By - 12/22/08 - 10:12 am

We've all seen lost gloves in the snow. Matthew Sachs, though, spotted his first lost avocado in the snow, near Portland Street and Broadway in Cambridge. It was such a startling sight, he was inspired to poetry:

An avocado in the snow.
Who left it there? I do not know.
Not Father, Son, nor Ghost so holy,
Rebirths you into guacamole. ...

By - 12/22/08 - 12:09 am

Steve Nadis reports his Cambridge barbershop was full of men getting their locks shorn so nobody would mistake them for Rod Blagojevich.

By - 12/21/08 - 10:29 pm

I need to build a "staircase" for my three-legged cat to get up to my couch; he's no longer able to jump up more than 3-4 inches.* I'm using phone books right now, but they're pretty slippery.

An old set of encyclopedias would be perfect; they're large, they're hardcover, and they have a nice grippable surface. Does anyone have a set that's too old to bother giving to schools, but too new to be a Valuable Antique?

By - 12/21/08 - 10:44 am

Halley recounts her commute home on Friday afternoon from Lexington to Arlington via 128 and 2:

... Next was Rt. 2, a big toboggan run disguised as a highway. Again, people were slaloming along at a fairly reasonable pace and then some unfortunate blockhead would stop dead in front of you for no clear reason, or some ass in a warlike fashion would fly past you in their SUV making you eat their slush. As the hill got really steep around Arlington Heights and the Park Ave exit, I saw a bunch of cars just stopping in mid-highway. The visibility was so lousy, I couldn't see what was ahead of them ... they looked like they'd all stopped dead to look at dinosaurs suddenly crossing the highway or something equally shocking. At that steep height, like a bunch of kids in line at the pool's high diving board deciding they didn't really want to jump, they looked ... scared. ...

By - 12/19/08 - 10:02 pm
The Charles

Saul Blumenthal took a walk along Memorial Drive by the Charles River this afternoon.

By - 12/18/08 - 9:36 pm

Rob Bellinger recounts an encounter last night with a hopped-up actress wandering the streets of Cambridge who said she was looking for a job as a bartender.

By - 12/18/08 - 1:14 pm

Local ink-stained wretches have obviously not been immune from the MSM death spiral chronicled by local former ink-stained wretch Paul Gillin on Newspaper Death Watch. So it's kind of cool to see a job posting for an actual journalist at a job with full benefits, to oversee its Web site, although it's kind of puzzling they advertise it as "part time" when they expect the person to manage a staff of 35 fulltimers and freelancers. Also, you'll need "a passion for health care."

By - 12/18/08 - 10:51 am

Cambridge Police report that around 6:45 p.m. yesterday:

A Cambridge resident reported being assaulted on Cambridge Street by a member a social club located on that street. The victim stated that he was struck over the head by a bottle of beer causing a laceration over the top of his head.

On a more positive note, police also report nabbing a Dorchester resident in the act of breaking into a car on Norfolk Street around 2 a.m. after the car's owner noticed him there. Cheval Holmes, 38, was charged with breaking and entering to a motor vehicle in the nighttime. Alas, seven hours later, an Upland Road resident awoke to find all four of his car's tires missing.

Innocent, etc.

By - 12/17/08 - 8:03 pm

Dave Daniels posts photos of an almost completely empty Cambridgeside Galleria the Saturday after Thanksgiving:

... It was totally DEAD in there. Totally. Dead. We were in there wandering around for almost an hour before we saw another person in there, and that included some of the staff at a few stores. ...

By - 12/17/08 - 5:39 pm

UH fellow do-gooders,

We are hiring for the following positions at Be the Change, Inc. / ServiceNation:

1) Director of Communications (Boston-Based)
2) Director of Development (Boston)
3) Online Organizer (Boston)
4) Director of Government Affairs (DC)
5) Manager of Ambassador's Council (Los Angeles)
6) Chief of Staff (Boston)
7) Chief Operating Officer (Boston)
8) Director of Military Outreach (DC)
9) Writer (Boston)

For more information please see

By - 12/17/08 - 10:22 am

Cambridge Police report the Quick Mart on Cambridge Street was held up shortly before midnight:

[A] tall white male entered the store wearing a purple cloth over his face, went behind the counter while holding a knife, and demanded that the reporting party give him a bag and to open both the lottery and cash registers and hand the cash over. The suspect then fled in the direction of Somerville.

By - 12/16/08 - 10:13 am

GuidoS tweets:

There is a man nothing but red & green thermal underwear(the buttflap kind) with a bobble hat running through harvard sq.

By - 12/15/08 - 10:59 pm

Of course, being Harvard Square, this Santa is just a bit different.

By - 12/15/08 - 6:53 pm

Steve Nadis reads some article in the Cambridge Chronicle claiming his is the noisiest neighborhood in Cambridge and wonders if that's really the case:

... I happen to know that one of my neighbors is extremely insensitive and intolerant about noise and she, singlehandedly, may have called the police every single one of those 500+ complaints in 2007.

By - 12/15/08 - 3:05 pm

Fine print: Is there nothing it can't do?

John Ford relays the news that after failing, for almost a year, to sell a $489,000 condo in this building by the Charles, the broker has reduced the price to $1. Yes, a single buck.

Of course there's a catch:

Seller reserves the right to negotiate or reject any offer.

Alas, 75 cents is as high as I can go - not a penny more.

By - 12/15/08 - 11:37 am

Cambridge Police report on a couple of cases of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon:

On 12/12/08 at 11:47 AM, a Cambridge resident stated that he was punched several times and assaulted with a chair in a private club on Warren Street over a friendly card game on 12/6/08.

On 12/12/08 at 7:09 PM, a resident of Cambridge reported being assaulted during a card game in an apartment on Rindge Ave. by a man known to him.

By - 12/12/08 - 5:02 pm

Larry Lessig, who gave us Creative Commons, is moving from Stanford to Harvard, where he'll become director of Harvard's Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, at which he plans to develop a program to try to fight American corruption.

By - 12/11/08 - 10:27 am

Alex Taylor tweets:

This dude is riding a bike with one hand and carrying an umbrella with the other in harvard sq. Tweed must stay dry.

By - 12/11/08 - 9:40 am

Wicked Local Cambridge does nothing to disabuse us of the notion that Cambridge is full of weirdos with an item about a woman almost run down by "a man on a bicycle singing loudly and riding toward her the wrong way on Harvard Street."