By - 1/20/08 - 8:52 pm

Save Toscanini's - $6,500 in pledges as of Sunday night.

Debate between people who want to help kindly Gus Rancatore and his ice-cream shop get back on their financial feet and people who don't understand why they're being asked to support tax evasion.

Rancatore e-mails a statement to the Cambridge Chronicle.

Via B0st0n LiveJournal.

By - 1/17/08 - 3:05 pm

Cambridge Police report on a rumble in Porter Square around 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday:

Witness reports seeing one group of youths exit an MBTA bus, another exit the Porter Square T Station, and a third walking up Upland Road meet at the corner of Mass Ave & Upland. An argument started and a fight ensued. The people involved were males ages 15-17. They appeared to be groups from the Walden Square/Lincoln Way area and the Cambridgeport/Area 4 area. One of the groups of youths identified themselves as a gang member.

By - 1/15/08 - 12:22 pm

Cambridge Police are looking for a man who may have stolen the collection plate from St. Peter's Church on Concord Avenue after services on Jan. 6. He's described as "42 y.o., white male, 5’8, 185 lbs, with black curly hair and bad teeth."

Cambridge Police also report on some beef involving kids from North Cambridge that culminated in one kid getting punched and sliced in the face at 2501 Mass. Ave on Jan. 5:

By - 1/10/08 - 5:56 pm

Cambridge Police report somebody broke into a house on Kelly Road in Cambridgeport Monday afternoon by pushing a window air conditioner into the house:

Stolen items include two laptops, two iPods, cash, a Blackberry, and a cell phone.

This is the third such air-conditioner pusher break-in in the neighborhood since Dec. 31, police say.

By - 1/7/08 - 9:58 pm

Cambridge Police have charged McGregory Meneus of Cambridge for the shooting at 139 Cherry St. early on the morning of Jan. 5:

There was an altercation previous to the shooting in which the victim denied entry to the house to Meneus and multiple suspects. Meneus then left and returned a while later. One suspect barged into the house, pinning a witness against the wall, before Meneus fired 6-7 shots from a small handgun, wounding the victim multiple times.

Police say the victim will survive.

By - 1/7/08 - 9:50 pm

Cambridge Police report on an incident on Fifth Street around 1:40 p.m. on Jan. 4:

By - 12/21/07 - 12:42 pm

When Cambridge Police responded to an armed holdup at the Porter Square Dunkin' Donuts early Thursday, they didn't have to work too hard to find the alleged gunman: they just followed his footprints in the snow.

Cambridge criminals not too bright in the snow, it seems.

By - 12/17/07 - 3:14 pm

So you're playing one of Santa's elves in a store window during an Inman Square midnight-madness sales event - the night of a godawful snowstorm. You just might really get into it.

By - 12/14/07 - 5:34 pm

Cambridge Police report that thieves walked through unlocked doors on Buckingham Street early Wednesday and made off with various belongings, including a 42-inch TV. The TV disappeared through an unlocked rear door, along with a laptop, three cameras, a wallet and house keys. Another laptop, a briefcase and a purse made their way out the unlocked front door of another house on the street.

By - 12/14/07 - 1:02 pm

At least when it comes to sidewalk snow removal around Porter Square.

By - 12/12/07 - 9:11 am

Mass Ave. and Main Street near Central Square are blocked off, and there's lots of flashing lights; I spotted both T and Cambridge police directing traffic. Are there Red Line problems? Anybody know what's going on?

Edit: Discarded TV blown up by robot.

By - 12/11/07 - 12:50 pm

Today, it was Everett High School gettting the all-hands-on-deck media treatment.

Perhaps Cambridge Rindge and Latin administrators could explain what they're doing differently. According to Cambridge Police, back on 12/7:

State Police Dispatch Center received a call that there was a bomb at Cambridge Rindge and Latin and Somerville High. The school was evacuated and checked out and nothing was found. Students were out of class for only about 15 minutes.

By - 12/8/07 - 4:01 pm

Cambridge Police report arresting a security guard at a Whole Foods office, 150 Cambridgepark Dr., after he was spotted on a security camera stealing a laptop and cellphone. Police add that the office has reported roughly $80,000 in thefts since February, 2007, which is when the guard started working there.

By - 11/29/07 - 12:13 am

Cambridge Police report 46 housebreaks since Sept. 22 "within a confined area in the Area 4 and Inman/Harrington neighborhoods." Typically, the burglar or burglars enter through ground-floor windows; they seem to be looking for laptops, digital cameras, MP3 players and jewelry. Police report arresting four housebreak suspects at Berkshire and Plymouth streets on Nov. 20.

By - 10/28/07 - 10:39 am

The Crimson disabuses us of that notion:

Dozens of police officers swarmed Mt. Auburn Street early Sunday after several large fist fights broke out at a party in Lowell Dining Hall, police and witnesses said.

Two men were arrested at about 1 a.m. at a party hosted by the Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers that attracted about 800 guests, Cambridge police spokesman Frank Pasquarello said. Guests at the party hurled chairs at one another and the fights spilled out onto Mt. Auburn Street, Pasquarello said.

By - 10/23/07 - 9:32 am

Steve Nadis huffs about the Central Square panhandler who asked him:

"Spare a dollar, old-timer?"

By - 10/22/07 - 3:58 pm

Slavering, blood-fanged coyote beast at Mt. Auburn Cemetery looking for a midday snack. Well, a cool photo of a coyote at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, at any rate.

By - 10/19/07 - 8:31 am

A Harvard Lampoon editor was arrested Sunday for allegedly trying to cut down trees on the traffic island in front of the Lampoon building:

... Powers ran from the scene holding a handsaw, having slashed partway through the bases of three trees. He was chased by the officer and held until Cambridge police arrived, according to Harvard and Cambridge police logs.

"It doesn't make a difference if you’re a Harvard student," Pasquarello said. "People do foolish things, and then they get arrested."

By - 10/12/07 - 8:19 pm

Cambridge Mayor Ken "Regal" Reeves makes
liberal use of a city credit card, declines
to provide the the ink-stained wretches
at the Cambridge Chronicle with details:

$14,000 in restaurant expenses over 18 months on the
taxpayers' credit card. Wonder how many school lunches
that adds up to for hungry kids?

By - 10/8/07 - 4:31 pm

Channel 4 reports on two emergency exits at the Central Square station that were chained shut. The T promptly sent somebody down to open them and provided some explanation involving CharlieCards that I'm sure makes a lot of sense.