Michael reminds us that tomorrow is the 86th anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood, when 21 people drowned in molasses after a giant North End storage tank full of the stuff burst. Molasses fans will recall it happened on an unseasonably warm January day - good thing there aren't any molasses tanks left in the North End today, eh?


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In a fog

gray, gray, everywhere is gray

The Forest Hills overpass at Hyde Park Avenue.

Ana requests that somebody not stuck in an office take some fog photos:

... It is absolutely amazing out there. Fresh Pond is a wall of white smoke.

Beth also wishes for a camera:

... The fog has been hanging around all day, making the view from the windows at work -- usually a harsh and angular one framed by the hospitals and labs -- almost pretty.

Fondofelves comes to the rescue, offering up three fog photos. Bri risks dismemberment to capture a commuter-rail train slicing through the fog. John takes a series of fog photos across the city.

Sonia, meanwhile, wonders what happened to those near-record-high temps the weatherfolks promised us:

I feel ripped off that it's not 60 degrees today.

Update: Ana went out at lunchtime and got some nice shots of trees in the fog.