By - 6/11/14 - 2:34 pm

The venerable Brighton bar is getting new owners, who plan to rename it the Kitchen Sink and completely gut the place to make it more like their Local 149 in South Boston.

The Neighborhood Restaurant Group, which also owns the Biltmore Bar and Grille in Newton, is paying $400,000 for the Boyne's building and liquor license, but plans a complete interior renovation and a new "eclectic" menu, officials told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

By - 6/10/14 - 12:39 pm

WBZ reports police are investigating three overnight break-ins in the Foster Street area, at least one involving a victim who said he was tickled awake.

By - 6/2/14 - 9:05 am

Somehow, we missed the editor's note on's scoop last week about the guy sneaking into the homes of BC students and tickling them while they sleep:

On Wednesday, May 28, the Boston Police Department stated that they have identified only one incident in the last two years where a foot was touched and that they know of no police reports that refer to any actions that can be described as tickling.

By - 5/25/14 - 8:11 pm

Boston Police report they are investigating how a man in his early 20s wound up on the ground behind 354 Chestnut Hill Ave. around 2 a.m. on Friday.

By - 5/19/14 - 9:18 am

Boston Police report a man who was attacked around 12:40 a.m. on Saturday outside 1350 Commonwealth Ave. is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

By - 5/16/14 - 8:36 am

Waiting for a B trolley? At 8:20, Douglas Tetrault reported:

B line train just took the front end off a car crossing the South Street tracks. B-liners beware

"Expect delay," Transit Police confirm.

By - 5/1/14 - 10:04 pm
Tree-killing Ninja sought in Brighton

A man who dons a black ninja outfit and goes out at night with a long-handled blade is back on the prowl in Brighton again, slicing up trees to make them die. And now that he's killed all the young trees along one street, he's going after shrubs.

Residents of Peaceable and Winship streets have put up wanted posters, while police try to collect enough evidence to convince a judge that the local resident, who's been killing trees for years, is a menace who needs to be sent away for longer than brief spells in Bridgewater.

By - 4/30/14 - 11:17 am

The Lincoln Bar & Grill on Lincoln Street wants to add an outdoor patio for up to 24 patrons, owner Francis Thomas told the Boston Licensing Board today.

Thomas bought the former Hogan's Run last year after telling the board he would replace the old-time bar's "portholes" with actual windows.

By - 4/25/14 - 10:07 am
Dead Christmas tree

A concerned citizen complains about a Christmas tree that is apparently just rolling around Union Street whenever the wind blows hard enough:

The Christmas tree has been up against the White House across the street for a few months now. Over the week it had moved to the sidewalk and is now blocking the handicap parking spot in front of my house. They should have been responsible for the proper disposal back in January. Now it is a hazard to the whole street.

By - 4/21/14 - 2:39 pm

RedSox223 caught him in Wellesley Center:

Meb Keflezighi in Wellesley.

Photo copyright RedSox223. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 4/17/14 - 3:53 pm

Randi Berkowitz, 58, and Patricia DiGiacomo, 63, were arraigned today on a 63-count indictment charging they used their neighbor's cat to gain entry to her life and her finances - which they then allegedly plundered - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

The two ingratiated themselves with the victim, a Strathmore Road neighbor who lived next door to them on Strathmore Road, by caring for her 7-year-old tabby, "Puddy Cat." The victim had no close family and the cat was "the most important thing in her life," according to prosecutors:

By - 4/15/14 - 3:20 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports the BRA has withdrawn the proposed mixed-use development from its agenda this week, with one official saying this is to try to reach a compromise with neighbors over the height of the buildings.

By - 4/11/14 - 2:46 pm


A diverse group of residents, commuters, transportation advocates, business owners, and elected officials packed a standing-room only Jackson Mann Community Center last night for the first MassDOT public meeting of the Mass Pike Interchange Improvement Project.

By - 4/6/14 - 6:07 pm
Crocuses in Brighton

Erica Mattison spotted these spring harbingers in a yard on Comm. Ave. in Brighton today.

By - 4/1/14 - 4:23 pm

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday what to do about a one-punch fight at Lincoln Bar and Grill - the former Hogan's Run - on Lincoln Street in Brighton.

A patron who says he objected to the way a couple of other patrons were harshing on an "elderly" gentleman on the evening of Jan. 18 spoke up - and promptly got punched to the ground - bar owner Francis Thomas, a bartender and police agree.

What happened next - and why the guy got punched in the face - however, proved subject to interpretation.

By - 3/28/14 - 10:11 am

BU Today reports BU is going to start checking IDs on people boarding university buses, so no more free alternative transportation for people with no school affiliation.

By - 3/17/14 - 9:44 pm
Downed traffic light at Commonwealth Avenue and Chestnut Hill Avenue

Nick Tomkavage reports a driver, who may have been doing 60, slammed into three light posts at Commonwealth and Chestnut Hill avenues around 9 p.m. Traffic became a mess; the B Line had to slow at the impact site.

By - 3/17/14 - 8:51 pm
Police block off Western Avenue

Keith Richard reports that shortly after 6 p.m.:

Coworkers and I heard a massively loud controlled explosion.

Outside the Boyne, 458 Western Ave. He adds:

Officer told us out was a pressure cooker found on street, no threat made. Same officer said, the pressure cooker appeared empty but "we blow 'em up anyway" (controlled) to be safe.