

Please scroll through and remember.

Victims and Heroes who died at World Trade Center

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Beating a ticket

Got a ticket for improper passing on the right on Washington St. at the intersection with Waverly Ave. near Newton Corner. Contested the ticket. Spent hours preparing for the hearing. Punchline: The trooper representing the Commonwealth didn't have a copy of the citation, so I was found "not responsible" without saying a word in my defense.

The three people whose hearings were before mine were also found "not responsible".


I believe I have discovered the latest exercise craze.

It's fun, you can work with or without a partner, and only a small amount of money is needed for apparatus. Most importantly, it will draw all those television addicted two year olds outside where they can get exercise.

Does a two year old screaming in glee, and clapping her hands count as exercise for her? Or just for the adult who should have known better, providing the entertainment.

The back story...

I had a small party yesterday, 30 people. two people under the age of 5. I, knowing nothing about children except that if you purchase them fudge, don't be there when their Mother sees them. - I also hear that until about the age of 3 they leak, but I have no experience in this phenomena. I purchased some large balls they could throw, some bubble stuff they could make bubbles with, or dump on the floor. Option two being the most popular with the two year old. I also bought some blow up punching bags.

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Outfoxing Outfoxed


Money is the driving power in media. Fox is driven by money but their drive is more visible because they stand alone on the right side of the spectrum. This article is less about the documentary, Outfoxed, than a commentary about modern media and politics.

Bear with me as I've written a ton of soft features lately. Here's something to wake up the politicos.

Somewhere, towards the end perhaps, this will be relevant to public relations.

Outfoxed, a 2004 documentary by Robert Greenwald, tries to show the dangers of corporate control over the media by citing commonly right-of-center news source, Fox. Greenwald and a group of volunteers monitored Fox News Channel 24 hours per day for several months looking for “conservative bias” in its news reporting. The resulting film shows that Fox is indeed a conservative-leaning media outlet and corporately controlled

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Deval Patrick slows commute (sort of)

The candidate himself did not make my commute more annoying. That was courtesy of his ‘political groupies’.
 People were out campaigning for Deval Patrick with signs this
morning on and around the rotary on the Jamaicaway (where it merges
with Arborway). This slowed my morning commute considerably, as the
usual problem of people being terrified to enter the rotary was
compounded by the spectacle (and resulting rubbernecking) of Deval
Patrick supporters happily waving and holding signs. Somehow, this
makes me less inclined to vote for him.
I imagine it was someone’s bright idea to do this today, as last night
was the (sort of freeform) pre-primary debate between the three
Democratic candidates for governor.

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Steve Irwin, 1962-2006

As read on

Steve Irwin, internationally known documentary film maker, entertainer and outdoorsman died Monday while filming an underwater documentary. He was 44 years old.

Irwin, known for his enthusiasm and genuine love for nature, died when a stingray, buried in the sand while Irwin was snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, stung him in the chest. Despite a direct puncture to the chest, Irwin was captured on film fighting to the end. He was able to remove the fatal stingray barb from his chest in the last moments of his life.

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Project Kite

Project Kite is an outdoor public art installation and benefit by Jessica Watkins and sponsored by Ministry of Art and Place and River of Life Church to promote the awareness of female infanticide and feticide in India.

Millions of women are missing from the Indian population from female infant mortality and the practice of gender-specific abortion. Gender ratios are catastrophically skewed, and in some areas, there are less than 700 women to every 1,000 men. This must be stopped. By spreading the word of this issue, and creating a shift in the attitude towards women in India, we can be the voice for these girls and give a chance to future generations.

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Microsoft vs. Google: The Data War

Google began with an almost ridiculously simple web site in an age of complexity. At the same time, the most popular search engines including Yahoo! were complicated and verbose portals of information, sorted into detailed categories. Google appeared with little more than a dialog box and very rapidly changed the way people seek out data on the Internet.

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A Red Sox question

Last night I decided to pull myself out of the funk caused by the Sox forgetting how to play ball. So we went out, to The Top of the Hub. A place where baseball does not exist.

And they won.

So, do I stay up and watch tonight, and hope they win again? Or do I find someplace else to hide tonight? Some place where my boys are far from my thoughts. Where by not paying attention to them, they could be convinced to win?

And 'they' say, the players are idiots.

Even the Onion is confused

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Topics: remembers Joe Rosenthal


Joe Rosenthal, the Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist who captured the flag raising at Iwo Jima despite being told he was too blind for combat duty in World War II, died Sunday. He was 94.

Mr. Rosenthal captured one of the photography age's most treasured--and perhaps the most reprinted--images when, in a fraction of a second, he caught five marines and a sailor raising the American Flag over the disputed Japanese island on February 23, 1945.

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Cooking for Singles ... or The Gourmet Recluse?

Recently single TellHimFred wonders about the Boston Center for Adult Education's class entitled "Cooking for Singles," and whether the class will help him learn to cook better meals, or if it's meant to (like the description of the course says) "meet that "special someone" while chopping carrots."
Commenters have added their own class ideas, including:

  • The Gourmet Recluse
  • Haute Cuisine for Hermits
  • Lunch for the Loner?
  • Dinner for the Detached?
  • Breakfast for bachelors/bachelorettes?


NSTAR cancels paper bills for all E-Bill customers, without their permission

NSTAR just notified all customers who had signed up for the E-Bill service to be able to pay bills online, but who did not opt to stop receiving paper statements, that they were going to no longer receive paper statements whether they like it or not.

Read all about it on my main blog.

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Ode to a quiet Saturday

My neighborhood is so quiet today. My neighbors work hard all week. So today is their one day a week to do nothing. Not to do yard work, not to work on cars, not to repair their homes. But to do nothing.

Dogs are not being walked, laundry is not being done. And since it is coldish out, in the mid 70's there are very few people walking to the beach. So the road is quiet. This day is cool, cool enough so that for the first time this week, all the air conditioners are just boxes in the windows. A light breeze plays with the trees, not strong enough to turn the leaves or threaten rain, but enough to rustle the grass and keep the birds and squirrels hidden away.

More UMass Garage Fallout

On Thursday, UMass Boston Chancellor Michael Collins updated the university community via email on the state of UMB's crumbling garage: 

"I am writing to share a development regarding the original parking garage. Last night, several sections of pipe fell from the ceiling of the Lower Level. Thankfully, no one was injured, and since we had closed the garages on July 19, no vehicles were struck by the debris."

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Should I be sad at the loss, or happy to loose the posers.

The Sox are to say the least, returning to the not so glory days of the Sux. The amazing ability to walk into a major league park and completely forget what the heck they do for a living. To swing the bat as if Pitchers are throwing golf ball. I would say they are fielding with all the prowess of me, but I have caught a baseball once.

At the same time, I am watching my friends and neighbors, get bored with the Sox. People who in years past i.e. pre 2004 could not find Fenway Park on a map. Who became fans somewhere in the middle of the Dave Roberts run from first to second on October 17th, 2004 and Opening Day of 2005. These fans do not keep up with the players, or know who the team is playing until they turn on NESN. But what they lack in knowledge, they make up for in enthusiasm, and noise.

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