By - 9/29/08 - 9:02 am

The Crimson reports on a spate of robberies at Harvard dorms and attacks on Harvard students in Harvard Square:

For a few Quincy House residents, their suite offered small comfort from the rain this weekend as they awoke Saturday to the sound of a male intruder robbing their room. The thief was stealing what amounted to be the third laptop that was snatched from Quincy students in the past week. ...

By - 9/26/08 - 9:48 am

Cambridge Police report that a raging motorist who had words with a bicyclist on Prospect Street in Somerville yesterday morning caught up with the bicyclist again in Cambridge and this time got out of his car to give the guy a real piece of his mind and possibly a beatdown. Only he forgot something:

The suspect's motor vehicle continued and struck a second motor vehicle when the suspect left his motor vehicle in drive to confront the reporting party.

Karma takes care of raging bicyclist in Cambridge.

Meanwhile, Cambridge cabbies were pretty ragey yesterday as well. Cambridge Police also report they had to break up a fight among three employees of a cab company around 4:20 p.m. on Fulkerson Street - and that around 9:30 p.m. two cabbies got into some fisticuffs when one allgedly tried to cut in on the other at an Essex Street cab stand. And then, about two hours later:

... [T]wo taxi cab drivers got into an argument on Elliot St. One of the drivers stated that the other driver kicked his rear passenger side door causing damage.

By - 9/22/08 - 1:21 pm

Cambridge Police were kept busy this weekend responding to a series of reports of angry people who didn't feel like keeping things bottled up:


  • A black woman shoved into a fare gate at Alewife by an angry white man, between 50 and 60, screaming racial epithets at her.
  • A Sidney Street resident scratched and smacked in the face by his angry ex-girlfriend from Allston.
By - 9/19/08 - 11:54 am

Cambridge Police report that early yesterday morning, officers picked up a Leighton Street man on charges of assault to murder, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic assault and battery, intimidation of a witness and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Anybody know more details?

Innocent, etc.

By - 9/18/08 - 10:42 am

The latest Cambridge Police log includes this item:

On 9/17/08 at 7:55 PM, a resident of Broadway St. stated that her cousin has been harassing her over her new husband. Every time she sees her cousin, she starts an argument with her. There has been no physical abuse.

Goodness. What is she going to do when they have a kid and he refuses to eat his vegetables?

By - 9/15/08 - 9:37 am

Contact Cambridge Police, who report a spate of housebreaks in the neighborhood of late. The suspects are described as "one dark-skinned, skinny, tall, black male" and another guy of unknown race, both about 16, both riding on bikes and both with a preference for laptops, video game systems, cell phones and wallets, which they reportedly take on after-school burglary runs.

By - 9/12/08 - 12:02 pm

Cambridge Police report a city resident discovered the hard way yesterday morning that somebody had stolen all the lugnuts off his 2005 Acura, "when he attempted to back out of driveway causing several of tires to dislodge from vehicle and wedge into the wheel well."

Same thing happened in Brookline last month.

By - 9/11/08 - 12:06 pm

Cambridge Police report on two punching incidents yesterday:

Around noon:

[T]wo victims stated that while they were walking on Mass. Ave. by Memorial Dr., a man approached them and punched them in the face for no apparent reason.

The puncher was arrested, taken to a local hospital for observation, police say.

Around 9 p.m., a Harvard student walking through Cambridge Common was set upon by four teenaged ruffians:

By - 9/10/08 - 10:24 am

Cambridge Police report finding a man with multiple stab wounds around 8:49 last night at Fulkerson and Cambridge streets.

By - 9/10/08 - 10:17 am

The Cambridge Chronicle reports a guy working on a scratch ticket while driving his Jeep down Mt. Auburn Street on Aug. 31 plowed into a utility pole, which then fell on four people. The driver was also injured when his Jeep landed on the driver's side. On a positive note, the guy won $100 from the ticket - which should help pay for his legal costs - the paper reports.

By - 8/29/08 - 3:24 pm

The Cambridge Chronicle has the details on a Harvard Square bank job.

By - 8/25/08 - 10:23 pm

The Cambridge Chronicle reports: Shootout ends with gunman jumping from bullet-riddled car after a high-speed chase this afternoon that ended at Main Street and Bishop Allen Drive.

By - 8/22/08 - 8:27 pm

Now, don't get me wrong. I thought "Good Will Hunting" was a very good movie and am glad it won a couple of Oscars. And it does a far better job at capturing the real Boston than, say, "Celtics Pride" or "Blown Away" (to the point of including a line that only a local who was around before CharlieCards would understand: "He wanted to get you a T pass"). But even a movie written by a pair of locals has its errors:

Mind your Ps and Qs

When Lambeau goes to the boiler room to find out who the genius kid is, the head blob janitor eventually pulls out an index card that lists Will's address as "Q Street." There is no Q Street in South Boston (or anywhere else in the city).

Who da Man?

When Will walks out of court, he crosses in front of a blue-and-white "Metro Police" car. Boston no longer has any Metro Police, but even when we did, their cruisers never shared the blue-stripe-on-white scheme of Boston police.

Next stop: Quincy-Adams

Quick geography lesson: MIT is north of South Boston. Dorchester is south of South Boston. So why was Will always shown going through Dorchester on his way home from MIT? Maybe he was so deep in thought he kept missing his stop?

By - 8/14/08 - 11:53 am

They're installing street surveillance cameras for the first time, the Cambridge Chronicle reports. It's part of a $4.6-million Homeland Security grant (Winthrop as terrorist target?) to deploy 100 new cameras in greater Boston.

Boston, Chelsea, Everett, and Revere are also installing cameras under the program, but they already had cameras in place.

By - 8/1/08 - 8:09 am

Cambridge Police busted a dangerous criminal last night. Well, a guy drawing a smiley face in chalk outside the Harvard Square T stop, at any rate.

Jiffywoob reports Cambridge cops detained him for 25 minutes while they waited for an MBTA cop to show up to determine what to do about his wanton disregard for the law:

What's really weird is that as I was being detained, I saw right nearby a guy chugging a Natty Light in plain view and a guy chugging a Heineken in plain view. And smelled the sweet aroma of our friend Mary Jane. What did Officer Anti-Punk do? Continue holding me for drawing a f*cking smiley face. ...

He does not say if the officers took 27 eight-by-ten color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one. However, the T cop was "wicked cool" and let him go.

By - 8/1/08 - 12:46 am

Rob Bellinger advises that Cambridge Police are actually ticketing bicyclists who run a red light at Mass. Ave. and Pleasant Street:

... They got eight bicyclists for this while I was having lunch nearby, plus ticketed another for biking on the sidewalk in front of 7-11. ...

By - 6/30/08 - 3:47 pm

That would be the entrance to the Porter Square T stop. Brendan Cavalier marvels - and wonders:

Saturday morning I was walking through the Porter Square T-Station and had to work my way through a crowd of Asian tourists. I had never seen a tour group in out-of-the-way Porter before, so I stopped to try and figure out what was going on. The entire group was standing at the top of the escalators and the tour guide was talking and gesturing towards the escalators (in a language I didn't understand).

I assumed she was taking her group on the subway and was explaining how to get through the turnstiles, pay, etc. But then she finished talking and the group turned and left. While all this was very strange, it got weirder when one woman turned and took a picture of the escalators.

What is so siginificant about the street-entrance to Porter Sqaure station that an entire tour group would stop there and take photos?!

By - 6/26/08 - 12:01 pm

From the T:

Route 83 is being diverted due to gas leak in Porter Square. buses will be unable to service stops at Porter Sq or Sommerville Ave & Elm Sts.

Anybody know anything more about this?

By - 6/20/08 - 12:10 pm

In the vicinity of Main and Windsor Streets and Harvard and Columbia Streets, the Cambridge Chronicle reports.