By - 12/10/08 - 9:01 am

The Crimson reports on a proposal to rename Plympton Street Halberstam Street after Harvard alum and Pulitzer Prize winner David Halberstam.

The street runs past the offices of the Crimson, on which Halberstam worked, but Crimson editors opposed the proposal, in part because of the costs of redoing stationery and such. One editor "questioned the idea of honoring only one particular individual." Which makes one wonder how a student could get to be a Crimson editor without having heard of JFK Street.

By - 12/9/08 - 3:48 pm

Wicked Local Cambridge reports that Sheldon Cohen, who sold the Harvard Square landmark to that out-of-town concern that now wants to shut it down, wants it back:

... "To see this being changed breaks my heart," he told the City Council Monday night. "I'm thinking of coming back. This is an opportunity to bring some life back to the square." ...

Hudson News currently rents the building from the city. Last month, it announced plans to vacate the premises.

By - 12/9/08 - 11:16 am

Just before 10:30 AM, 6 or more marked and unmarked Boston Police cars raced up Marlborough Street, in the Back Bay, the wrong way, turned onto Mass Ave and headed into Cambridge.

I returned home and turned on a police radio and heard reports that a police car was damaged but the officer was not hurt.

The car was to be towed from 99 Sixth Street, Cambridge.

There was talk about a bank but I can't confirm that this was the reason for the chase or a separate incident.

By - 12/9/08 - 10:38 am

Cambridge Police report on a mugging at Sparks and Brattle streets around 6 p.m. yesterday:

By - 12/9/08 - 9:50 am

Channel 4 reports on the fire at 72 Lexington Ave. this morning.

NECN report:

By - 12/8/08 - 11:46 am

Cambridge Police report arresting Joseph Barbosa, 42, of Cambridge, on Friday evening on charges of larceny over (yes, over) $250 and witness intimidation after he was allegedly caught taking electronics from the Family Dollar Store at 1030 Cambridge St.

By - 12/8/08 - 9:56 am

David reports on the Cambridge PD's move to East Cambridge and notes that on Friday, as movers were getting stuff out of the old Central Square building, his apartment a couple blocks away was broken into (they didn't touch the wine, though):

... I have to wonder if this doesn't signal a downturn in the fortunes of Central Square, long among the least desirable of Cambridge's major named squares, often fighting a reputation for grittiness. Whenever somebody expressed any reservation about visiting me in Central, I would always say, "I'm two blocks from the police station." ...

By - 12/4/08 - 8:47 am

Legally Brunette dishes on the woman she first thought was Garner, then realized she wasn't, but only after she tried to figure out what she could possibly say to her.

By - 12/4/08 - 7:56 am

Stephanie Ebbert's lead on this story about a state trooper on Rte. 2 and a woman in labor both sums it up and makes you want to read more:

All too often, the congested roads of Greater Boston conspire with the vagaries of childbirth to leave a mother-to-be in a car on the roadside at one of life's most critical moments. A hard-bitten state trooper shows up and morphs into a highway midwife, clearing the newborn's nose and mouth, cutting the cord, and sometimes even saving a life.

This is not one of those stories.

By - 12/2/08 - 11:01 pm

The Crimson reports Harvard's endowment shrank 22% - that's $8 billion - in just four months. The paper notes that just the loss is more than the endowments of all other colleges in the country, save Stanford, MIT, Yale and Princeton.

By - 12/1/08 - 5:13 pm

Dewey ...Gawker looks at some Obama contributor list and concludes it's "full of fraud" because one of the contributors, Doug Berman of Cambridge, MA, listed his employer as Dewey, Cheetham and Howe.

Yeah right, Mr. Berman! Very clever!

Anybody care to educate Gawker on who Doug Berman really is and who he really works for? Here's a free clue for Gawker. And here's another photo of their headquarters in Harvard Square.

Thanks to Lindsay Murdock of Brighton Communication for the tip!

Photo by Schmich, used under Creative Commons.

By - 12/1/08 - 10:40 am

Ryan McBride interviews the CEO of a Cambridge start-up seeking to use the full weight of modern science against the scourge of frizzy hair:

... The substance, Robillard says, combats frizz by both coating porous hair shafts, preventing water from penetrating them, and by smoothing over hair cuticles to prevent surface friction. He argues that polyflouroester prevents frizz better than silicone used in other products because its molecules' smaller size enables them to fit into tiny pores in our hair that silicone molecules cannot get into. ...

By - 11/30/08 - 8:02 pm

Herald photographer Mark Garfinkel reports that a couple of readers contacted him about a photo he took at a five-alarm fire on Prince Street in Cambridge last week: One thought the flames looked like Mother Teresa, the other thought they looked like the devil. Judge for yourself.

By - 11/29/08 - 5:00 pm

Oh, wait, that's Philadelphia. So maybe it should be "The seventh borough." In any case, Phillip McCarthy reports spotting his second NYC taxi cab in the Boston area today, near the Fresh Pond Mall (with photographic proof):

... Between the NYPD Impala that drove by me in Central Square a few weeks ago and the other yellow cab I spotted in Harvard Square, I'm starting to wonder if Mayor Bloomberg is quietly annexing his old stomping grounds.

By - 11/26/08 - 3:21 pm

Bri reports on the mailings only people in Cambridge and a few other select cities (Westwood and Berkeley, CA, New Haven, Ithaca and Ann Arbor) got the other day, something about the Las Vegas Mob rigging sporting events. Sorry, the Mob and the CIA:

I was followed by over 20 cars driven by either private detectives or CIA agents. It was easy to identify the CIA because of the car colors they chose: white for good, black for evil, red for control, green for money, blue for sanity, and yellow for minor sin.

By - 11/25/08 - 11:58 pm

Dan Dunn loves it so:

... Returning this evening, I found that not only was the escalator to the roof out of order, but so was the the escalator the fourth floor. Flooding, I presume. So, I took the stairs. And had to slosh my way up the stairs, stepping through running water sluicing down each step.

By - 11/25/08 - 3:34 pm

Kristine Munroe-Mahoney reports that if you give Clear Conscience Cafe in Central Square a less-than-glowing review on Yelp, the owner and his minions will come after you, via nasty e-mail messages:

By - 11/25/08 - 7:38 am

Channel 4 reports on the Prince Street fire, which broke out around 3:30 a.m.