By - 1/26/07 - 5:00 pm

Sushiesque reports a security guard at the federal Volpe transportation building ordered her to delete a photo she'd just taken of Mr. Gobbles, the wild turkey that hangs around there.

The photos they don't want you to see (by somebody else).

By - 12/22/06 - 10:09 am

While digging through local newspapers this morning I came across an alarming article in the, "Cambridge Chronicle," that seemed familiar.

It was! It was originally published September 11th 2002!

I guess some people are more concerned with hitting the highway than fact checking.

By - 4/28/06 - 5:39 pm

Blue Mass. Group has the scoop on a Boston clerk magistrate finding no probable cause to send Galluccio's case to a jury - along with comments from Ed Prisby, a Boston lawyer involved in that four-car accident with the Cambridge city councilor back in December. Prisby testified at the hearing today and is not happy:

By - 4/5/06 - 9:09 am

No, we're not talking about commuters coming out of the Davis T stop. It's time for the second annual Zombie March:

We are the undead and we are here to eat brains. Or at least march past your apartment at a painstakingly slow lurch. On Saturday, April 29, dozens of the undead will convene to march, lurch, breakdance and shuffle down Mass. Ave., all in the name of a good time. ...

By - 3/22/05 - 9:11 pm

Ezra reads a Cambridge Chronicle article about pre-schoolers (yep) defending the looks of MIT's Stata Center (that Gehry building). Ezra, who works across the street from the building, addresses one of the tykes:

... You are wrong, young Ben Donaldson, the Stata Center is actually very ugly.