By - 3/28/14 - 10:11 am

BU Today reports BU is going to start checking IDs on people boarding university buses, so no more free alternative transportation for people with no school affiliation.

By - 3/17/14 - 9:44 pm
Downed traffic light at Commonwealth Avenue and Chestnut Hill Avenue

Nick Tomkavage reports a driver, who may have been doing 60, slammed into three light posts at Commonwealth and Chestnut Hill avenues around 9 p.m. Traffic became a mess; the B Line had to slow at the impact site.

By - 3/17/14 - 8:51 pm
Police block off Western Avenue

Keith Richard reports that shortly after 6 p.m.:

Coworkers and I heard a massively loud controlled explosion.

Outside the Boyne, 458 Western Ave. He adds:

Officer told us out was a pressure cooker found on street, no threat made. Same officer said, the pressure cooker appeared empty but "we blow 'em up anyway" (controlled) to be safe.

By - 3/7/14 - 10:34 am

Part of the effort to try to convince WGBH to drop David Koch as a trustee over his stand on climate change.

By - 2/27/14 - 8:00 am
Pothole on Chestnut Hill Avenue

Julio Salado reports that when his car hit a pothole on Chestnut Hill Avenue between Applebee's and the circle this morning, the jolt was enough to trigger his car's airbags to deploy and send him to St. Elizabeth's with a bruised arm. In addition, the force of the airbag's expansion ripped his jacket.

By - 2/26/14 - 3:06 pm

A Russian national who was picked up for drunken loutishness in Louisburg Square while allegedly trying to take photos of John Kerry's house last summer now faces child porn charges as well - due to an investigation into allegedly threatening comments he made following his arrest.

Vladimir Romanov, 30, currently living in Brighton, was arraigned this morning in Boston Municipal Court on six counts of possession of child pornography, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding he was indicted on the charges by a Suffolk County grand jury last week.

By - 2/21/14 - 11:45 am
Turnpike marker

Driving through Oak Square this morning, I noticed the little sign pointing the way up Washington Street to the turnpike. By itself, no big deal, except note that it shows a green Pilgrim hat - a remnant of the days when the Massachusetts Turnpike had its own authority and for some reason decided to use green Pilgrim hats for its logo (after discarding an earlier logo that featured a Pilgrim hat with an arrow through it and economy-sized toll cards featuring a Pilgrim who was remarkably happy given that he'd just had an arrow shot through his head).

By - 2/11/14 - 6:10 pm
Serial bank robber

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of a man they say has robbed four banks since December, two in Allston/Brighton.

By - 2/11/14 - 7:21 am
Flipped car on the Massachusetts Turnpike

State Police report arresting a Worcester woman on OUI and other charges last night after she allegedly rammed a State Police cruiser on a detail on the Massachusetts Turnpike at the Brighton/Newton line, then wound up on her side when her car partially flipped over.

Ann Lyn King, 45, was headed west when she struck Trooper Mark Lombardi's marked SUV around 10:30 p.m. He was there to protect a maintenance crew performing inspections of light poles along the highway.

Lombardi was treated at Boston Medical Center for minor injuries and released.

By - 2/2/14 - 10:55 am
Car crash by trolley tracks in Brighton

Diego T. captured the aftermath of a crash near 1500 Comm. Ave. around 10:30 a.m.

By - 1/21/14 - 11:45 pm
Snow in Brighton

Colleen Glenney enjoyed the snow in Brighton tonight.

By - 1/18/14 - 2:31 pm

The aptly named Summit Avenue, which runs from Brighton into Brookline, is currently shut. A car slid on the Brighton side, blocking the road. A tow truck called in to remove the car also slid on the Brighton side, blocking the road even more. A new tow truck has been summoned.

By - 1/17/14 - 5:22 pm
Sunset over the Charles River

Cassie Grey-Sautelet watched the sun go down over the Charles this afternoon.

By - 1/14/14 - 6:34 am

The FBI reports it's looking for the man who held up the Citizens Bank branch at 2000 Beacon St. around 4 p.m. on Jan. 9.

He's in his 40s, about 5'7" and 160 to 170 lbs. He didn't shave that day and was wearing a long tan trench coat, sunglasses and a wig.

If you know him, and want a reward, contact the FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force at 617-223-6228 .

By - 1/13/14 - 7:36 pm
Car on the Green Line at BC

An actual car, at BC, as photographed around 7:15 p.m. by Josh Gottlieb.

By - 1/9/14 - 4:54 pm
Oak Square space saver

Can't blame a citizen for trying, in this case a Brighton citizen who looked down today, saw a lack of snow and asked this lady to stop saving a space in front of her Hobart Street home:

She told me the spots were hers and anyone that parked there would regret it.

Meanwhile, across town, a roving UHub photographer captured the scene today on Victoria Street in Savin Hill:

By - 1/7/14 - 7:40 pm

Boston Police report the Santander Bank branch at 30 Leo Birmingham Parkway was held up around 3:20 p.m. by a black man, about 5'3" and wearing a black hat, gray scarf and red hoodie.

By - 12/26/13 - 11:07 am

Shortly before 11 a.m. at 501 Washington St.

By - 12/20/13 - 5:51 pm
Commonwealth Avenue manhole on fire

Jared Wickerham reports a fire in a conduit under Commonwealth Avenue caused a manhole there to belch smoke and ended electricity service on nearby Gordon Street.