By - 2/2/09 - 1:06 pm

Where are the free 3D glasses for watching 3D on TV or on the web available around Cambridge or nearby?...

By - 1/30/09 - 5:08 pm

The Crimson reports that Z Square is gone for good - new management brought in this past October proved unable to clean up a financial mess.

By - 1/30/09 - 4:16 pm

HubSpot, a Kendall Square company that helps companies market themselves on social networks, heard yesterday that Deval Patrick would be in their building today, so they posted on Twitter about how cool it would be if His Excellency would stop by for a visit and lo and behold, he did.

Deval Patrick has a Twitter account.

Xconomy covers Patrick's visit to the Cambridge Innovation Center.

By - 1/29/09 - 8:32 pm

Andy Peterson began a new journey yesterday:

The stale, musty air of the red line gave way to the wet, winter air of Harvard Square. I opened my umbrella and tilted it forward into the wind. The streetlights and the headlights are reflected off the wet roadways that are covered in cascading, slushy ruts of snow. Surprisingly, the passing cars are slow and deliberate in their movements and I deftly make my way across the street.

Passing through the iron gate I traverse the icy footpaths in search of Sever Hall. ...

By - 1/28/09 - 12:57 pm

Wicked Local Cambridge reports on a shooting this morning at a pool-supply company at 26 Smith Pl.

By - 1/28/09 - 10:38 am

Newsstand operator Muckey's signed a lease for the Harvard Square icon this week, the Crimson reports.

By - 1/27/09 - 5:04 pm

And the school closings begin to roll in, and roll in, and roll in.

OK, it's only Somerville, Everett, a coupl'a places in NH, and some little private places. But there'll be more come nightfall, mark my words!

By - 1/26/09 - 3:16 pm

Cambridge Police report on an incident Friday afternoon on Tremont Street:

It was reported that the operator of a recycling truck threatened to assault a resident following an argument regarding the driver's operation of the truck.

By - 1/23/09 - 2:03 pm

Intellectual Freedom Committee

IF Programming. IF Materials. Grey Literature.
Please look into developing intellectual freedom programming and materials for our public library reference desk department in Cambridge about intellectual freedom and grey literature.

Deflecting. Delay. Denial.
Our Reference Desk Department deflected, delayed, denied access to our municipal public documents.

Information policies. Presentation of services.

By - 1/22/09 - 9:36 pm

Y Combinator, which provided initial funding for high-tech startups, is moving permanently to Silicon Valley. Co-founder Paul Graham writes it had more to do with that part of California being a better place to raise a kid than Cambridge - he's about to become a father. But he adds:

... I think it will be better for the startups we fund to all be in the Valley. We never tried to claim to the startups in the summer cycles that it was a net advantage to be in Boston. The most we could claim was that we could mitigate the disadvantages sufficiently well—for example, by flying everyone out to California to present to investors at our Mountain View office. But we did worry that the Boston groups were losing out. Boston just doesn't have the startup culture that the Valley does. It has more startup culture than anywhere else, but the gap between number 1 and number 2 is huge; nothing makes that clearer than alternating between them. ...

Via Tom Summit, who writes:

... It was annoying when TechCrunch "discovered" Y Combinator and Hacker News and claimed them as one of their own even though it originated in Boston. It is now even more annoying to think that it is now true.

Stay in MA tries to stem the tide.

By - 1/21/09 - 10:43 pm

Dan Dunn tweets it took him 50 minutes to get from Kendall to Alewife early this evening:

How I loathe the MBTA. And the "alert" system.

Sohanley was stuck in a train between Harvard and Porter for 25 minutes around the same time.

By - 1/21/09 - 10:27 am

Cambridge Police report arresting a Methuen woman after she allegedly beat her former boyfriend in his Cambridge apartment around 1 p.m. yesterday. Police got involved because she took a cab from Methuen, told the cabbie she'd be right back down to pay him, then never returned. After 20 minutes, he called police. So in addition to domestic assault and battery, she also faces a charge of fare evasion.

Innocent, etc.

By - 1/20/09 - 1:33 pm

Cambridge Police report on a woman who was rear-ended on Garden Street near Huron Avenue shortly before 1 a.m. on Monday by somebody who just kept on going:

[She] decided to follow the vehicle to see if she could catch-up with the suspect. She couldn't call the police because she didn't have her cell phone with her. As she approached the intersection of Field St. & Alpine St. she lost control of her vehicle due to the snow and slippery conditions and she slid onto a parked car on Field St., causing damage to the driver side fender and door. At that point, she decided to go back home and called the police.

By - 1/20/09 - 1:28 pm

Cambridge Police report on an incident Saturday:

On 1/17/09 at 12:41 AM, units responded to Mass Ave. and Sidney St. for a disturbance on an MBTA bus. After further investigation it was learned that an attempted robbery occurred. Four suspects were stopped but the victim refused to cooperate.

The following day, however, there was plenty for police to do over at the CambridgeSide Galleria, where they arrested a woman charged with stealing from a mall cart - after she allegedly tried to bite an officer.

By - 1/20/09 - 8:59 am

Cosmo Catalano reports on some white Masshole's retort this morning to a black pedestrian who dared yell at him for blowing through a stop sign in Central Square.

By - 1/20/09 - 8:52 am

In the South End, one building owner clears a parking lot by melting snow and then dumping it into storm drains. In Cambridge, city crews deal with excess snow by dumping it into handicap parking spaces.