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By - 1/7/12 - 11:48 am

Ripped from today's Herald: Are 'Joe for Oil' ads lubricating Joe III's run?

Perfectly valid question to ask, but nowhere does the story suggest that Joe4Oil has suddenly ramped up his omnipresent ads now that his kid is thinking of running for Congress, although it does note he's been thanking the people of Venezuela on TV for years now.

By - 12/11/11 - 1:14 pm

John Carroll compares the Saturday coverage in our two dailies.

By - 12/2/11 - 7:51 am

Blue Mass. Group notes the conflict in a column by Holly Robichaud, who doubles as both scribe and political consultant:

How does a freshman state representative get mentioned as a "serious threat" to Democrats looking to retain the Congressional seat being vacated by Barney Frank? Seventeen grand should do it.

By - 11/29/11 - 8:14 am

It was kind of striking yesterday: Around the same time, women in two separate neighborhoods were reporting being sexually attacked.

One of the attacks got played up extensively in the media, the other didn't. Naturally, it would be easy to assign bias to the fact that the news copters and vans raced to Wellesley to cover the attack by a bald black guy on a white teenager in her large suburban home, but couldn't seem to find Franklin Park on a map (with some exceptions).

By - 10/30/11 - 4:44 pm

A power outage at wherever it is the Herald gets printed these days (Chicopee?) means no Heralds for sale around here. The Dedham Square newsstand even has a "NO HERALDS" sign above the shelf where they'd normally be.

By - 10/29/11 - 3:05 pm

The Herald isn't one to take rejection by city health officials lightly. Today, it accuses hippies of stinking up South Station, because, as is well known, there were never unkempt people washing themselves in South Station restrooms or asking for money until before Occupy Boston started.

By - 10/26/11 - 7:32 am

The Herald sic'ed roughly half its entire reporting staff (yes, six reporters) on the most urgent public-health crisis facing Boston today: Occupy Boston. The scrappy tabloid urgently warns us today that Dewey Square is a ticking time bomb of a fetid cesspool of disease-ridden, overripe hippies and vermin. The paper does, however, note the presence of hand sanitizer at the encampment.

By - 10/24/11 - 1:10 am

Following the recent unpleasantness, Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone surprised the crowd at the city's Halloween parade with an unexpected disguise today.


By - 10/11/11 - 9:31 am

Dan Kennedy analyzes the Globe's explanation on how it found the identity of the woman who turned in Bulger and why it didn't put her at any more risk than she already faced - thanks to the FBI saying a few months ago that the winning tip came from Iceland and, really, how many Icelanders would Bulger and Grieg have run across in Santa Monica?

By - 9/15/11 - 8:04 am

Dan Kennedy analyzes a judge's decision that the Herald has the right to report on court proceedings and documents, even if they happen to involve a libel suit against the paper, in this case by Boston band member Tom Scholz in a libel suit over an Inside Track column on the death of lead singer Brad Delp:

By - 9/6/11 - 3:32 pm

They probably won't be renaming the Seaport Center on D Street New Wingo Square, however.

By - 8/12/11 - 5:29 pm

"In a posting on a website supportive of the Democratic Party," is as close as our Paper of Record gets to helping its readers read Warren's post in its entirety.

By - 6/13/11 - 8:09 am

More than boarded up houses. More than used condoms and broken glass strewn across vacant lots. More than blood splattered on sidewalks. "Nothing says urban blight" like clothes drying outside, Michelle McPhee warns us.

By - 6/8/11 - 6:28 am

The Globe reports developers have filed plans to build 262 apartments and stores on the site of the soon to be ex-Herald building.

By - 5/28/11 - 11:14 am

Depends on whether you read the Globe or Herald, John Carroll reports, in the latest chapter of the "It's good to live in a two-paper town" story.

By - 5/18/11 - 6:59 am

Thin-skinned flacks show displeasure at Romney op-ed piece; ban Herald from today's traffic blocker visit.

You know it's bad when even the Outraged Liberal rises to the Herald's support.

By - 5/7/11 - 7:11 am

He's a lawyer involved in the DiMasi case, but after reading Globe and Herald accounts, John Carroll can't figure out which DiMasi pal he's representing.