By - 12/11/13 - 5:12 pm

An annoyed citizen in Brighton is slowly losing his or her mind due to music being played at the Lady of Fatima Shrine off Washington Street:

Unnecessary and unreasonable noise pollution emanating from loudspeakers mounted to exterior of Lady of Fatima Shrine building on a regular basis. Music is frequently audible from inside of residence over 300 feet away. Music plays on a daily basis for hours on end and has been left playing overnight on several occasions. Music is left playing while nobody is attending services or visiting shrine the majority of the time. Have made multiple visits to ask if they can turn it down when it is too loud, only to find that there is nobody inside the building.

By - 12/10/13 - 12:12 am

The Boston Fire Department reports the front retaining wall and stairway at 15 Bellvista Rd. partially collapsed shortly after 9 p.m. on Monday, forcing 13 residents to find alternative places to stay for the night.

By - 12/2/13 - 4:41 pm
Wanted for church vandalism

Captured on a camera. Photo by BPD.

Wanted for vandalism

Boston Police report they are looking for three young people in connection with vandalism at Our Lady of Presentation Church on Washington Street sometime between Nov. 23 and 25.

By - 11/30/13 - 1:09 pm

Around 12:40 a.m. on Brooks Street, near Gerrish. Police are looking for two men, one of whom fired into the second floor from the sidewalk. The two then ran down Gerrish.

By - 11/11/13 - 6:04 pm
Cold front over Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Around sunset, Scott Eisen watched a cold front moving over the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

South Shoretwit watched the front over the South Shore:

Cold front

Photos copyright Scott Eisen and South Shoretwit respectively.

By - 11/8/13 - 12:34 pm

Colleen Glenney provides proof of a lunchtime hail storm in Brighton today.

Matt Soleyn reports rain and sleet in the Fenway.

By - 11/4/13 - 8:02 am

The campus newspaper wishes BC fans hadn't spent their energies yelling "Fuck Northeastern" at a Friday hockey match:

The growing number of students who use obscenities in chants at home BC hockey games is unacceptable, and the student body and Athletics must move to end the practice.

By - 10/26/13 - 10:42 am
Basement fire

Fighting the Ridgemont fire. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire that broke out shortly before 6:30 a.m. in the basement of 56-58 Ridgemont St. in Brighton went to two alarms and did an estimated $100,000 in damage.

There were no injuries, but more than a dozen residents had to flee into the chill morning air, the department says, adding residents on the 56 side will be allowed back in soon. Although the fire itself was confined to the basement, the building's heating ducts carried smoke to the upper floors.

The cause is under investigation.

By - 10/21/13 - 9:29 pm

Quality Market, 140 N. Beacon St., around 9:20 p.m., by men in black masks and hoodies.

The gunman was about 5'11" with a heavy build. Another was about 5'7" with black pants pulled down enough to show off his red undies. All spoke with Spanish accents, fled toward the nearby Faneuil project.

By - 10/9/13 - 12:02 pm

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit by three Brighton residents against a major expansion plan by Boston College.

In their suit, residents said the BRA was a "quasi judicial" body and therefore violated the state constitution in approving a 10-year, $1.6-billion "institutional master plan" by holding private discussions with college officials and not swearing in people testifying in public on the proposal or letting the residents cross-examine anybody who testified. The result of the BRA process was changes to the city zoning code, which were then approved by the Boston Zoning Commission.

By - 10/9/13 - 7:31 am

Rally outside the 'GBHplex in Brighton at 3 p.m. today to try to convince WGBH to drop David Koch from its foundation's board of trustees.

By - 9/13/13 - 1:36 pm
Flaming MBTA trolley

Sam H. was at Reservoir when the top of an inbound D trolley caught fire around 1:20 p.m. Sean Colahan reports riders were evacuated from the flaming trolley without injury.

By - 9/6/13 - 2:14 pm

Boston College is expected to shoot off fireworks at the end of the Eagles game against Wake Forest tonight, which could be sometime around 11 p.m.

By - 9/2/13 - 9:44 am

A concerned citizen files an elegantly simple Student Move-In Issues complaint about 1999 Comm. Ave. in Brighton.

General douchbaggery.

No doubt the city will get right on that.

By - 8/31/13 - 6:52 pm

Service along the B line got messed up around 6:45 p.m. when a car and a trolley collided at Comm. Ave. and Wallingford. Car lost, one person inside suffered some minor cuts. None of the roughly 25 people on the trolley at the time were injured.

By - 8/13/13 - 11:47 am

Credit to Boston Globe writer Ryan Butler on his article, but I thought this was a story that deserves mentioning on this site.

By - 8/9/13 - 10:57 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today Police Commissioner Ed Davis had the right to transfer a sergeant out of the Brighton station even though a provision of his union's contract forbids that without his permission.

The state's highest court said state law, which gives the commissioner"authority over the assignment and organization of the officers within the department" trumps contract language barring the "involuntary" transfer of certain supervisory officers - even if the city itself had agreed to that language to help settle a lawsuit over transfers aimed at punishing officers for their union activities.

By - 8/5/13 - 3:11 pm

A Brighton woman was ordered held in lieu of $250,000 bail - and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation - at her arraignment today on charges of attempted murder and arson, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office report.

Prosecutors say Lisa Brown began arguing with the pair early Sunday. After she began making unspecified threats, they say, the two retreated to a bedroom in the Jette Court apartment and locked the door, only to have Brown continue to yell at them and bang on the door. And then:

By - 8/5/13 - 12:22 pm

The Boston Licensing Board last week gave the Brighton Domino's permission to stay open for delivery service until 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, potentially helping the company continue to support the entire Boston economy while lessening its ability to keep fueling drunken college students on all night benders.

By - 8/4/13 - 7:35 pm

A 49-year-old resident of the Fidelis Way project will be arraigned tomorrow on charges she tried to kill her daughter and the daughter's companion by setting them on fire early this morning, the Boston Fire Department and Boston Police report.