By - 5/19/09 - 8:13 pm

The man shot Monday in a Harvard dorm died today, and is identified as Justin Cosby, 21, of Cambridge, the Globe reports in a News Update. They include a video of the victim's mother.

The Crimson's article has more information from police and security/safety perspectives, including witness reports.

By - 5/19/09 - 5:01 pm

Wicked Local Cambridge reports a guy holding up a Bank of America branch took a seat to wait for the manager to talk to him and, presumably, give him a big bag full of cash.

He never did get any money.

By - 5/18/09 - 6:17 pm

UPDATE: The man, Justin Cosby of Somerville, died.

The Crimson reports a man was shot around 5 p.m. in the entrance of Kirkland House on Dunster Street; not a Harvard student; was conscious, shot in the lower torso and was likely targeted.

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Video by Jonathan Souza. More.

D. was in the Longfellow Park chapel when it caught fire this morning:

... I had smelled smoke from the moment I sat down. However, it was very faint, and since I was sitting next to the projector, thought it might be coming from there. It wasn't. ...

By - 5/17/09 - 11:56 am

Antonio Rodriguez posts photos of a large fire at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints off Brattle Street in Cambridge this morning. He reports it started during services, but that everybody seemed to get out OK.

WBUR posts video, says there were about 350 people in the church at the time.

By - 5/16/09 - 11:17 am

Eileansiar posts a photo of Dan, who plays an instrument called a hong (bang a hong, get it on?) in Harvard Square with a little green alien.

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Channel 4 reports, and tweets the man is dead.

Riders are being put on buses between Harvard and Alewife.

Carol O., at Porter at the time, tweets:

Was waiting for the subway when there was a commotion & the train stopped short. It seems like someone jumped/fell in front.

She adds:

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MIT Police report on an incident Monday night involving six banditos in bandanas buzzed into a dormitory by a student expecting visitors:

An MIT officer followed the fleeing white Mitsubishi as it drove along Memorial Drive and several other streets before hitting a parked car, at which time all suspects exited the vehicle and fled the scene. Massachusetts State Police and Boston Police assisted in searching the area to no avail.

One of the suspects failed to pull up his bandana, was described as Asian, heavyset, with short cropped hair.

Via Wicked Local Cambridge.

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The Crimson reports on meetings between a Harvard dean and undergraduates to discuss $77 million in cuts the university is making to tighten its budgets. While some students expressed concern about issues such as the elimination of late-night shuttle-bus service, athletes zeroed in on plans to eliminate hot breakfasts on weekday mornings, which Harvard says will save $900,000 a year:

... During the Lamont Cafe session, members of the Men's Varsity Swimming and Diving Team said the elimination of hot breakfast would take away a protein- and calorie-filled meal they and other athletes need after morning practices. ...

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Facebook group set up to try to work to convince Lesley to stop kicking all the stores out of the building, such as Kotobukiya.

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At the corner of Mass Ave and State Street. One of those minivan school buses was stopped the over the bike lane, mid-left turn from Mass Ave southbound onto State, with a cyclist and a bike lying on the ground in front of the bumper.

By - 5/8/09 - 12:08 am
Front guy

16WadeSt photographed the front of this man in Harvard Square.

And Richard Beaubien the back of this man in Harvard Square.

Front guy

Respective images copyright by 16WadeSt and Richard Beaubien. Posted in the Universal Hub Flickr pool.

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Boblothrope reports workers were busy replacing platform signs at Alewife station this morning - for like the fourth time in 16 months:

... The crew included no less than *four* supervisors, who stood around on the mezzanine level chatting.

I didn't notice any functional difference between the old signs and the new ones. They weren't just sticking on new graphics -- they were replacing the entire metal panels. ...

Apparently, Alewife is a testbed for new signage ideas for the rest of the T system.

By - 5/3/09 - 9:15 pm

Erin went to Mayfair in Harvard Square today.

By - 5/3/09 - 10:12 am

Some field research into the question.

Via Paul Levy, an MIT alum now working at a Harvard-affiliated institution.

By - 4/30/09 - 4:15 pm

Haven't found a link just yet, but right outside of my office, an 18-wheeler lodged itself under the pedestrian bridge just west of BU Bridge on Memorial Drive. It seems that he was heading from the Allston-Brighton tolls to Microcenter and inexplicably missed the left turn into their parking lot, missed the warning signs for low height at the Shell station, and ended up 70% of the way under the pedestrian bridge before coming to a complete stop.

EDIT: Channel 5 has more details and video/pictures. Thanks, J258.