By - 12/18/15 - 9:21 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports the two were opening their respective stores in Washington Square early Wednesday morning when the Dunk's worker collapsed to the sidewalk.

By - 12/17/15 - 1:08 pm
Notes of remembrance left on Irving's store in Brookline

Tracey Staedter was heartened today to see all the sticky notes left on Irving's on Harvard Street by fans of longtime owner Ethel Weiss, who died last week at 101: Read more.

By - 12/15/15 - 10:07 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports:

An Evans Road resident reported that during the night, someone stuck about 100 forks in their yard.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Brookline police blotter without at least one entry about menacing "rogue turkeys." Plus oh so much more.

By - 12/12/15 - 12:09 am
Ethel Weiss has passed away

Chris Lopez noticed the sign in the window of Irving's on Harvard Street on Friday about Ethel Weiss, 101.

Really sad day in Brookline. Ethel was always so sweet to my wife and I when we went into Irving's.

By - 12/6/15 - 7:10 pm
Judah Maccabbee hands out dreidels in Brookline

After sunset, Jewish families gathered in front of the Devotion School on Harvard Street, where Judah Maccabee himself handed out dreidels tonight before the prayers were song and the menorah was lit for Chanukah's first night, in a celebration sponsored by the local Chabad Chai center:

Read more.

By - 11/27/15 - 11:47 am

Ali Dukakis, Mike's granddaughter, is chronicling the turkey carcasses that people are leaving outside his Brookline home (he did ask, after all). Read more.

By - 11/25/15 - 7:15 pm

Yes, of course Mike Dukakis saves turkey carcasses for months to make into soup, and yes, of course he's been known to take them on Amtrak with him, and yes, of course he gives out his home address so people can drop off their turkey carcasses.

By - 11/21/15 - 5:06 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports a Smythe Street resident found it suspicious that a "large black man" was just standing there, so when she went up to him to ask if he needed anything and he replied "no," she called police - who responded and found "he checked out OK."

By - 11/16/15 - 8:46 am

What the T describes as "minor" delays inbound on the D Line has turned into a 20-25-minute wait, Suzannishly reports.

By - 11/13/15 - 7:26 am
Message to Laura from Germany in Coolidge Corner

Seems Mike did a lot of things involving numbers the other night - except getting Laura's digits, that is. Cory spotted the flier in Coolidge Corner yesterday.

By - 11/6/15 - 12:45 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports on a 911 call:

A Princeton Road resident called to report turkeys roosting in her trees at night. She was looking for advice.

By - 11/2/15 - 4:05 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports a Rawson Road resident called 911 to report she was out for a walk "when eight turkeys surrounded her and prevented her from passing."

By - 11/2/15 - 9:14 am
Architect's rendering of proposed 5 Washington St. project in Brighton

Architect's revised rendering of 5 Washington St. in Brighton.

The Cambridge developer that wants to tear down the gas station and offices on the town line on Washington Street has submitted revised plans to the BRA that shrink the building from six to four floors - by reducing the number of units from 145 to 118 - and now plans to give tenants T passes for three months and a year's ZipCar membership to try to reduce the impact on local roads. Read more.

By - 10/18/15 - 5:10 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports a resident dialed 911 after hearing a woman make "strange statements about JFK" (also note the items about an "aggressive" apple picker and the guy who came back to his car to find a new laptop in the back seat).

By - 10/15/15 - 11:26 pm

The Globe reports the crazed bird is chomping on people's houses, and residents squawk they wouldn't mind if the foul beast froze to death in the upcoming winter.

By - 10/12/15 - 11:32 pm

WBZ reports on the incident at the Harvard Avenue Anna's Taqueria Sunday night.

By - 9/29/15 - 10:57 pm

Brookline Police report an out-of-town woman was getting into her car on Marion Street near Coolidge Corner around 9:15 p.m. yesterday when a man jumped in her car:

The male forced her to drive to a close by ATM and withdraw a sum of money. The victim then drove the subject to the lower Beacon Street area by Park Drive. The male subject got out. The victim then drove to her home, in another community.

By - 9/18/15 - 1:40 pm

Wicked Local Poultryville reports:

A caller reported seeing a woman being chased by turkeys on Rawson Road ...