By - 5/9/15 - 10:15 pm

Boston cops have surrounded a 66 bus in Brookline Village, where they are offloading several teens who allegedly ran through Marty's on North Beacon Street stealing bottles of vodka and Hennessy - and searching for the bottles.

The Night Ridah, who is at the scene, says the kids don't appear to be more than 14.

By - 5/9/15 - 9:37 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports (last item):

A caller reported an aggressive turkey followed her until a good Samaritan let her onto a porch to wait it out on Mason Terrace.

By - 5/6/15 - 5:28 pm

The Pittsburgh Business Times reports the for-profit school's parent company just isn't seeing enough profit in art education these days; will slowly close institute as students graduate its classes, rather than just shutting immediately.

H/t Dale Cruise.

By - 5/5/15 - 3:08 pm

Brookline Police report a man flashed two women in separate incidents Monday in the area of Pleasant and Browne streets - in the same general area as a string of exposings earlier this year. Read more.

By - 4/27/15 - 1:19 pm

Because at least the turkeys don't urinate all over your laundry-room floor.

Wicked Local Brookline reports a repairman from Roslindale is charged with doing just that and rummaging around the cabinets while using his customer's clothes to mop up his micturition - after which he allegedly stole her husband's Red Sox tickets.

By - 4/20/15 - 8:49 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports:

A Gardner Road resident called to report several turkeys were at her door.

By - 4/7/15 - 4:01 pm

Brookline Police report a man not worried has exposed himself six times to women on streets south of the BU campus roughly between Babcock and Pleasant streets since early January.

Two occurred on January 5th, one on January 20th, three on April 5th. The incidents have occurred in the north Brookline area. We believe these incidents are related, they happened In the vicinity of Babcock Street, Pleasant Street, Freeman Streets and James Street.

By - 4/3/15 - 5:38 pm
Burst water main floods Green Line in Brookline Hills

Grace Holley shows us the cascade of water now pouring onto the Riverside Line from a burst water main on an overpass at Brookline Hills - just like the cascade of water that poured onto the Riverside Line from a burst water main on an overpass at Brookline Hills on March 17.

Needless to say, nobody on the Riverside Line is going anywhere fast. Or at all.

By - 4/3/15 - 9:38 am
Missing from the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline

The Coolidge Corner Theatre reports somebody stole a photo off the wall of its basement lobby. But not just any photo:

The photo is of the graffiti artists from the movie WILD STYLE when they were here at the Coolidge decorating the alley wall, and is an important piece of our history. The picture is a color photo in a black frame with a white mat, about 20" x 22".

By - 3/29/15 - 3:37 pm
U-Haul driver smashes into Foley's Liquors in Brookline

DR happened upon the aftermath of a crash in which the driver of a U-Haul truck managed to plow into the front of Foley's Liquors on Cypress Street. No injuries, at least, he reports.

By - 3/26/15 - 8:26 pm

Brookline Police report arresting a former worker at Zaftigs on a charge of "photographing an unsuspecting nude person" for the camera found in the handicap restroom at the Harvard Street deli.

Police say Rogerio Sores-Fernandes, 38, of Allston, installed the camera in August of last year, when he worked at Zaftigs.

Sores-Fernandes was arraigned in Brookline District Court today after turning himself in, police say.

Innocent, etc.

By - 3/24/15 - 6:31 pm

Brookline Police report finding a camera installed in a restroom at Zaftig's on Harvard Street, after getting a tip yesterday from WFXT. Police add:

Upon arrival at the restaurant, police were informed by the restaurant management; they were not to talk to us and were directed to talk to their lawyer. Detectives have started an investigation. Based upon the tip and preliminary information that has been obtained, the incident happened a few months ago and an employee was involved who no longer works there.

By - 3/18/15 - 1:43 pm

An article on the warrant for the May 26 town meeting in Brookline calls on members to publicly reject the idea of a summer Olympics in 2024.

The article, proposed by Lee Biernbaum, starts:

Whereas: the Town of Brookline, surrounded on three sides and about 85% of its borders by Boston, was never consulted about hosting the 2024 Olympics before Boston2024's private bid was placed, proposing at least two events within our town ...

Biernbaum's proposal states concerns about taxpayers being stuck with override costs and the Olympics vacuuming money away from local non-profit groups. Also:

By - 3/17/15 - 9:58 pm
Exploded water main above Green Line in Brookline Hills

The Green Line's newest water feature.

Update, Wednesday, 6:20 a.m. The MBTA reports the D Line is back in service.

Grace Holley reports tonight from Brookline Hills, where a loud explosion shortly after 8:30 p.m. was followed by a torrential waterfall from a newly burst water main right above the tracks.

Normally I love water rides but this is a nightmare.

A second Green Line train approached waterfall but went into reverse and backed up, after a long wait.

Now police etc are on scene, lot of flooding on tracks. No more sparks. Right by Brookline Hills Station/Cypress St.

By - 3/9/15 - 3:11 pm

In Brookline, he might punch you if you try to stop him from shoplifting a muffin.

By - 2/23/15 - 4:25 pm
Car backs up onto Brookline library

Brookline Police posted a couple of photos of a car whose driver somehow managed to back it up onto the railings outside the Public Library of Brookline this afternoon. Police report no injuries.

By - 2/23/15 - 9:11 am
Lights out on Commonwealth Avenue at the BU Bridge

Jonathan Levitt give us a taste of the chaos around 9 when the lights went out on Comm. Ave. by the bridge.

By - 2/17/15 - 10:59 pm

Mike Sanders watched a plow-equipped trolley move through Coolidge Corner tonight.

By - 2/17/15 - 4:43 pm
Smoking Green Line trolley at Brookline Village

It's not usually a good sign when smoke starts pouring out of a trolley, as Emily shows us around 4:40 p.m.

She reports the train was evacuated. Brookline FD showed up and took care of whatever was causing the smoke and the T made preparations to have the train towed away (and shot?) so that service could resume.

Not long after, passengers had to get off an inbound Orange Line train at Mass. Ave. due to brake issues.